The Distance Between Us (Deluxe) - TDBU Outtakes [Track 6 - Pg 22]

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Posted: 3 years ago
Hey, guys! So, as promised, the outtakes are here! This thread is solely for Outtakes from the TDBU Universe. It is not necessary to have read them to understand what is happening in the actual story. It's just fun stuff that I thought should happen in the story.
If, I think that it necessary to read a particular outtake to read the story, I will definitely mention it on the main thread, but as long as I don't, you're good to go.

That being said, I really hope you guys read all this stuff because it has been so much fun! :D



Bonus Track One - Page 1

Bonus Track Two(a) - Page 3

Bonus Track Three - Page 6

Bonus Track Four - Page 7

Bonus Track Five - Page 11

Bonus Track Six - Page 22


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Bonus Track 1 - Padfoot Is Home

This takes place right after Track 13 Abhi has just convinced Dr. Shashank to stay back till the wedding.

The mood had been sombre since the discussion amongst Dr. Keerti, Dr. Shashank and Abhi. None of them wanted to leave, but they knew that if Shashank insisted, they wouldn't have a choice. But, they were relieved when Abhi was able to talk them out of it. All of them. They wanted to stay with Armaan for a little while longer. They'd all missed him so much.

The quiet of the house was broken by loud barking. Samrat, who was afraid of dogs, got startled by the barking and ran for cover behind his mother, abandoning the game he'd been playing with Nikumbh. Navneeta, typical teen-ager that she was, hadn't emerged from her room all day, doing god knows what. Dr. Keerti had scolded her once, after lunch and had coaxed her out of the room, but she had felt out of place between so many adults. Armaan had finally been able to convince Dr. Keerti to just let her be. He'd even given her the keys to the entertainment room and told her that she was welcome to use anything as long as she was careful with it. Navneeta had been absolutely ecstatic and she'd hugged her Armaan Bhaiya to death before running off to the room. Dr. Shubhankar had made some comment about Armaan always spoiling his daughter, but Armaan had completely waived his worries off and told him that he wasn't doing anything wrong.

But, hearing the barks, Navneeta who'd been in the kitchen looking for a snack, came running. She absolutely adored dogs.

Armaan, who'd been talking to Anjali and Muskaan about something or the other, abruptly stopped the discussion and sprinted out. He hadn't even managed to take more than 10 steps when a golden retriever jumped on him. Armaan laughed and hugged the dog, petting him.

"Hello there, Mr. Padfoot! I missed you too, Armaan told the dog, nuzzling in his fur. Padfoot gave a happy bark and licked Armaan's face.

"God, Armaan! You're such a kid! Armaan looked up to see Sona smiling at him indulgently.

"Ha ha, Armaan replied sarcastically. "Thanks for bringing him back, he added, getting up from the floor.

"Thanks for lending him to me in the first place. Soha was so happy, Sona replied.

Armaan's smile was huge when he heard that. "Good. That's all I needed, he told her. "But, you didn't have to bring him back today, you know? I would have understood if Soha kept him for a day or two.

Sona shook her head. "You're a good man, Armaan Mallik, she said, kissing his cheek. "But, you're not a good liar. Everyone knows you love the damn dog almost as much as you love Jaanhavi. And, Tamanna told me you'd been sad since he left.

Armaan shrugged. "I missed him, he muttered.

"I know, Sona replied. "Which is why I brought him back to you. And, because I wanted to see Jaanhavi and make sure she was okay, not that she'd have any troubles with you around. And, I also wanted to see Nikki again.

Armaan laughed. "Sure, sure.

"Sonaaa! Nikki screamed in delight.

"Nikki! Sona squealed back. They hugged each other tight.

"I haven't seen you in years, but now we've met twice in a day. Not bad, Nikki commented.

Sona laughed. "I know! It's so good to see you! But, I wanna see Jaanhavi, too. Is she okay?

Nikki smiled at Sona's concern. "Chal, see for yourself only.

Nikki pulled Sona upstairs with her and she took the girls also. Of course, that meant that Rohan was thrown out of the room. He'd been watching a movie with Jaanhavi, but once the girl squad descended in her room, he was promptly shown the door. He pretended to sulk but left immediately. In reality, he was ecstatic that Jaanhavi was getting along so well with the others. Riddhima and Anjali were his childhood friends and he'd really wanted them to get along.

