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29.In Search Of Lost Time...

"We believe that we can change the things around us in accordance with our desires"we believe it because otherwise we can see no favourable outcome. We do not think of the outcome which generally comes to pass and is also favourable: we do not succeed in changing things in accordance with our desires, but gradually our desires change. The situation that we hoped to change because it was intolerable becomes unimportant to us. We have failed to surmount the obstacle, as we were absolutely determined to do, but life has taken us round it, led us beyond it, and then if we turn round to gaze into the distance of the past, we can barely see it, so imperceptible has it become." - Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time

She rested her head back on the headrest and closed her eyes, allowing her exhausted mind to churn out memories that had been suppressed because of the final exams that she had. She did well. Actually, she worked harder and she was satisfied with her performance. But then there was something else gnawing at her. The flight took off and she left New York, lost in her thoughts about Dadima, Kabir and Maan. Speaking of which, she hadn't seen much of Maan in the last few weeks. He had been back to the office and she did see him once or twice in passing but that's that. She didn't visit the estates often and kept herself to her apartment. She had been there in the estates the previous evening to say her goodbyes but she didn't find Maan. She waited for him in his study and then she went back home. She had a lot in her plate to handle. Her college, her baking, Maan, Ana, Kabir, Dadima and needless to say, memories of that horrible night which made her realize how much unprotected she was in the whole wide world. The memories were still very much there and at times they left her sleepless but it wasn't that bad like it had been before Maan had acted like a jerk. Her lips twitched and curled into a smile.

Monster Khurana was a jerk but he always had a new way of looking at things...


He entered the mansion with a frown. He had been travelling a lot, catching up with four weeks' worth the work he had missed over the days. Without dadima, the entire mansion felt empty... his life felt the presence of a void. Every night he wished she'd come back somehow but he knew that wasn't possible.

The dead don't suffer and that is why you and I are still here...

Her one sentence had hit him like a hurricane, bringing him out of the stupor that he had been. Thinking of which, where was she? He hadn't seen her in the last few weeks. He knew Ana had her exams but then it was over right? He had been so held up with the work and then Emily Huston's project had put him in a fix. He knew the project wouldn't yield much for them but Kabir was taking so much interest in it.

He sat on the couch, taking off his suit and throwing it on the other couch, so very unlike him when he heard soft whimper of Raj (the pup) near his feet. He quickly bowed down and found him softly rubbing his muzzle against his legs. He smiled and picked him up. It had been so long since he had held the pup in his arms. Well, the pup had turned into a small dog. He was growing.

"Hi buddy..." he tickled his neck, "how are you?"

Raj left a soft howl appreciating his love and licked his cheeks making him laugh.

"Ohh you sure did miss me.." Maan pulled him in his arms and gently caressed his forehead. Raj liked when Maan did so. He had missed Maan. He slowly leaned and placed his head on his lap, closing his eyes.

"lets go for a jog tomorrow..."

As if he understood. He left a huff totally agreeing to his idea.
He kept caressing his head when Ana walked in and squealed seeing her favourite brother. Kabir was favourite too but he always fought. So he was a little less favourite.  She plopped herself on the other side of him and eyed Raj with contempt.

"How come he loves you more when he was my birthday present?"

She stressed on the word my' making him smile.

"well, its all about loyalties." He teased.

Ana frowned and poked Aawara's forehead. He opened his eyes lazily, glanced at her and closed his eyes as if she wasn't his concern. She tried again and he growled, without opening his eyes.

"Hey, stop disturbing him. Where had you been to?"

"Ohh I was out with college friends. We have a Grad Party coming up so just preparing."

"Grad party?"

"Yeah... we will enter our final year in two weeks so just a small party for us. We were so excited about it but I guess I have to go alone..."

From "we" Maan guessed she must be talking about her and Geet. His curiosity piqued, especially after that evening in dadima's room. Without his or her knowledge, the dynamics had changed. The equation went in a totally different way altogether.

"Alone? Why? Isn't Geet going with you?"

She sighed, "No Bhai. She isn't. In fact she isn't in New York right now."

Now that was news!

"Not in New York? Where is she?"

"She flew back to London a day before."

His eyes popped out, "what? She left? So suddenly?"

Ana raised her brows at his reaction but then ignored, "yeah. She had wanted to go for a long time. So she just left..."


"Geet... beta you just arrived here and you want to go back to India? Why?" Pooja's mother cried.

