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This story is the continuation of the movie
Mujhse Dosti Karoge, starring hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukharjee. If you have seen it, well and good. Those who haven't, do watch it whenever you have time.
You could read the plot here-
Click Me.

The character of Kareena Kapoor (Tina) is morphed as Geet Handa.

Hope You Enjoy.
A Light-Hearted Romance.

HugThank You Everyone for all the love.Hug

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Character Sketch

Raj Khanna
- Married to Pooja Sahani and settled in Manchester. Childhood friend of Geet and Pooja.

Pooja Sahani
- Best friend of Geet Handa and married to Raj. She had fallen in love with Raj when he had visited them in London. But knowing that Geet had been in love with Raj, she had backed out but later, Geet had united her with her love.

Geet Handa
- The ever vivacious, happy and fun loving Geet gives up her love for Raj when she gets to know that her best friend Pooja and Raj are in love. Lost her father and stays with Pooja's family who love her just as their own.

Mr. And Mrs Khanna
- Raj's Parents.

Mr. And Mrs Sahani
- Pooja's Parents.

Maan Singh Khurana
- Settled in New York with his Dadima, siblings and parents. His character will evolve as the story progresses.

Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Can You Forget Your First Love? Isn't it like Asking to Reverse Time? To Catch Drops of Rain! To Go Back to Being Someone Like You were Once?

And Can You Find The Lost Love Back? To Find Someone Who Can Mend That Little Heart of Yours! Can You Love Him The Way You had Loved Once?



Maan Khurana

Khurana Empires

New York


Can I try and reverse time? Can I catch drops of rains on my palms? Can I go back to being someone I was once? You had asked me and perhaps now I know my answer. NO! I cannot turn back time or catch rain in my hands or change myself. I have come a long way from there; walked miles ahead and there is no turning back. And all I have for you is my apology.

I know a simple apology will not even lessen your pain even remotely close to a hairline but now, all I have is this. I am perhaps the most selfish person on earth to have done such a terrible thing to you and I deserve every bit of your wrath. But I want you to know Maan that I never intended to hurt you. I never intended to give you false hopes. I never intended to leave like this, hiding. I am a coward; I know but I don't have courage to keep fighting this stupid heart. You are a wonderful person Maan and I am such a fool to have hurt you so much. But that was all I could have done. I know you have questions but perhaps, I am not ready to answer them right now.

You had asked me, if I could ever fall in Love with you. But tell me, how do I make this heart understand? How can I fall in Love with Someone Like You?

Save Your Love for someone who deserves it. Not me.

Please Forgive Me.

I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you.

Thank You and Good Bye.


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Thank You Everyone for all the love and support.
Special Thanks to all my lovely *gang* members hinal, aakriti, poo chan, prachi and padma di for the craziness!Hug

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26.He Accepted Her Presence...

Yashoda ma held a babbling baby Kanha in her arms and waited for Nanda Baba to arrive. The news had been ecstatic and little Kanha seemed to be happy about it too. Yashoda ma looked at the beautiful happy baby and smiled, "you understand the news too, Kanha, don't you?"

Kanha's smile widened like a beautiful lotus flower blooming. Like he knew... like he understood. His smile made his mother swoon in happiness. The birds sang louder and the cattle in the barn flocked in glee. And soon it was time for Nanda Baba and Yashoda ma to visit their friend Vrishabhanu and Kirtida and congratulate on the birth of their little daughter. Rumor had it that Vrishabhanu had found a divine baby floating on a lotus when he had gone for a bath at the Yamuna river. The lotus flower was golden in color and shined bright like a thousand suns. The little girl, wrapped in the whorls of the flower was so radiant, so beautiful that none had ever seen. And so, he had brought her home as a blessing of Lord Brahma.

"Your baby is beautiful Kirtida" Yashoda ma chimed, letting little Kanha on the floor. He gurgled and crawled looking for the thing his heart desired the most.
Kirtida's face fell but the happiness of having a baby still remained.

"She hasn't responded to light or sound Yashoda... I am afraid my Radhika isn't like normal babies..."

Kanha crawled his way towards the cot of the baby that glittered in beautiful gemstones. Arriving at the cot in which Radhika was lying, Kanha held on to the sides and managed to lift himself up, He then peered into the cot where His gaze fell upon the beautiful moon-like face of baby Radhika.

As soon as baby Radhika smelt the exotic fragrance of Kanha's transcendental body, she immediately opened Her eyes for the very first time, and looked directly at Kanha, who was the first person that She had ever seen.

Kanha gazed lovingly at baby Radhika, He began smiling ecstatically. Radhika then suddenly began to cry and for the very first time she made a sound.

