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Chapter 1

He took a deep breath as he entered the apartment that belong to his ex-girlfriend. He was meeting her after a year, but it was needed. He needed to end things, for better. He needed to tell her that he won't be able to fulfill the promise he made to her year back. She greeted him a small smile, surprised seeing him there. They were seated in hall, she was waiting for him to disclose the reason of his sudden visit.

I'm pregnant!

Those word ringed in his ears, giving him much needed courage to speak and break the news to her. He closed his eyes for a moment before he opened them and look at her.

"I'm sorry, Nandini." He whispered brokenly, Nandini look at him, confused. She waited for him to continue.

"I can't fulfill the promise i made to you a year back." Rey continued, she felt her heart stopped beating for a moment, her palms were sweaty, she was fearing what she might hear.

"She is pregnant. I can't be selfish. I can't leave her alone in this state." Rey told her, he watched as tears filled in her eyes. His brows knitted in confusion when he saw a small smile tugging at her lips. He had expected her to shout at him, kick him, call him with names for betraying her, but here, she was smiling.

"I would have never been able to forgive myself if you had chose me over your child." Nandini smiled softly, though her heart was breaking inside, but she wasn't selfish. She love this man, and she knew at some point he did too, but now he is not hers. He belong to someone else and she has accepted this.

A year back, they had to end their 6 months old relationship due to his father, who forced to him to married his business partner's daughter for their own benefits, but he promised, once a year contact is over, he will divorce his wife and come back to her. She accepted this, but little did she knew it was not happening. He had been faithful to his wife, he never contacted Nandini, but nor he was able to give his heart to his wife. It was a contract marriage between them. Things were going as planned, but one night changed everything. His wife is pregnant with his child, and he is no coward to run away from his responsibility.

"I am sorry, Nandini." He apologized to her genuinely, he felt miserable for giving her hopes back then and now he himself is breaking them. He promised to protect her all his life, but now he himself was the reason of his misery.

"Don't be, Rey. A child needs both his parents in his life, I would have felt miserable if you had chose me, leaving a child fatherless. I am happy you will give your marriage a chance." Nandini spoke with honesty, She herself was the child who's father had left her mother and her for another woman, and she would never wish this for anyone. She didn't want to be the reason of an innocent child's misery.

"Hows taani?" Nandini asked his wife, there was no bitterness in her tone as he expected.

"She is against of my decision. She thinks I'm doing this out of guilt-" Rey mumbled, remembering the conversation he had with his wife.

I don't need you to sacrifice your happiness for me. I'm very well capable of taking care of my child. I know you fell guilty for that night, but you dont have to spoil your life for it. We will file for divorce then you can marry Nandini.

Those were the words of his wife before she stormed out of room then he came here, to talk to Nandini. He had already made his decision.

"Are you doing this out of guilt?" Nandini asked him softly.

"What? Off-course no. I genuinely wants to be in my child's life. Give him/her every happiness which my father never gave me. My father had always been busy with his business, he never had time for him. I wanted to be best father for my child, always there for her or him in every step of life." Rey replied honestly. He knew his marriage was anything but normal, but he can never punish an innocent soul. He wasn't selfish to make a child fatherless.

"What about your & Taani's relation?" Nandini questioned him further, she was happy hearing his earlier reply. And now, her heart wanted to make sure he will be happy without her. She wanted to assured herself before she leave his life for better.

"She is the perfect woman any man could wish for, she had understood me since start, after all she went through same. Her father forced her. I respect her alot, I care for her, And I'm sure, with time, I'll learn to love her as my wife too-" Rey mumbled, he look at the girl he love, he felt he was doing injustice to her by talking about his life with another girl.

She is not an another girl. Its your own wife, damn it!

His inner self corrected him.

"I know, Rey. I'm happy for you." Nandini's voice broke his trance. Her eyes held tears, she was losing him forever but she knew its for better, for the unborn baby and him. Her respect increased for him.

"Are you okay?" Rey asked her.

"I'll be, don't worry. You should leave now, taani must be waiting for you." She whispered brokenly. They both got up from their place. Rey waved at her with moist eyes before he walked out of her apartment, he walked out of her life, forever.


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Awsm nd interesting concept
plzzz continue it soon
nd thanxx for pm
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Interesting story
Very good start
Continue it soonEdited by princess_tara - 2016-03-28T10:19:18Z
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Mmm interesting
Loved it 
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superb concept
waiting for next update
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interesting concept
so rey nd taani had a contract marriage want to taani's side of story
update soon
thanku for pm
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intresting concept.
Eager to red forward..
Its soo strange feeling to knw,see Rey in lub wid other girl ( be it ny 1) ...
Thnkww for pm pooja..
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