OS - The Love In His Eyes

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                   The Love In His Eyes


                 He kissed her hard one last time as both reached to their peek together . He still deep inside her . He kissed her forehead and asked worried " you okay ? "

            hearing his concerned voice she couldn't help but a red hue covered her check as she nodded . He kissed her eyes and suddenly an warm feeling engulf her heart tightly. She couldn't help but opened her eyes and in no time regretted too .

           She looked deeply in his eyes , desperately searching something but she got nothing other than pure lust and satisfaction of their physical togetherness . Unknown to her a tear drop silently. She not know if he felt her pain or not but next moment he claimed her lips again ...just like this she began to lost in his pleasure , but in that moment she vow to herself never again in her life she will look at his eyes . Only this way she can pretend to herself that her husband may feel something for her , it's not plain sex but they only making love .

            At late night she looked as he sleeping like a child . She couldn't help but touched his face with a fear of rejection and all the love in her for him . ' Love ' where that word came from ? She doesn't know . Because it was friendship and compromise for both . Both were friend from childhood . They were so close to each other that their family start calling them Maaneet not Maan or Geet. They laughed together, cried together even beat each other for anything. Maan witnessed her most embarrassing moment when she kissed a girl and Geet saved him when his one week girlfriend's father was ready to beat him black and blue . They were totally inseparable. They did many thing but one thing never happened which was love. They never fall in love with each other . When their family suggested their marriage they laughed out loud . They were only pure friendship between them .

              But destiny has other plan . His grandma got sick and to fulfill her last wish they had to tie in a scared bond unwillingly. It was difficult for both , because they knew this is mistake. But they were helpless . And finally the last blow , they got married the day when Maan planned to confess his love for Sneha who is Geet's friend too, and Geet fully aware of it .

             In eight months of their marriage they were anything but a perfect happy couple for the world . Only they know how they feel for each other . No they don't hate each other but there was only pure trust, respect , and compromise between then . Love was untouchable for both until this night when they first time became one and Geet realised how deeply she feels for her husband .

                 She kissed his lips softly as a tear drop silently . It is a saying that first realisation of love is most wonderful feeling but she felt nothing other than deep pain as if someone hurt her heart with a knife. Being in love less marriage is hard but knowing your partner will never love you is more painful. Just this moment she vow to herself never again in her life she will look at his eyes where she finds nothing for her .


               She wore Maan's favourite colour saree and blushed hard remembering what happened last time when she first wore that . Her husband couldn't took his eyes from her . She wants to see the same look as she put sindoor. Just then Maan came very tired . Geet got up and took a glass of water . She was about to call him when her eyes fall on a card in his hand . It's not any card but a marriage card , where she noticed Sneha'a name written in board letters . She looked at his face trying know his emotion but as usual nothing .

                 Suddenly Geet had a urge to make him forget everything , and focus only on her . " Maan " she called his slowly and handled him the glass . He took it by other hand still holding the marriage card . He was about to drink but stop hearing her ..

               " I'm pregnant . We are going to be parents Maan " .

                 For sometime both didn't move and the glass fall in fround ,all of a sudden he hugged her tightly whispering how happy he is " say it again it's not joke right " .

               She can only nod as he kissed her lips " thank you so much Geet . You giving me biggest gift ..."

               she too hugged him back as tears of happiness flowing uncontrollably. Her eyes fell on the card which soaked on ground because of water . She couldn't deny the fact that she felt happy seeing it like this , she knows she sounding selfish but seeing his full attention on her she forgot everything .


            " I'm sorry sir but we couldn't save your wife "

                 he fall on ground as doctor decleared his wife dead , a nurse came and gave the new born baby on his lap . But he couldn't look at the child and stared at nothing ..even he didn't react when the baby start crying .

                   Maan looked at the lifeless man infront of him , suddenly fear gripped him hard . Fear of loosing Geet , his best friend his wife his life partner . He looked away and tried hard not to think negative .

                 " Geet can't leave me . We vowed to be together she can't break it . She will be fine . " he tried to console his heart remembering their marriage vows.

                 Just then doctor came " congratulation Mr Khurana it's a boy " he took the child carefully in his arms,scared to hurt the new born . He kissed his hand softly and asked about his wife but to his bad luck his hidden fear became true ...

             " we are sorry Mr Khurana but your wife's condition is very critical . We not sure if we can sav..."

                  " how could you say something like this ? " He cut doctor with a glare " do anything I want my wife alive that's all .."

                   " look Mr Khurana I can understand your situation but we are helpless. We already informed your wife that her pregnancy is risky but she didn't listen and continue with it . Now my fear come true . She already loss too much blood we trying out best . But if it continue like this she may go into coma or ..."

                    " please doctor save my wife ..." for the first time in his life Maan pleaded to someone , doctor gave a sad look to him and went from there .


              Living alone is difficult but more difficult is seeing own wife laying on bed lifeless. Although she not dead but in coma but he knows she is dead inside . He felt like he killed her slowly. He not so ignorant to feel her love ,her care in these months but too heartless to give her hope thinking he not capable to love anyone . But seeing her for one month in ICU he realised how deep was his feelings . The feeling which he always brushed away saying attraction. It was only love . Everyday he would come and plead to her to wake up but he got disappointment only . He knows he deserved it for hurting her ..

