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Posted: 5 years ago
Waiting to see how they discover the attraction towards each other.
Will kids be factor for them to bond ?
Day Dreaming
Posted: 5 years ago
"Mirchi ani Manush"

Her Saturday went in a whirlwind of activities, took Aadhya for a hair cut, she always wanted a "pwincess" haircut
She got one at the parlor in the DDA market two blocks from home
She didnt make any breakfast, Tai pretended to be asleep as Suvi showered and dressed for the Sat chores

When she turned down the AC, Tai woke and asked her to turn it back on

"So u are awake?" Suvi asked

Tai didnt respond, Suvi bathed Aadhya helped her wear jeans and a sparkly princess tee with a big heart on the center, and snowwhite

She didnt know if she should curse her Aai or thank her, for saddling Tai on her head

The Vanasathali interview was at 4 PM, it was 10:15, she wanted to have idli sambar for breakfast, she knew there were small restaurants that served idlis in Mayur Vihar
She wasnt sure about the Housing Society area she lived in

She waved a rickshaw down, and asked him to take them to a idli place

The guy asked her "Phase I" ya "Phase II?"

She carelessly said Phase I

He took her to a nice looking place, she didnt speak "Delhi Hindi" her Hindi was Mumbaiya, Marathi was her most fluent language

She wore a paithani orange kurta and a pearl chudidar, her short curly hair formed a soccer ball like bunch, tiny curls franed her face
Her face was flawless, she didnt have sharp features, she wasnt very tall, but had a long neck and a curvaceous body

Rutwik would sing an ode to her body each night

He was wiry and thin, with his nerves protruding on his forearm and calf... but he had as much "stamina" as her

MORE!!! She discovered later, when he went "home" to get his "variety" from wife number 1

Aaai" Aadhya groaned unable to eat the sambar

She asked fror sugar, as she downed her second bowl of sambar, getting sweet revenge from Tai

The roasted red peppers, causing her eyes to fill up, but she still squeezed the marroon pasty fire from the tiny pocekt of the half pepper and sucked on it and lay it on the side reverentially
She did the same with curry leaves

Aai made fish or chicken extra spicy for Suvi... Aai fondly addressed her as "masaaledaar mirchi"

Varsha deserved that title though, she was sassy and rude and talkative

Suvi didnt chatter like Varsha... but got the title from Aai anyway

She smiled, asking for another order of vada...

She asked for ketchup for Aadhya, mother and daughter ate for a good 45 minutes
Listening to Marathi top 20 on Suvi's phone, Prem Rutu from Mr &
Mrs Sadachari, it was her MOSTEST favoritest song, she was a bad singer, but she had sung this one so many times she was actually quite good at it

The waiters and help wandered cleaning tables and asking for third servings of food, they chatted in Tamil loudly, Tamil songs played on the radio

"Aai jasmine flower laaye?" she asked her daughter in Hindi staring at the 4 feet tall Balaji picture on the wall with a giant mogra garland
Aadhya smiled cutely.

They left the restaurant at Noon, the Apeejay NOIDA interview was at 1
She didnt know where the school was, she waved down an auto

And stared out still humming her Prem Rutu song

Aadhya gazed in wonderment at teh Metro whizzing overhead, she peeked out of the auto to stare

"Aai MAYTRO" she said excited

Suvi dragge dher close and kissed her

Occasionally, she caught a glimpse of Rutwik in a smile or a sigh or a frown, she quickly kissed the girl with her eyes closed, lest the complete image of him formed in her mind's eye

It was 1:04 when he dropped her off, she stumbled out of the auto in panic

Almost falling, carrying Adhya, and begging the guard to open the mini human door on the large steel gates a lil wider so she could get through

She was sweaty and grimy, when she reached the front office, 100s of parents waited

Many turned to stare at her "ALL ALONE? WHERE IS THE HUSBAND?" look on their faces

Suvi had received that look a million times in the last 5 years she didnt care

She fished her laptop bag for the various "letters" she had collected from anybody and everybody that would matter

Her number was called once already she was told

She was devastated

She asked the stern looking girl behind a large plush desk "Please I was outside, I am only 6 minutes late" she begged

The girl looked aloof and uncaring

A man walked by  "We will call u when that family is done" he pointed to a room with glass doors, affluent parents sat there with two kids

Suvi walked back to the waiting area and tried to find an empty chair

"Aapalya karyalayata eka manush" Aadhya pointed

And in the last row, Neel Pandit sat with 10 year old Nihar

He wore blue jeans and a white shirt, looked very different from the "boss"

He was checking his texts

Upon hearing Marathi he looked up, and their eyes met...Embarrassed

Posted: 5 years ago
Ashu as per my promise made to you

Since its a weekend its Indradhanush time
Posted: 5 years ago
It's a beautiful story Nisha
Posted: 5 years ago
Iddli  sambar blend of languages and masala pep up the update...Weekend feast
Posted: 5 years ago
There's so much to remind of Sosy and yet not, the idli sambar, Tamil, metro(maytro LOL ) Delhi ofcourse, but then there's is that reminder that she is a non singer and Marathi and lots more. Adhya is so cute with that pwincess cut and dresses Tongue

I wish to have a baby girl just to dress her up and fancy her up, I have always had that wish but Sosy and your writing shoots up those desires WinkEdited by Kjolovesbabies - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Yeah, so eyes have met. Aab aage?
Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, aapne kiss duvidha mein daal diya.
Pehle sirf Ii ko lekke becheni reh ti thi.
Aab Suvi bhi aa gayi.

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