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Posted: 5 years ago

Hi everyone!!!
I'm AruSmile...just a teen...I joined IF in may 2014...Wink 
My IF journey actually began when, out of curiosity, I started searching for the upcoming story of my favourite onscreen/offscreen couple...Kunwar Pratap Singh & Rajkumari Ajabdeh (PrAja)...from Bharat Ka Veer Putr- Maharana googling got me here and after a lot of consideration...I decided to join this place...
I saw heavy discussions taking place on the very questions I had in my head...even I joined in...soon made friends...
not just discussions...there were fanfictions on PrAja too...and some of them were really gripping...I reeled back my memory to the long predictions in my head that I came up with in the anxious wait of the weekend...and people seemed too happy to accept a new story...
I started typing...posting...discussing...making friends...some friends are so close now that they are a part of my heart...I got appreciation for my ear to ear smile was irresistible...people urged me to write more...I was too happy to...
I saw works by others...not just stories...but siggies and VM's too...some of them literally stayed on by mind for three days and nights atleast and they are still on my heart... the beginning...I thought that this place was only about Maharana Pratap...until I discovered forums of other topics as well...things that I have always remained a fan Harry Potter...Fan Fictions...Writer's Corner...
When discussing with my friends about these...and anyone said anything that was affecting them some way in life...some work, or bad health, or anger, or disappointment, or sadness...I used to just give out my care in the form of a long reply to make them feel alright and give them some inspiration and guiding...and...I really didn't believe it when some said that I inspired them, that my words have had a deep impact on them, that I have somehow helped them in taking decisions...those were the most proud words just gained a new meaning from then...
People still appreciated my stories on PrAja, my writing skills, I decided to try something new, that was when I first posted in the Writer's corner...something from my heart...
Till date, I love to write...and I have gained a lot of readers...
IF has given me love, and it has carved the writer inside me in a beautiful way, it has given me confidence, and it has taught me so much...I can never be thankful enough for what I have got here...
Though the leap will be here soon in BKVPMP, its this appreciation and love and motivation that I am never gonna stop writing...infact I even thought of writing a novel...
Throughout this journey...I really wrote a lot...and will keep writing more...I sometimes feel to hunt my every inspiring word in my posts that I ever said here...and I myself have been inspired by so many creative minds here...
I had something for writing since childhood, whenever we got any picture composition or construct a story from clues or something of that sort, I used to write it with my heart and even today when I read those, I cant help but smile...I swear I once wrote a story of 12 pages out of 12 clues...
In real life, I just remain so...I dont know...I can never say what I really have in my mind, words just spill out of my mouth, and they don't even make sense...but here at IF, I could be the true me, and writing here, it has literally given me a new identity, it has made me a more social and better person...
So here I am...sharing all my works with you all who have given me so much...

By Heart...
                        -When the Soul speaks better words

The Unknown Name-OS

My Home... {an extract from my diary} (1000th post)

PrAja OS-Just Can't See Your Pain

PrAja SS (Joint)-with Celana

PrAja SS- That's Where My World Lies...

PrAja TS-BAARISH... ;)

PrAja OS-Ehsaas...

Mehendi hai Rachne vali-PrAja vivah bhent SS
Will always keep writing...Thank You for all your encouragemant and support till now...hope we remain in a bond forever...
-Aru :)

Hardwork pays and it did for me.
 If you work for something with all your heart, them the God himself gets it to you.
 Hardwork brings with it success...and lessons.
 And you never know your worth until you have tried yourself.
I'm grateful, thankful, honored and so much more for winning The Adventurous Tale contest in the BKVPMP forum. It has really taught me so much.
 I'm thankful I got this chance, and yes, thankful again for all that it has given me.
Best Things in Life take Time to come...

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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for such a Nice Index Awesome works ClapEmbarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by -ChitraRocking-

Thanks for such a Nice Index Awesome works ClapEmbarrassed
Awww...noo need to say thank you...
I have been keeping this pending for quite some time...finally did it...
frankly...its a relief...
now i can easily find my work...and make it easy for my readers too... :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thanx for PM Aru. 
Sorry for not commenting in Precious post. 
Coz of my exams. 
U r a brilliant writer. 
Loved ur all write up. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
Congrats for your gallery aru Hug

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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by Anjori_ArSha

Congrats for your gallery aru Hug

thank u so much Anjori!!!
waiting for urs too.. ;)
that will be a lot more colourful...with ur siggies too...Wink
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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by KhushLuvsGC-AK

Thanx for PM Aru. 
Sorry for not commenting in Precious post. 
Coz of my exams. 
U r a brilliant writer. 
Loved ur all write up. 
di...thank u nahi bolte Aru ko...Wink
sorry bhi nahi...
maine abhi to post ki hai gallery...
thank u...
thank u so much...
will deffo keep writing...
dil se likha hai...
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Posted: 5 years ago
congratss for ur gallery Aru... Big smile
keep writing!! Big smile
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