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 A feel so warm 
A soul so pure
An adamancy so worthy 
A character so firm 
From a time 
Where ache is prime
She is trying 
To sustain life
Life which doesn't give in
Living which ceases to compromise 

 A fury which doesn't burn
A rage which drizzles 
A downpour which has started to drench
The egos which are bound to drown. 

A cinder in dead dark
Beyond that shade in talks
A tinge of hope 
An ounce of bright 
Look further, look past
She is beyond eyes can watch 

Niti Taylor is currently playing the lead role in LifeOK's show Ghulaam. She is playing the character of Shivani, a small town girl. Living with her Mama ji, her life had pretty sober shades of normalcy until her path crossed with a boy. Her life turned upside down when that same man marries her just to hand her over to his master. 
This deceit leaves her in a place called Berahampur where she is being called wife of a man she didn't marry. And the one she married, he has refused to even accept his own existence beyond being a Ghulaam. 
Shivani stands on a road where her beliefs are her only weapons and her stubbornness is her only shield. 
Tale is unfolding. 

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Niti started her career in South Film Industry in 2012 with movie 'Mem vayasuku vacham'. Niti has been been highly applauded for her performance as Dil. She played role of Dil', a Muslim girl who belongs to an Orthodox family. She is the first girl in her family to go to college. Ironically, she runs into the male protagonist on the way to her first day in college when he picks a spat with her brother. Even as they come around to becoming friends Dil gets engaged which is when it strikes the male protagonist that he's fallen for her..  Dil though remains nonchalant when he confronts her with his feelings and brushes him off. He asks her to spend three days with him to give him a lifetime of memories and Dil agrees.

But the day she learns that her wedding is due in 10 days, Dil realizes she's fallen in love as well. Dil's love for him takes time to manifest, but when it does, it was beautiful where the girl cries out of heart unable to bear the life-long separation staring her in the face. She chooses to marry the guy her parents chose for her instead of running away with her love. She remains friends with the guy and her husband accepts their friendship when he gets to know their story.

Movie touched million of hearts and Niti was applauded for her beautiful performance at such young age.

Apart from Mem Vayasuku Vacham', she has done a few other movies. Peli Pustakam' with Rahul Ravindran , Kaliyugam and Love dot com compiles the list.  


Niti made her television debut with Pyar ka Bandhan in 2010. Later on, she played another cameo in 'Sarvgun Sampann'. Continuing with the cameos, she played role of Devika in popular series 'Gulal'. Making a comeback on India television after 2 years, she played role of Trisha in episodic of 'Yeh hai Aashiqui' in 2013. Addressing the 'Teenage pregnancy' and issues, her performance was splendid. This particular episodic of popular show touched milestone of 3.8 Million views online. 
She did another episodic with MTV webbed. Show addressed the misuse of internet by today's youth. She played character of Divya Sharma and yet again proved her acting skills very well. 
Moving ahead, Niti bagged role of Naina in Sony's popular show 'Bade Achhe lagte hai'. This Balaji Production's series gave her chance to work beside ace actors i.e. Ram Kapoor and Sakhi Tanwar. Being one of popular GEC shows, it gave her recognition and concrete exposure.  
In  2014, She did episodic with 'Savdhan India- India fights back' and 'Halla Bol- Heroes as Rhea Sharma. 

And then it was time to make it BIG. She was called to audition for MTV's first ever fiction show 'Kaisi Yah Yaariaan'. She bagged the role owing to her talent and suitability to role. 
Niti as Nandini Murthy has made place in Million of hearts owing to some fantastic performances throughout. Character is loved by youth for its realistic, positive and fresh approach. Niti was part of both the seasons of this popular youth show of MTV and played Nandini's character so beautifully that this character is chesrished even after it has been a year show has ended and would be remembered for a long time. 
Nandini Murthy hails from Manglore and shifted to city of dreams Mumbai for treatment of her brother. Being highly clear about what she wanted from life, she goes to opt for science but destiny had its own plans. Owing to play of events and circumstances, she got admitted in SPACE academy which happened to be known for music. Witnessing the ugly at very first day and then being ragged herself later, she held her ground. Standing up for right and voicing out in time, she made quite enemies and that resulted into something unexpected yet beautiful. Going through various phases of her college life, she eventually found her soulmate and lost love for music as well. Finding meaning to her mother's theory of fireflies, she believed it wholeheartedly. Time tested her and her fireflies but eventually they did glow for true love. She became the light of her lover and pulled him out of dark hole where he was living since a while. Standing through the roughest patches, she didn't give up on her, her love or on him, not even for once. 
She as a sister, as  daughter, as a friend, as a lover; she in every race of life is someone one can look up to and adore. She was that imperfectly perfect, Indian television have found one realistic female character in a long time. 

Parindey Ka Pagalpan

In year 2016, Niti got featured in music video named Parindey ka Pagalpan. Song was sung by Shibani Kashyap and her voice was truly given justice by enchanting performance of Niti Taylor. The song was launched on Youtube as well as used by Zing for their show Pyar Tune Kya Kiya season 7. The video has got almost 1 Million views on internet. Song was loved by masses. It came across as one of cherished surprises to fans of Niti as along she hosting PTKK season 7, fans got to see her in music video as well. 
Niti played the character of Vidhi in PTKK 7. Hosts for the first time presented the stories with their own story. Vidhi's life started at a low note with her lost believe in love after losing her lover. But towards the end, she had learnt to give love a chance again. 
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. FunLuvingGirl. 


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Just following you!
Something good must be coming!😆
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India forums fanclub- Niti Taylor

Twitter- @niti_taylor

Instagram- @nititaylor

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Congratulations!!! Finally!!! ❤️
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second NitiTaylor AT celebration with #Shivani Spl toffee 🥳 Edited by _Surbhi_Star_ - 7 years ago
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