Shanav akka Vradeep AT#8 "Dosti mein shaq ki gunjaish nahi"

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Appreciation Thread # 08

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Sharad : His real alien name is 87^2. He is Vasant's younger brother . He is a logical thinker & can shut anyones mouth with his logical answers. His other name is Logical Ghotala too. He has the superpower of mental telepathy, mind reading, hypnotism not only on humans but also on non humans. He can also transform & take any human's form. He loves Anna and starts 'Yaya-ing' Whenever he thinks of Anna or  anybody mentions her name . He and Hemant share a good rapport. He loves his brother Vasant  Ghotala a lot & is obedient to him. He is a loveable brother, a dutiful brother in law, a friendly uncle but most importantly a possessive lover who is not only possessive abt his love Anna but also his family. He is very caring as well as sentimental. He is married to Anna D'souza just a few days ago & but still unmarried as Anna left for Goa urgently that very day for her relatives demise.


Manav Ohja : Manav is son of laajwanti Ohja and Murlidhar Ohja. He is a captain in army. He is Anna's first love. He loves Anna a lot since his childhood. Manav is ghotala's saviour and Great Supporter of Ghotala family. He always stands for what is right. He is always their for ghotala family in time of need. He stopped ghotala family from leaving colony. He has his own secret which he is hiding. Only vasant knows manav secret.  Manav shares a good repo with sharad, hemant, vasant. Though once he had disrespected Bhairavi but realizing she is elder to him he respects her. Though how much ever troubles she causes anyone he calmly landles them & don't let others shout at Bhairavi.

But as Real Manav is dead. An alien named 100/100 = 1 took his face. He is High Commands son from Ghotalas planet, send to Earth to help Ghotalas, But as he took Manav's body & with that even accepted his feelings so lives as Manav Ojha fulfilling all his duties.

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Only Shanav's Deewanis aka Pradeep and Vinay's Phankis allowed here!!

If you aren't one of them, kindly refrain from posting; this is not a Chat Club...

If you feel, a Member is posting things that are not within COC then you can bring it to Admin/DT notice...

No comparison with other actors or bashing anyone - be it members, characters, actors, or production house/creators...

Posting pics of Shanav aka Pradeep and Vinay or any of their past characters is allowed...

Avoid the long train of quoting.
Use @ member name or ( ^ ) option

Needless to say, follow all India-Forums Code of Conduct and Badi door se aaye hai forum...

If you spot a problem, please do PM me asap...
If someone else barges in to spoil the AT environment, you can directly report...

Most of all, Respect everyone & have fun. Simple!!

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Wat to say abt words can describe them completely.. no word is apt for them... no word can do justice to their behaviour, their nature, their love, their mind, their characters...

Ek cute hai to duja lovely hai,
Ek handsome hai to duja sweet hai,
Ek smart hai to duja logical hai,
Ek generous hai to duja budhhu hai,
Ek helpful hai to duja protective hai,
Ek daryadil hai to duja possessive hai,
Ek gentle human hai to duja gentle alien hai,
Ek pyaar ke kuye me ghira hai to duja pyaar ke khayi me ghira hai...

Par kya kare dono hi ek se badh kar ek hai,
Dono hi pyaare hai,
Dono hi selfless hai,
Dono ka ek ek secret hai joh normal humans ko chouka de...

But dono hi apno k liye har pal apni jaan dene ko bhi tyar rehte hai...

Aise h dono... Jaise ek sikke ke do pahlu... Jaise apne Naam ki parchai...

aur shayad yahi baate indono ko Perfect Competitors bana deti h...

Par hum sab chahte hain ki yeh dono sachhe pakke Dost bane..

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Shanav are best friends... They share a unique bond...Though both loves Anna but their friendship is above it..they support each other without  any expectations and shaq...

They share a good repo and at times both save each other from
Anna anger..

Manav knows sharad loves Anna but then also  sharad  will go against anyone who speak against his bhaiya and bhabhi..he knows that sharad consider him as his best friend and can do anything for him..

Sharad knows manav loves Anna so.much that manav is ready to scarifice his love for Anna. Happiness.he knows manav has always been their for them stood for them when no one  stood by them...sharad knows that manav is hiding some big secret and also knows that manav considers them as friend..

They support each other at times of need...
And inka har koi deewana hain

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