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Posted: 5 years ago
Now it's your turn suvecha. Pin him and kiss him.Edited by PriteeMisra - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
"Aap yoon... faaslon se"Embarrassed

He let go of her hand and she turned to unlock the door, walking in like a zombie

Tai sat up startled, on the couch, watching Neel carry Aadhya

"What happened to her?" she asked Suvi Suvi was on the verge of tears she couldnt care less Tai was worried

She led him to the bedroom

Tai slept on the bed during the day, there was stuff all over... even Marathi papers she had managed to snag from the paperwala in this side of Delhi
Suvi cleared the bed, and quickly brought new sheets out

He placed her down gently, Aadhya held his collar with a fat fist

He gently extricated his collar

"Thanks" Suvi said by the door
Hitting the zero watt bulb and the fan

He turned towards her
She stepped back not wanting to be close to him

He paused in front of her, and they stared at each other

His eyes roving down the V of her blouse, and the floral skirt, the lil glimpse of midriff in between

"Doc ko dikhayengi?" he asked

She nodded

"Hum ruken?" he asked

She shook her head

"Doctor kidhar hai?" he asked

She fished in her laptop baG and pulled out her phone

She scrolled and found the entry and called

"Meri daughter sick hai" she spoke in khichri Hindi

"Mai abhi laayegi usko" she spoke

He stood staring at her

"Umm... theek... barobar" she nodded

And hung up

"Chaliye" he said

"Nihar?" she asked

"Preet ke ghar hain woh... aajkal after school unka 4 baje khatam hai unko Gurpreet driver bhejkar apne yaha le aatin hain" he explained

"Kitna bore ho jaata hoyega?" she asked worried

"Aur Aadhya?" he asked

She lowered her gaze

"Yaha society mein friends hain aapke?" he asked softly

She looked up at his eyes and didnt respond

He knew... she didnt tell him Tai's best friends thought she was a wh**e

"Chai banayegi main?" she asked

He nodded

She made chai he drank in the balcony, not sure what to say to Tai

She sat Aadhya up and changed her amidst shrieks and moans, and coughs

Her face lit up when she saw Neel in the bedroom doorway

"Nihar kidad hai?" she asked

"Ghar par hain woh" he said smiling

He held her again, as they went down the stairs he dropped her at the Doc's clinic

"Thanks" she mumbled

The waiting room was crowded her appointment was at 8:30

"I will call you when I get home" he said as she stood holding the lil girl

They looked at each other for a while

"Kal shaayad" she began

"Thats fine" he said nodding

Mere ko woh story board approval" she  said

"How could I forget that? Suvechha?" he said firmly taking her name

He watched warm color suffuse all over her face

When she went home at 9:30 ten or so mins after that a man knocked on the door with take out food
It had rice roti and three kinds of subzi and dal
She argued she didnt order

"Neel Pandit ka ghar hai na?" the guy asked

Swoosh!!! her insides dived

She thanked him, after feeding Aadhya toast and milk, and ate hungrily
Tai showed up half way through the meal

"How did you have time to order take out? When your daughter is so sick shouldnt you be worried and have no appetite?" she mocked

"Unfortunately... NO!! How about YOU starve tonight instead?" Suvi looked at her and said

Tai glared and went to the kitchen and brought a plate

The crushed receipt sat on the dining table as Tai made room for herself

She picked it up and tried to read the tiny print on the lil receipt

"Aapka hissa Rs.247" Suvi slammed her
Tai dropped the receipt and began to stuff her face

Around 11 ish he called

"Thanks khaane ka" she said

He didnt respond

"Kaisi hain woh?" he asked

"abhi fever hai... kisi din garmi, kisi din barsaat... Delhi ka wayther barobar nai hai" she said

"Yaha ki garmi to mashhoor hai" he said

"Mujhe Mumbai ki baarish mast lagti hai" she said warding off his attempt to sell Delhi to her

"Woh bhi mashhoor hai... maante hai hum" he smiled

"Urdu words kidhar learn kiya?" she asked

"Baat yoon hi hoti hai ghar mein" he said

"Aapke school ki Hindi teacher mere ko pasand nai karegi" she chuckled

"Tum taq aayi thi baat Friday ko, aaj aap taq badha di aapne faasle" he said exhaling

"Neel" she agonized

"Marathi Neel hamey pasand hai" he said softly

"Neel to bus ek hai" she laughed

"Thanks" he said

Aap yun faaslon se guzarte rahe
Aap yun faaslon se guzarte rahe
Dil se kadmo ki awaaz aati rahi
Aahaton se andhere chamakte rahe
Raat aati rahi, raat jaati rahi
Aap yun

Gungunati rahin meri tanhaiya
Dur bajti rahin kitni shehnaiya
Zindagi zindagi ko bulaati rahi

Aap yun faaslon se guzarte rahe
Dil se kadmo ki awaaz aati rahi
Aap yun

Katra katra pighalta raha asmaan
Katra katra pighalta raha asmaan
Rooh ki wadiyon mein na jaane kahan
Ek Nadi, ek nadi dilruba geet gaati rahi

Aap yun faaslon se guzarte rahe
Dil se kadmo ki awaaz aati rahi
Aap yun

Aap ki garm baahon mein kho jayenge
Aap ki narm gaalon pe so jayenge, so jayenge
Muddaton raat neende churati rahi

Aap yun faaslon se guzarte rahe
Dil se kadmo ki awaaz aati rahi
Aap yun, aap yun

(For a non music story, this is the first song that came to mind based on tonight's chapter. Enjoy!  See you all in the morning)

Posted: 5 years ago
I wrote. Long and beautiful note but gayab Ho Gaya.
I will try again.
Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, thank you and good night.
Have a great week ahead.

Nice way to celebrate the 50th update with this beautiful lyrics. Conveying Neel's state of mind.

Suvecha, give him the chance for following reasons:

He doesn't try to zabardasti ka befriend aadhya to come close to you.
He doesn't fake around any thing. He admits whatever it is like.
He is someone who will stand by you in you sukh dukh.
Give him and yourself and chance.
Posted: 5 years ago
He has been there for her twice when she needed him.
Suvi I guess take step by step then this guy will take care of rest.
Posted: 5 years ago
Wow Nisha!  That was incredibly sweet of Neel to take them to the doctor's and arrange for dinner.  
Seriously Suvi-if you don't want him-I'll take him off your hands!ROFL 

I hope Aadhya feels better soon.Hug

Tai-hope you choke on something you WITCH!  Dead

Suvi-lets hop to it and not waste time--he is showing you that he cares about you and Aadhya even though he currently doesn't want to get married.  I think, at least  until your self esteem improves-it is not a bad idea for you to be "dating" Neel.  At least, by being with him, I hope that raises the bar in the level of men you are associating with!  You need it!!  

I am too far gone--I am speaking to fictional characters like they are my friends and giving adviceROFL
Posted: 5 years ago
You write beautifully Nisha. This story is day by day creeping closer to my heart. Such vulnerability, heartache, human conflict, such confusion, such pain does exist for real.
You write make believe stories with so much of reality in it.
Posted: 5 years ago
Kala, seems it first time for you.
I have done this in SoSy as well.
You will get use to it.

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