Yahan Ishqiyaun Re Wahan Dhishqyaun!!!

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Posted: 7 years ago
Helloo YHM-ianz...Big smileBig smileBig smile...I am extremely sorry for the delay in making this post..I wanted to post it last nite itself,but couldn..I hope i am able to cover up for the delay with this post..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..I really wanted to make this post..And thtys evn aftr bein such hell late am STILL postin this topic...Big smileBig smile...

OMG i cant beleive i am makin my 2nd consecutive KK post on a row..Pehle bhi i made two back to back KK posts last month...But unlike last time..this time dono posts pe v r celebrating KKness...Last month mein-one ws on missin KK n next day he came n v celebrated KK n KKSS too..LOLWink...

This post is a CONTINUATION of my tue epi wala KK post..And that is this one...

I am continuing ydays post in this new post is coz kal KK ke saath jo hua uspe tue epi ke moments EQUALLY CONTRIBUTING hai..!! So if anyone of u missed my prev post,read tht 1st n then only this one..Big smileBig smile...

As u all know,aftr a gap of almost 1.5 months,KK made an entry in tue epi's IshRaHi scene...!! There ws ONE MOMENT i MISSED noticing n explaining it...But thnx to some who made me realise the EPIC BLUNDER i did by not noticing it..ShockedLOL...It ws lik THE BAAP OF ALL KK moments aur maine KK ke wapas aane ki khushi mein...wohi moment miss kar ditta...OuchLOL...And HEIGHTS ws i had evn posted screencap too in my tue epi post-but i explained somethin else of tht same pic..LOLLOL...In my tue epi post,i highlighted KK's right hand movements...But i FORGOT to highlight where ws KK's left hand...see the pic below n i dnt think i need to explain nythin more...ROFLROFLROFL...

Just wanna say this to KK with the help of this PERFECT AVI below..ROFLROFLROFL...Thanks for ALWAYS PROVING ME RIGHT tht it ws my BEST decision to give u the name of "KK"..LOLLOL..!!

Now coming to last nites epi...KK ka epic excitement increased many folds regarding picnic compared to his yday haal..LOLWink...

Before i explain last nites epi moments,wanna say my this post is divided into two sections-Ishqiyaun Moments and Dhishqiyaun Moments...LOLWink...Lik yday post,this post also has got screencaps took by me..Big smileBig smile

Ishqiyaun Moments

THIS is the moment when Ruhi told Ishu tht next time if Ishu want babies,she should just tell to Raman..And hearing tht KK IS BACK in Raman as u can see in the pic above...LOOK at the way he ws lookin at Ishu...LOLLOL..Felt lik he ws TOTALLY in "Ready Steady Po" situation for the subject on which Ruhi ws askin n he ws lettin her knw ABOUT IT(his haal-e-dil i meant..LOLLOL..)with such "complicated" expressions..LOLWink...And for a change,Dhakkan Kumari bhi samajh gayi it seems n she bcame conscious of sudden HEAT in the room arised coz of some1's gazes on her in the most unsual way n tht on the most unusual subject(as per her)...LOLLOL..And both of them came back to senses n ajeeb awkwardenss came to scenario...LOLWink...

KK and his FAV TIME PASS...ROFLROFLROFL...To avoid awkwardness tht came i told above,Ishu just went and placed her dresses on cupboard..Aur tabhi KK ne CHANCE PE DANCE kiya lik shown in the pic above..ROFLROFLROFL..Am DAMN SURE he ws then imaginin similar scenarios for the "couple" picnic he planned..LOLLOL...

awww how super cute MY KK is lookin in this pic...Day DreamingDay Dreaming...The picnic excitement ws growin on him more as time passed by n usika glow uske chehre par bhi dikh raha tha...LOLWink...This happened when Ishu entered the bedroom..Uff kya smile se welcome kiya apni biwi ka..SMILING RKB...ShockedLOL..Sorry but ths NOT RKB..its out n out my KK-bein epic happy coz of upcoming picnic as per his plannings..LOLWink..

When Ishu ws goin to sleep in couch,Raman came there to stop her n told her to sleep with Ruhi n he will sleep on couch instead.. Ishu ws denying first...But when Raman said tht CHAMATKAARI line,Ishu maan gayi..jhat se...LOLLOL...He told her "Aaj AAP ruhi ke paas so jaao"...ShockedShocked...omg omg Raman calling Ishu "aap"?ShockedShocked... Hui na CHAMATKAAR..ROFLROFLROFL..Desperation ki HEIGHTS tha woh...He ws bein epic sweet with her ONLY coz she rite away agreed for the "couple trip" n his hormones hv been goin high since then...LOLLOL...So for her gesture for picnic,made him being super sweet towards jabse she said yes for picnic..LOLLOL..usika ek namoona hai Raman calling Ishita as "aap"..ShockedLOL..He so wanna make sure Ishu uska  isi tarah se har cheez ke liye "yes" bole in picnic too..So this ws his way of "maska maarofyin" his wifey too..LOLWink...

oh god koi ITNA POLITE..ITNA SWEET...its hard to digest u see..LOLLOL...Stop ur nautanki KK...LOLLOL...But again,apna typical kaam karna bhi nahi bhoolte..na?This is another example of "kahin pe nigaahein kahin pe nishaana moment"..LOLLOL

Even though this is a KK post...i couldn resist takin this cap on Ishu..LOLLOL...omgg LOOK AT HER...ShockedLOL...Exactly kya karne ka soh rahi thi Ishu?ITNA ITNA ITNAAA SHARMAANA?ShockedLOL... For a sec,i really felt kal raat IshRa ka much awaited suhaag raat honewaaale the..LOLLOL...No wonder kisi aur se CONTROL hi NAHI ho raha tha..LOLLOL...My poor KK...LOLLOL...!!

see i told u somebody ws finding it HARD to control...This ws some1's reactios seein "kuch zyada" hi sharmeeli wifey..LOLLOL.. Look at his smile to her...Its lik tellin...aaj nahi toh kal mera number ZAROOR lagega...LOLLOL...

omggg hv u ppl ever seen SUCH DREAMY "Raman" before FOR REAL?Then see it NOW..LOLLOL...Raman toh tha hi nahi..it ws all KK,KK n KK..LOLLOL...This ws the moment when he said "good nite" to Ishu...Oh god..USKE SHAKAL pe likha hai how hell happy n excited he ws bcomin for the "picnic"...Sorry "mock" honeymoon trip..LOLLOL...And the reason for his increased happiness ws before sayin GN to ishu,he got msg frm Mihir tht all arrangements were set..And tht news made some1 evn more hell excited..LOLWink..Aur wohi khushi apne "dreamy good nite" wish mein jatane ki koshish kar raha tha koi...LOLLOL...

