Software Symphonies 6--Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 14

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Posted: 7 years ago
Please dont post yet

Breakfast poker on 5
Tied up in knots on 13
Self Doubt on 18
Dilbert & Vita on 25
Linguist & Kejriwal on 31
To be a good Iyer wife on 46
To live for combat 55
Costs of Friday the 13th on 61
"In a FEW" on 70
Like no other on 76
Mayka, off limits on 91
Sugar Cube & Beenu Kumar on 94
"Pretty like you" on 96

Crashes & Curves on 106
Bernstien Bear & "How To" Books on 116ROFL
Blooms & Descriptions on 121
Tadka & Truth on 127

The Mischief Gene on 137

Only 51 & Hair and Nails on 144

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Posted: 7 years ago

Go for it girlies

Will post the next one here in an hour

I am guessing I will go on to make 20 30 topics?

Meh! Who cares... lets have some harmless fun
Posted: 7 years ago

hello nisha
I am a silent reader of your story and have read all the parts till now and I just love this story and addicted to it. I never got  a chance to comment bcoz when I have completed reading you would have updated the next part. I am afraid to think that this story will end someday as I want it to continue forever. You are such a fast and amazing writer. You surely should publish this as a book. I haven't read anything like this in my entire lifetime and would also not read in future. Your writing style is so unique and the cliffhangers in every chapter makes us impatient and hungry for your updates.
I just want to say a big thankyou for entertaining us everyday with such a fantastic story.
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Posted: 7 years ago
You are evil. I keep waiting the entire weekend and you didn't show up. Now Monday morning I'm going to work and you do this to me.Angry
Posted: 7 years ago
Congrats Nisha on thread 6... if i say i love your work it would be an understatement its been a way of life for me..

Thanks for this wonderful ,real, lovely story ..
Here is to more threads !!!!ClapClapClap
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Posted: 7 years ago

Congrats on the new thread, wishing for many more ...ClapClap


Symphony has become an integral part of my life. My morning cuppa to the end of the day. I keep checking for an update.Wink

I feel like calling YOU a mistress of witchcraft as you have entangled a web of this beautiful story not just me but quite a few are following you as your willing victimsEmbarrassed. Its feel a part of my odyssey as well. I who never wrote apart from text books or official emails now feel like complimenting and having interaction with the ladies on this journey.Smile

Nisha I have no words or rather I feel as if I have exhausted all the adjectives that I know to praise your writing skills. I always in awe, dumbfounded, exhilarated and stimulated by your story telling.Clap I skim it and then I read it at a slower pace. I keep wondering if you are real as you sometimes cave into our demands of adding a situation to the story.StarStar

I am enjoy your description of each and everything, whether it's the kitchen or jumkas. So much detail is added that I as a reader can visualize it. You are depicting the class difference in an alluring manner that it feels normal without drawing the parallels in a negative way.Thumbs Up

You are adding beautiful emotions to the story in a very realistic way, love of dads, sisters, kids, and mom and of course lovers. It's a very wholesome story, its way beyond then the regular romance book.Element of humor is appended in a very  genuine way. It has never felt out of place. LOL

The way you are portraying the insecurity of the leads is adding so much authenticity. Many of us have felt like II and many will feel like II as and when they fall in love.Embarrassed


I feel like meeting you and have a sit down or just watch you how you process things. I love your mention of food, clothes, paintings, aromas etc., I am literally transported to that area while reading. I wish I had 10% of your creativity. I would have howled on the streets of New York and would keep knocking at every publishing house... I hope and wish you would to do that soon. This kind of story needs to be read by masses.ClapClap

Thank thank thank you for the story.


HSP (thats my hometown)


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Posted: 7 years ago
I dont know whats gotten into me - am like this kid in a candy store... Meri lalach ka anth hi nahi!! Big smileLOL
I wish to read a amma and R&B interaction... Amma doing laad of her would be damaad.. Some heart to heart talk that R&B would do with noone... Not now but maybe after marriage.. When he's leaving for business trip n ishu is beside herself with grief n R&B is worried for her n so talks to amma
I feel II being expressive has too many people to talk to... But possible 1-2 only for R&B... Even though I havent seen R&B having a heart to heart with anyone... I want amma to cajole n do laad like she would do for a child
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Posted: 7 years ago
*just to come in on the first page* Big smile

Will probably update this in a few days Smile

Congrats on the new thread Nish! Party
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