Software Symphonies 5--Spice Route on 148 - Page 52

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Posted: 6 years ago
Nivi, I am just inspired by you guys..You, Aarya, and some others who give beautiful reviews...Just starting to give some..Never thought I could write in the first place LOL
Posted: 6 years ago
Slumber Sightings

She took her meds and went to bed... it knocked her out, which was a good thing because she didnt want to cry any more, 
when he came to bed at 2 or after 2, she was asleep facing the empty side, he changed into his track pants and a white sleeveless vest like he did
Hed called the Guest Services and handed ALL clothes for dry cleaning... he never took dirty laundry home so it was just routine...
he threw the covers back and slid in... and lay on his belly burying his face in the pillow... like he usually liked to sleep, his hand twirling his locks... 
like a lil 5 year old making himself sleep
he lifted his head and saw how she slept, on her side, a hand under her cheek,  a pillow between her legs and cuddling the top part.. 
her thumb on her engagement ring, as if she had slept carressing it, or was dreaming of 
carressing it, her face scrubbed clean of whatever she wore in the evening, he leaned and inhaled... she wore something flowery and mild, her sparkly pink 
earring rested under her ear, ready to sway when its owner woke all rested... her looong braid, went beyond 
the length of the pillow... and dangled from the edge, he lifted his covers to 
see what she wore, a pink Old Navy track pant and some white skinny tee with lettering... 
the tee two sizes too tight washed and worn... peachish sheer lace peeked from underneath... 
frilly and flowery... a slim gold chain with the peace sign..."That explains the battle" he sniggered
He gently pulled the pillow and threw it as far from the bed as possible...

She went on her back, he could see her hand imprint on her flawless cheek, the part where her emerald ring had dug in, 
a red welt on her chin...her chest rise and fall steadily...he ogled until he had aroused himself to a point he had to do something about it

8 ish she woke... her legs intertwined with his, she was laying on her back and he was laying... 
ermmm on her curves... her tee pulled way down, revealing all the peach lace, and his cheek pressing down on it
 his arm around her waist... she didnt know where her leg pillow was...
He was probably not used to sleeping alone... she didnt want to sleep alone... she hummed her favorite Hindi and Tamil songs in a whisper... more than 4 songs
Like she always did laying in bed... dreaming while awake
since they wouldnt tell each other ... they just found each other in sleep
She lay still until she had to sneeze because of his lush hair tickling her nostril, she held it down and sneezed... he shook with her
Like  with Shravu, she instinctively held tight and did a "Shhh" "Shhh" tapping his back with her arm around him
And stopped... he was asleep he didnt care... she lay there... for God knows how long... savoring his sleeing form on her... 
checking his arm for scars,  whatever little she could see of his face for a mole or blemish... 
felt his ear and leaned forward to smell his hair... it smelled like the rest of him... fresh and lemony... no fuss... manly...
"Ayyyo" she groaned as she found herself aroused... hugged him tight and inhaled... 
kissing the top of his head.. and lay there... moved slowly under  his thigh in short unsteady movements and felt his arousal...
"And "I" insulted him that "HE" doesnt have anything else in his mind?" "Ayyo II u are willing to seduce a sleeping man"
"Niice Nice"
"Well he is LAYING ON ME. Its not MY fault"
"U were the prude that insulted him remember"
"Ive been engaged to him for A WEEK? "All Ive gotten is yelling and scolding"

That just killed her arousal...she dozed, and when she woke he was still asleep...
The bedside clock said  9:22 
the sun was out in full glory...
She gently held his head in her arm and tilted him with a soft purr like he was 
Shravu and turned him over dragging his pillow under his head, letting his head rest gently on it, bending down... 
letting her pendant tap his temple, gently giving him a finger kangi, bent down almost kissed his forehead... 
holding the Vee of her tee with her left hand, yanking the blankets over him she slid out of bed, and stared out the window
"I wont tell him" she told herself... of how she held him and how she cooed over him...
She wore a peach chiffon saree with a sleeveless blouse... the saree had a wavy pattern luscious and soft...
Went down at 10:45... her phone was on her side of the bedside... with the charger plugged in...