"Tenu Takta Rava..." LOLWink...Uff somebody is not able to take eyes off frm his wife...!! Am sure he ws imaginin all tht things again which he had planned to do n cant wait to do in this so called "picnic"...LOLWink..Mann hi mann ladoo phoot raha tha LITERALLY.. Tht ws so crystal clear in this pic above...aww my baby...bt usko kahan pata tha uski better half poora program mana liya toh usko bajaane ka..OuchLOL...So bechaara din knw he ws actually partyin for nothin..OuchLOL...!!

Good Morning My love..HugHugHug...1st thing he saw in the mornin ws the packed bag..LOLLOL...Again he got WRONG SIGNAL that not just him,bt ishu is also very excited for trip n tab hi bag bhi packs kar liye subah subah...LOLLOL...All tht made him happy n charged up...And he decided to get ready n told himself-"Aaj Ka Din Achcha Hoga.."...ROFLROFL...Haan haan..bada hi acha din...jaise hi isse pehle he dnt evn knew wht IS achcha din..LOLLOL..Look at these 3 pics above..Isse pehle "Raman" ko ITNAAA HAPPY mood mein dekha hai in the mornin?LOLWink...Its all coz of KK effect on him n his delusions of spending some quality time with his wife..LOLWink.. My dhakkan..plz y dnt u just accept tht U ARE IN LOVE..LOLLOL.. U said in tue epi tht u arranged this trip for Ishi(jo ki SHUDH JHOOT hai..LOLLOL..)...So y r U gettin this excited?ConfusedLOL...Ab toh maan jaa-ki trip usse zyada tumhare liye zaroori tha...LOLLOL...!!

THIS ws the last time my baby ws DILSE HAPPY last nite..CryCry... Kabse he ws waitin waitin for the trip day to come...Jabse plan kiya,tabse mann mein hazaaron sapne bune the isne-ki yeh karna hai..woh karna hai..Aur woh sab uske OVER EXCITED HAPPINESS n HARKATON se nazar aa rahe the...Like in this one too...He ws gettin ready n tab hi he thought he should inform his parents abt his plan n he ws sure they will be happy to knw IshRa spending time together n so they will take care of Ruhi evn more..!! Yes "take care of Ruhi"...coz he very well know Ishu n her care share for Ruhi..So agar madam poore trip mein Ruhi ke baare mein chinta karti rahi,toh WHAT ABOUT HIM?LOLLOL...He wanted ALL HER FULL ATTENTION..LOLLOL...Tab hi yeh plan bana liya to make sure Ruhi is taken full care n so tht his wife wnt bother much abt Ruhi n he can do whtevr he want to do for her,for him..LOLLOL... Yahi tha uske real plan jiske wajah se u could see he smirkin so much..!! Warna apne parents ko plan bataane mein itna kya smirkin shirkin?LOLWink...KK-plz maan jaao...U JUST CANT HIDE THINGS from me...LOLLOL...

And with tht...OFFICIALLY ENDED-The Ishqiyaun moments of kal ka epi...OuchLOL...Now time for reality check aka The Dhisqiyaun moments...OuchLOL...

Dishqiyaun Moments

This ws the moment JUST BEFORE truth ws out to him..He ws CLUELESS LITERALLY...LOLLOL...This is when Ishu told to reveal "surprise" to all...And he ws lik to all?keda surprise?ShockedLOL...And seeing him as Silent Kumar..Ishu thought of tellin to all..So when she started sayin,this ws the expression KK had...He ws lik "what on earth this pagal aurat is upto now?"Stern SmileROFL

"Zor Ka Jhatka..Haaye Zoron Se Laga..Haan Laga.."...ROFLROFLROFL.. Yahi hai KK SHOT DOWN moments when Ishu fired on him with the bullet aka news tht ALL R GONNA JOIN THEM in the "couple" trip he planned...ROFLROFLROFL...Totally DHISQYIAUNNN moments...ROFLROFLROFL...Look at 3rd pic in the set of 5 pics above...!! HEIGHTS OF ZOR KA JHATKA-ness..ROFLROFLROFL... Maine suna tha jab log ko sadma ho jaata hai,toh their reactions can be weird at times..Aur kal mujhe uska proof mil hi gaya...LOLLOL..Those 5 pics above r proofs..!! Hats Off to KARAN PATEL for these EPIC EXPRESSIONS of KK who felt lik he ws kicked down to pataal lok from saathve aasmaan...ClapClapClap...My poor baby...His world LITERALLY CRASHED DOWN infront of him..CryCry...Kahan apne biwi ke saath AKELE time spend karna chahta tha n kahan ab poori paltan joinin him n her...AngryAngry...Only one song suited him..."Dil Ke Armaan Aasuon Mein Bah Gaye"...CryCry...I feel for u KK..i feel for u..CryCry...Come here..HugHugHug...

