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Posted: 4 years ago
We get Aanu unburdening to Rao Anna, we see Ashvin opening up to Oscar... Trisha did not respond to Daadus question if she wants to speak to Ashvin.
The two are missing each other terribly.
The way she responds immediately to any question pertaining to him the way he defends her , are all indications they care for each other very deeply. 
They are reliving the past...
Aanu is willing to tell her the truth but is wary how it would hurt her..  
Ashvin didn't send her things hoping she'd call...she changed her phone thinking he'd try to call.  
Come on Ashvin 348 kms is not a long drive...
Especially when the purpose is so clear...go man go ..go for her
Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks you nisha
He is falling for is wife
How he's gonna call is wife because she changed the cell number
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Navneet didnt even grab that woman, he spoke about her in his stoned state. It was Nikunj and. .
We have a saying in Tamizh paavam ORU idam pazhi ORU idam, meaning the wrong doer goes Scot free but the blame gets foisted on another.
The happenings that night seem just that. For a young person it can be really horrid for it to be that way...especially if a friend died as a consequence, a friend who had no part to play.
I guess Ashvin has misjudged Dadu as well and thinks he would run it in that Trisha has moved on.

Sri, I'm thinking what if navneet could hv died from drug abuse too though he did not hv a direct role to play and 'And' is again open ended. But one night in their lives surely has made sufferring their ally.
Posted: 4 years ago
Kalpana Navneet could have died of several causes but when you have been part of a painful memory with the person it weighs heavily on your heart I think.
The IDs and buts and conjectures is more damaging than a clear cut case.
It is quite tough for a teen to have handled without proper counseling. It is obvious Mama Narang has not been able to. .the father was no more, the grandfather who could have been the anchor took a stance that hurt Ashvin and left him scarred  he craves for acceptance and a hug and reassurance. .I hope Trisha becomes the healing factor 
Posted: 4 years ago
As OZ said I think he is the one who have suffered the most because of that incident
And in that extent that he even married to take revenge
But look now Wht has happened instead of revenge he has follen for the girl...
This is becoz we say future is not in out hands..
He might be the one who lost most coz of that night night but Trisha's brother also left them that night leaving her and her daad alone
So scars are on both ends and only these two can soothe them and help them to move on
Posted: 4 years ago
Maybe I hope Trisha will bring them together in future
Posted: 4 years ago
Good morning everyone ! 
Read up the last few pages avidly ! And a thought crossed my head...Two rich different !!

R&B was a wild child. I can easily imagine him making trips to Goa with friends, drinking endless beer at the beach, perhaps even sleeping it out there, in mixed company. But he grew up unscathed. And if there was such an incident in his life, he would have had Savvy rally around him. 

Surely justice would have been served and he would have paid a price if he was a culprit of sorts, but the aftermath would not have been what Ashvin is undergoing !
Two mothers. Both doting on their sons ... but the end result would be so different..

Ashvin is a gentle soul at heart, but the rite of passage...trip to Goa with friends...turned out to be a passage thru fire and the burns seem to have scarred him for life.
More so, as we gather now, that one of them apparently passed on..hopefully not that very night...

What life deals out to you necessarlly is not drastically varied for each person. How each person... and the people around you... handles the lemons is what matters...what says ???
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
A traumatic experience requires great effort from within and support of those around. If it doesn't come by it can leave one hurt and feeling the world has wronged you. 
The pain of Trisha and Ashvin is connected yet so different. 
Trisha's is pain and a sense of protective responsibility.
Ashvins is guilt tinged.  He felt abandoned by the Dadu who loved him the most. He thinks he lost the love.  Dadu has left him alone hoping he stumbles and stutters and finds his way through. 
He has kept track of the young man. He does what he thinks is the right salve.
If he had pampered and supported him the way Mandira had hoped he would be no different from the politicians and moneyed in India who turn a blind eye to the wrong doing of their progeny.
Dadu intervenes when necessary but has played a silent part in Ashvins recovery. Had he been indulgent things would have been different and the tale not so gripping. It is fabulous story telling mode. Love you Nisha and your narrative .

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