                    Geet opened her eyes slowly but closed again as bring light hurting her eyes . She could hear her family members voice but still couldn't dare to open her eyes again .

               " Mrs Khurana please try to open your eyes slowly ..."

               " Geet beta "...she heard eager voices of her loved ones as tried again . She desperately wait to hear his voice but it never came .

                    She finally opened her eyes fully and saw all standing there with tears in their eyes . But her eyes were searching for special one and without any warning someone fall upon her . She didn't need to hear his voice to understand who is he ? . With much difficulty she put her hand oh his head , start patting to clam him down as he start crying like a child on crook of her neck .

              " Don't do this again please . I will die without you . You are my everything. My life my love ..don't leave me ever again or else I will haunt you down and locked you for rest of your life ..."

               Her hand stop at his love word, she couldn't tell how she feeling so kissed his check as if telling him she understood his word .


               It's another day when he making love to her but she felt different. His every touch, every kiss was burning her and she enjoyed the pain . This is all new as her Maan pouring his love in every gesture and she took it with great pleasure.

                      Like any other time he kissed her forehead and asked worried " are you ok ? "

                 she nodded opening her eyes , she finally looked at his eyes after almost a year , breaking her own promise and this time his eyes didn't break her heart like last time . She saw herself there . Those eyes only conveying his unconditional love for her . Finally she replaced her Geet thought but Maan nodded no

                  " you are not any replacement Geet. You made your own place . I'm lucky to have you . " he kissed her softly " I love you " this moment she not just felt happy but content too .

               He rolled over taking her with him . She put her head on his bare chest hugging him . " I always loved you Geet I loved your the moment we first time made love ... l loved you when you always standing at balcony till my car gone ...i loved you when you hugged me every time I came late ...even loved you when you didn't let me watch dhoom machale song , my wife so jealous of katrina ..." She slapped his chest softly

               " I loved you when you told me your pregnant " she went stiff remembering that day " I got the card of sneha's wedding but I didn't feel the pain which I thought I will . In fact I feel nothing and started to think may be I forget the feeling of being love . I loved everyday Geet..every single day . If you asked me to choose between heartbreak or separation from you I will choose heart break because living without you, not an option now . You are the center of my world . " he kissed her head smiling , both slept hugging each other ,feeling peace after ages ...

                  Geet woke up at mid and couldn't help but touched his face without fear of rejection . His earlier confession totally shaken her . Yes she always wanted his love but never thought she will get it that too this extent. It's feel so surreal but she knows it's not dream . His husband is only her now . When she became pregnant she thought may be he will finally able to love her but doctor's suggestion about abortion killed that hope . She knows she may die but still went on with pregency because she thought , even if Maan may never love her but he would love their child...and through their baby she will feel his love because baby is part of her . Also in deep down she wanted Maan to remember her always and through child she can stay alive in a corner of his life if not in his heart .

                 But Maan didn't let her hope to get love die , finally she saw the love in his eyes for her and she has no doubt for the rest of their life his love will stay like this ...

                   " I love you too " she whisper as happy tear drop, she felt like a queen ...slowly she went back to her husband's arm , first time sleeping happily without any worry or fear of not to be loved by him ...
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hellooosss a new os hope not short ... my lazy hand tried it best to make it long Sleepy
anyways banner by my sweetest friend ( love you ) ...
ek aur baat...don't laugh ... Finally Maine apni writing stunt ka 2 years pura kiya LOL
April mein hi maine yeh khatarnak kaam karna suru kiya tha ( thnx to @priya21 )
I want to thnx everyone who supported and still supporting me ... Smile
this OS is thank you gift for all and especially for priya ( keep smiling have a good life ahead )...
and lastly it's purely my imagination ...if it similar to anyone only mere co incidence ...so kindly inform me if it match with any story I will delete it...

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Me first lol

I don't know why I'm still awake at 4 in the morning but it's fruitful
Will be back with a full comment

See you later sweets
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Nice update..
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Posted: 2018-04-02T21:42:11Z
I don't have any words to say.fantastic os dearClap
I am feeling emotional right now.Cry
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Awesome update loved the os maaneet are childhood friend both are besties but now are married maan was in love with sneha but now married to geet coz of his Dadi poor geet craving for maan love though both are still the same as before but when they made love for the first time geet felt for maan but geet wasn't sure what maan feel for her but he had fallen in love with her when he almost lost her he was so happy when geet told about pregnancy but when geet was almost lost her life she saw undying love of maan who confess his love in the most sweetest way 
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Posted: 2018-04-02T23:02:40Z
Beautiful os...ye Maan sudhrega ni na vese...Geet ko rulane me sb courses kr daale hain par end main l love u ki lolipop pakda k Geet ko happy kr deta hai...aur Geet can't you give him hard time just for once at least??? 

Aaah kitna acha lg raha hai Maan ko suna k kitne time baadLOL
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Posted: 2018-04-02T23:05:33Z
An emotional os
Loved it 
Felt really sad for geet
but she got everything in the end

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