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*Walls on podium*
*Grabs mike*
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Since many of you know me but still who don't, well *Smiles like Chandler Bing* I'm Niharika,I'm comedy queen & a forbidden themes lover. Meet my friend, Prateeksha(cutieprateeksha).
Here we present a FF based on a taboo story. If at any point, you feel like stone pelting on us pls don't humare abhi tak health insurance bhi nahi hai.Tongue
Special thanks to Koeli_Appy for writing a beautiful SS named"Beautiful Disaster" which hence gave me itch to work on this.
PS: Though both (our & Koey_Appy's ff deal with same storyline our plots are entirely different)
Long live Christian Grey!
enough of my insane babbles.

Sounds Of Silence

Chapter 1.


We run around in circles. Some run towards some run away from it. all can say from the experience of our lives that it isn't easy.life isn't easy & it's definitely not how you predict it to be. As we sit down with steaming cup of a coffee by the window on a rainy night, we unwillingly open the doors to our memories. Memories that make us or break us. Desperately wishing we'd a control over who we fall for, wishing that we haven't had listened to that four chamber thing. Well that was exactly what Ananya was thinking about. Ananya felt stupid in the stupid dress she'd wore. A Grey Angrakha, that graciously clutched to her figure. But the frills were God Damn f**king irritating. The makeup her father had spent money like running water was making her feel like cake. But what agitated the most was her attendance at this function.Who said only Women broke hearts? Men broke it too. Praying to heavens that she didn't embarrass herself, her eyes met with the last person she wanted to see.Kabir plastering a smile on his face held out his hand to Malvika as they approached the entry stairs. "Kabir for Love's sake do we need to do this?" Malvika whispered, accepting his hand as he tucked her palm on his elbow, "Do it please" Kabir said, as the thousands of camera flashed over them. "You can't deny it Kabir." Malvika spoke in near audible voice as they descended down the spiral stairs to the hall. His eyes landed on her. She stood there, wrapped in a elegant suit. Fiddling with the side of her pearl studded dupatta, a habit she often did when nervous. Careful enough not to stare at Ananya, Kabir again tried averting his gaze. Twist of tale, in the avid process of avoiding each other. Kabir 's black orbs caught Ananya' s honey orbs. Breathe hitched in throats, none of them was able to break the eye lock no matter how hard they were trying to. "Kabir " hearing his name being called, with a sharp pang of pain in his chest, Kabir turned away first. He was always the first one to turn back." Congrats on your engagement Kabir & Malvika. "Khalid tufted. Malvika on seeing no response from Kabir decided to take matters in her hand for she knew her soon to be fianc was going to be silent all while the function. Taking a last look of the man of honour tonight, Ananya couldn't help but watch her world falling apart as Kabir stood in centre, wearing a white & golden kurta pyjama smiling curtly at the every guest congratulating him. Having Malvika tucked along with him all this while. Deciding that she needed some fresh air from all the aristocratic people, she started walking the lobby even before her father noticed her. One ring on her finger, and she could have been his. One yes and she could have thrown worlds apart to be him. All she needed was a one yes but what she got was a cold silence, a silence that ripped her world apart. I'm sorry, I think Malvika left her.. "Ananya froze on hearing a deep baritone as the doors to room clicked open. Realising that he'd entered room number 394 instead of 395, Kabir tried retreating his steps back. But his feet just won't budge from the spot." Why are you crying " His tongue rolled words before his mind could filter." Nothing. I must get going, nice function by the way. "She said, desperately trying not to let him look across the wall she'd drawn around her vulnerable state. Not finding anything to come up for saying, Kabir silently looked at her. With a slow stride, Ananya closed the distance between them. Kabir was sure Ananya could hear the thumping of his heart as she kept a hand on his chest. "This" He managed to say with the laboured breath he took as Ananya joined their foreheads.Her eyes were asking him questions he himself didn't knew the answers to. he couldn't help himself as Ananya touched his nose with her nose."_I'M YOUR FATHER'S BEST FRIEND. "Throwing words at Ananya, Kabir bolted out of the door, leaving a tired Ananya crumble on floor crying and cursing herself for the feelings her heart just developed out of nowhere.</font>[/DIV]

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Chapter 2 :

Chapter 4- http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4586049&TPN=14&#p138001743 " 

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First off all
Prateeksha...Finally you are debuting as a writer with None other Than  my another awesome writer  Nihu darling ,,,I am pretty sure you guys will rock Thumbs Up
 so ...

to Both of you Clap
Just read the theme ..
Will comment after I get my life back ...now (fainted ) with my 

Zannat HeartHug
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Loved the concept
Please continue soon and pm me too please
Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome update... Smile continue soon...
Posted: 3 years ago
Waiting for this plot to unfold...too good. Pls pm me when u update this ff and your "falling slowly".
Posted: 3 years ago
Awesome start!!! Would like to know
More of who broke up first
Posted: 3 years ago
Wonderful concept plz continue we r waiting what hapnd nxt
Posted: 3 years ago
loved d concept
please continue soon
thanks for pm

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