The girls chitchatted for sometime, Sona getting to know Riddhima, Anjali, Muskaan, Naina & Keerti. She was surprised to know that they already knew Armaan & Rahul back from their internship days. And, the girls, especially Riddhima, wanted to know more about Armaan's college life. Yes, it hurt her to think about all the girlfriends' he had in college, but it was a part of Armaan and she wanted to know about it. Armaan seldom, if ever, spoke about his time before his internship at Sanjeevani began and though Riddhima was always curious to know more, she'd never pushed him because she knew he didn't like talking about it. Earlier, she thought it was because of his parents' neglect and because he didn't want to hurt her by talking about his casanova past, but since coming here, Riddhima had come to realize that those weren't the reasons behind Armaan's hesitancy to share about his past.

However, Jaanhavi was much more interested in knowing about Sona's trip to Paris and the places she visited. She quizzed Sona about the food and the tourist spots and whatnot in depth.

"Oyye, Armaan halted the session as he entered the room. "Why are you so interested in knowing about the trip? He asked Jaanhavi.

"Arre, what kind of a stupid question is that Armaan? Of course I'm interested. I have to pin down a location for the honeymoon, don't I? She questioned.

Armaan looked horrified and put his fingers in his ears. "La La La La, he belted. "I can't hear you. And I don't want to either, he told her. "There's just somethings that a brother does not need to know about his sister, okay?

Everybody laughed at Armaan's childish reaction. "Armaan, she's getting married, you know. It's not like she's doing anything wrong, Anjali, the voice of reason, spoke up.

"Anjy, please. Don't. I don't need to know this stuff. I mean, have some mercy on me. I'm so much happier thinking of my sister this way, he whined.

"Oh, yeah? What about when she gets pregnant? Muskaan butted in.

Armaan shrugged. "There's this thing called artificial insemination, in case you didn't know Muskaan. I'll just assume that's how it happened, he replied promptly.

Armaan's reply cut Muskaan deep. Yes, she absolutely knew what artificial insemination was. Of course she did. Hadn't she spent hours and hours researching it after she'd found out that Rahul couldn't have kids? She knew everything there was to know about it.

Armaan who saw Muskaan's expressions shift on hearing his comment, smacked himself. How could he be so insensitive?

"I'm sorry, Muskaan, he told her softly. "I didn't mean to...

"Don't, Muskaan cut him off. "It's not your fault. And you weren't wrong.

"Muski... He started again.

"Abhi nahi, Hero. We'll talk later, okay? Muskaan asked him. He nodded sharply.

"Um, guys! Riddhima cried desperately, trying to diffuse the tension.

Everybody turned towards her, interested in what she had to say.

"Haan, Ridzy. Bol? Anjali prompted.

"Um... Woh... Di... Woh... Um... Sona! She exclaimed again. "Sona was telling us that story na. When Armaan was almost suspended from college. Toh I wanted to hear more of it.

Sona laughed. "Oh, yes! That story is amazing! She said, delighted. She turned to Armaan and winked at him.

Armaan, on the other hand, looked horrified.

"Are you going to say what I think you're going to say? He asked her.

Sona nodded.

"No! He cried. "You can't. You promised me. That was between the two of us. You promised you'd never tell anyone, he whined.

The other girls laughed. "Now I'm really interested in knowing about this, Dr. Keerti announced.

"Uh... Dr. Keerti... It's nothing. It's so silly. You'll get bored. Don't waste your time after this story, Armaan scoffed, waving his hand dismissively.

"Uh, no, it's not, Sona intervened.

Armaan turned to her and glared. "You. Shut up. Don't talk, he ordered, pointing his finger to her.

"You think I'm afraid of you? Sona snarked, poking him in the chest.

"Well you better be, Armaan replied.

"Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do? She hit back.

"What am I gonna do? Oh, you don't wanna know, Armaan told her, smirking smugly.

"No, no. I assure you. I'm very interested in knowing what you think you're gonna do, she replied.

"Fine! If you're so adamant, I'll tell you. If you tell these girls, he gestured towards the ladies sitting on Jaanhavi's bed, "about that, I'll tell them about the time you were almost arrested by the cops and what you did to get out of it.

Sona gasped when she heard that. "You wouldn't, she threatened, glaring at him and pointing her finger at him.

"Try me, Armaan mocked, holding her finger and twisting it.

Sona sighed, resigned. "Sorry, ladies. We won't be talking about that, she told them.

The disappointed sighs in the room, escaped in unison. "I was really looking forward to it, Muskaan pouted.

"Me too, Jaanhavi joined. She turned to Armaan. "How come we don't know about this?

"There's a reason for that, sweetheart. That secret is going with me to my grave. And Sona's, he said.

Jaanhavi looked at him with the puppy dog eyes and pleaded.

"Don't you try that! Armaan instructed her. When she didn't listen, he closed his eyes and turned around. "If I don't look at you, it's not gonna work.

