Software Symphony 9 Book Shelf Analogy on 144 - Page 5

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Posted: 7 years ago
I'm suppose to b sleeping di penna
but I'm awake and searching if u have
updated this bloody sleep wrecking
story of urs ( chuckling and half smile
R&B style).
Now that I have read ur update and know
they won't b another till next day I will try to go bak to sleep.
Posted: 7 years ago
Many many congrats on reaching thread 9!
What an achievement!

I have got behind on the story...just catching up at the on thread 7 now!  So much has happened I am sure and now the wedding...yay!

Hopefully will be caught up soon so can join the discussions at the time of updates.

Long live SoSy :)
Posted: 7 years ago
@swaram...thanks a lot...i keep chapter and notepad on side by side..want to write about every line..coz of that the review gets so long...have to control myself...wat to do..SoSy makes me crazy...
Posted: 7 years ago
"Can u find my charger?" HE ASKED II, shaking his phone for battery juice

cracked me roflsss 
Posted: 7 years ago
Gosh I go to bed and viola the update and a new thread!!!
So a biiig congratulations   ClapClapClapClap!!
of course "Kalyanam aacha" guys (Iyer way of saying Shadi mubarak) DancingParty

the 2 dad appearances had me, i know kya karoon Smile
Appa extended his hand to R&B: "You must promise to take good care of her" he choked up
"I will Sir" R&B promised politely

ok for this one I could write a post in itself on this LOL
"Khush raho beta" he said to R&B
"Thanks" R&B said with a smile...
Father and son hugged as the new wife looked on

OMG OMG OMG * infinity this was a surprise .. i never expected it like ever and i couldn't be happier  beautifulClapHug

and i wanted chotu PDA's I saw lots of it, her ogling at him during Metti, him holding her elbow , putting kumkum,both of them trying to prevent the mala from falling down, their brief eye contact aur kya chahiye EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and i loved how you got the key players there too Bally ,Suman, Shravu,Nandu  and LASYA, and all the immediate relatives, actually throughout the wedding i have honestly loved the way chachi conducted herself. Clap

and the icing on the cake "Can u find my charger" totally R&B sooo cute and makes you adore this guy more Embarrassed II is def in for some surprises LOLLOLLOL

Posted: 7 years ago

The wedding was a dream.   worth every bit the wait. Smile

"Can u find my charger?"  - epic!

Why do I edge towards R&B now? Up until now I was with II all through her apprehensions leading up to this moment. I even wanted R&B to give her the slightest of reprieve if he could muster so... But the solemnity and  sincerity with which  this quiet lonely  lover  went through all the motions... and the finality of the moment - tells a single story in itself brilliantly put across by Nisha  The vagabond had been grounded

Here is a man , hurt, who had long since left the nest,  cocooned himself within himself (if that makes sense),  lived on his own terms, did what he deemed fit for himself - today takes this massive leap  and ties himself back into the family way of life

He is now answerable to II for his actions,  life is now on both their I don't think he sees it yet as his thoughts echo  HIS JOB WAS DONE HE HAD NOTHING TO FEAR

This is the biggest paradox that he has to sort within himself.  His job has just started,   there will be fear, ruffles, feathers torn...till the realisation dawns that his nest is made and that is where he will have to stay

 and that is where he will get his charger. Always.

Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations NishaClapClap
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by nidhi.b23

Grounded and Swept off:-
they got married..yeah day...was waiting for this day for so long..finally it came..R&I Bhalla..(know she won't change her last name but sochne mai kya jata hain)Wink

"As she approached the stage, R&B noticed she was wearing something he had seen his Ma wear often, a pair of sparkling gold jhumkas.."That's' really adorable nisha..wearing family heirloom is a matter of pride..glad that II wore it..and u once again fulfilled your fans sweet of you..Hug

mangalsutra tying scene was so heart warming..i was in II mood today..melting into puddle..priest saying about the thread,
appa crying, dude tying it around her neck...aww..and their eyes met.."she looked at him with big soulful eyes..He met her gaze briefly... paused for a nano second..."..nothing can get more beautiful than this..soul warming..time just halt when they look into each other eyes..

"You will from now... AND forever be known as his wife...He gave up his bachelorhood for your sake..YOU made him enter the "dark side".He proposed to you AND he followed through..He wasnt tricking you, he wasnt fooling around"..
well said nisha..he did follow her around..reminds me of the metro journey when he truly felt that she was going away from him..
that acted as a trigger and dude didn't gave up after that..pursued her relentlessly..and now she is his..Tongue..perseverance is success..

