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Posted: 6 years ago
Sorry people for being MIA, my teenager returned last night from his trip to DC after attending a Science Comptt... they didnt win... but made it to the Top 16
Everytime I obsess over  destination/results/outcomes like Desis I tell myself I must relax and learn to enjoy the "journey".

It doesnt come easy

Doc S You should just ignore people
Saying something sarcastic takes too much energy
Maybe he was trying to befriend you and have a conversation? You know he could be one of those lonely abandoned souls that wander the streets of Bangalore? Kids live overseas and dont care? maybe?, man tries to strike up convo at Food World with random people to get over loneliness?

What we see is NOT what it usually is.

Kalpana TN govt subsidizes PDS rice, the govt picks up the 80% of the cost. They buy from growers at Rs. 10? Rs.20 per kg and distribute through PDS at Rs.2 or Rs 4 per kg

The Rs. 62 Doc S is talking about is almost ALL markup of the retailer. the grower gets Rs.10 per kg
Thats why Indian farmers are so impoverished, especially the ones that grow on other people's lands

Posted: 6 years ago
True that Nisha... But he had come with his son. All the old uncles that come there are my friends. I make it a point to talk to them .but this guy was plain annoying n I chose to ignore.
Tell me about the winning part. But yeah have gotten used to being sporty now... 
Posted: 6 years ago
Arey jaldi connect karo na inn sabko
Itn along distance is too much for me to handle baba
Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you ladies. ..

Nisha ... Their whole situation is sooo sad. Each is right at his own place. Plz nisha ji do some jaaadooo... Get them to meet atleast 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Arey jaldi connect karo na inn sabko
Itn along distance is too much for me to handle baba

I concur.

Posted: 6 years ago
Suvecha, kya karen aapka.
Neel fihaal aapke galle mein haddi hai jo na khate baan rahi hai na niglte.

Amma kuch karen aap.
Posted: 6 years ago

She was the reason we were family

She is the reason we are shattered souls

She strengthened the reason we bonded


So well put.

Posted: 6 years ago
Mujhe Umeed thi Suvi galti se ghar aa jaye Neel se milne.
Aab to chance he nahi hai.

Dhanush Radha

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