Sona gestured Jaanhavi to drop it, so she did. "Fine, she said, relenting.

"Good girl, Armaan smiled, turning around and kissing the top of her head.

"See, in all this nonsense, I forgot what I came here for, he said after a few minutes.

"What did you come here for? Jaanhavi asked, laying her head on his shoulder.

Armaan turned to Sonakshi. "You're staying for dinner, right? He asked her.

Sona shook her head apologetically. "I wish I could, she said, "but I have to get back home.

"Stay na, Nikki whined. "I haven't seen you in so long.

Sona sighed. "I know. I wish I could. Believe me. I would have. But, I was away on the trip and I haven't actually had a meal with the family for 10 days. Mom will be really upset if I skip dinner at home the first day back.

Before Nikki could say anything, Armaan said, "Nik, don't force her. If she wants to go, let her. Waise, I'm cooking mangsho tonight. So, if people don't stay back, it's their loss, really. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly.

"Cunning and underhanded, Sona told him.

Armaan smirked. "I think the word you're looking for is resourceful and effective.

"I'm just gonna call mom and tell her I'm not gonna be home for dinner. Excuse me, Sona said, moving aside for privacy.  She loved Armaan's magsho. And he knew that. Cunning and underhanded, indeed. There was no way she'd leave now that she knew what was cooking for dinner.

"Mangsho? Dr. Keerti asked once Sona went away. "That's a traditional Bengali dish, no?

Armaan nodded. "Yes. Actually, my dadi was Bengali. Her and dadu had a love marriage, he said, smiling fondly. His dadi and dadu's love story had always been an inspiration for young Maani. He used to dream of finding someone who loved him as much as dadi loved dadu. Then, he'd grown up and become Ammy after Jaan left him. Ammy didn't believe in love. But, that changed after he met Riddhima. Despite everything that happened between them, Armaan could never be regretful of it because Riddhima had taught him to love again. Without even knowing, she'd awoken long forgotten dreams and desires. Those which belonged to Maani, those which Armaan had long forgotten.

"Um, Armaan? Anjali prompted.

"Oh, sorry, Armaan apologized. "I always get carried away when I remember them. It's just that they were the cutest couple and I admire what they had. Anyway, so, my dadi was Bengali. And, she had this recipe book that has been bequeathed in the family for generations. So, once I learned how to cook, I started following the book for traditional Bengali food. Jaan and I love it. Dadi and BuaMa always made us these delicacies when we were kids.

"Oh, that's so nice, Naina cooed. "I'm really looking forward to dinner now.

"You should, Sona replied, coming back in and sitting on the bed. "Armaan's mangsho is the best I've ever tasted. Better than my mom's. And that's saying something.

Armaan shook his head. "She just likes to boast. Don't listen to her. I hold my own, but Asha Kaki's mangsho is to die for.

Everyone smiled at that. Armaan always played down his talents.

"Anyway, I need to go because that mangsho isn't going to cook itself. You guys carry on with your gossip session. But please, refrain from the honeymoon talks. Have some mercy on me, he said, before leaving the room.

Nikki smiled at his retreating back. "It's so nice to see him like this, she told the others.

"Like what? Muskaan asked, confused.

"Like Maani, Nikki replied.


"Yes. Shalini Aunty used to call him that. You know when I met him at the hospital during our internship, we hadn't seen each other for almost 5 years. And I was so surprised to see him like that. In so many ways, he'd become this new person that I didn't even recognize, but in others, he was still the same. And for the longest time, I couldn't deal with it. He's been my best friend since forever and then we lost all contact and when I came back, he was someone I didn't know. He wasn't my best friend. But now, he is so much more like that old Maani and I just feel so happy seeing him like this, she rambled.

Jaan smiled on hearing her. "Yes, he is. She said. "And, I'm sorry. I know neither of you will ever say it, but it was all because of me. I shouldn't have done that to him. He was still reeling from mom's death and I just disappeared. I really let him down in his time of need.

Nikki smiled sadly. Hadn't she done the same? After Jaanhavi ran away, Armaan had been inconsolable. And, she'd left him grieving. But, she didn't see any other solution. She'd been so in love with him and everyday, she saw him becoming someone else. From Maani to Ammy. And Ammy wasn't someone Nikki could really stand. It hurt her to see him like that. When the pain got too much, she'd just packed her bags and left without a word. Much like Jaan. She'd abandoned Armaan when he needed her the most. But, the gracious, forgiving person that he was, Armaan had welcomed her back with open arms when they'd run into each other during their internship.

"You and me both, Jaanhavi, Nikki told her. "I shouldn't have done that to him either. Thankfully, he had Sona, Nikki said, turning to Sona and giving her a grateful smile.

