SS16 "Only for everything" on 148 - Page 24

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Seriousreader

The rate at which you are gobbling up pages...must be the record from the SOSY fan club!LOL
SS 16 has been the fastest ever till now!
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ishruhi

request denied!!!! ROFL
mixie jar wala request bhi denied!!!

yes yes yes
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Likewise Swa, logically you can be manny as you don't particularly side with II ... Wink

Nah I get angry with II just like R&B...mostly she provokes me...But I never provoke her like Manny does...SO no this argument not accepted...
Posted: 7 years ago
Remorse & Rakshasan

"It was a f**kING LAPTOP, dont make it a fortuitous self worth issue" he warned

"Of course not, only YOU are allowed to wear your sparkling cynicism as your badge of brilliance!!!" she spat at him

"Oh I havent missed the tremendous gains YOU have achieved by nurturing love and affection with humans (cheap shot about hurting Sam?)
he bit out, attempting to defend himself at her insult about being cynical about human realtionships.

"I wish I was "Top of the class" like YOU in  "How to have a long term relationship with ear phones and ipod" class.

"Dont worry!! You must have been taking the "How to be Judgemental" class then" he exploded

they glared at each other interminably...

"I am done" she said... walking inside furiously wiping her tears... shut herself in the bathroom... washed up, changed into a chudidar and kurta, and went down
Sam was gone, Ranjan wasnt in the kitchen, it smelled like delish food...
She wandered the front lawns helpless,

She texted Akka"Are u busy ka?"

"Finishing up dinner kanna, sollu (tell me)" Akka responded

"How are you?" she asked making it appear normal

"Today was good raja, no swinging BPs to deal with" Akka texted back

"Oh? GREAT!!!! I am so happy for you" the screen fogged up as she cried... she decided she wont tell anything to her

She went inside... he saw it all from the balcony..
She went up to the office, Ranjan was on the phone... he waved to her smiling, ended his call didnt say who it was, got up and opened the door

"Kaise hain aap?" "Sam kidhar chali gayin?" she asked

"Sit puttar" he said softly

"Mmm...mmm.. are u still upset with me?" she choked up

"No beta ji, never... how can I be upset with you?"

"I am so very sorry Dad, I shouldnt have..." II nodded, as he extended a box of tissues to her, she wiped her swollen red face

"I am sorry, will you please tell Manya... Di... I mean... I didnt think it through well enough" II said sadly

"No no... u took what you took when the crisis was presented to you. WE ALL DO PUTTARJI. Who can say this is the best way to look at it vs that?" Ranjan consoled

"If Amma Appa find out they will be really mad at me" she was fearful

"I have daughters too and I feel that way about Manya right now" he reassured

"She must have lost so much data, I tried to help, and in the worst way possible" II sounded ashamed

"Aapko Manya ne kabhi kuch kaha?" he asked softly... grim

"Umm... NO... NO...NEVER Dad... NEVER" Ii denied a little too strongly. "She is wonderful to me, I LOVED everything she bought for me" "I dont see her much"
II stopped...

Ranjan's suspicion was confirmed

He spoke soothingly about how much money he lost  initially, and a couple of precious relationships he sacrificed unknowingly

"Paisa is not important puttar, GOOD PEOPLE is" after a pause "VERY" he teared up. "Jab apne "GOOD" ho, is se bada reward koi nahi" he said with pride, patting her back

"Jao neeche main aata hoon khaane pe, woh hai ghar par?" he asked

II didnt respond

"Tumhe kuch kaha usne?" Ranjan demanded

"Ummm nahi Dad... no.." II said quickly

Ranjan knew she was lying again...

she walked out, went down, and wandered the drive way

"Ek auto mil sakta hai kya?" she asked
The guards startled, stiffening...

"Abhi?" asked one

She nodded

"Mujhe auto yaha dikhta nahi" she lamented

"Delhi Police is very strict, they dont let autos linger in the Diplomatic area much, nights are even worse" the guards informed

"Oh?" she nodded

"Ek auto bula denge?"

"Dhyan is here, he has gone to get petrol for Sir's car" one said

"Um... auto theek hai" she said  and then realized her husband would just BUTCHER her if she took one... "kab aayenge?" she enquired

"There he is" the guard said looking at shining LED lights... the Merc slid to a stop and the driver got out
"Mujhe Shanti Niketan lekar jaayenge kya?" she asked

"Jee zaroor" baithen" he said opening the door
She had left her phone at Dad's desk, she didnt realize it when she got in the car, he dropped her off in less than 5 minutes

Sam was in the kitchen arranging dinner

She stood there for a good 20 minutes before Sam would even look at her

"I am going if you wont speak with me" II began to sob

"BAITHO" she ordered choking up

Tan walked in... "Arey strangers?  Who told you dinner is all vegetarian?" he asked
Walking over to her to hug her tight... "Shhh" "Shhh" "Its OK" "Sab theek ho jaayega" "shhh" he soothed

"You are like Bala Athim" she mumbled between sniffles

"LIKE ka kya matlab hai yaar? BETTER bol, LIKE is not even a real word"

She giggled nodding...

"Abhi lado tum dono, I will watch" he sat down uncapping a beer

Sam instructed the help to cut salad veggies

"Ishita inke saamne to tumhe punishment nahi doongi" warning

"K" she nodded feebly

"Chhod yaar bachi ko" Tan laughed, tapping her head fondly  "Kidhar hai brooding quiet hero?" he asked

II didnt respond...

