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Posted: 5 years ago
Neel back off if you ain't serious about this relationship.
Nisha, can we read what goes in Neel's mind.
We know what suvi is going through. Want to know if just lust for Neel ?
I don't say it be love but is he considerate towards suvi's position.
Will he dump her on first ocassion?
Posted: 5 years ago

He enjoyed watching her expression pale in front of his eyes.
"Good morning Neel" she said appearing preoccupied

She felt a lot calmer today, though she had a headache from staying up from 4 AM ish this morning
Aadhya had lost one of her chunky silver anklets, and it was expensive and couldnt be found searching through the whole house and the stairs

She had had an altercation with Tai in the morning when she asked her "Did u see her anklet?"

"Did u leave it at the man's house? Much like everything else?' Tai asked brazenly

"Sorry I forgot U have no dignity or shame" Sui slammed her, causing more stress to herself

Neel steered her towards his room

Gomez followed "Bola rehta tu main ghar pe khaake nai aata, kya mast breakfast lagaya rey" he gushed

The sales rep were gleeful, hoping for a big cut in advtg costs

"Gomez, mujhe ek second denge?"

"Trademax, Tier Two cities toone aprove kiya? We were talking about a staggered plan na?" he insisted

"I didnt approve anything, Accounting must have read too much into my email" he said sarcastically

"Suvi toone story board kamaal ka banaya woh Paakh waala" he gushed

"Thanks... AV (audio visual waale)  ko pasand nahi aaya" she said
"Main bataoon?" Gomez insisted

"Gomez" Neel said sternly

Suvi looked out the windows unfazed

"did u try their masala oatmeal?" Payal cooed to Neel handing hima steaming bowl

"Thanks Payal, he literally pushed Suvi in and shut his door

Payal knocked to tell him, the "Instabreak" the breakfast food company were waiting to meet him

"Main aapko Paakh ka story board bhejti hai" she said politely

He didnt respond

Naved texted

"Elusive Mr Pandit" he said

"I am here man!" Neel texted back

"How goes it, Naved called him

"It goes... Monday morning, I have a touch job, I test products and take on endorsement deals" he laughed spooning some oatmeal into his mouth and abs enjoying the taste

"How is everything?" Naved asked

"Just the same"

"Amma isnt as quick on her feet as I thot" he teased

Neel cursed him colorfully

"I was hoping she would have set up an array of samples" Naved teased

"Huh" he chuckled

"Dont get bogged down by the weight of ur principles man!!" Naved ordered

"I am not" Neel was irritated

"So? Will u ping me when u score?" Naved extracted a promise

Neel nodded

"Umm... yeah" he said

Monday, went by, Tuesday and Wed

Nihar texted her Wed evening to ask if she was going to apply to an art school in NOIDA
He wanted Suvi to moon light as an art teacher

She had laughed it off on Saturday at tava pizza lunch

"Do job mushkil hai" she typed and then quickly wrote in English "I already have a job shakkar"

"Shakkar is sugar?" Nihar asked

"Yes" she smiled

He didnt write after that

Thursday, When she wrapped her meeting and picked up her MacBook shutting down her Pixologic SW

"Aapne mere sawaal ka jawab nahi diya" he said bluntly

"Sunday thoda mera busy tha" she said quietly

"Itna ki, aap hamey do words text karke keh nahi sakeen?" he asked

"Neel" she interrupted

"I was polite and respectful, I SUGGESTED we start seeing each other" he whispered

"Please is baat ko khatam karte hai apan" she whispered
hot and bothered

"Thats it?" "khatam?"