"Thank you, Nikki told her.

Sona waved it off. "You don't have to thank me, Nikki. Armaan wasn't just your best friend, he was mine too. Granted, the two of us weren't ever as close as you and him, but I'd always cared for him. And, he needed someone to make sense of his life then. I was extremely happy to help. I would do it all over again, if need be.

"Okay! Enough with the heavy, yaar! Let's talk about the wedding! Anjali suggested. The girls agreed and the wedding talk began.

The smell of mangsho brought the girls out of their cave a couple hours later.

"Gods, it smells divine! Riddhima moaned in appreciation.

The others agreed.

They entered the hall to see Armaan poised at his piano bench. Sid and Rohan were talking on one side. Atul, Abhi and Dr. Shubhankar were watching as the kids played with Padfoot. Dr. Shashank, Padma Aunty and Nani were just watching the everyone and smiling. Rahul was, surprisingly, nowhere in sight.

"Rahul kahaan hai? Muskaan asked, stealing the question right out of Riddhima's mouth.

"Waah, waah! Nikki teased. "Tujhe bada interest hai jaanne mein.

"Shut up, Nikki! Muskaan cribbed.

Nikki smirked, but didn't say anything.

"Arre, Tammy's not home yet, Maani, Jaanhavi told Armaan.

Armaan nodded. "Yeah, she's on her way. Got held back because of an emergency. Rahul's gone to pick her up.

Before Jaanhavi could ask him something else, his phone rung.

"Where are you? Armaan asked by way of greeting.

"How long? He questioned again.

"Yes, okay. I'm ready. Thanks, man, he said, hanging up.

He turned to Jaanhavi. "That was Rahul. They'll be home any minute now.

Jaanhavi smiled. "Till then, why don't you guys make yourselves comfortable on the couch. We'll start dinner after they get here, he suggested.

Everyone looked surprised at his request, but obeyed nonetheless.

After sitting down, Jaanhavi turned to Rohan. "Baby, she started, "what is he doing? She asked, pointing to Armaan.

Rohan laughed. "Well, turns out Tamanna is still mad at him for painting that clown on her face. So, he's trying to manaofy her.

The girls laughed.

As soon as Armaan heard the lock being turned, he starting playing. He sang the first lyric as Tamanna came into view.

Can't say how the days will unfold

Can't change what the future may hold

But I want you in it

Every hour

Every minute

This world can race by far too fast

Hard to see while it's all flying past

But it's clear now

When you're standing here now

I am meant to be

Wherever you are next to me

All I wanna do

Is come runnin' home to you

Come runnin' home to you

And all my life I promise to

Keep runnin' home to you

Keep runnin' home to you

And I could see it right from the start

Right from the start

That you would be, be my light in the dark

Light in the dark

Oh, you gave me no other choice but to love you

All I wanna do

Is come runnin' home to you

Come runnin' home to you

And all my life I promise to

Keep runnin' home to you

Keep runnin' home, home to you

Can't say how the days will unfold

Can't change what the future may hold

But I want you in it

Every hour, every minute

Throughout the song, Tamanna kept smiling knowingly, but Armaan never looked at her, lost in the music, his face downcast and his eyes closed. It was clearly a deliberate attempt so that he couldn't see Tamanna, and could feign ignorance in front of her, but Tamanna wasn't buying it for one second.

Like before, Armaan's voice was beautiful and everyone lost themselves in the song and enjoyed it. But, Riddhima couldn't. It hurt her that Armaan was playing this song for someone else and not her. There was a time when she was his home. Now, it was someone else. And that reality hurt her. Yes, she was a huge part of making it happen, her choices had led them here today, but she still hurt. So much. He muffled a sob against her palms. Sid, who'd been observing her, placed a hand on her shoulder in a way of support. Riddhima looked at him in gratitude and hugged him.

When the song was over, Armaan opened his eyes and looked up. Sadly, the first thing he saw was Riddhima hugging Sid. Seeing them together filled him with a bittersweet sensation. He was happy that Riddhima had found someone, someone as caring and loving as Sid, and that she'd moved on in her life. But, at the same time, a long lost part of his heart which still longed for his Basket hurt on seeing it.

Shaking his head and ridding himself of the memories of a time long past, he turned to Tamanna and smiled.

"Tammy! When did you get home? I didn't notice only, he fibbed.

Tamanna scoffed. "Don't behave as if you didn't have the timing of my return down the last single second. I mean, you think I'm gonna believe that you started playing my favourite song the minute I entered the house coincidentally?

Armaan smiled sheepishly.