The moments of realization tht KK got "Babaji Ka Thullu"...OuchLOL.. KK ws totally flabbergested n hell disappointed on FINALLY ACCEPTING the fact tht all his plans hv been RUTHLESSLY SPOILED by his wife..AngryOuch...He just couldn beleive his SHEER BAD LUCK..SleepySleepy...He ws literally flying high in the sky jabse he ws plannin abt this couple trip...But when he realised his wife hv turned tht same couple trip to family trip,he felt he ws bought back to EARTH..SleepySleepy...First pic above clearly indicated tht..OuchLOL...And 2nd pic mein...he ws seein Ishu who ws goin on n on abt all plans she did n here he ws thinkin is this woman for real?ShockedShocked...Mere plan ko satyanaash karke mere hi saamne apne plan ki demo dikha rahi hai?Oh God..Give me STRENGTH STRENGTH ki main iss Dhakkan Kumari ki gala NA dabau..AngryLOL...Oh yes thts exactly my KK ws thinkin..uske dil ki baat main nahi pehchaanungi toh aur kaun karega?LOLWink...

After the moments of shock,my baby FINALLY SPOKE..OuchLOL... When Romi told Raman tht he hv did all arrangements for music, KK in Raman told with the epic expressions above(as u all can see in the 4 pics above) that "Band toh baj hi chuka hai..Ab gaana kya bajaayega tu.."...ROFLROFLROFL...Band baj chuka hai,but oneliners bolna chod nahi sakta..LOLLOL...Oops am sorry baby,i knw i should be mourning along with u..But wht to do if i hear such epic one liners with such epic expressions?Main bhi insaan hoon..kamzor hoon..CONTROL HI NAHI HOTI..ROFLROFLROFL... Ok Jokes apart,tht line by him-clearly explained his haal-e-dil...OuchLOL..

Shock Hua,Confession(i meant abt his band bajnewaala lines) bhi hua..Now time for some SARCASM baby...LOLLOL...When Mihika came n asked whts goin on..KK in Raman finally got his chance to say his haal-e-dil in indirect way lik alwz..LOLLOL...The two pics above r frm those moments..He told her all r goin to picnic TOGETHER...AngryLOL...Unlike Ishu,Mihika is one smart woman n PERFECT SAALI saahiba for Raman..LOLLOL...She ws the ONLY ONE who got the sarcasm of KK..LOLLOL...And she felt super bad for him..OuchOuch...

Kisine sach kaha hai..Zindagi ko badalne mein ek pal kaafi hota hai...OuchLOL...Just look at my love-KK.. Thodi der pehle isi mirror ke saamne smirk smirk kar raha tha(chk pic in "ishqiyaun moments" section above)...Aur ab wohi banda...usi mirror ke saamne...sulk sulk kar raha tha..OuchLOL.."Kya se kya ho gaya..picnic ke chakkar mein"...LOLLOL...

Abhi abhi toh sulk kar rahe the...Aur ab dekho slight happiness on his face when he ws sharing his plan with Mihir...LOLLOL...This ws the moment when he told Mihir that..
"Thoda sa vo relax ho jaaye.. MAIN relax ho jaaun"...
@red...ROFLROFL...FINALLY U SAID IT,KK..ROFLROFL...maine toh yeh pehle hi boli thi when u were tellin SAFED JHOOT to Mihir tht u arranged the trip for Ishita so tht she can relax..LOLLOL...This is wht i wrote in my prev KK post i made for tue epi this week..
Meri Mannat Tu...!!!~*Welcome Back KK*~
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

2)"Thoda mind divert hoga" Raman..again i knw u knw tht Ishu ko spa mein koi dilchaspi nahi..toh wahan jaake Ishu ka mind kaise divert ho sakta hai?Par haan kisi aur ka ho sakta hai who is desperately tryin for a location change by plannin this trip in the pretext of making some1 happy..LOLWink...

Aah tht feel of knowin ur loved ones-IN n OUT..LOLWink...I am SO PROUD of myself...ROFLROFL...

Finally SOME RELEIF MOMENTS for KK...LOLWink...His parents told Ishu tht she should go with Raman n IshRa can come to resort separately in Raman's car n rest of the family will go together in bus..LOLWink...Aaah SEE THE RELEIF n HAPPINESS on some1's face..LOLLOL...I really felt lik doin this to KK then..ROFLROFL..

Oh god..LOOK at her...ShockedLOL...Aise behave kar rahi thi jaise ki plan usne banaya aur spoil Raman ne kiya...ShockedLOL...Yeh toh wohi baat ho gayi..."ulta chor kotvaal ko daante"...ROFLROFL...And dekho.. did raman say "lets leave"?NO...toh phir yeh uske saamne khadi hoke wohi view kyu de rahi thi jo KK ko pasand hai?LOLLOL...Damn n ppl say MY KK ke neeyat theek nahi..Stern SmileLOL..Arey jab saamne se invitation aaye toh woh kyu peeche hate..Pati hai vo uska...ROFLROFL..And as expected,KK did go off track seein her frm his fav side of view..LOLLOL..Aur wohi moment maine capture ki in this pic above..LOLWink...

Nywz itni aasani se Ishu ko maafi nahi diya jaa sakta...LOLLOL.. KK ke plans ko ROYALLY SPOIL kiya...Though atleast for few hours he ws gettin time to spend with her coz of parents ka meharbaani,he cant rule out fact tht 90% of his plans got RUINED..!! So time to show MIRROR to some1...LOLLOL...I am sure Ishu bhale hi kaha ki she dont wanna go with him alone...Andar hi andar ladoo phoote honge on knowin HER HUSBAND did so much JUST FOR HER...Toh madam ko thoda akad aa gayi thi..And it ws clearly written on her face the way she ws lookin at him n standin before him as if she ws doin some meharbaani on him by agreeing to go with him...LOLLOL..Jab Jhansi Ki Rani akad dikha sakti hai toh Raavan Kumar kyu nahi?So KK HAPPILY LET Raavan Kumar to lead from front..LOLLOL...And then came THE BEST DIALOGUE OF THE DAY from him..
"Kabaab mein haddi suna hai?Tumne haddiyon ka pura dher laga diya hai..Aao ek ek karke chabaate hai..."

