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Posted: 5 years ago

Software Symphony Readers:

(This is a creative leap of CRAZY GARGANTUAN proportions)
This story idea struck me when I was taking a walk outside my 8 year old's soccer game

She had short curly hair tied with a careless silk scarf, she wore a pearl shirt and work pants in navy with almost invisible pink checks
She dragged a cherubic 5 year old, DRAGGED her, Barakhamba Rd was muggy and crowded this June morning
She stood in the median with the child, and stepped down in front of his car just when the light was going to turn green
The kid almost fell on the pavement

She scowled and she stood the girl up... the girl was preoccupied with a shiny purse with tassles, pulling stuff out and putting it back in

She got back on the median without breaking her 3 inch pointy heel

The light had turned red by then

His driver slapped the steering causing a honk

She glared at his driver and stood with hands on her hips, insolently staring at the dark window glass
People pushed and shoved trying to get to the other side
She began walking, no teetering on the median

With the child in tow
She paused and yelled at her, and dragged her forcefully

His driver crawled, forward and they again found themselves inches from each other
She stepped down, and placed her daughter, his driver inched, warning her "Dont even think abt it"

She banged the hood  "Bachiii hai mere paas" she shrieked

The driver rolled his window down, no accidentally he rolled his boss's down

He heard her yell

"What the hell is he doing?" "Cant u see? "He is trying to kill my daughter"

He was taken aback... she was gorgeous, clear skin, sparkling but tiny eyes, a shapely button nose... tiny unruly curls framed her face

She was as tall as his car

Well he was only 5'10"

He ogled, notcing a lacy bra underneath, her daughter went on her toes and peeked into the car

And found his 10 year old son's  NASA space Shuttle Explorer,  his phone rang, when his driver decided he didnt want his boss roasted

He turned and yelled "Har jagah gormint ne sadak paar karne ki jagah banayi hai, beech mein koodogey kya?" he yelled

"Kisi ki bachi par gaadi chala dogey?"

"He is sorry" he barked going on the phone

"I dont know, I am supposed to meet the team at 10" he said and cracked an inappropriate joke, leaning over to hit the power window

She walked  angrily, crossing over in front of his car

It was 10:18, she finally found an elevator that was working Gopal Das Bhavan...

"U can sit under the table, on the sofa, sleep, DO NOT COME OUT OF MY ROOM" she warned

"Without further ado, let me introduce  Neel Pandit from Mumbai, Mckinsey & Morrison's new Delhi Chief...
NEW DELHI CHIEF... bwahahahahaha... bwahahah"Gomez cracked himself up seriously
The 100 or so employees, sighed glared and yawned... a few scoffed one guy laughed out loud

"Neel is a COO, CIO, Any C that chases creativity" "C chasing creativity" "See what I did there?" he chuckled and guffawed

"ABEY YAAR!" a man moaned

Gomez stopped... handing a non functioning mike to a sound guy

Men toggled a sound system, clicking buttons on a laptop
The sound came on again...
She made her way to the cafeteria, the mike was already on, too loud, Mr Gomez cracked one of his sick jokes
Neel stood on the side, he wandered around to the top of the stage

32? 34? In glasses, a salt & peppery side burn... his lower lip was full she noticed, like a strawberry... perfect teeth

Broad shouldered, and hairy...

"Is everyone here?" he said in a deep resonating, echoing voice

Gomez placed a hand on the man's mike, Neel looked at him annoyed
He turned around though... and started talking with the other team heads, animatedly talking about a cricket match from last night, he talked a mile a minute
Flashing his perfect teeth, as if Aquafresh was doing a photo shoot in Studio 11 (that was
the studio reserved for toothpaste commercials, it got the most sunshine :P)

"Prayag... where is Suv" Gomez yelled

She made her way through the crowd.. jostling...