"Seriously, if you think that listening to this song live, as soon as I get home after my long and hectic and shitty shift at the hospital is going to make me forgive you, she said, and paused for dramatic effect, "then you're absolutely right.

"Thank God! Armaan whispered in relief.

"I'm sorry, he told Tamanna.

"No you're not. You're not sorry at all. And, don't worry. This just means that you've got to be extremely alert the next time you come back home from a trip, she answered. Armaan smiled. "Also, cooking the mangsho for dinner has given you brownie points, Dr. A. Well done. I'm impressed.

"I'm hungry! Can we please eat? Sona asked.

Armaan nodded and everyone seated at the table to enjoy dinner. Once they were done, everyone was full of praises for Armaan and thanked him profusely for such a delightful meal. Even Shashank. Armaan beamed at them.

He packed some of the leftovers for Sona to take back with her. Soha would love it.

"Chal, I'll drop you, it's late, he told Sona, handing her the dabba.

Sona smiled at his thoughtfulness. "It's okay, Armaan. You've had a busy day. Stay back. I'm not going alone, she said.

Armaan was just about to ask her who was coming to pick her up when someone blew a horn from outside, loudly.

Sona laughed. "Okay. I gotta go. Thank you for dinner, Armaan. And it was really nice to meet all of you. I'll see you for the wedding, she told the ladies.

She rushed outside and Armaan followed her, but didn't leave the house. He stood by one of the windows to see Dev leaning against his car, waiting for Sona. When Sona saw him, she smiled wide and broke into a sprint. She threw herself in Dev's arms, who caught her effortlessly, anticipating the move, and twirled her around for a minute before putting her down. He kissed her forehead and said something before opening the door for her and helping her sit in the car. Then, he rushed to the driver's side and sat. In a few seconds, the car was speeding away.

Armaan smiled. Sona was happy. That was all he needed to know.


They're so cute! I definitely love the idea of Armaan and Sona being friends since forever. They'd be hashtag friendship goals. :P

Did y'all like this? Do you want me to continue? Please let me know! :D
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Posted: 3 years ago
oh man how much I luv this idea of urs
just amazing.. really luvd sona-armaan's bond.. wanted to read more abt them

o god armaan really bad timing dude... tujhe tab nhi dikha when ridz was sad.. tab hi drkhni thi when they hugged..
and what about sid? ye ladka kuch reaction kyun nhi dia   abbe khudke liye v soch.. see ammy is singing fr tammy.. isko toh pehle ridz ko hug karna hai.. dur baitha kar..if u want to see AR togethe..which u want I knw

bt now its too much . cant handle more ammy tammy moment ... I dont knw.. maybe cuz I never lyk the girl who acted as tamanna.. a very bad actor u
and second reason is im a die heart fan of AR.. if not AR toh I can consider armaan with me [;-)]

p.s for those who wanted to know what is mangsho? its chicken or mutton.. we actually termed theses two as mangsho.. Edited by Prizi - 3 years ago
Posted: 3 years ago
one more thing I really wanted to read sone AR moment or harqatein today u mentioned how ridhima tried to change the topic when armaan and muskaan was talking... cuz we don't get AR moment much in d original one
Posted: 3 years ago
read it half, went back to my media player, listened to both Grant's & Mel's version of Running Home To You. let me binge watch both the shows now. ROFL
Posted: 3 years ago
^ I had Grant's version on loop when I wrote this. That song is so beautiful ! <33333
Posted: 3 years ago
Armaan needs his basketCry
I know he leant to live without his basket,he is happy without her there r so many people with him who loves him,cares for him bt no one can take Ridz place
Usk dil ki vo emptiness koi nahi bhar sakta siva Ridz k
Vo bahot mahan hai uska dil bahot bada hai khush hai ye dekhkr ki Ridz apni life mein move on kr chuki hai bt use aaj bhi hurt hota hai uski basket ko kisi or ki baho mein dekhkr can't see hurt n pain in his eyes
I don't know why bt I started to hate Tammy pahle Sid n now Tammy bcz aaj jis mod pr AR ki life hai uski vajah Sid to hai hi lekin ab Tammy bhi bn rahi hai
I really wish ki AR k bich sbkuch Jaan n Rohan k shadi k pahle sort out ho n AR as a couple unk shadi ka har ek function enjoy kare
Can't wait yaar don't know May tk kaise wait kiya plz update soon n really hope we will get regular update
Posted: 3 years ago
Aik se Dil nahi Bharaha Tha Ma'am Jo OutTake Bi..
Smjh nahi aaraha Why Thida Thread..
Ab Yai Kon Padhega :(
but Mujhe Padhna Hai sab..

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