Vrishabhanu and Kirtida, along with all the assembled Vrajavasis, were overjoyed to find out that their beloved daughter Radhika, was not blind nor dumb after all.

That was His first meeting with his muse.

That was Her first brush with Love...

She heard the click of the door and immediately closed the book. She never realized how long it had been that she had been reading it. she had opened some random page and lost herself in the childhood stories of her Kanha. She looked up and found him staring at her, surprised perhaps. Their eyes met and he averted, quick and easy and walked to his study table, ignoring her.

He seemed stressed... disturbed... like how she had seen him in the morning at the hospital. She watched him, trying to take his files, read them, work on charts but he couldn't concentrate. His agitation was visible to her...his erratic breaths told his frustration... she saw it all...heard it all. never had she seen him so unsettled about anything and that disturbed her.

She jumped in her seat when he threw away the files on the floor in frustration and ran his fingers through his hairs. A few minutes passed in silence and then a new realization dawned upon her. her eyelids dropped with the realization and then she walked towards him, keeping the book down.

He watched her approach him from the corner of his eyes and saw her sit on the floor on her haunches, collecting those files and papers.

" don't have to do that..."

"How is dadima?" she ignored him and kept collecting the papers.

He let out a defeated sigh and watched her collect the files and put them in order.

She stood up and placed them neatly on the table.

"Maan...I am asking something. How is dadima?" she turned to him with a soft smile.

He looked so lost...

He shook his head and looked away, "yeah... she is better but doctor said she needs complete bed rest. Another stroke could be fatal."

Her smile vanished hearing that but she didn't show it on her face. he was her crumbling fortress and she didn't want to see him breaking down. And so, she held back...

She held his hand and dragged him towards the armchair she had been sitting on. She never knew when she had started taking her liberties with him and he followed, not knowing when he had started her giving those liberties.

She made him sit on the chair and plopped herself on the ottoman by his side. He didn't drive her away but he didn't speak to her either.

She sighed, "but she is okay now right? That's what matters! And I know you will
take care of her well Maan. Stop thinking so much."

She could hear his deep intake of breath in the otherwise silent room and then he spoke.

"I can never bear anything happening to her Geet.."

So Vulnerable...

"Nothing will happen to her.." she spoke firmly, "You know you won't let anything happen right?"

He nodded softly.

"Then believe that she will be fine."

He closed his eyes and threw his head back, against the back rest. Silence prevailed again and he heard her movements around...probably adjusting herself on the ottoman.

"Accha Maan..."

He heard her chirpy voice and opened his tired eyes.


"Are you still mad at me?"

He opened his eyes and looked at her, eyes gleaming in hope for some reason.

"What? Why would I be mad at you Geet?"

His voice felt so drained. She noticed his tired eyes looking at her in faint amusement.

"No...I meant about that story thing...the thirsty crow wali.." she spoke with caution.

His brows went up for a second and then he sighed, recalled her stupid story. He adjusted himself so that he faced her.

"You don't get my point. That is why I was angry."

"hmmm..." she thought for a while and looked up at him, "then tell me clearly. I will understand!"

"Will you, if I tell you frankly?" he asked her because he didn't think she would
do as she said. And so, he kept a straight face and questioned her to rattle her.

Geet picked up the book she had been holding, from the coffee table in front and straightened the pages that had curled over repeated use.

"Yes, because you have been nothing but very honest with me from the very beginning and that is how I know you."

Once done with her work, she kept the book away and looked up, her eyes locking straight into his. And that caught him off guard.

"I don't know a Maan who talks in a roundabout way. I don't know a garrulous Maan so I can never understand that Maan."

"I am a fan of truth Geet...even if it is painfully hard to accept. And it takes courage to be such a person. They are generally victims of dislike... don't you think? You hated me for that, in fact, you still do, to be honest..."

She smiled and shook her head, breaking their eye contact.

"ohh no I don't hate you Maan... but yes initially i did, a little bit. But its good in a way you know...being straight-forward..."

Faint memories swirled in her head and she continued, "...wish people around me were like you... told things on the face and not hide. Dealing with things would have been lot easier... no roundabout words... no fake smiles... no lies..."

He watched her trudging down into the memory lane. She looked sad. He went down the same road as her too. Recalling the times when he had met her for the first time, he knew there was something off about her...he had known it from the very beginning but now, when he has seen so much of her, she seemed so melancholy. He could pin-point it finally.

"Geet.. " he called her softly when he realized she was losing in the lanes.
She immediately turned to him, getting back to reality and gave a weak smile,


"I...erm.."  he had nothing to say. He just wanted to bring her back from her thoughts.

