SS in Progress : Mrs and Mr Khanna ... Update on pg 275

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Posted: 7 years ago
Ok friends,

Here's a new one for us all to contribute and write.

Even maybe turn up the heat for a while, or throughout.

Please do join in writing this.



8.00 a.m.
The Khannas ...

Nachiket stands quietly under the warm water stream cascading down his back, his hand resting on the cool marble tile in front of him. The water sluices down his back, and he yelps - the warm water stinging the angry nail marks on his back.

He smiles.

So many years, so much distance - such an overwhelming love.  So much passion.

He thinks of the ways in which Ragini welcomes him back to her life - every single minute of it; the love she bestows on him.

And her emotional outbursts in his arms every night; his heart breaks thence. And he, in turn, never fails to convince her of his love, his feelings and his emotions. Every night.

They were now a complete whole. Forever.

He turns off the shower, towels himself dry and steps out. The apartment smells heavenly - of freshly made coffee, toasts, omelette, cereals ... and them.

They have finally shifted to the upper floor a week back, and were in the process of re-discovering the love and joy of building up their own place. The children were a constant in their love, but both Nachiket and Ragini were convinced of the fact that not even the kids would and could come in between them. This time.

He looks at the clock. He had a meeting with the Dean of one of the topmost Hospitals in the city, and he hopes that something would work out for them, for sure.

He has a gift in mind for Ragini, but he would have to be patient for that. It would need time.


He walks into the kitchen, fixing his cufflinks, his tie loosely hanging around his neck.

She was busy pouring fresh orange juice in a glass, when he embraces her from the back, his arms going around his waist.

She jumps, spilling some juice in the process.

'Nachiket ...' she admonishes.

He leans closer to her and whispers 
'You have to make up for all those angry marks on my back ...'

She blushes and pushes him away.

He looks at her questioningly.

She indicates towards the water stains across the front of his shirt. She has taken a bath before, and the water from her hair has wet the front of his shirt in turn.

'It's ok, sweetheart' he smiles.
'This way, I will carry your essence with me for some more time.'

He moves closer
'...Until tonight, when you have to atone'

Ragini blushes
'You need to eat and go, Nachiket. And I have to leave for work too'


Pl continue 
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Posted: 7 years ago
Now pl continue Shabbo Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
They finish breakfast and ragini is in the bedroom putting her sindoor on and trying to cover the marks on her neck when nachiket walks in.
He comes and wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her neck "whats wrong" she points to the mark "i am not the only one who has to atone at least you can hide yours" "i will remember that tonight" he kisses her neck.  Suddenly they hear the kids coming in the flat.
Posted: 7 years ago
'Mom. Where are you?' Agham calls, as he pushes the door open and strides towards the kitchen.
'I am hungry. Kuch hai kya?'

Suhaani quips
'You are always hungry'

Ragini comes out of the room, all ready to go to work.
She smiles warmly at the kids and walks over to the kitchen counter. Pouring some freshly made juice into glasses, she hands it over to them and then turns back to get some cereal bowls.

'Mom?' Agham calls back.

Ragini turns around to find him staring at her.

'What happened to you?' he asks.
'There is an insect bite at the side of your neck.'

'What insect bite?' Nachiket asks as he makes his presence felt, his suit in his hand.

He looks over to a red-faced Ragini, her angry eyes berating him. 
Nachiket continues,

'Oh yes! There was some insect inside our room since last evening. We have to get a pest control done. What say, Ragini?'

Suhaani teeters, as Ragini turns away. She wanted nothing more than to kill Nachiket, then and there.

Posted: 7 years ago
Yes we are getting pest control she says glaring at nachiket.
She grabs her bag and walks out nachiket follows her saying bye to the kids. 
She goes and sits in the car he puts his jacket in the back and sits in the drivers seat. She is angry at him embrassing her in front of the kids. He trys to hold her hand while driving but she pulls away he smirks.
They arrive at the hospital she gets out he grabs her arm "you not going to wish me good luck" she turns to him "good luck" "not like that wish me good luck like the old times" he smiles at her "i am late" and she goes.
Nachiket you are in trouble tonight he thinks to him self and laughs.
Posted: 7 years ago
Awww Rachna!! <3 This is so so good! Thank you for starting this. I would have started something like this by tonight if you hadn't. :D :D
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by loveleen3

Awww Rachna!! <3 This is so so good! Thank you for starting this. I would have started something like this by tonight if you hadn't. :D :D

Thanks Loveleen.


Continue na Sweetie Big smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by poetic

Originally posted by loveleen3

Awww Rachna!! <3 This is so so good! Thank you for starting this. I would have started something like this by tonight if you hadn't. :D :D

Thanks Loveleen.


Continue na SweetieBig smile

Of course! :D Writing already!

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