Geet looked at everyone's faces and knew what she had to do.

"I know this is sudden. I will be back here in a week."

Pooja's father held her hand and made her sit on the couch, looking worried.

"Geet... tell us what bothers you beta. Please don't think that you are any different to us. Pooja and You both are our daughters. When you father left, he left in peace knowing you will be loved and taken care of. Please tell us whatever it is Geet!"

Geet looked down, not wanting to break their hearts. She had so much been disconnected from everyone all these days. She pressed her lips and took a minute to answer that.

"There is this property I want to sell off."

A collective gasp left everyone's mouths and none spoke for a minute, letting everything sink in. it was Mr. Sahni who gathered wits first and spoke.

"Geet...why do you want to sell off the house? Do you need money? We all are here. You can tell us. What is it about selling off stuffs? This is unacceptable."

Geet shook her head, "No no uncle... I am not selling the house. I can never sell the house. Dad had this piece of land from his family and I don't think there is any need for it."

Tears stung her eyes but she was strong, "I have been looking for real estate brokers and they are giving me a good sum too."

"But Geet... that land is yours right. You just can't sell it off! If it's about money, then please let us help you. Raj and Pooja will be coming by the weekend to see you. At least wait for them."

"No. I have decided uncle. Please think. There is no one to take care of it. I don't know what to do with it. So why don't I just sell it off and save the money? It would help me in the long run. Please don't say no. I have already booked tickets for India. I will be back by the time Raj and Pooja come."


His study remained the same but the entire scenario had changed. Images of him and dadima sitting and talking by the bay window came flashing... so many moments... so many arguments and then her laughter when he played her favourite songs. His heart ached but then it would take time. It was just two months now and like Geet said, it would take time to become a "year" and then turn into a "forever".

He looked around and found everything just the way he had left it before he went for a trip. No one visited this part of the study because they knew he worked there. People enjoyed the antechamber if they wanted peace. But this particular room was his very personal space until...

His eyes fell on the armchair kept at a corner and there was a book kept on it. He walked closer and picked it up. He knew it was one from his collections and there was a page bookmarked.

"In Search of Lost Time..." he read the title. He knew Ana and Kabir well. No one ventured into this side...not even his parents. And immediately a smile curled up.

She was here.

She had been

He opened the page she had bookmarked and sat on the chair, running his fingers on the words. She was one curious brain and she was slowly learning. He didn't want to work tonight. The travel and everything around had caught up with him. He just fell on the armchair and looked at the page she had been reading. He just took a moment to sink into the feel and continued reading from where she had left off, not knowing how easily he had allowed her into the place called his "personal".


She sat on the swing in the backyard, lost in her thoughts. The day had been tiring with everyone at home. She missed the silence of her apartment. It was more than a week she had been away from her friends back in the estates. What would Ana be doing? And Kabir? And Maan?  Would he be cursing her for running away? She wasn't running away though. The cold night breeze soothed her senses and she closed her eyes, recalling their dance that evening.

Was he doing alright? Was he going to office? Was he...

Someone tapped her shoulder breaking her thoughts and she quickly looked back only to be greeted by his ever smiling face.

"hey Miss Universe, where are you lost?"

She sighed in relief, "Raj.. you scared me."

He walked to the front and plopped himself beside her, "kya soch rahi ho?"

She shook her head, smiling, "ahh...nothing particular. You is everything in Manchester? Where is Pooja?"

Raj relaxed beside her and looked up at the sky, "she is helping her mom in cleaning up. Everything is just fab there. But upset me!"

Her heart skipped a beat.

"Upset? What did I do?"

He straightened and looked right into her eyes, "You went back to India and took all those sudden decision... why didn't you tell me if you needed help? You know I am here for you.."

His last line made a tingling sensation in her. He still affected some way or the other.

"I know but think Raj... what would I do of the land? The money I will get will in fact help me with my studies and all. Isn't it a good thing?"

He sighed, "Yes it is. But you don't have to do everything alone! You could have just called me once."

She smiled and shook her head and looked at him naughtily, "Eyi Mr. America... why do you think you care so much about me? Your wife is going to kill you..."

Raj flowed along, shaking his head, "I care because you are special.."

She skipped another beat. Her cheeks turned slightly pink, "You are a married man, mister... and I am the other woman' here. Be careful..."

She teased and Raj laughed, feeling so happy that she was slowly getting back to her own self, albeit slowly.