omg tht ws NOT Raavan Kumar..LOLLOL..That ws AGAIN KK tellin in the disguise of Raavan Kumar..And wht made me say tht is his OPEN CONFESSION abt "haddis"..LOLLOL...OMG YAHI..YAHI toh main bhi bol rahi thi kal when he ws tellin no family will be there to accompany them..LOLLOL..omgg..2nd time on same day,my reactions on KK came true...LOLLOL..This is wht i wrote in my prev KK post i made for tue epi this week..
Meri Mannat Tu...!!!~*Welcome Back KK*~
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

3)"Koi family wamily nahi" Raman...stop telling lies u dhakkan..AngryLOL..family ke bina na raman khush ho sakta hai na Ishita..Par again kisi aur ko toh BAS apni patni ki saath chahiye hota hai..And tht some1 just din lik any kabaab mein haddi chahe vo  haddi apne hi family mein se koi kyu na ho..LOLWink...

KK..see..how epic well i knw u man...aah...am SO HAPPY..CoolROFL..

Wohoo...And THIS is the DHISQIYAUN MOMENT OF ISHITA..ROFLROFLROFL...All thnx to KK's epic lines about haddis..LOLLOL...Usne kya socha poora plan barbaad karne ke baad akad dikhayegi toh KK ko samajh mein nahi aayega?LOLWink...No darling..NO...U just donno kiske plan ko mess up ki tumne..Ab BHUGTO..ROFLROFL...

Phew..!! And there ends my "chota" take on kal ka epi...LOLLOL...!!
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res for best comments-part 1


Originally posted by beebutterfly

Last night's epi was so full of KK-ness that I ca understand the length of the post! ;D

After the initial shock of both at Ruhi's comment, that smile on KK's face as he looked at Ishita, you said it, complicated expression. For me, it looked like a smirk which said you are right Ruhi, only I can fulfil that *cough* coupled with a smile, which said he would be only too happy to.  Door door se Mr. KK doesn't look embarrassed in that first pic and that look! Uff! I can only go thud and blush, I can totally understand why Ishu became conscious since screen ke iss paar bhi we were feeling the heat.BlushingROFL

3rd pic: FAV TIME PASS

And how! KK just can't help his eyes straying there, after the admission that he checks her out while she's giving out lectures, he doesn't seem at all bothered to cover it up. Kuch zyada hi bold hai Mr. KK, ab toh lecture ya no lecture, the minute Ishu turns her back, someone gets busy ogling.ROFL

4th, 5th, 6th & 7th  pic:

Yes, an aww moment for me too! The sweet si smile, RKB has never looked happier.Embarrassed  But then yes, suspicion creeps in as to why he's so happy, the extensive planning surely going through his head and he must have gone like here comes my prey, ab bas let me draw her to my territory..cough since RKB is our punjabi sher, logically his territory would be the jungle so boy! Am I glad they are going to be lost somewhere there?BlushingROFL

I hadn't paid attention to that so thank you for pointing out the aap' moment. Yes, totally in maska maaro mode, even Ishu was quite baffled (keep the expression Ishu, you have no idea what is awaiting youROFL) but then that shy smile on Ishu's face after she accepts, RKB's care and attention clearly had the desired effect.Embarrassed

8th pic

My favourite! Totally Cheshire cat smile of KK, as if satisfied his prey had fallen neatly into the trap, so he can go to sleep and carry out the rest of the plan the next day. Aise smile mat diya karo RKB, prey ban ne ka dil karta hai, uh sorry I meant it will get hard for any prey to get away which is disturbingly scary.Blushing

But yes, the dreamy looks he had while going to the couch, haye!Heart Tenu Takta Rava is just the song to describe it, he couldn't stop looking at her and someone pointed that out in the forum last night, but RKB slept in the reverse direction to Ishu's usual position on the couch so that he could continue looking at her.Embarrassed  I'm sure dreams mein bhi Ishu hi dikha hoga usko.  But hopefully those were innocent dreams, though with KK back it could be anything.Blushing

In the morning

Where usually RKB wakes up looking quite serious and grumpy, he was openly smiling. Seeing that bag only intensified it, so happy he was..yes yes, we understand why RKB, your plan is nearing success! Hair brush karte waqt, that shy smile and dreamy look he had, aw! But the asking his parents to take care of Ruhi announced the comeback of scheming KK! You said it, he wanted Ishu's full attention, I'm constantly getting awed by KK's planning skills these days...I had one more question, where had those jeans been hidden all this while? I thought he would have forgotten he had them, but here hardly anything was being left to chance so impression bana ne ke liye, jeans and sports shoes out! Now just let me hear Ishu utter that buddha comment even jokingly, even she would have to agree that RKB is the ultimate Punjabi munda.  Eeks! Even we are impressed RKB.Blushing

The dishqiyaun moments..ouch! My poor KK! Disapprove

"Zor Ka Jhatka..Haaye Zoron Se Laga..Haan Laga.."

That's it ! He was crestfallen to know that Ishu had invited everyone along...he could just stare helplessly as Ishu excitedly broke the news to the family, well Ishu you broke someone's else armaans as well.  But here I feel like siding with Ishu and telling KK that along with giving her the looks, bol bhi dete the full plan...but maybe Ishu would have read the KK-ness and been reluctant to go.  Hmph! So complicated this is, almost wish he hadn't told her anything, maybe some bahane about tooth ache which would turn into a long drive and finally picnic..oh well will rein back my wishful thinking.ROFL

"Band toh baj hi chuka hai..Ab gaana kya bajaayega tu.."

