Symphony 28

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Posted: 6 years ago

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    A work of our dear poetess Big smile

A click of the shutter
captures your laugh my butter. 
Your toothy grin lights up the frame,
a fountain of curls erupting from your mane.
The spinning fan above catches your eyes,
your fingers reaching high, as you try hard to fly. 
"Up!" the loud tinkling of your anklets calls. 
Swooped up in his arms, you're suddenly six feet tall. 
Giggles and gurgles and goo gahs erupt,
as he fondly cuddles you, whispering "Hey peanut."
His nose squishes into your chubby cheeks,
"Rakshasan Rakshasan!" is all I can shriek. 
He won this time but tomorrow's another day,
for when Mama tries to chase the boys away,
you'll need Mami to save the date from ending halfway.

Followed by Author Sahiba's FANTASIES ROFL

Ayyo!! SO SO CUTE I am imagining II and R&B fightin over Lasya's date. Lasya will be this tall skinny 16 year old in extra short shortsWink or skorts, and a spaghetti strap blouse, long hair in no particular style, sitting with feet up on the couch, huddled playing on her phone...

The boy comes for the movie date, II is all over him as her own... the three girls and a boyROFL are somewhere around. Her youngest is a boy, 5 or 6 immediately running up to see who it is

"Akka's date da" "shhh. Appa kitta sollaade GO GET HER"

And the lil tyke?
Standing next to II and yells "LASYA KAAA UR DATE'S HERE!!"

Ayyo!! Rakshasaney (hes the mini one right?) WHY DID U ANNOUNCE?

Dude walks down the stairs... "Whats going on II"

"NOTHING Da... a kid from her class... ummm"

Bending down, crushing her lil boys arms "Go get Akka u troublemaker" hissing

R&B scanning the guy  "Hello Sir" "We were hoping to catch the SRK-Deepika Padukone grand daughter movie"ROFL
Lasya loves SRK BTWEmbarrassed

"I am sorry but she cant go, "II can I have a word with you?"Evil Smile

POCHU DA (I am dead meat now)Embarrassed

  Part II

"Amma whats dating?"

"Ask your Appa da... he just RUINED one so hes an expert"

"what the hell does that supposed to mean II?"

"Paavam kozhandai she was waiting for a week, u sent that boy away, nee pesaade da (dont talk to me) "
As R&B follows her around holding his miniature version in his arms

"Appa I can almost touch the ceiling... Appa will u let me hang from the fan?" the lil 5 year old asked

"shhh I am talking to Amma"

"amma's not talking sollu da"


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Posted: 6 years ago
congrats on a new thread
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hey reached here!!!!reached home!!!28!!!28!!!
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Congrats For The New Thread..Clap
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Congratz for the new thread... 
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congracts for new thread buddy.
Number 28 it is II's age

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