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Posted: 7 years ago
Sorry I am some posts stuck with some office calls and some drawings to be sent out tomorrow
Need to night out tonight Cry

Nisha - the glimpse into future was dam adorable..please give us few here and there as bmous when you feel like...we will take them as blessings from heaven WinkClap

Nivi - thank you once again...your beautiful piece persuaded the author to imagine such wonderful things 
Keep going and lure her some more Wink

Ashu putti drishti - I am glad you guys liked it...overflow of emotions and I keep spilling them out...chatter box writes away LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Hope you are studying well!!
All the bestSmile

Thnxx di...Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Noufi, SR and Shilpa where are you guys?
I have taken a day off tomorrow to finish bank work. Will roam in MG RoadSmile
Posted: 7 years ago
Akbar called Birbal and asked, like there are Brilliant people in his State will there be Idiots available?.

Birbal said there will be.

Akbar then ordered Birbal to go around the State search and bring 5 of such Idiots and present to him in the Council.

Birbal was awestruck since you can identify brilliant people by conducting some form of competition, but how to identify Idiots.

However he goes around the State and after a month comes back with 2 such people. There after following is the conversation between Akbar and Birbal

Akbar: Dear Minister I think you are poor in counting, I asked for 5 people and you have brought only 2.

Birbal: Your Highness please let me explain and then you will know yourself

Akbar: OK. Go ahead

Birbal: When I was going around the State I found this guy carrying a huge Gunny Bag on his head and travelling in a Bullock Cart. When I asked he said that if he keeps the bag in the Cart it will be overloaded and hurt the Bulls. I realised he is the 5th Idiot and brought him to you.

Akbar: Excellent. Next

Birbal: I saw the other guy was taking his Buffalo to the roof top of his house for grazing where grass was found grown. I realised he is the 4th Idiot and brought him to you.

Akbar: Fine. Next.

Birbal: When there are so many problems in the functioning of this kingdom, leaving those entire aside I have been going around the State for a month wasting my time in searching for Idiots, hence I am the 3rd Idiot.

Akbar: Laughs out loud. Next.

Birbal: Instead of solving all the problems that are there in the Kingdom, you have been looking for Idiots in your State, hence you are the 2nd Idiot.

Hearing this entire Council was scared and there was pin drop silence.

Akbar: Fine there is truth in your statement. Who is the 1st Idiot?

Birbal: Your Highness when there are so much of work in the Office and Home to attend to, leaving all this aside person who is reading this Story to know who is the 1st Idiot in "What's App" is the 1st idiot
Posted: 7 years ago
The update 
It was like II is controlling the volcano of emotions within her with all her strength
The reject she felt is heartbreaking 
Every beautiful dream she saw and the castle of cards all destroyed with one gust of wind all the way from Paris

Same feeling as when you dream of holidays in some exotic location and your sister splashes a jug of cold water on a chilled winter morning... U wake and realize its your final exam today!!! (Trying to make it lighter)

But on a serious note...II's heart must have felt like dude made a slit into her chest pulled it out and crushed it under his feet...!!! Too much...I know but we are talking about II here 

No tanturm no tears? Because the pain of being rejected makes not want to express anything...u feel undeserving even to express 

Nisha pavam II...I want to cry along with her 
Posted: 7 years ago
"Wont u ask when?" he begged
A poignant, sorrowful but silent II just took my breath away...paaavam ...89 days and now a seperation choice of hers, but still, her internalising it was really really sad  
Posted: 7 years ago
Best Friends
Are people you don't need to talk every single day.
You don't need to talk to each other for weeks.
But when you do, it's as if you had never stopped talking.
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by putti77

Noufi, SR and Shilpa where are you guys?
I have taken a day off tomorrow to finish bank work. Will roam in MG RoadSmile
wow putti...!!
Visit entertainment store of u like cartoons and superheros... A place like nothing 
My latest acquisitions from there are why so serious key chains hulk badge and heath ledger smiley face all attached to the bag I carry to work
A place to visit Big smile

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