I laughed so hard at that, and then I felt bad too because he had clearly given up on the romantic getaway by that time. Ishu had made a perfect bullet hole in his full bullet-proof jacketed plan. The expressions he was giving! I'm sorry, I forgot to sympathize there and could only keep laughing away. My poor poor KK!
This brings me to the thought that the only one who had seen RKB's countless badalte rang in this epi apart from us was the mirror.TongueROFL

"Thoda sa vo relax ho jaaye.. MAIN relax ho jaaun"

Now that was the confession moment! He could no longer hold in it, the dejection this turn of events had caused made him utter the real motives, sadly everyone knew about it even Mihir which is why he didn't even tease him with that...or could be paas se, he was feeling RKB's pain even more too.Broken Heart

With the suggestion that Ishu and RKB should go together, finally KK ke jaan mein jaan ayi and he was back to smiling but yes, it was Ishu's turn to have that disappointed look, albeit fake, love that pic in which he's looking at her and she's sulking away.  RKB's expression looked like he wanted to see the reaction of Ishu...but you are right, madamjee was giving him her back, guess will go with you and say she likes to oblige.BlushingROFL

"Kabaab mein haddi suna hai?Tumne haddiyon ka pura dher laga diya hai..Aao ek ek karke chabaate hai..."

Ah, the best dialogue of the epi! Such disappointment from KK that he had to taunt her RKB-style.ROFL  

And the last pic, dhisqiyaun moment is the perfect way to describe it.  I'm so happy to see JKR back, it's going to be fun to watch her against KK!..Hopefully she'll bring out the KKSS when time calls for it too, that'll be the only avatar capable of competing with KK!Blushing

This turned longer than I wanted so I'm sorry for that.Embarrassed Will end by saying that I completely agree, you know KK like no one else.Wink Thoroughly enjoyed this this post! ;D

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res for best comments-part 2


Originally posted by Bruce_L

Lucky KK fans, for consecutively getting a chance to do BB of KK.
And the gang leader is on a roll Tongue
May I know why he choose to remain in the room after such an embarrassing situation which Ruhi created. Shouldn't he have walked out of the room to ease the tension growing there.
Still its ok, who are we to question him why he stayed back in his room Ermm
When he knew Ishu was going towards the cupboard, instead he could've moved to a place and turned around to avoid facing her, but he choose to move to a place where he gets a clear view of his favorite spot and was looking at her even after she turned around and faced him. Direct hit, KK ROFL ROFL
No wonder few part of the epi again was dedicated to his fantasy for his fav spot.
KK, we know by your 'unspoken' words and behaviour, you took Ruhi's talks seriously like always but itna desperate ki that you didn't even thought of discussing it with Ishu and directly got ready for fulfilling Ruhi kutty's wish.
I can bet on it, if Ishu didn't walk out of that room, by next year the same time, by god grace too, Ruhi would be playing with her baby brother or baby sister ROFL ROFL
And whom he called kabab mein haddiyan ? Ruhi too ? Chee KK, itna bhi kya control nahin hota ROFL ROFL

And Ishu, dont forget you're a dentist, not a supermodel. So stop giving variety of poses, sorry, I mean different poses in front of your husband ROFL Not necessary that he'll too be a dhakkan and innocent at all times like you !


Originally posted by srkcc

Nikkkiii so sorry have been sooo busy recently have not had time to post my appreciation of your two Ravan (KK) Kumar posts. I have made time to read them in the middle of the night though lol... had to be done.. Congrates on your 50th YHM topic and also sone pe suhaga it was a KK topic!!!LOL


I loved both your posts. Each and every emotion of joy and disappointment that KK felt was noted and noticed by you... He was amaaazing with his expressions in yesterdays epi when he saw that his wifey had called the whole paltan Shocked... Poor sweetheart...


I loved also that he knows his wife well enough that he did think it weird when Ishu accepted so readily to go to the picnic... He should have remembered and known from his picnic conversation before when he arranged the picnic with Shagun that even then Ishu was talking about the whole family... Kaise Bhul gaya??!!!. His fault... maybe tooo much excitement about the KK ness that was going to happen Embarrassed!!!!


I want Ishu to make it up to Raman Royally by arranging some time off work for him without Raman knowing and taking him for a day out.. Raman should also feel that his wifey is just as bechain as him to spend some alone time together...


I just wish Ishu would understand this side of Raman and have a comfort level with him and not feel awkward about spending time together. Its so evident that when they do spend time together, they have a laugh and enjoy each others company... They talk about anything and everything.. I just couldn't understand her issue with going alone with him in the car!!!


In the bedroom self conversation at night, Its so sweet though that they both think about the others happiness. Ishu thinks Raman will be happy when he will see the family surprise (Bechara Raman) and Raman thinks Ishu will be so happy with the picnic. Their main objective is the happiness of  each other...


Anyways the way things are in YHM currently... Looking forward to more KK topics buy hoping you get to make a KKSS topic too veryyy soon LOL

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res for best comments-part 3(last)