"I am downstairs" she texted following his rules..."Eating"
Bally texted her saying Havan was at Noon and lunch at 2

Instead of saying "nevermind" to herself, she TEXTED IT accidentally

She found upma and idlis and tiny uthapams and the most delicious sambar, she asked if she could get filter coffee and they smiled nodding
She ate like she had just broken up with her boy friend
She ate a bowl of rava kesari, dripping with ghee "Waist be damned II" she cursed out loud
The waiter stopped by thrice in 5 minutes he noticed, once he approached the restaurant to fill more water in her glass, 
once as he headed to her asking if she wanted something
He stood showered, SHAVED, and in jeans and a white U cut shirt with shoulder straps
She blushed seeing his clean shaven face, he noticed it but didnt say a thing, just slid in across and let his eyes wander 
over her seriously plunging neckline, her flimsy chiffon revealing more than it hid, the exposed skin on her right mound
bearing beard burn scars from when he lay on her at night...gorgeous color and as usual worn like a diva.. 
effortlssly clinging to her curves... her nose ring a plain solid bead..

AND NOW "More idlis Maam?" the waiter asked
"No" she smiled shyly... a big glorious smile..."thanks"
He felt a sharp twinge of fury. at the short heavy set man's interest in II...
"You Sir?" he asked
"I'll need a minute" he said curtly...
The man lingered
R&B gave him a "get lost" look
Flipped the giant hand scrawled menu on hand made paper with a peacock feather stuck on top
He waved for help, the same moron showed up
"Omelette hashed brown and toast" "Coffee, just black"
"Coffee first?"
"Ya!!?" R&B looked at him curiously
Handed him the menu...
 He accidentally stretched and found her foot and saree... she pulled back..
He didnt say a word.. she didnt either
Just looked at the newspaper...
Her table was cleared by a woman...
She read her paper , saving her dessert..
"What are u eating?' he asked breaking the ice
She didnt respond.. he reached and grabbed her fork and dug in as she watched 
startled, he ate a spoon ful and and returned, just when she went to grab it he reached again and took a huge chunk
He pulled the Economic Times from under her HT Supplement, and started to read...
His breakfast arrived, he ate wordlessly...
he signed the bill... they went past the lobby he took a detour to get his gym bag, "maybe he went for a swim?"
 she took the elevator up before he did, and walked to the room opened the door, and entered... 
he followed her shut the door, grabbing her arm pulling her back to the shut door
Pinned her to the back of the door where the fire escape instructions were stuck in a vinyl folder
Bent down and grabbed her lips with a punishing growl.his right arm going around her waist to crush her to his body
..his left thumb stroking the beard burn on her exposed right curve... as if he was erasing the waiter's 
gaze off of it, the heady mixture of anger and aftershave arousing her

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Posted: 6 years ago
ugly differences have started to show up..the issues were already there but they never talk about that they are together they are bound to popup and confrontations will be there...most of the time in a relationship one partner is aggressive and the other accommodating... at least what i have seen around me but here both are ferocious and fighters always putting other down...they will go to nay extent to hurt each other...II claiming that marriage is only for sex amd R&B just walking off...this will only make her assume she is right...R&B was right in his part..she did behave recklessly...
Posted: 6 years ago
Nish...wat to say...
I just dont want the update to end at all Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
How I wish there was a LOVE button to click on 
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

How I wish there was a LOVE button to click on 

True...Now how will I sleep ? Cry Cry Cry
Posted: 6 years ago
The sight.
 Such wonderful heart warming sight of two individuals, fighters I must say LOLLOL , who have come together this day to get married, but lay there hopelessly annoyed with each other due to an emotional outrage few hours ago.
RB HeartHeartHeart. Such a KID he is...
He so wants her even when they are angry... His wandering eyes looking for emotional support after that bicker!! He wanted to cling on to her. He needed her to talk it out. He JUST WANTED SUPPORT. BEAUTIFULLY PORTRAYED... 
II is such an intense individual!!! She is so damn caring mann!!! My heart really goes out to her...So warm..She treated him like  a kid !! AGAIN  A BEAUTIFUL PART Heart
And the morning was so so so beautiful!!!!!!!
I loved it...totally totally loved it!!!!!
He is such a kid...really ...We see II bickering all the time..But look at this guy...He is simply so cuteee Heart
Its like I see a mother son duo at a table in a restaurant where the mom is annoyed with the son and the son really tries hard to gain her attention...BEAUTIFUL!!!
AND, the intense lover in him returns once they reach upstairs EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Could not have asked for more Nisha..Beautiful update really..I have no words to explain how happy I feel reading this update!!! I want to re read it to endless number of times the whole day and yet not be tired...
Thank you so much. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by sw athi1990

Originally posted by ashu9

How I wish there was a LOVE button to click on 

True...Now how will I sleep ? Cry Cry Cry
Swathi, you are talking of sleeping ? 
I drew up a timetable to STUDY . How on earth will I do it now LOL

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