"Aaage kya hai is baat ka result?" she asked furious

He stumbled, unable to meet her gaze

"Shaadi karna chahte hain aap?" she asked

He was astounded

A guilty flush covered his face

"NAHI TO" he denied bluntly

"Oh! HOW can I marry you? I LOVE Nupur" look on his face, "How dare you urge me to betray Nupur" look

"I cant get married" he said his tone incredulous

She wasnt disappointed or devastated, it just confirmed her suspicion he was looking for a one night stand

"I lost my wife last year" he accused

"Main jaanti hoon, you told me Neel" she said pausing by the door

"I never said I will marry you" he raised his voice... furious

She nodded

"There is nothing left to say"

"Aap to bilqul jhoot nahi bolti na?" he said angrily

"What do u want me to say' she asked in a tone that was way more normal than the turmoil she felt inside

"Say there is nothing between us" he challenged

She lowered her gaze, blushing, unable to look up at him

"I never said that"

"WHAT is your problem then?" he asked baffled
he chased her to the door

And locked the bolt

"I have a daughter" she said in a quivering voice

"I HAVE A TEN YEAR OLD" he hissed frustrated

She looked absolutely ravishing today he thought, in a purple saree with a sleeveless blouse,
his palm ached to feel the curve under the blouse, the lower lip fuller, more pronounced
 in the purple saree background

"If u wont deny there is a fire between us, we just have to be in the same room (his voice filled with sheer agony)
together to feel it, you are willing to kiss me but you wont follow through?" he demanded silkily pinning her on the door

Saying yes to him would be like betraying herself, how could she do that?
Men had walked all over her heart not once but twice, and here he was the third guy to ask the same thing of her

"Do u want marriage?" he asked shocked

She shook her head

"To phir?" he asked angrily

"Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye" she said


"Mujhe pata nahi kya khabar dee aapko Gomez ne, but I dont sleep around" she said unemotionaly

He looked absolutely livid

Posted: 5 years ago
I am floored.
Neel is upfront
Dealing head on.
I loved this update.
Posted: 5 years ago
Ohhh...Advantage SuviLOL
I am really glad she just kind of took the bull by the horns.  She avoided the conversation as much as possible but then rammed straight!!!!  Too awesome Nisha.  Clap

She took Neel totally by surprise!!!  How is he going to respond?Day Dreaming
Posted: 5 years ago
I like this Suvi .. Honest and forthright. A woman who has normal needs but will not hold off her expectations and why should she? That's is the only way you can take on the Gomez's of the world real or imaginary.
Straight talking Neel.. Embarrassed. But the guy has no clue about The road Suvi has travelled. Interesting Big smile
Posted: 5 years ago
This is it for me!
She is such a bold woman. She faced her demons well and am sure she can live through this a lifetime or more. 
Men will be MEN

I would want Suvi to be like this and react tgis way only. 
I dont want her to be taken for a ride. 
Posted: 5 years ago
Reality check well served for both of them.

Experience helps navigate future relationships in a better way. Today suvi has got to know herself more than she did of herself earlier .
That learning though under unfortunate circumstances today has helped her in spotting the red flag in this relationship early on and she decided to pause here before they went spiraling down.

Neel today is confused, looking for gratification, no way ready for a committed relationship, his torture compounded by pressure exerted by friends and family.

But then suvi stumping him is a reality check, though livid now,when he pauses , hope he will realise the mess it can create not only for themselves but for their very young kids too.

Nihar , that kid feels the loss of his mother at just listening to an endearment like sugar...
Posted: 5 years ago
LOL livid pandit ji
Have seen angry pandit ji b4 not livid
Let's see what happens now

See that's the problem mostly men think of only one thing but 
does not think it through like what's next after "the deed"

So dear neel u think it's ok to sleep with some one but to marry that person is unthinkable,  great start especially wen u know that she suffered a heartbreak because the men she married was a already married Pig 
But your mind is going on one track to have her for pleasure as long as ur can but have not thought beyond that,  how nice and kind of u.
You go girl Suvi loved it again today they way u talked and stood tall infront of Neel but really need to throw that ungrateful   old witch out of ur home.she is useless for u so why let her throw u under the bus all the time.its time to do some spring cleaning in ur home.

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