Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14 - Page 115

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Posted: 7 years ago
Yippie...title changed...:) :)
Posted: 7 years ago
Nish is online girls.. Relax update on way
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by preeti2585

Yippie...title changed...:) :)
YAY! Update's on its way.
Posted: 7 years ago
Bernstein Bear & "How To" BooksROFL

There were crisp/blunt/ followup issues from Mr B on Friday... late Noonish

1. Mr Raman Bhalla was requested to be removed from the deployment. 
I spoke with Ranjan and had that taken care of, why does it seem to me like the HW upgrades at the workshops still seem to have his involvement. Please explain.

2. May I have a list of unique things about systems/tools/HW/SW at the showrooms TransPro seems to be crashing now?

3. "Unwillingness to use TransPro" unfortunately not a good excuse Ms Rao, I would like to understand what modules the cashiers were trained on and where you faced the most resistance

4. I see a lot of mention of "Income Tax" in the slides, if cash transactions are being reported to to IT Deptt then why cant Ashwini work on a subsidiary solution to aggregate all of it and send to IT weekly instead of daily using the Excelsior Corporate systems

She hadnt talked with R&B after Wed... just texted him "Home" "Work" "Home", no not because she was upset, well she was upset he would ask her about the Rs.477
But also because she was buried at work, romance was the last thing on her mind

He spent three days at Copenhagen, sent his reports to his team and flew off to Geneva to look at the nanotechnology startup... he didnt have the greatest understanding at this point but wanted to do a "preview" any way
The data was insufficient and product details hazy... he spent until Friday AM with at the company...
The quarterly partner review was Saturday at Paris, he looked for tickets to fly out late Friday evening from Geneva to Paris...
Sam had called  him a couple times... three to be exact... the third he had asked her whats eating her up.
Manny had texted him Tuesday? "Dad's case might rear its ugly head again"
He had deleted it viciously and let go...

The third time Sam called she didnt sound too happy

"A scribe reported in Dainik Sansar that Delhi Police will most likely reopen the case" Sam said the moment the words came out she started tearing up

"Manny texted me" he said expressionlessly
"AND U DIDNT EVEN CALL TO CHECK?" Sam accused shrill-ly
"Ive known this 4 years" he said mockingly
"Thats cruel" Sam said
"So? its is all over? (the media?) (is it all OVER?)" he asked
"You want it to be OVER dont you" she said bitingly
"Did I say that?" he asked
"You havent been able to muster up an iota of compassion for the man R&B, think about it" Sam said
"And I should?" he asked
"Manny has called me 20 times since I told her, I am glad I didnt even tell you" Sam sobbed
"So? why did u? now?" he asked carelessly
"Do u have any emotion left? U are going to be married, that poor girl trusts you, she is so innocent, does she know she is marrying a heratless bas***d?" Sam asked viciously
"bas***d! yep" he said more uncaringly
"Wont u ask me what Tan is doing about it?" Sam reached again
"He has the best lawyers in the country burning midnight oil for him, does he even need Tan?" he asked bitterly
"Hes ALONE you jerk, I am here, Manny is in Sydney, hes alone in that house" Sam said
"Not because of any of MY doing" he shrugged
"Ofcourse not, none of it is your fault, he was just unfortunate to have a thankless jerk for a son who doenst care about any one or anything." Sam ranted
"Is that it?" he asked frustrated, he had loads of work... and she was on a mission to harangue...
"Can u imagine what the Iyers will say if this spreads?" Sam panicked
"If this is a ploy to delay things I wont accept it" he said flatly
"WHY would he do it R&B? HE LOVES Ishita... she talks to him nicely, she cares for him... she is a sweet girl" Sam said smiling
"I can talk with Mr Iyer if this gets messy" R&B offered
"They hate us already yaar... he has no respect for any of us... he barely tolerates us" Sam said ashamed
"does it matter?" (what HE thinks?) R&B asked, brittle
"I wish you would offer support to Dad, R&B" she made a plea again
"He has his brother, and Tan, he doesnt need me"
"I think Ma would have wanted you to forgive him" Sam said all knowingly
"Well... let her tell me that"then" he said sniggering
Terribly upset his sister would pull the "Ma" card
"Chacha u know right hes a crook... hes waiting for you to sell and flee his wife never cared for us R&B" Sam explained
"Atleast he didnt cheat on her (chachi)" R&B said bluntly
Sam was quiet... crying...
"Chachu apparently asked Dad if you fled again" Sam said
"Let him know I wont until I take my wife with me" R&B said decisively.
"Sam, HE DID IT... all evidence point to him, it would be a crime if you want him 
exonerated because he is your Dad" (he carefully used the word Dad, saying YOUR dad instead of OURS)
"Would you treat me the same way if I did it?" Sam asked
He didnt respond...


"When are u returning?" she asked
"Sunday? Monday? Not sure yet" he said
"Are u atleast talking with her?" she asked
"A bit" he said
"A BIT mat bol, I KNOW U ONLY TALK A "BIT" U JERK" she said passionately
He smiled
"Wonder WHAT she saw in you" Sam said derisively
"The hair she said" R&B lied
"Has to be something stupid like that" Sam snapped back
" Behave yourself R&B... she is very innocent" "She doesnt know you are the devil incarnate"Sam said protectively
"Noted" he said softly

He spent all day Saturday at Paris in the meeting, 7 AM to 7 PM...
What did she do?
SULKED all day... that dude never called
Hatched a evil plan by 6 ish on Feb 14th Sat evening...
When she hit send on a Flipkart order the front door bell rang at D II...
What did she hit order confirm/send on?
 A BUNCH of books, TEACHING the dude about the day as a sarcastic prank

"Happy Valentine's Day Curious George"
"roses are pink, your feet really stink-Junie B jones
Baby's first valentine"
A Crankenstien's Valentine
Bernstien Bears-Valentine's Blessings

A HUGEEE GIANT bouqet of RED roses, no a basket of red roses, 36, 48? dunno...
and packaged gift

Amma and Appa were at Malai Mandir for a sermon

She unwrapped the package

"Sexting Dirty Guide for Women : Drive Any Man Crazy Being Naughty with your Cell phone"
IT DIDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING on "From" and "To" on the card


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Posted: 7 years ago
LOVED it! But too short Nisha...want moreCry
Posted: 7 years ago
My my my. ..HE JUST DOESNT CARE YA!!!!
The truth needs to be out Nish.. I cant see this guy like this.. I cant see him hate his dad. .pleaseee... He doent talk. Fine. But no, I cant see him hate Ranjan...
Rofl the gifts
Posted: 7 years ago
The quiet one is the unforgiving one... Wonder what happens if II does something big n silly... Will he pass a judgement on her too?
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by harshita27

The quiet one is the unforgiving one... Wonder what happens if II does something big n silly... Will he pass a judgement on her too?

You are increasing my fears here... Shocked
He might. He is a very rational man. I do hope he doesnt but you never know!

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