who is responsible for faliure of show?


who is responsible for faliure of show dkbdhj?

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Posted: 8 years ago
why u choose ur option?

its ur choice u want to tell or not...


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Posted: 8 years ago
They should have budgeted it correctly.Having the highest paid actor  in the serial,for cost cutting they have all shot all scenes featuring Ram as solo shots against a wall or green screen,he giving standard expressions ,either a blank look or sad eyes or his famous half smile.None of his magic ,bewitching grin or blush😳 to be seen anywhere.So much so the other actors cannot give their best actions or reactions to a BD forever.
Thus the connect with the viewers was lost from the start.
If Ram was available for 15 days of a month,definitely,Mahash Bhatt could have planned better and turned into a classic.
All said and done,BALH is still so fresh in our  memory,to accept Ram Kapoor as a poor loser is  very depressing and difficult.

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Posted: 8 years ago
completely agree with u sahana

i cannot forget his different expressions from his different serials nayay , kabhi ayye na judau, kasam se , bade acche lagty hai and so on . he is really a gr8 actor .
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Posted: 8 years ago
sometimes i feel all factors are responsible
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Posted: 8 years ago
40% votes against ram kapoor
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Posted: 8 years ago
Ram is amazing actor so the quest is not arise about his bad aacting.
May as show was shown on Sony this can be one of the reason for it's failure 
As now a days no one watch shows on Sony and everyone is obsessed with shows comes on star plus, colors, zee TV channel which has been dragging beyond it's limit.
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Posted: 8 years ago
Everyone who says Ram is a great actor is not true anymore.  Even in his last serial he had the same "constipated look" expressions behind a wall or green wall where they just added stuff in the background.
He has lost his acting ability seriously.  All he has now is the "I am constipated" look with a few words added here and there.

If he is such a great actor, he needs to prove it.  
Posted: 8 years ago
like seriously guys...actin of ram kapoor the sam eguy who gave sony two big hits ghar ek mandir and BALH
it failed becoz of wrong promotion, the story was about a man losing his wife but everyone thought tht gurdeep would be back with a new identitu and their love story shall blossom clearly sony tv is responsible for its failure its very wrong to blame an actor. 
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Posted: 8 years ago
Ram doesn't seem like Ram. Blank expressions...but like for example..
When he was hugging Aarav that other day, they would show his face only and Aarav separate, the scene and expressions did NOT match.

Don't know much about body doubles but I guess that's the case.

They should do scenes together IF that's what they chose to do! Like once in a while it's ok but not always..
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Posted: 8 years ago
It's not right to blame an actor for the failure of a movie/show or anything. It definitely has a part to do with it, but it's not entirely Ram's fault.
I'm hearing things like Disha and Ayaan's love story beginning. Things like this also get viewers to lose interest.
It's not always just the acting that causes the problem, it's also the storyline and the amount of reality that is shown. Nobody can relate to the show, that's another thing that lures the audience away from the show.
Ram is busy with real things, I'm so happy for him. He is actually doing things that's pretty awesome for him. He cannot and should not put all his entire focus on DKB. If he's doing other projects then that's great. He's not really gaining anything from DKB. He has so much more potential than this and I'm so glad he's making use of it. He's a very talented actor, and many of us know this by watching other shows and even the beginning episodes of DKB. The storyline is just so ridiculous now that I really don't expect Ram to put his 100% acting and focus into it.
The show shouldn't have gotten an extra month's extension. They should have stopped it here.
Mahima is a brilliant actress. We've seen extremely good scenes done by Mahima. I feel she can do so much more than act in DKB, who wouldn't want her?! She's very talented. Her talent should be used in better shows, and I think she's ready for the movie world as well.
It's the storyline entirely. Ram had mentioned that he signed the contract for this show because of the original general story. The general ORIGINAL story was very very appealing. It was so different, something that the viewers of India have not seen. Eventually this became like any other show. There was nothing that got you glued to it. I expected a totally different story, something that viewers could relate to. Nobody can relate to this.
It's too late to build up a story line. The main character was supposed to be Ram, now it's Disha and Ayaan. They should stop the show. Wastage of their time, wastage of our time, and there's no point.