"The vagabond had been grounded".."The Iyer had been swept off her feet.." what more to say..u summarized everything so beautifully..
R&B didn't wanted to return home and here he is getting married..II never thought she will fall for a punjabi silent guy and here she is bounded to him for life..Life is surely interesting..and it will just better and more least for us readers..Embarrassed

Chachi cried..i was the lines again..but then realized its not EK black only grey..chachi can get emotional too..
keeping aside all the jealousy she is happy for her nephew..

"Abhi tum seedhe hamare ghar No Appa's house alright.." yeh lo Sam ne toh haq jamana bhi start kar diya..i love this girl..yep she is bhalla now..vaise bhi kaha R&B usko kahi jane dene wala hain..she is his prisoner now...and don't worry appa..your daughter will be cared,loved and cherished..Bhallas already consider her precious...Sam is ready to fight R&B for her, Ranjan already worries for her..and R&B well..he will take care of her like no one else..after all she is his golden girl..Star

"He let II stand up, she stepped on Appa's toes, and stumbled, R&B reached for her elbow and held it" cute..subtle care and grand so R&B's type..Heart

I just love Ranjan..have never seen groom's dad cry but then here the father and son don't share that kind of relation so may be its normal..he is so happy for his son and may be for himself..
living alone in an empty house, son not talking, wife memories haunting is too much for him..II will be an oasis in desert of Malcha Marg..

"Father and son hugged as the new wife looked on.."OMG..they hugged..i will die out of shock..and dude smiled when he gave him blessings..I'm really dead..I'm so happy he didn't squirmed and hugged him back..too happy coz of the marriage may be...LOL

oh the toe ring..i just love them..too bad u have to get married to wear them..II blushing and dude's face flushed..wah wah..kya deadly combination hain..

"When he was done, he lifted his head his face was flushed and his hair tousled from bending down
She watched him perform finger kangi on himself...
Bala: Ishita stop admiring the husband.. listen to the vadyar kanna"...ha ha..Bala has also joined gang to tease II..ab kya kare..R&B hai hi itna girl can control herself and II ke pass toh ab rights bhi hain..niharo apne husband time u do finger kanghi girl..Embarrassed

mangalsutra, toe ring, saat fere, sindoor, rings..haye...all rituals done with feels like I'm there witnessing the wedding..can't get more real...

"she gently slid it over his ring finger, holding his watch on his left wrist, like she always did in trying to stop him when he kissed her..."
It reminded me of all their kissing sessions..II holding his left hand, his watch, pin of his watch...yaar inko please jaldi Malcha marg bhejo...more than dude i can't control myself now..i so want to read the suhagdopahar scene..jaldi jaldi..Cry

"Shravu: are u still the boss Chithi?II nodded..R&B chuckled"..even i laughed..boss..hmm..u yourself called him a master conductor II, how can you be boss then..Confused

the priest and II part was so nice..II sad seeing her appa cry..truly a bitter sweet the priest said Its happiness not sorrow..
joy of seeing your daughter married mixed with sadness of sending her away..

"her saree edge was tied to his angavastram HE LET HER HAVE THE WHOLE thing.." again getting naughty are we R&B..
II has to beg sam to get him a tee..ha ha..poor II...he will never stop harassing her..Wink

Lasya is here...looking so cute..not only u i also want to eat her up..she sounds so adorable..little bundle of joy..

"R&B was talking with his French and Thai side kicks
Mr Iyer was far away talking with Mr Gopalan throwing longing looks at his dear kozhandai"

I admire the lovely comparison nisha..the daughter is no longer his and the fiance is now his wife...appa gave away his daughter and R&B got his is sad other is happy...husband has nothing to fear and father has longing in his eyes...absolutely 3 lines you explained the contrasting scenario so brilliantly..Clap

"She meant TO R&B's room NOT TO BRIDE, ab bride se wife ho gayi tum .." II got the shock of her life..and on top of that even amma agreed..koi bhi dar jaega yaar..apni family hi dushman nikli..all eager to throw her in lion's den..

"Can u find my charger?"..first line as husband..he is really out of this world..who says that..ROFL
haq jamana abhi se start..nice tan said "Welcome to life as R&B's wife"..yeh to bus shuruwat hain...abhi to party shuru hui hain..LOL

Thanks youBig smile when u post past midnight is when I read in my lunch hour every dayBig smile

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