"ohh yeah..." she filled the silence with her happy voice, "so, what did you want me to know?"

He left a breath he was holding and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. The room has been very warm. The embers still crackled in the fireplace.

"I was saying that I have known you for quite a while now and I know you like learning things. You have an inquisitive brain Geet and that is why I want you to broaden your horizons. Open your eyes and see new things. Learn new things. Read new things. Listen to things you haven't heard before. There are a lot many things in the world to see and know. You keep asking me to tell you things and I am very happy to tell you too. But its a great deal different when you learn things of your own... don't you think?"

She nodded.

"Everyone knows about the thirsty crow but how many of them will know about the origin of this story or Aesop's fables for that matter. You see?"

She smiled and stretched herself, "You are quite an observer, aren't you?"

He leaned back on the chair, "And you are quite an enigma Geet.."

She felt stunned, hearing him say so. A few more moments passed in silence until she gathered herself.

"E...Enigma? How?"

He smiled at her, raising a brow, "Why do you question so much?"

She blinked her eyes and looked away, "May be because I know you are there to answer me...with utmost honesty."

She spoke softly but then it was his turn to remain stunned. Where are they getting to? What are they starting from here...from this point onwards?

His gaze fell on the book kept of the coffee table and he found an easy distraction. He picked it up and raised it to her, "what have you been reading there?"

She looked at the book and then at him, "Ohh that... I just found it on one of the shelves. I saw it once in your office too. Maan, tell me, are you inclined towards Kanha or any other deity or divinity?"

He flipped through the pages, running his fingers over its spine, "Yes and No."

She crossed her arms over her chest and stretched her legs, "what kind of an answer is that?"

"well... I am neither a devotee of any deity nor a follower of any particular Godhead but i do believe in a few things. Dadima, being a Krishna Devotee had taken to Isckon and she used to tell me stories about Krishna and lot more. Hence, I know."

"then what do you believe in?"


"I mean we as humans have a tendency to believe in a force higher than us to derive strength and everything... you know something like to be grateful for the existence of life or the way the universe works or people like me who find family in them. they believe in their teaching and miracles and that is why they follow certain gods. That is why they worship their idols in love and in respect."

He listened to her carefully. She knew things.

"I do not believe in idols and Gods Geet...get it correct. I don't do idolatry. But I do believe in the forces of nature. And honestly, there is no such thing called Miracles. We are weak Geet and that is exactly why we require a force higher than us to rely on... more honestly, to put blame on them about every wrong that happens which are not under our control."

"How pessimistic..."

"No. it may sound pessimistic but tell me, don't people take to god when they are in trouble or when they aren't in control of their lives? When things go wrong, people pray. There are very few people who think of Gods when they are happy. And that is why I said we need higher forces to put blame on. But definitely these are my own thoughts. Like Krishna says, just keep working. Things will fall into place. I believe that. If something goes wrong, that is because I must have done something incorrectly. Its my fault and not of any God or religion. You get my point?"

She nodded and just watched him crack his neck. He always had his own point of view and he wasn't wrong in his part. It was her who didn't have anything to say after this. Whatever he said fell so perfectly on the way. she differed in her views but both were correct.

He saw her still reeling in his words but he felt tired. The toll of the journey across the country and the stress of the day came back to him. She always did so... took his attention from his hands and focussed it on something entirely different.

"By the way Geet... what were those horrendous things in the name of chocolate truffles? Definitely you weren't grateful to me when you gifted me those!"

She gave him a sheepish smile, "well because you were being a monster!"

Things were always so easy around him...

His brows narrowed at her, "You named me Monster' didn't you?"

She laughed and stood up, "because you are one! Monster Khurana!"

She walked away, leaving him extremely mentally exhausted to even think of anything else other than just crashing on the bed.


"kanha.. why is he so different?"

She had been back home the very next morning and sat on the floor, holding her Kanha. His words rang in her head like siren. She kept dwelling on it the whole night.

"it has become so easy to become vulnerable... I feel as if I don't have to hide anymore or protect myself. He always has things that angers me and calms me down at the same time! What are you trying to tell me kanha?"

She remained dazed the entire day, thinking about him and never realized her phone vibrating with Raj's name flashing on it. her mind was too occupied with the recent developments that she felt too drained to call back when she saw the missed call.

And Just like that, Raj remained in the farthest corner of her head.


She walked into dadima's room and was surprised to find Kabir fixing an old gramophone. The days had been breezy. With their first year coming to a gradual end, she had been held up with her classes, projects and baking classes. Dadima had been weak and she had been on complete bed-rest.