Originally posted by Oishi_sonu

Awesome post Nikki!! This was Hillarious. Especially with KK's pics and seeing his face. Poor thing. Don't knw whether to laugh or feel bad for him.     
                                  Ishqian Moments
SO, I wasn't imagining things, it really did look like he was "ready steady po" to do the deed and all he needed was Ishu's permission. Even Ishu understood it and blushed so much without even smiling. Hats off to DT for being able to do that.
All the other tyms he always left the place, but yesterday his tharkiiness was out of control and so KK just stood there and enjoyed her backside view.
He sai "aap" to Ishu ShockedROFL...I was like phirse Ravan kumar ke piche se Ram ka tune aa raha hai...bt that was all KK's doing.
He was totally buttering her for preparation of tomorrow.
Phir when he sat on the sofa and started watching her, his hormones really had went out of control ROFL
He kept on showing her his dimples ROFL
And he slept on the opposite side so he could continue niharofying his wife.Embarrassed
Morning he wake up and saw her bag packed and he thought aajka din achha jayga...Ishu bhi excited hai as much as him. Uski khushi aasman tak chali gayi...bechare ko kya pata tha he will be bck to zaamin in minutes ROFL
He was so happy infront of the mirror, planning plotting how to have Ishu's full attention. Phir bechare ka dil ko piece piece karke Ishu ne kat ditya Cry Poor KK
                                   Dhishqiya momnets
I should be feeling bad for him bt he was too funny.
When Ishu kept on telling him to tell the surprise, he didn't have a bloody clue. He was also waiting for Ishu to tell him the surprise.
And she surprised him alright. ROFL 
ANd then when he had the revelation...uff KP...he was so good in that scene.
His expression...priceless.
It was like a physical blow to him and he just sat down in despair. ROFL
Itne planning, itne plotting sab beh gaya paani mein. 
Then his epic one line "band to baj hi chuka hai ab gaana kya baajayga tu:
He admitted ki uski band baj hi hui hai...khule aankhoon se jo sapne dekh raa tha dhakkan kuumari ne uska satyanash kar diya.. ROFL
The way he said Hum saath saath hai...height of sarcasm.ROFL
When Mihir told him to go alone with Ishu, man mein bohot laadu phoot rahe the bt he was a little hurt and so he was fdoing a lot of naakhras
Then when their dads mad Ishu stay with him, he was so happy.
I might be wrong but I think he smirked a little while again checking her out from backside ROFL
Finally, epic of epic one liners. 
He might have been in Raavan Kumar avatar then, but it was clear to everyone it was KK talking. "Haadiyas". It's funny that you also called them Haadiya too. You know KK so well.
He told it straight to her face that family memebers were all haadiyas and expressed his hal e dil to her. 
OH kk...You rock.
Jitna band KK ka baaja hai utna aur kisi hero ka nahi baaja hoga...Sab uss Dhakkan Ishu ke baja se.
Pata nahi kab Ishu perfect bahuAngry  banna chodegi aur phir se KKSS ban jaygi. 


Originally posted by RisingAsh

hahahahahahah Nikki...! hilarious post just like the epi... epi me uski biwi ne uska band bajaaya n yahaan uski ek LOVER ne...ROFLROFL

he was so so much excited thinking how they will be there...ALONE...koi haddi nai hogi bich mein...nice plan bro i must say ..biwi ne appreciate nahi kiya toh kia hua..i m gonna do the honours..ye lo ClapClapROFL

he even spoke to her sooo nicely...Shocked
he said her AAP bed pe sojaoShockedShockedShocked
he said Good Night ShockedShocked
arey kitni mithaayi khaa li thi KK raat ko room mein aney se pehle..?? jo itna sweet sweet bol rhe ho..haan !!TongueTongueLOL

uska sara focus sirf ek hi jaga tha...ShockedShocked dekho dekhoLOL

Thtz he was doing NOTHING but SMILING..ShockedShocked best thin ye...:Tongue

phir subha uth k bhi bechara smile kar rha tha..TongueLOL pata hi nai tha use k kia bomb phootne wala hai us pe..D'ohROFL khud hi dekho is photo mein...LOL

phir jab bomb phoota toh he was like


n here toh he was sooo MAYOOS... k ab toh gayi bhains paani mein ROFL

he must be thinking k yeh Jhansi ki Rani sach mein paise de k doctor bani hai..ittu si bhi aqal nai hai is mein.. bewaquf aurat..AngryLOLLOL

he must have felt like the avi below LOLLOL

n we all were like



Originally posted by dhaakshu

Hey Nikki,
First of all, I read on the previous post about this post and thought you were going to post this yesterday night, so I opened up your profile and kept refreshing again and again. LOL
While watching the episode, I was thinking, "YES! Awesome episode tha, aaj Raman ka plan flop, bechara. Nikki ka post definitely hoga on KK". Wink

I'm still not able to get what is KKSS, explain please. D'oh
About his left hand, I never noticed his right hand, I thought you were asking to look at his left hand itself.  ROFL Embarrassed
I just now saw his right hand. But ofcourse thinking, kahi Raman awkward hug toh nahi dene wala.
But I did have a doubt at first, his hands are so cute like a baby's. Sleepy

I was a bit concerned about the first scene, in precap Ishu looked a bit sad but also blushed. His baffled expression at Ruhi's question made LOL. LOL
Then she went to the cupboard and I was thinking yeh zaroor kuch kar raha hai. D'oh
I didn't observe it during the episode, but the pic you posted made it very much clear for me. It had been long since i've seen him doing this. Wink

Raman looks too cute with his smile, his dimples make my heart melt, and I get a wide smile on my face. He was truly very excited for it. Isliye, the sweet smiley good night too. Big smile

I was surprised, because I don't think i've heard him sayAAP to her in a normal tone[not taunting] that I thought I might have misheard. Shocked
Your line reminded me of Ishu's dialogue "Maska bread par acchha lagta hai, logon par nahin".

Again started, I didn't notice that either. I'm angry with myself. Angry
Ishu's shy smile, definitely couldn't ignore that. Their smiles in that scene, I was thinking OMG itna sweet ho raha hai ye episode. Big smile
Uska number aayega, ginte rehna ek..do..teen.. ROFL
This line came from Vidya's new OS.