"Eiether she must have killed him or attempted to and he must be baying for her blood tabhi bhaagkar yaha aayi hai" Sam joked to diffuse tension

"I am not going back" II said

"Oh! Teri!! Samyukta, do we have any bedrooms free looks like we might have a hanger on stay over" Tan said aloud

"Nope! Sorry!" Sam said firmly

"Sorry kid, I tried..." TAN LEFT, exchanging a look with Sam

II got up... "BAITHO CHUP CHAAP" Sam ordered

"Khaaya kuch?" she asked

II shook her head  crying, "I am sorry I shudnt have sent it to her"
Sam walked over, and sat by her in another breakfast stool, the house and kitchen as grand at Malcha Marg, the hearts as big as well

"WHAT DID SHE SAY TO YOU love?" Sam pleaded

"Nothing!!!??" II said startled

"Tumhari US SE BAAT HI NAHI HUI? Aur tumne laptop bhej diya?" Sam asked

"Hmmm" II nodded crying... "I was hurt" SHE FINALLY ADMITTED

Sam hugged her... "shhh" "Its OK" "Batao mujhe kya kaha usne"

"Sant Ram" II gasped... "Sant Ram" "Sant Ram" Sam handed her water, the help brought snacks... and juice

"Sant Ram"

"Haan ,mujhe woh naam memorize ho gaya aage kaho" Sam joked

II laughed weakly  "he said Manya didi ne poocha Maam ke friends ne woh kamra use kiya" II cried long and hard

"shhh" "Shhh love"  "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?" Sam asked, holding the 29 year old's teary face in her hand, wiping her tears with his thumb

"I told R&B, he said quit worrying" II accused

"I am sorry... he is rarely affected by things" "He didnt wnat u to worry" she whispered

"I told him I had paatu class and went to Ambience Mall and bought it" II explained her modus operandi

"She needed DATA I dont think she wanted a new laptop!!!!!!!!!" Sam said baffled

"I know that NOW" she laughed cynically between sniffles

"ISHITAAA!! Tum itni impulsive ho?" Sam asked

"Hmmm... you can tell me you dont like me" beginning to cry again

"No rajaaa, NO I LOVE YOU... I DO... how can anyone NOT?" she begged

The women stayed in the quiet embrace for a minute

"Suno... aage se KOI TUMHE KUCH KAHE, KOI... INCLUDING that introvert you married, YOU WILL COME TO ME"Sam said

Ii nodded

"I dont want you to hurt alone" "I dont want anyone to hurt you. Will u TRY to think of me and Dad as your own?" Sam asked
II nodded...

"I am sorry I shouldnt have sent it to her" II went back to her bhajan

"Ayyyo!! I can see how you drive my brother crazy" Sam giggled

"I DONT drive him crazy" II said vehemently
"UFFF!!! Phir ladey tum dono?"

"NAHI TO" II lied

"So u agree u drive him crazy then"

"I am leaving" II got up

"Kidhar jaaogi? Driver chala gaya" Sam said smugly

"HOW DO U KNOW?" II asked angrily

"Umm.. telepathically kaha usne mujhe" Sam said seriously

"have u forgiven me?II demanded

"Umm... depends on where you are planning to go" Sam said worried

"Umm... uh..umm" II mumbled
They talked and talked...

Ranjan had gone down for dinner, not found her, asked R&B over intercom, he had said she wasnt up there with him

R&B had gone down... "WHERE did she go?"
They walked out to the guards... as R&B texted and called her.. the phone rang on Ranjan's desk

Guard: dhyan ji ke saath gayi Maam" "maloom nahi kidhar"

Ranjan texted Dhyan, he didnt respond...

R&B texted Sam: "Is she with you?"

"What do u think? Sam respondedBig smile

R&B showed up in 10 minutes at her doorEmbarrassed

"Le jao bhai apni cheez... hamare ghar na khaana hai na jagah hai isko sulaane ke liye" Sam whispered hugging her brother

"I AM NOT GOING WITH HIM. YOU CANT MAKE ME" II hissed waving a finger a Sam
jumping off the breakfast stool and stumbling backwards, taking quick steps.

He leaned on the kitchen wall hands in his pockets, readying to witness a tantrumBlushing

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

Originally posted by taramira

You guys can have whoever, be whoever and love whoever...Ranjan and his millions mere liye chchod do...I have an RbB in mylife could do with a great FIL.

Satayavachan is my mantra for the day... True that. Part with 20%. That would be enough. I would be content and easily sayisfied

Tara ji and Errant please include me in the club and do not forget to dedicate at least 5% of his wealth to me LOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Ashu25

I am technically not talking to you after katti Cry

I am both..I declared..
Request denied

no da its ok if you are katti  but not fair no so many others like Lasya we can clone and u can all be that.
I have 2 kids and both want a chocolate simple rule share right .. see Tara may like Ranjan but i share ... swati yenna tappu panna she cant get lasya LOLLOL ..
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

I love swathi and no she is not Manny ... Manny right now is the super meanie girl and me wont allow that LOL


I am the chamathu and only u r understanding me and my feelings Anu Smile Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by TanjoreGirl

Originally posted by taramira

You guys can have whoever, be whoever and love whoever...Ranjan and his millions mere liye chchod do...I have an RbB in mylife could do with a great FIL.

Tara no no no no Ranjan FIL is sooo mine along with R&B and II's kids but i am good we can form the Ranjan gang and i wont leave Shev too .

me too...

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