"hey Kabir, what are you doing?" she asked, walking towards dadima's bed and placing fresh lilies in the vase.

"Ohh Hi Mi Bella... dadi darling was getting bored so we decided to put on her favourite songs and entertain her. Join us.." he extended his hand to her and she accepted cordially.

"So.. what are we doing?"

"Dancing!!" Ana screamed, entering the room holding a few records.

She put on the record on the base and turned it on. The music started and the baritone of Mohammad Rafi made dadima smile. And then the sweet vintage voice of Asha Bhosle followed, making Ana sway to the music, like the heroines of the 60's.

Ishaaro Ishaaro Mein Dil Lene Waale
Bataa Ye Hunar Tune Sikhaa Kahaa Se
Nigaaho Nigaaho Mein Jaadoo Chalaanaa
Meree Jaan Sikhaa Hain Tum Ne Jahaa Se

Kabir pulled her to him and she almost fell on him, losing her balance.

"Hahaha careful Geet.."

She giggled swaying to the music, "You know I was never a big fan of old songs. Pooja and Raj loved listening to these songs."

Kabir twirled her, "and now?"

"I think I am enjoying..." she laughed.

Mere Dil Ko Tum Bhaa Gaye, Meree Kyaa Thee Is Mein Khataa
Muze Jis Ne Tadapaa Diyaa, Yahee Thee Wo Jaalim Adaa
Yahee Thee Wo Jaalim Adaa
Ye Raanzaa Kee Baate, Ye Majanoo Ke Kisse
Alag To Naheen Hain Meree Daasataa Se
Ishaaro Ishaaro Mein Dil Lene Waale
Bataa Ye Hunar Tune Sikhaa Kahaa Se

He walked in, talking to someone over the phone and invariably her eyes fell on him. she danced along with Ana and kabir tried imitating the expressions of the hero but she saw the worry lines on his forehead. He was perhaps back from the office and he straightaway went to dadima. Pressing a kiss on her cheek, he held her hand and gave her a weak smile.

"How are you feeling dadima? And what are these monkeys doing? You need to rest!"

"Ohh I was getting bored Maan. Look at them dancing... they are entertaining me."

Her voice was weak but the twinkle in her eyes, he couldn't miss. And then he looked up, only to find her eyes, staring at him.

Wo Mohabbat Jo Karate Hain Wo, Mohabbat Jataate Nahee
Dhadakane Apanee Dil Kee Kabhee, Kisee Ko Sunaate Nahee
Kisee Ko Sunaate Nahee
Majaa Kyaa Rahaa Jab Ke Khud Kar Diyaa Ho
Mohabbat Kaa Ijahaar Apane Jubaan Se
Nigaaho Nigaaho Mein Jaadoo Chalaanaa
Meree Jaan Sikhaa Hain Tum Ne Jahaa Se

She felt his gaze on her and looked away, feeling intimidated. He was still in so much worry. And it reminded her of that night. That same realization returned, warming her heart. he had allowed her... that night to invade his personal space. Knowing him all these months, she had been very sure that he would kick her out of the study but he didn't. He accepted her presence in his personal space... that feeling of belongingness returned and she felt her cheeks heat up, not because of shyness but of gratitude.

Kabir fell on his knees and shook his head, trying to get into the feel of the music, making everyone laugh. She glanced up once more and gasped. he was still looking at her... with a look that almost made her blush...almost!

O Maanaa Ke Jaana-Ye-Jahaa Laakhon Mein Tum Yek Ho
Humaaree Kee Nigaahon Kee Bhee, Kuchh To Magar Daad Do
Kuchh To Magar Daad Do
Bahaaron Ko Bhee Naaj Jis Fool Par Thaa
Wahee Fool Hum Ne Chunaa Gulasitaa Se

He watched her dance with his siblings and just kept on wondering. How easily she had bonded with the duo... she was messy, she was confused, she had no real objective but then there was something about her that let him express himself. He had never done that before...

The voices of the singers brought him back to reality and he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

Ishaaro Ishaaro Mein Dil Lene Waale
Bataa Ye Hunar Tune Sikhaa Kahaa Se
Nigaaho Nigaaho Mein Jaadoo Chalaanaa
Meree Jaan Sikhaa Hain Tum Ne Jahaa Se
>>Long Update with a lot of conversation. Happy?

>>This writer is running away again.

>>Next: twistBig smile

>>Song in question is a beautiful rendition by Mohd Rafi and Asha bhosle



Chapter 27

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ch 26

Main first Dancing

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