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Thank you everyone for your response!
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Lots of love to all my dearies!
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Hello everyone!
I'm back with my story! This one is the closest to my heart!😳 

Wishing all of you a very happy Akshay Tritiya! May You all be blessed with lots of love, happiness and prosperity!

Scroll down for the prologue! 
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5th July, 2010


RAW Headquarters,

New Delhi

A young man, fair skinned, handsomely shaped face with a charming smile and well toned muscles, gathered everyone's attention. He had an impressing track record and was full of self-confidence, and continued walking briskly in the corridor. 

With a gentle knock on the door, he entered inside the cabin. The cabin belonged to a senior RAW officer, who sat the other end of table with a straight face. "Welcome to RAW, ACP Aryan Rawte!" He stood up to greet the man that had just entered.

"Jai Hind! Sir." Aryan saluted him and stood in attention.

"Jai Hind! Oh, you can relax young man. I'm Yashwant Singh, in-charge of your undercover operation. Take your seat." Yashwant said in an authoritative voice.

After both men took their seats, opposite to each other, Yashwant forwarded a file to Aryan. "In this file you will find all the necessary details about your mission. An undercover operation to end the Mafia rule in India."

"That sounds really interesting, sir. I'll do my best." Aryan said as he took the file.

"Tomorrow, you'll be leaving to Ghaziabad, with a new identity of Aahil Raza, a contract killer and an expert bomb maker."

"Tomorrow?" Aryan couldn't resist himself asking this question. 

"Any problem ACP Rawte?" Yashwant asked with a surprise.

"No. No problem sir." Aryan said quickly, but his mind recalled a conversation he had had previous evening, at Mumbai.


"Bhau, why are you giving me this gift now? Still two days are left for my birthday!" Chirped a young girl's voice looking at the gift he gave her.

"I know dear, but this is your eighteenth birthday and we've decided to make it very special, you'll be getting eighteen different surprises, which starts from now itself! This is the first one!" Aryan told her.

"That's exciting but you're going to Delhi tomorrow, then you won't be coming to my birthday party?" She asked like a small child who is upset as someone took her chocolate.

"Of course I will come my sweet little sister! I do know that if I don't come to the party then you won't cut the cake and make a fuss and create lots of drama, and to save everyone from your wrath, I promise that I'll come to your party and we all will celebrate it together!" Aryan promised her.

Pakka promise?" She asked showing him her crossed fingers.

Ek dum pakka wala promise!" Aryan assured her as he crossed his fingers and kissed them, locking the promise, like small children usually do. 


"There seems to be some problem ACP Rawte, care to tell me?" Yashwant asked again and brought Aryan back to present.

"A promise, which would be broken." Aryan said staring into nothing.

"Well, promises are meant to be broken, young man, don't worry much about a broken promise, read the file and if you have any questions you can come to me. This is a highly confidential undercover operation, be very careful and from now on, no contacts to anyone. Hand your cell phone to me. All the best." Yashwant stood up and shook hands with Aryan. 

"One more thing Aahil Raza!" Yashwant called Aryan, "Make a habit of being recognised with this name and forget that you are ACP Aryan Rawte. From now on you'll be called Aahil Raza."

"Yes, sir." Aryan saluted him. 

"Be careful, you are no longer a police officer, but an infamous criminal, a sharp shooter." Yashwant commanded while Aryan nodded and left.

And the next day, the Indian Police Service lost one of it's best officer while the underworld had a new perilous face.

March 2015,

SAC Headquarters,


Two young agents entered the cabin of the head of the Special Agents Cell, Chief Turnbull. In his late forties, Turnbull was a man full of energy, experience and authority. He is referred as Bull' because once he sets his goal, he will achieve it, no matter what. 

"Welcome back, my dear agents! Congratulations for yet another case-solved, successfully!" Chief Turnbull beamed with happiness. These two officers were one of the best undercover specialists and had a track record of hundred percent. 

"A successful case means yet another difficult case! Are you ready for it?" Turnbull asked his agents.

"I'm always ready, Bull!" The girl said with confidence.

"And this is the case you've been waiting to work on, since the first day, Mona!" Turnbull addressed the girl. "Yes, I'm talking about Alexander's. You can leave for India, tomorrow or the day after, whenever you like."

"The sooner, the better! I'll leave by tomorrow morning's first flight." Mona replied.

"That's good! And you my boy, will complete the paperwork and then join my girl to India after two weeks. I don't want any suspicions regarding you both working together there. Because you know, a blown up cover means nothing but death. I don't want to lose any of you!" Turnbull said with a father-like concern. "You both may leave now." Turnbull bade them goodbye.

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Nice start
But no ri in this.
Thanks for pm
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Loved it dear
Nice start
Lovely cs and apt selection 👏
Continue soon 😊
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Nice start
Pm me when u update...
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Awesome Start Chutki. 😊
Loved The Character Sketches. Very well selected and written. ⭐️

Aryan works for RAW, wow! 😉

Thanx For Pm.
Update Soon.
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lovely n dhasu start.
continue sooonish.
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Interesting start
Continue soon
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