Software Symphony 27 Hot & Peppery 500th Chapter on 57 - Page 80

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Hsp.canada

Diva I would love to have the second dress, I love bottle green color ( latest fad of mine) and having a denim shirt is so causal and nice. I need to get another one...keep posting and I will keep buying.
I couldn't get the same dress from NS as they didn't have it in my size but got almost a similar one from Vince Camuto at NS ( was on sale ) got few compliments for the dress. All thanks to u, I went that route. I have ordered white skinny jeans. Thanks againClap

Ur hubs is going 2 come aftr me bc of all the shopng bills thn! LOL
Glad I'm givng u ideas tho. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

Morning hai ji
People stop tempting me with baby pics
Else I might have to pester Author Sahiba for a BUTTER filled update

Divs LOVE the western collection!!!!! 


Posted: 6 years ago
diva kya clothes hai wowClap ..where do u find these?what field are you planning to pursue?
You so have a taste in clothes.Paris calling? may be who knows Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

diva kya clothes hai wowClap ..where do u find these?what field are you planning to pursue?
You so have a taste in clothes.Paris calling? may be who knows Big smile

True Anu! She really guided me to the right path for shopping.
Posted: 6 years ago
I loved communication wala debate  
Babies with daddies

Now BUTTER wala update mangta hai ( Sorry I shall pester Nisha... You guys tempted me.) 
Posted: 6 years ago
So many baby pics...
Day Dreaming
this can be termed as Baby thread...
All are sho sho sho cute..
Achaa hai.. Nisha ka dil pighlega Wink LOL
Fir she'll either bring lasya or lil savvy... Day Dreaming
5.38 AM here.. Good Morning..
Posted: 6 years ago
"Is that her?"

Akka forced her every hour of every day... well almost... convinced her to quit and go with him to Paris

II refused to answer texts after a point

Akka was also the recipient of Appa's negativity about the entire thing

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny like any other, Ranjan couldnt go to Subbu's baby's party, it was at the Hamilton Court club house in Gurgaon
He had requested her personally on Thursday night "Puttarjee I appoint you" he said cheerfully.
She couldnt refuseCry

She had been fighting all week with her husband at every opportunity declining the invite
Amma agreed with her too
"Kandravi (disgusting)WHY should u go? U are more superior now, he hangs out at your father in law's company hoping you guys
will sell more of the cars his company manufactures. U guys have no connection, let him invite Mr Ranjan, you are not obliged to go

"Dont tell Appa he even invited me personally OK, Amma?" I know Appa will blow a fuse"

"I know that very well, dont worry, hes not home yet"

"He acted like we have no history ma" II vented

"Paavi" (terrible man)

"What did R&B say?"

"He acts like the bas***d doesnt even affect him" she sulked

"Paavam di what do u want him to do?" Amma chuckled

"He needs to tell me I will punch him and give him a black eye" II said

"Tamizh cinema style?"

"Yes... and then he needs to run the man over with his Jaguar"

"Blood thirsty devil" Amma cursed

"Yenna per vechirkanam pillai ku" (what has he named the baby>?) Amma gossiped

"NAA KEKALE Ma" II was irritated
 (I didnt ask)
"Good good u dont need to know" Amma agreed


"U should think about having one too" Amma said gently, hopeful, wishing her
daughter would get the exact happiness the man that dumped seemed to have gotten so easily

"Ippo daan velai OK va poyindrikku ma, ivan jaaliya Paris poraan, it takes two people to make babies"ROFL she was irritated
(Now only my work is going OK, he is leaving for Paris joyously)

"Chheee enna pechu Ishita? (Dont talk dirty with ur Mom)

"Its the truth" II said dismissively

"He was here three months, what did u do?"Embarrassed Amma demanded

"Umm... appo I was too busy fighting with him a denying him a baby"LOL II giggled

"Very bad kanna, quit your job and go, if KV had transferred me out of Delhi I would have quit u know" Amma said

"Amma adu anda kaalam" (Those times were different)

"Podi! u act like it was the 17th century"Angry

"Close" II laughed hystericallyLOL

"Edu seruppa" (let me smack you)

"When they transferred me to Hindon AFB KV Appa wanted me to quit" Amma said proudly

"U didnt" II argued

"Yellathukkum yettikki potti pesaade" (Har baat par argue mat karo)

"Seri ma, I am going, romba thitre (u scold me too much)  dont tell Appa OK" II muttered

"Come over and sing the Mayur Vihar temple songs one evening"

"Po ma, I am tired of singing when the dude leaves for Paris I am quitting"


II hung up..

She took the day off, promised her team "she might come in"

Go to the 20th first and change into something more decent and "work while" before heading to the 7th
She wore a orange chiffon saree with a criss cross spaghetti cord blouse, she spent an hour finding a citrine earring to match the saree,
He was taking a call since she didnt know when...

"Its at 11, u are not even ready yet" she said

As he leaned on the door jamb staring at her

"Shave pannikko otherwise I am not going"

"Uve made a promise" (to Dad) he said smugly

He rubbed his jaw

"I can hear it here" she warned as he approached

"What about the saree?" (if u dont go)

"I will just call Naina and go hang at Emporio Mall" she said smugly.

Employ someone that will show up just to give u a shave everyday" she ordered

"I need one twice"

"If u count bed time then three" she said

She looked for a bindi in a huge round box... "Ummm now it doesnt matter" (since u are leaving)

He stripped so she could watch

"Jerk!!!" she hissed

He showed up 30 minutes later closer to 11

"Onnala late" (u made us late)

He nodded agreeing

"I didnt buy anything, so drive to Tanishq or something" she ordered

They reached the club house at Noonish...

Neeraja wandered among guests the baby was in a corner in a cradle wrapped with jasmine strings

Subbu was all smiles
His Amma was startled to see her

Subbu greeted them, took them to his parents who stood by another couple

The lady by Subbu's mother stared openly

"Ivala?" (is this her? the girl who Subbu was going to marry?)

"Yes yes, Ishita, she married a Punjabi entrepreneur, his Dad owns the largest chain of M showrooms" he said with prideClap

Men obviously less affected and possessing far less venom than women in most cases

"Oh?" that Mami still couldnt bring herself to say anything... II's Cartier diamond necklace  worth atleast as much as the jewelry the two women wore combined, if not more

  Edited by Nisha0604 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

diva kya clothes hai wowClap ..where do u find these?what field are you planning to pursue?
You so have a taste in clothes.Paris calling? may be who knows Big smile

Anu, m wurkng in marktng, specificly social media strategy. Fashn is jst a hobby & place 4 me to burn my paychk. LOL I subscrib 2 varios blogs/mags/etc & gathr thngs I lik frm there. Gld u r liking wht I post here. 

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