Her daughter was already upfront

"Aaeee?" her cherub had a scared look on her face, as she fidgeted with her purse

Gomez being Goan, knew Marathi

"aaaee kuthai?" he asked... a lil pissed

The little girl shrugged

Neel paused and turned towards the lil girl

"I think I just saw her" he pointed to the lil girl

"Mil chuka tu Suv se?" he asked

"No... I ran into a woman... a woman ran into my car, and this girl was with her

"Do u have the plane?" the lil girl asked him

He laughed, flashing his teeth again

Suvechha Dhabolkar sprinted to grab the wrist of the young 5 year old  "Aaadhya" she hissed

"Aeee" the girl began to cry

"Tu phir laayi isko?" Gomez was unhappy

"She has no school Gomez" Suv responded, frustrated

"Shhh... baad mein... Prayag" he yelled

The "Abey yaaar" walked upfront and bend down "Let me show u the Cadbury room" he chuckled
Aadhya cried... afraid 

 Suv hissed in her daughter's ear a lil too loudly perhaps
Mala ya murkha baithaka mi nama rahila purna karudya
Neel responded
Karyalata ura mulala anane murkha ahe
 (Bringing ur child to work is the definition of stupid) he said ALL SMILE, though not a bit amused
She was startled, but quickly composed herself and bit her lower lip, yep, they said he was from Mumbai...

"Neel, meet the Creative Director... Suvechha Dhabolkar" he said

Neel reached and held Suvechha's hand...  "Neel Pandit" he said

"From Ogilvy & Mather?" she asked flatly

" Apana apalya gruhapatha kele ahete ase"(U seem to have done your home work) he said, not rewarding her research
"Dara mahinyala eka navina boss"
 (A new boss every month) she responded bitterly, pulling her hand away.

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Posted: 5 years ago

This is crazy! LOL
I thought you knowing Tamil and Hindi and bits & pieces of French was great.
Now I see that you seem to be familiar with Marathi as well (I'm clueless for the most part with this language). 

Loved the first peek I've gotten. Original characters? And single parents too, by the looks of it... A great, promising start!

Looking forward to reading more! (and, loads of fireworksWink)
(Pls don't forget any translations from Marathi) Tongue


P.S.: This doesn't mean any #SoSyFanGirls will stop haranguing you for updates on SoSy.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Hey, Nisha waiting for more.
Will this neel be same as r&b?
You let me know any help required for translation in Marathi.
Will be more than happy to help. Coz google translator has actually screwed up.

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Posted: 5 years ago

I secretly fantasize I am a Marathi mulgi
I AM SO MUCH IN LOU with Marathi
I mean... I am so jealous of anyone that speaks the language

I am obsessed with it

I Can only understand a sliver of it
I can speak a sliver, but JUST LOU ITTT

Yes single parents, with a TUST (gaon waala way of saying twist)
Simple middle class love story like Doordarshan of the times I grew up in

Posted: 5 years ago

I am mad... this story idea popped in my mind two hours ago, I had ONE line in mind
A scared lil girl crying out "Aaee kuthai" in a large conference room

I spun all around it

Khaali dimag,... Indradhanush
Posted: 5 years ago
Marathi indeed is sweet language.
Being born and bought up mumbai and suburbs have got a hang of it.
Supreb. Khali demaag ki aissi upaj hamare dimaag ko aur ek imaginary hero milega.
Posted: 5 years ago
Really interesting nisha the single parent concept is pretty cool but we want our daily dose of sosy aswell 
Posted: 5 years ago
i have always had a fascination about Mumbai and the language and the marine drive and fashion street and everything else, pao bhaaji not vada pao though but when I visited it was raining like cats and dogs and the roads were a mess clogged with black water all over the roads from the drains and I was disappointed,for that was not sth I dreamt for yet I couldn't let go of the fascination even till today Wink The first time I was travelling I was interviewing the taxi driver about their customs and it came out he was not Marathi so he was not aware but he took me to juhu chaupati and worli ceiling and south Mumbai Embarrassed and I loved all of it.

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