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Hello Guys! This Four Shots is inspired by my TR FF : Devil's Desire. Taani & Rey's characters are same as shown in DD but the plot is completely different from DD. Hope you like it. Banner is by arpita


His Innocent Doll

- Chapter One -

"I want that file ready by evening or else you are fired" A man dressed in black armaani suit, shouted over the phone. His employee on the other side of call, shivered in fear and quickly saying yes and cut the call, not wanting to face the wrath of beast.

"Rey at least today leave your work aside and spend sometime with your family" Rey turn hearing his mother's voice. Rey look at his whole family, they were in hall along with some of close relatives. Today is His brother's first wedding anniversary so there is a party tonight and besides that His mother had arranged a small get to gather in afternoon with swayum's in laws and some of very close friends.

"Mom i have an important meeting to attend in evening, I can't avoid my work for anything" Rey replied to his mother then he went upstairs in his study room. 

"Ragini aunty, Is he always like this, workaholic & rude?" Kria asked Rey's mother. Rey's mother laughed.

"Yes he is but Not when, she is around." Ragini replied, Kria gave her confuse look along with others, who were equally confused except Rey's father Ranivijay and brother Swayum.

"Who is She, mumma?" Sharon, swayum's wife questioned her.

"You guys will find out soon" Swayum replied before his mother could. Kria was in deep thoughts. Wondering who she is? Rey's girlfriend? Nahh that can't be possible, Rey hardly pay attention to any girl and also there would have been some news in media if he was dating someone. Then who is she?

"Momzy" Just then they heard a cute voice, Their heads snapped at the direction from where voice had come, They all saw a cute girl clad in Red dress standing at the door of singhania mansion. 

"Taani" Ragini beamed with happiness seeing her, she stood up from her place and walked up to her. She was attack by a bear hug from taani.

"Aww mera baccha. When you came back from hostel?" Ragini asked her, kissing her forehead once she broke the hug.

"In morning i came back. Where is everyone?" Taani asked looking around. She saw some unknown faces then her gaze fall over ranvijay and swayum, she ran toward them and gave him quick hug before she start looking for him but her didn't find him.

"Taani, Rishi and Anupriya nahin aaye?" Ranvijay asked her.

"Nahi, Dad had some work so they will come after some time." Taani answered him. ragini came toward her and introduce her to sharon and her famlily, when swayum got married taani was having her exams and after that couldn't come home in vacation so she didn't met swayum's wife till now.

"Where is he? Didn't he know i was coming today" Taani muttered under her breath. Ragini who was standing beside her heard her.

"He is in study room" Ragini answered her question. Smilingly knowing now her son had to leave his work.

"Thank you" Taani was about to walk away from there but a voice stopped her.

"Rey is in really bad mood, I don't think you should go to meet him right now" Kria told her not wanting her to go and meet him. She never told anyone but she is in madly in love with Rey, can't bear any other girl near him even if thats 17 years old teenager.

"Don't worry, I'm not his employee so he can't fire me" Taani giggled lightly and she went upstairs.

"Don't worry kria, Rey will not say anything to her. He can't even think of raising his voice on her. Infact in few minutes, leaving his work aside he will be running after her" Ranvijay told her smiling thinking, in taani's presence his son became a complete different personality, leaving his arrogant ruthless business man image aside he laugh with her, roam around like normal people do.

"Really? Are they that close? As far as i know Rey don't allow anyone in study, not even swayum or dad when he is working. He don't like disturbance" Sharon asked confusingly. Kria was curious too know about the girl taani, who look so much special for Rey.

"Taani is Dad's best friend and business partner rishi uncle's daughter. From childhood Rey had allowed only one person to access all his things without his permission and its Taani, She had every right over his things and he don't say no to her, she can go anywhere, anytime" Swayum answered her. Sharon nodded in understanding. Kria made disgusted face hearing this. She couldn't be able to digust the fact that someone like taani hold so much importance in Rey's life.


"Rey" She called out for him, as she slightly opened the door. Found him engrossed in some file. She giggled seeing hi, so engrossed that he didn't even noticed her. Without making any noise she sneaked inside. 

"No work today" She shouted as she snatched away his file from him, He turn around with anger visible on his face but his anger melt away seeing who is standing in front of him. She had become more beautiful and grown up since he saw her last year. The red dress she was wearing made her look more adorable & beautiful.

"Doll, when you came?" Rey asked her coming out of his reverie.

