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Posted: 6 years ago
Hug hey guys!
Nisha where are you??
Posted: 6 years ago
Rushed & Busy

The exhilarating sensation was cut short by an impatient Nihar ringing the door bell

He leaned on her forehead, and groaned, she gently eased his hand from under her blouse,
just as he went back again, she groaned a muffled marathi cuss word, and struggled to  "put everything where it belonged"
"Nihar hai bahar" she whispered on his lips

He kissed her lower lip hard

She quickly slid into Aadhya's room and shut the door to straighten her clothes

"Did Aadhya leave?" was Nihar's first question

He shook his head "Shes taking a nap" "shes only 5" he reminded

"I need my headset dad"  Nihar exclaimed

Neel helped him find it going through his rom and the family room

She was laying by Aadhya, her heart pounding like a sledge hammer, painful and quick
Her blood vessels swollen threatening to leak

He came in to her room and she sat up

Before he could say anything, they gazed at each other hungrily

Nihar returned with maneet

Maneet looked at her curiously

He had the young Sikh boy appearance, with the lil knot secure on top of his head

"Are u visiting?" he asked

Suvi nodded

"Are u going to stay?" he asked

She shook her head

"She is Aadhya?" he asked Nihar pointing to the cute girl sleeping on her side

"She plays that game" Nihar spoke witha  chuckle

The second Aadhya heard his voice she sat up and stared, disoriented

"Can we play her Dad? Gagan Uncle is  fixing something, its too noisy

Neel looked at Suvi with displeasure and nodded reluctantly

And SO Suvi rode the feeling until 6 PM and when they finally left, Neel refused to allow her to get an auto
He brought Maneet along, and they all went to drop her and Aadhya

Not a word about the making out was said in the car

Aadhya was delirious with joy sitting between two older kids and pretending to be older

She nodded a thanks and opened the back door
Aadhya slid out sulking

Neel waited for her to make eye contact

The second he did Suvi's heart pounding started all over again

When she walked up the stairs

She got a text
"when will u see me?"

"Monday ko office par?"
"Not the answer I was looking for" he said bluntly

Her Sunday was like eating chocolate cake, she smiled all morning long
Looked up her text boldly much to Tai's chagrin

Tai had apparently EATEN OUT
or eaten Take Out on Sat, there were empty bags stuffed in the balcony trash of the nearest restaurant

She recognized the bags, though Tai whined to Aadhya about having heart burn and nausea
She looked at the leftover pizza in the frig and claimed to have a "bad taste in her mouth" and slammed the frig shut

The pizza she brought home was eaten by Tai when Suvi was in the shower on Sunday... so much for nausea Suvi thought

She had eaten TWO whole tava pizzas in the time Suvi gave herself and Aadhya an oil bath

She did laundry, and folded clothes, made the beds, changed sheets

She was enthusiastic and energetic

Until the evening... when it dawned on her that Neel could be expecting a one night stand, like the Mumbai coworker

That SOB was so pleased with her, he had begged her to agree for a "threesome" at Malabar Hill

Suvi froze in her tracks... it all came back to her, making her sick to her stomach
Every instinct warning her that she was headed down a deadly path with no return
She realized he will not marry her

The word marriage gave her the heebie-jeebies, the rushed secretive way she tied the knot with Rutwik
The way she hid it from her parents. The hurry she was in to get laid
How he always seemed like he was on edge
How he made frequent trips "out of town"

The mangal sootra that Aai had bought with the black beads and the half spherical pendant turning out to be worthless
And Adhya ending up as an illegitimate child
She opened her Godrej and looked at the green glass bangles and the back beaded mangal sootra and shut it without a tear

Many times she had considered dropping it off at the hundi at mahalakshmi
And then changed her mind, thinking the Goddess shouldnt become part of her sordid saga
Her resolve to stay single came back and landed on her head like an elephant crushing her completely

He texted her Sunday night  "Busy?"
 at 10:30 but she was asleep by then after rearranging furniture and cooking up a storm, induced by her stress level

Monday she studiously avoided him

They were to meet with a company that was making "quick breakfasts"

There was samples all over the break room and reps from the company
Payal rotated like a socialite "helping out"

Suvi prayed Neel wouldnt show when she went to get coffee


"Kaafi busy lagti hain aap?" he said tersely

Payal heard that
Posted: 6 years ago
For once I'm the first to read this update 
Posted: 6 years ago
Eeek!!!!  Suvi----pls be careful!!!!  Neel--she isn't playing games-she has just been badly burnt (twice)!!!!  
Awesome update!!!  Thank you Nisha.  I am freaking out with excitement and nervousness as to what will happen next!!  LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Suvi  have been burned twice so her caution mode is on
as Neel doesn't know how she was taken for ride twice so he  doesn't get why suvi gets all hot and cold
They r effected by each other no doubt aboyt that but there r many unsaid things between them how they will overcome all this that  is up to our author 

Waiting for more updateS
Posted: 6 years ago
He is one persistent guy, won't leave just like that. And suvi doesn't look like shes about to bare her heart to him just yet, too ashamed that she is of her choice in men and what they brought along. Neel in the process I am sure will be super confused about what she wants. Interestingly after the first time, she showed up at his house and then the second time too she got herself invited, now suddenly withdrawing will most definitely give him strange ideas. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Her experiences are knife in the heart kinds. If her marriage breaking because of her ex hiding the fact that he was married that's knife in the heart... The scecond with that a****le is like sticking the knife in your heart and twisting it till every drop of blood leaves your body.
She must have felt the bottom drop out of her world then.
And the memories of the scars must hv felt like taking poison drop by drop.

And now after four more years ... To feel like this , to be overwhelmed by Neel , her resolve torn to shreds like a tornado sweeping you off your feet... She has got some scars running deep to handle and
Neel will have a tough time making his way through the scars.

Irony and Wry humor the illegality of the marriage doesn't hurt to read as much as the affair with that creep does ...

To hold herself and take care of her daughter after that blunder takes some doing...Edited by Errantnomad - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Nisha hope all well ?
This suvi made me cry early morning.
Will she talk to Neel about her insecurities ?
Will Neel understand on his own ?
Will Neel reassure her?
Ohh god, when will their love story begin.
Neel, please be patient. Make confess and face her demons. Deal with her insecurities and then she is all yours.

Bache to baad mein picture mein ayenge pehle yeh donno to ek dusre se deal kar le.

Dhanush Radha

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