I listen to Ishq Bulava everynight and imagine Raman singing it to Ishu. Infact i'm awake till almost 2 to 3 in the morning watching their VMs and on the forum. BTW, Mihir ordered champaigne, would Ishu have been OK with that? Ermm
I'm sure many have noticed, Raman slept in the direction opposite to which Ishu sleeps. As Juhi said, maybe he wanted to sleep looking at her. Embarrassed
I just noticed, does Raman have a mole on his right cheek, or is there some problem with my screen? Confused

Seeing him in front of the mirror combing with such energy, I couldn't believe he was so excited. LOL
From the spilers, I was thinking did Raman have any intention of taking Ruhi too. But iss scene se 100% he didn't have any thought of it, even as his excuse. Wink

Ever since the spoilers, i've been eagerly waiting for his expressions when he knows the truth. Tongue
Wahi toh action karke dikha raha hai, with his hand ki, itna zyada jhatka laga hai, ROFL
My favorite scene was when he just held the sofa chair and crashed down on it. ROFL

Situations jo bhi ho, uske one-liners aate rahenge, sach mein Ishu ne plan ki band bajadi.
Confess bhi kar diya iss baat ko, but kisine dhyaan nahi diya. LOL
I loved the scene with Raman and Mihika, it was as if he was complaining to her, maybe he knew that she knew seeing her attire. Approve
Mihika is one smart woman n PERFECT SAALI saahiba for Raman..LOLLOL...She ws the ONLY ONE who got the sarcasm of KK..LOLLOL...And she felt super bad for him..OuchOuch...  => Mihika 
MAIN relax ho jaaun"
I didn't think he'd say that out loud. Shocked
Aww.. that smile, so cuuuttteee... Sleepy Sleepy
Wait, even Mihir noticed his smile. Khush ho gaya for his bhai. Sleepy
He doesn't leave any chance he gets, does he?
I think it was in the spoiler that Ishu will feel bad for spoiling Raman's plans. Shayad andar se hii feel kar rahi hai. LOL
She wasn't ready to believe, Mihika had to convince her twice that Raman had other plans. Lekin unusual situation bhi toh hai. Pinch

"Kabaab mein haddi suna hai?Tumne haddiyon ka pura dher laga diya hai..Aao ek ek karke chabaate hai..." ROFLROFLROFL

Best dialogue of the day and one of the best ones on YHM. He said kabab mein haddi, I thought kisko bol raha hai Ishu ke saamne, sirf wo hii toh hai wahan. And thought that was it, but his one-liners can never be simple, they have to be hilarious!

Ishu, aisa expression kyu? Uska reaction toh aisa hii hota hai. Tongue

What do you think? Agar sirf wo do hii jaate, tab bhi wo allergy, rassta bhatakna hota? Tongue D'oh

Chota take?! Well, I love your chota takes on the scenes. But I don't think i've ever written such a long post with so much concentration in my life! LOL

Thank you so much for this post. HugThumbs Up

Edited by Nikki_Titli - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Amazing post as always dear!
Raman Kumar Bhalla was at his best yesterday right from answering Ruhi's question and then the eye locks, haaye, it was so smart of Ruhi to ask that to her parents.

Then the scene where he gives up the bed for his wife and takes the couch for himself. He was so eagerly waiting for Ishita to tell him to sleep on the bed too...
Oblivious to himself, he must have surely wished that she says, "aap bhi yahi so jaao" but she didnt or rather couldnt tell him what her heart was screaming out.
The looks, the good nights, the smiles were all voicing the true thoughts...hum samajh gaye parr yeh dono miya biwi kab samjhenge...WinkROFL

From their mannerisms and body language, it is quite clear that its now just an awkwardness to get over the Just for Ruhi clause. kaun pehle kahega waala situation hai!

Ab most interesting part. So Raman Kumar Bhalla wanted to gift relaxation to his wife away from family and other duties. 
His disappointment and band bajh gayi moment was super funny...bechaara, kya socha tha aur kya hogaya...all thanks to his tubelight wife! LOL
He literally fell into the sofa all stumped and defeated!
Sab plan mein paani pher diya...Raman ka same question hai mera bhi...kahaa se kareedha dentist ka degree? 

Now to my most favorite part...
"kabaab mein haddi sunaa hai...haddiyon ka poore der lagaa di tumne chalo ek ek karke chabaathe hai"


What was he intending to do without the haddiyaan? and who was he referring to as kabaab? Ishu?? WinkLOLROFL
waah re Bhalla saab...kabaab ka kya karne waale teh? zara hum bhi toh jaane? 
beware Ishu...kahi tumhe kaccha chabaa na deh!

Hats off to Karan for the super awesome performance...he truly stole the scenes away! perfect to the T as RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA! 
DT was no less as the romance ignorant wife who couldnt even think that Raman would plan something like this for just the two of them.

Today my song is a little naughty dedicated to the unvoiced yet publicly declared passion and attraction to each other...BlushingWink

All I Seee In Hersszzz Touch
Wats D Fun ? Ah Ah
Do U Know Wht I Mean It Isz ?
Mmm Sup Sup Ooo
Can I Get Ya Ooo
Can I Touch Ya Ooo
Can I Get Ya Ooo
Can I Touch Ya

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum
Dum Da Dum Da Dum
Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein
Beqkaar Hum 
Edited by vidya.anand - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
waiting for your post and that's finally. ..bechara itna khush...pura plan pani phiragaya... .lol..and his expression priceless ...but really feel bad him...ishita Angry come on yaar..bechara look at his face...since you told surprise to whole family till that time smiley smiley. .Raman kumar bhalla ..changed Ravan kumar mood..one liners also started..definitely we miss u r one liners Raman Kumar bhalla. ..finally he got sometime yo spend with his JKR.. in car..after papaji said ishita to come with Raman..now again slightly smile appears ...but he extremely happy inside but outside fully ravan kumar mode due to plan flop of his jhansi ki rani..in car Raman driving..Raman kumar don't like silent ishita and she sleep also ehich Raman get more irritated. .when ishita say sorry I m slept..just see his face..awee..u missing her lectures...and itna irradiated kyu...Mr. Raman kumar bhalla...don't worry mr.bhalla whole weekend naa...u both will have some good time spending ..alone. ...and nikki yesterday episode post I too noticed (GM ) activated dear..omg...going crazy.. when Raman expression for surprise..I m ROFL...man can't u even imagine how big surprise your JKR..given for u ..lol...finally nikki u r post is wonderful dear...Edited by sristhi - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago

before i read ur post.. n write my Rama(ya)n.. i want to say one thing..