"Well, married or unmarried doesn't matter when the other woman' is this charming..."

"Who is charming?"

They heard a familiar voice and looked back to see Pooja carrying a tray.

"Ohh wow ice cream..." Raj chimed and rushed towards his wife. Taking the bowls from the tray, he pressed a kiss on her cheek and rushed back to Geet.

" for you madam."


Pooja took her bowl and joined them in their conversation, which involved a lot of college gossips and studies and friends.

"Geet... did you meet any guy there?" Pooja asked, licking her spoon.

Geet raised her brows, "who guy? I have met a lot of guys in New York.."
Pooja rolled her eyes and plopped herself beside Raj, who wrapped his hand around her shoulder. Geet pretended to have not seen it.

"Uff stupid! I am talking about you know a boyfriend or even a prospective boyfriend will do..."

Geet whined, "Pooja..."

"Geet..." pooja replied in the same tone as hers making everyone smile.

It felt nostalgic. They were how they had been...always. But things change and times are lost. Especially the beautiful times!

"Tell us Geet... is there anyone you found? Do you like someone?" Raj asked with curious eyes.

Geet kept her bowl away, "As of now... none. I am totally not ready for any such stuff right now okay. I enjoy my time with Ana, Kabir and Monster Khurana! Thats enough."

Pooja smirked, "who is Monster Khurana? As much as I recall, I know who Kabir and Ana are because you keep talking about them. Who is this new person and why is his name Monster?"

Geet laughed and her eyes twinkled in Joy, "arrey nahi. His name is Maan Khurana. Ana and Kabir's elder brother. I named him monster khurana because he behaves like a monster!"

"Monster Khurana?" Raj laughed, "gosh Geet... kya haal kar diya bechare ka? Doesn't he say anything?"

Geet shook her head, "He keeps on irritating me but who cares. Its fun to tease him...he hates sweets okay. So what I did was make him eat too much sweet chocolate truffles the other day... you should have seen his face.."

"Gosh Geet... you have become crazier.." Raj teased and tickled her, making her double over.

"No...No...stop." she squealed.

But pooja joined Raj too, tickling her so much that she laughed until she cried.

"Ohh Raj Stop it..." she screamed when Raj tickled her more and then a faint memory of Maan with the pup crossed her mind.

"Oh Raj Stop It..." he always tells when Raj licks his face out of love.

She stopped a while, staring at Raj and then burst out laughing, even after they had stopped tickling her.

Ohh Raj(the human)...I am so sorry. That Monster is really a jerk. I can't really tell you what he has done!

She kept laughing until her stomach hurt. Pooja had to drag her to her room because she wasn't in a mood to get back!


They never realized how fast time flew amidst all the fun, the late night gossips and the roaming around until the day she was to leave for NYC. Raj had been back to Manchester post the weekend leaving Pooja behind so that they could spend more time together. And now when she was leaving, he made sure he came to see her off.  She felt so happy! With all the goodbyes said, she checked into the security holding her boarding pass. She could still see Raj and pooja standing by the visitor's lounge which was separated by a glass wall. Once done, she waved at her friends and they waved back. Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned back, only to be sweetly surprised.

"hey there!"

 Her eyes widened in happiness, "Oh My God! Maan... what are you doing here?"

Impeccably suited up, he presented quite a picture with those aviators on his eyes. He pulled away his glasses and raised his hands up, "Why can't I be here?"

And just like that, she went into his arms and side hugged him. He reciprocated.

Pooja had gone back to their car when Raj saw Geet in arms of a man so unknown. He waited to see his face, out of curiosity but the man faced the other way. His friend was indeed hiding something. He smirked, seeing her so happy. It was visible from afar. Putting on his glasses, he walked out to his wife.

Geet twisted her lips, "why can't you answer straightaway and not in puzzle for once?"

They walked towards the waiting lounge, with her hand wrapped around his arm and nothing mattered.

He had missed her. He had missed that voice so very much.

"Well.. I had some work in London. And now that it's done, am heading back home. Who knew I would find you here!"

His smile made her day. He didn't look sad. He was fine. He was so very fine. It made her heart flutter.

They kept walking, her hands still wrapped around his arm.

"You could have called na. You knew I was here, didn't you?" she complained like a baby.

"Yeah but it was just a day's work Geet. I landed here yesterday at 4am and am done with my work."