"Abhi-Abhi. Now catch me if you want your file" Taani said showing him his file, Rey realized it was she who snatched away his file. He tried to gave her angry glare but failed in front of her innocent baby face. Taani stuck her tongue out at him and ran out of the room with his file. Rey smiled after a whole freaking year he got to play this tom & jerry chase with his doll.

"Taani once i got hold on you, you are gonna pay badly" Rey said running behind her, Taani went downstairs, giggling all the while making his heart swell with pride knowing somewhere he is the reason she was laughing.

"First catch me Mister" Taani said as she went in hall, all except his parents were looking at them with shocked when they saw Rey running after her to get the file. Taani ran outside in garden, he too ran after her giving her threats to stop but she paid no heed like always. Kria fumed in anger, the guy who don't even smiled at her was now running after a girl while laughing.

"Don't be shock guys, Yeh toh roj hoga ab jab tak taani yahan hai" Swayum said to them bringing them out of shock.

"She is really special to him or else If someone else was in her place, I can't even imagine what he would have done to that person" Sharon said knowing about her brother-in-law's world famous anger.

"Excuse me, I'll be back in a moment" Kria excused herself making an excuse of getting a call. She too went outside to see what they both are doing now. She stand at little distance and watched them with her eyes blazing with jealousy.

"Taani..Doll come here or else you will fall in water" Rey said running close to her, Taani was still running away from him,was near the pool. Rey reached near her and got hold of her but her foot slipped and she fall in pool along with him who tried to save her. 

"Ahh" Taani clutched Rey's shirt tightly in fear, his arms wounded around protectively. She opened her eyes and first thing she checked was his file, She took sigh of relief seeing the file on grass near the pool, it had fallen down from her hand when she slipped.

"Thank god aapki file ko kuch nahi hua or else you have to do all the work again" Taani said to him but he was lost in her to notice anything else. She looked so innocent yet tempting, his fingers ached seeing those wet strands sticking on her face. He lifted his hand and removed her hair strand, she shivered slightly with his touch and Rey noticed that. It was first time she was experiencing something new with his touch. Something which she couldn't describe in words. Rey smiled seeing the blush on her whitish skin, They had spent so many years with each other but it was first time he touched her with his true feelings for her, his desire and Love for her could be seen in his eyes.

"Rey" She moaned unconsciously, he rubbed his thumb against her lower lips making her shiver in delight. He smiled seeing her accepting his touch. They both love each other more than anything even their age difference couldn't stop them for falling for each other, They understand with each like nobody can. She is his doll, he had fallen for her since he laid his eyes on 4 months old taani, she become his priceless possession since then. He love her more than anything and same goes for her, Taani love him more than her life, for once she can deny her parents but not him, Only he can handle her anger and stubbornness. Till now Rey had never crossed his limits, he had always waited for her, he wanted her to know what they are doing. Now he knew his taani is ready to introduce to his world of passion.

"Come lets go inside or else you'll catch cold" Rey said to her, he picked her up in his arms and they both come out of the pool. 

"If mumma sees me like this she will kill me for getting wet in this weather, lets go to outhouse and change our clothes" Taani suggested when she looked down at her wet clothes, Rey chuckled at her scared expressions and started walking toward the outhouse, it was backside of the singhania mansion.

They both were lost in their world unaware of kria who watched everything and was fuming in anger. She dialed her father's number.

"Dad, I want to marry Reyaansh Singhania" She told him, Knowing her father won't ever say her to her. As expected her father said he will fulfill her wish and talked to mr. singhania.

"I won't let that girl snatch you away from me Rey. You are mine only mine" She thought to herself and smiled evilly.


- Index -

Chapter One : Above

Chapter Four

- Completed -

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Oh wow
this is so nice 
Loved it
Tht doll.part was so lovely
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really nyc start...
waiting for more to come. ))
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nice update

continue soon
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awesome start...

wow rey n his famous anger...

but he acts all like a teenager around taani...

i m lovin it...
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Really nice!!
This Kria... Hate her!!
Update asap
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Res / unres
Dd characters wow amazing idea
It was always treat to watch arrognant rey 

Only one how is controlled by taani 
Loved cute bubbly sweet taani

Lol all shocked to see rey otherside 
TaaRey were so cute 

Kria ufff OuchOuch

Hope rey shows her good lesson
Loved it dear 
Pls next update soon

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Evergreen cute hai our taani!! Awesome start!!
Continue soon n thanks for pm
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