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Posted: 5 years ago
Aadhya is tooo cuteee
Nihar is a suljha hua Nandu!

Posted: 5 years ago
Agla kab hai Author Sahiba ??
Posted: 5 years ago
The innocence of Aadhya and Nihaar tug at my heart.
Aadhya just wanting to go to suvi's office on a Monday tells you something about Tai.
Aadhya's disappointment and Nihaar's maternal longing ...
Why do children also hv to suffer?

Suvi struggling to even see the genetic similarities of Rutwik in Aadhya ... How difficult it must be for her...

The scene on the road where suvi hits her toe, the resultant pain shooting straight to the centre of her head,her scampering to get the auto, the traffic, the children's hands held by Neel, the imagery tugs at your heart.

But this masaledhar Mirchi is one tough cookie . There's so much inherent inner strength in suvechha Dhabolkar.
Posted: 5 years ago
Reminded of Suvi and Aadhya

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Posted: 5 years ago


Children are the worst sufferers of parental discord or loss

They crave and long for attention the parent struggles to compensate

Affection that should naturally be bestowed when grudgingly dispensed

Does more damage than help the child is quick to sense

Moody lonely children get bullied and teased

Whispers and hushed conversations about their state  

The clicking tongues and arched eyebrows add to their already heavy bag of woes

Innocent and adorable their eyes mirror the pain they carry a stigma and much more

Afraid of lonely houses vacant homes that echo their pain

Insipid meals and gadgets their lot most often

Bereft of company their world of silence often resonates in their thoughts and words as well.

Stoic silent adorable heart stealers Aadhya and Nihaar and all they represent.

Posted: 5 years ago
Nihar already reminds of a young R&B in the making. Sorry, Nisha. But that Dude is all over my imaginationLOL
Aadhya reminds me of so many little girls I know. The curiosity and innocence goes straight to my heart. 
ASMA must be in heaven after reading the lead hero's name.LOL
Suvi's character has already been sketched to an extent. Waiting to know Neel better. Embarrassed
Posted: 5 years ago
nisha di! wow interesting!!!!!
Posted: 5 years ago
I hav been to many school this year for my younger one's admission in nursery class
And tell u it's the most difficult achievement...
So waiting for the interview call, going for the same, making child prepare, seeing loads of people there waiting like u is quite hectic!
So I know the drill... Confused

Simple yet beautiful Nisha!!

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