Geet never realized how much she had missed him until they sat down and talked of everything around... starting from her asking about if he took a tour of London to which he denied.

"Okay then..." she chirped, "next time we are here, I am going to take you around."

That "we" in her sentence made him look at her for a moment. Things we changing and they were changing all too fast. But he liked that nonetheless. She had a very different personality of her own and that is why he always found himself drawn to her.

Ohh Geet...what do I do with you?

He asked for her ticket when it came to boarding and frowned.

"What?" she looked up at him worried.

He took out his phone and pointed it to her, "I am upgrading your ticket!

She looked confused, "Upgrading? But why?"

"You aren't travelling in Economy and alone! I am getting you to the business class."

"What?" she gasped and held his hand, "Ohh you are not doing that!"

He pulled away his hand from her, "Shut up! You are not travelling in that. Just give me a sec..."

He was about to punch in some numbers when she snatched his phone and glared at him, "You.Are.Not.Doing.That."

He tried to pull his phone back but she waved her hand away, "what is your
problem? I am upgrading you to the business class you silly woman!"

"and I don't want to be upgraded you monster! Don't show me your money. I am travelling in whatever I have paid for."

He gritted his teeth at her audacity, "You don't want to travel in business class because of money?"

She bit back, "well then excuse me for being poor!"

He rolled his eyes and shoved her tickets back into her hands, "Fine. here take this and go. bye."

He walked away with a huff and she sighed. He was mad!

Kanha... see he is mad now! Now he will become so mean. But you know I don't want to take favours!!

She shot a little prayer to her Kanha and boarded the flight. Taking her seat by the window, she put the seat belt and leaned back, relaxing. The flight took off and she wondered where her co-passenger had gone. The old lady had been on her seat when she boarded and then she just vanished. Shaking her head, she closed her her eyes and felt her co-passenger sit by her side. She opened her eyes a little, watched her co-passenger and closed them.

Realization struck and her eyes flew open.

She gasped, "Maan?? What in the world are you doing here?"

He picked up the business magazine that the air-hostess offered and ignored her conveniently. She just gaped at him, unable to believe he actually did this! She held his arm and shook him, "Maan... did you just exchange seat with this lady?"

He rolled his eyes and pretended to read the magazine, "Geet...just zip it. I just don't want to see your face right now!"

She sighed not knowing what to think or feel. All she just knew was the fact that he was mad at her. He pushed her head away towards the window and looked into his magazine.

Ohh the play of heart! He had just come running to the economy class so that he could just see her face!
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awesome update ..
geet went back to london and maan surely misses her ..her words effected him and now he is back to his work ..
geet spend her time in london with pooja and raj ..there she thought abt monster khurana ...
meet at the airpost ..welll that was a pleasant suprise ..never thought of that ..geet didn't left his arm and maan was charmed by this lady .economy or business class seat i wonder sweet ..hayee love this monster khurana he changed his seat to see geet ...mar jaawa...yeh maan mujhe chahiye ...

thank u Ash for lovely update ...

waiting for next ...

p.s...i want many many parts of this story so abhi se u can make it FF...

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geet wanted to sell her father property...
loved Raj, pooja bonding...

maan in London...
just loved maan exchanged his business class seat with economy class just to see her face Clap
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Not much happening...U got to b kidding there dear..
Much more happening with joining arms,missing voice,seeing smiles,heart fluttering,oh wow exchanging seats...
That was amazing part..
Wilb waiting for next
Thanks for pm
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Amzing i hope they soon relaise tht they r in luv
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Awww so cute of maan
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Amazing.  So geet went to India to sell her some property.   Pooja's father tried to stop her but she had decided. Geet still somewhere gets effected by raj's closeness.  Don't  know when she will move on.  She had fun with Pooja and raj and finally it was time to go bavk to new york. Surprisingly at airport maaneet met which is seeing by Raj.  Maneet were talking like some close friends.  So geet has a economy ticket whereas maa  has a business.  Maan tried to buy for geet the same class but geet denied.  Maan was angry but geet doesn't  want to take any favour from anyone.  It was more than surprise that maan exchanged his seat with the passenger beside geet.  He did because he wanted to see geet.  Finally their love story started.  Though for now its  one sided.  But I am sure geet will reciprocate it soon. Though I am going to be hating the moment when she will leave after writing a letter to maan. But I am sure after this geet will be thinking only about maan.  Waiting for next dear
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