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Posted: 3 years ago

Welcome everyone.

This is Pro, and her PS CS5 at your service. You're free to ask me anything (though we have another thread for it) and I'll be happy to solve your problems regarding PS.

This is a new venture for me as well so what follows is a trial lesson. I'll continue only if this proves helpful for you guys. :)

I haven't provided links to any of my resources but if you want something just drop a comment/PM and I'll link you back. :D

Trial Lesson: Picture inside Text - pg 1
Lesson 1: Colourizaton - pg 4
Lesson 2: Rain Effect - pg 8
Lesson 3: Basic Tags - pg 11
Lesson 4: Tags- Level 2 - pg 15
Lesson 5: GIF inside a Text - pg 18

Please scroll down for the lesson.
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Posted: 3 years ago
Useful Tricks

Some of my common settings (and a few bugs), before we start.

Note: These apply to only PS CS5. PS CS6 can handle direct 'drop-downs' from the net. :)

1. You cannot drop an image directly from the internet. You need to either download the pic or manually copy and then paste the pic into your document (this doesn't work for transparent images and GIFs).

2. GIFs will give you headaches. Nuke But it's worth it. BTW, we use the frame animation (more info on it later).

3. We'll only be varying the Width and Height of the image, and ensure that the colour mode is on 'RGB Colour'. The 'Backgroud Contents' needs to be 'Transparent' most of the time.

4. This shows which palettes I usually work on. Those are indicated by the ticks in the 'windows' drop-down.

5. The IF thread background (the white one) holds the code F9F9F9 and not FFF(FFF)

6. IF allows repetition of letters/characters/emoticons only three times at a stretch. And so, the code above doesn't actually have the parenthesis.

7. Avoid using non-HD pics and limit the dimensions to a medium style (IF limits: 550*500, width*height)

8. Here's my GIF settings. For this menu press <alt+shift+ctrl+s> or just go to the top-menu, find "File" and press "Save for Web and Devices". Big smile
In the pic you can see a bar called "No Dither", this has menu with 3 more options (diffusion, pattern and noise) which are to be used when you are using pictures of real objects, like the one in the picture. And "no dither" will stay for vectors, i.e. the cartoon images that you see most often in the animated tags of the Crazy Creatives' threads. Embarrassed Reminder: GIFs with pictures of real objects and decorative textures (eg to be added soon) will never be perfectly dust free. Personally I prefer to keep the Dither to Pattern in such cases. Embarrassed

I'll keep adding on to them. Embarrassed
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Posted: 3 years ago
Trial Tutorial: Picture inside Text

In this session we're looking to make this one and trust me it's really simple,

First step, open a transparent document, and write your text. Experiment with size, font ans styles, and finalize.

Now, paste the picture you'd be working with over the text. Now, right click on the layer, and select 'create clipping mask'. This will superficially crop the picture to the size of the text, but you can still move it around for experimentation.

Repeat these steps for all other pictures, and apply your usual techniques for blending.

Now, we need to make some adjustments to this pictures inside the text. For that, locate the thumbnail of the text layer and press [ctrl+click]. You'll see the marching ants selection outlining the text. Now, click on whichever adjustment you'd like to use, and the changes will be limited to the pictures inside the text.

Your text will remain editable till the last step. But still it will be better to finalize your text at the beginning to avoid extra adjustments later.

After this, I've changed the background, added a shadow to the text, tried, and refused a BG animation

Please tell me if this was helpful, and if I should continue with them. Embarrassed
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Posted: 3 years ago
This Is Very Helpful Tips.
For Anyone Who Wants To Learn Making Siggys.
Please Continue With The Lessons.
Posted: 3 years ago
Nice dear 
Very informative Smile
Posted: 3 years ago
Very nice tutorial
You should continue
Posted: 3 years ago
It's actually very helpful for all who want to learn PSing. Star
Continue them, Choti. <3
Posted: 3 years ago
wowww such a useful thread this is, thanks alot.

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