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hey, Look who's back! *waves*
I Just couldn't sit with an empty mind.
 And this one lady, namely Ms Hinal (aka hinal_maaneet) had this concept seeded in my head.
And there was no stopping me. So, all credits to her.Hug

This story is the continuation of the movie
Mujhse Dosti Karoge, starring hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukharjee. If you have seen it, well and good. Those who haven't, do watch it whenever you have time.
You could read the plot here-
Click Me.

The character of Kareena Kapoor (Tina) is morphed as Geet Handa.

Hope You Enjoy.
A Light-Hearted Romance.
p.s updates will be once a week.
p.p.s for pms, pls send a buddy request to

Character Sketch

Raj Khanna
- Married to Pooja Sahani and settled in Manchester. Childhood friend of Geet and Pooja.

Pooja Sahani
- Best friend of Geet Handa and married to Raj. She had fallen in love with Raj when he had visited them in London. But knowing that Geet had been in love with Raj, she had backed out but later, Geet had united her with her love.

Geet Handa
- The ever vivacious, happy and fun loving Geet gives up her love for Raj when she gets to know that her best friend Pooja and Raj are in love. Lost her father and stays with Pooja's family who love her just as their own.

Mr. And Mrs Khanna
- Raj's Parents.

Mr. And Mrs Sahani
- Pooja's Parents.

Maan Singh Khurana
- Settled in New York with his Dadima, siblings and parents. His character will evolve as the story progresses.

Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Can You Forget Your First Love? Isn't it like Asking to Reverse Time? To Catch Drops of Rain! To Go Back to Being Someone Like You were Once?

And Can You Find The Lost Love Back? To Find Someone Who Can Mend That Little Heart of Yours! Can You Love Him The Way You had Loved Once?



Maan Khurana

Khurana Empires

New York


Can I try and reverse time? Can I catch drops of rains on my palms? Can I go back to being someone I was once? You had asked me and perhaps now I know my answer. NO! I cannot turn back time or catch rain in my hands or change myself. I have come a long way from there; walked miles ahead and there is no turning back. And all I have for you is my apology.

I know a simple apology will not even lessen your pain even remotely close to a hairline but now, all I have is this. I am perhaps the most selfish person on earth to have done such a terrible thing to you and I deserve every bit of your wrath. But I want you to know Maan that I never intended to hurt you. I never intended to give you false hopes. I never intended to leave like this, hiding. I am a coward; I know but I don't have courage to keep fighting this stupid heart. You are a wonderful person Maan and I am such a fool to have hurt you so much. But that was all I could have done. I know you have questions but perhaps, I am not ready to answer them right now.

You had asked me, if I could ever fall in Love with you. But tell me, how do I make this heart understand? How can I fall in Love with Someone Like You?

Save Your Love for someone who deserves it. Not me.

Please Forgive Me.

I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you.

Thank You and Good Bye.


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Me 1st Dancing

Congrats Baby!!! 1 more feather added to your writing cap and thanks for the credits CoolCoolCool
After all im ur Star ab itna toh karna padega na LOLTongue

Anyways im super excited to see how this story of ours turns up

So waiting for it!! 

Hinal Embarrassed
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Posted: 2016-09-28T12:07:01Z
i watched the movie so many times it was nice movie
i am so happy and excited to read as it was the continuation story
tina is geet good
waiting for more
loved it dear
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Posted: 2016-09-28T12:07:50Z
another story by you sweety
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Posted: 2016-09-28T12:08:33Z
Congrats on the SS! fab banner! lovely concept! terrific cs! terrific start! Geet left Maan! she leaves a note! update soon! ClapStarSmile
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Posted: 2016-09-28T12:08:54Z
interesting prologue
continuation of film
hooking me up
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Posted: 2016-09-28T12:11:56Z
Hi dear 
Lovely start 

Nice concept

I love that movie 

And yes i m in to read your creation 
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