Aaj bhot sare even from the back side views mile KK ko Embarrassed ROFLROFL


Nikki.. Hug

Thanku for making ur post this late.. Wink *no ande-tamatar please* mai 1st page pe aa gayi Dancing yayayyy.. LOL ye mera bhot purana craze hai.. 1st comment karke me first likhna DancingROFL *Divya (srk wali) please tell* ROFL


What an epi it was yaar.. Clap maza aa gaya dekh ke.. ROFL aur wo maza tera post padhke double ho gaya! Thumbs Up fantastic post as usual! Clap aur back to back post on KK.. all thnx to KK! Hug aise hi KK-ness on rakho .. Embarrassed


In tuesday epi.. IshRaHi scene.. during dat hug... Raman's left hand position was just PERFECT! Wink aur maine kal uske lie kaha tha.. kahin pe nigahe, kahin pe nishana.. LOL but today even I wanna change dat line a bit! That was actually jahan pe nigahe, wahi pe nishana.. EmbarrassedROFLROFL



This RK ka avi ROFL I love u RK n KK Heart


Now back to yesterday epi.. Day Dreaming

Epi started wid cute RKB ki sweet beti! Jo ki apne papa ki tarah bouncer phekti rehti hai apni ishimaa ko clean bold karne ke lie LOL aur wo shravu Shocked mujhe pata hai baby kaise aate hai WinkROFL


And and and.. there cm my RKB Hug hashhh.. kya tyari ki hai date pe jaane ki! Chamak raha hai banda Cool clean shave, chamakta hua chehra.. hayyy.. Day Dreaming Relax waha jaake karna hai RKB, abhi se kyo? Fir wahan jaake kya karoge? WinkShocked


N then Raman ka explanation on baby kaise aate hai? ROFL well explained RKB! Clap I'm impressed Embarrassed

kaash ruhi ye bhi pooch leti ki papa ka kya contribution hota hai ye sab mai? ConfusedBig smileROFL

Aur phir junior KK ki line..

Ishimaa aapko jab bhi next time baby chahie, aap papa ko bol  dena, wo manga denge! Big smile

Kaise bhayi? Factory lagai hai tere papa ne? jo phone karega aur tadanggg.. baby delivered! Big smileROFL n d way RKB was smiling on Ruhi's line LOL


But just then d scene shifted to Ishu! OMG.. I just LOVED that scene yaar! Clap b'ful it was! Heart I don't know y? but I loved it! RKB was smiling .. but jaise hi he looked at ishu.. who was hurt, embarrassed, shy to face RKB n what not!? He gt super confused, felt her pain n was embarrassed too Embarrassed ek bhot hi complicated sa look tha yaar.. Smile (but for me.. it was d best scene Thumbs Up a perfect hubby-wifey moment, very b'fully captured Clap)


And to brk dat awkwardness . the way he gestured with his hands to put the clothes in cupboard n then uski nigahe aur nishane ROFLROFL


Night scene.. was he waiting for ishu? Wink aur jaise hi wo aai.. kya smile di yaar usko! :D mann khush ho gaya Big smile

Ishu ko couch pe jane se roka.. I was like shayad bolega ishita, tum bhi yahi so jao!' Smile but nhi Sir ji mahaan ban ke khud couch pe sone gaye Wink

N wen ishu said no.. ill manage.. toh wat he said? Aap bed pe so jao! AAP? I mean seriously! At first I thot shayad galti hui mere sunne mei.. but nahi usne aap hi kahan! Day Dreaming aur ishu bhi convince ho gayi .. Wink


Raman couch tak jate waqt baar-baar ishu ko dekh raha tha.. he must be thinking shayad rokegi. Aur kahegi aap bhi bed pe ho so jao! Embarrassed ROFL



^^ totally in tharki mode ROFLROFL

Chalo finally good night, sleep tight ho gaya Big smileROFL

In the morning, when RKB got up.. n saw that bag.. he was Big smile Big smile chalo ishita ne sab tyari kar li.. Dancing Wink n then his line - aaj ka din accha hoga! Big smile *sirf din accha hoga ye soch ke itna happy KK?* shakal dekh apni.. tamatar bhi feeka hai LOL


jab bhaisahab bahar gaye aur ishu ko snacks pack karte dekah, toh he was like? Shocked weekend pe jaa rahe hai yaar, mahine bhar ke lie nhi.. Silly LOL


Aur aur aur.. jab sab family members ko dekha.. there cm the BOOMMM moment *not dat boom boom boom... aaja lip lock karle wala boom WinkROFL* but wo bomb phatne wala boom moment! ROFLROFLROFL Godd.. I actually was ROFLing seeing his expression! LOL n d way he fell on d sofa ROFLROFLROFL


^^perfedct once again! StarThumbs UpROFL


When ruhi cm running n asked.. ishima hum kahan ja rhe hai? I was like, tere baap ki band bajane ROFL ROFL

Aur ye baat fir usne kud bhi bol di.. weh romi said mai pendrive mei sab songs le lunga.. raman was like "band toh baj hi gyaa hai.. tu kya gana bajayega?" ROFL


And when Mihika cm asking ki wat is all dis gng? Toh bechara KK was like.. PICNIC pe ja rahe hai.. Big smile poorriii family ke saath Big smileROFL poor guy! CryROFL


Aur fir room mei he was trying to be super cool in frnt of mihir,... haa toh theek hai naa.. teri bhabhi ko bolne ki aadat hai, but mujhe sunne kin hi. Really RKB? Isilie akele jana tha? Waise jab bhi RKB romi yaa mihir se ishu ko teri bhabhi kehta hai naa .. I feels so good yaar! Day Dreaming


Waise kya bola thaw o mihir se? Mai relax ho jaunga? Shocked  matlab kehna kya chahte ho tum RKB? Wahan kya tumhari JKR tumhari back pe baith e tumhe back massage degi? Wink *nikki.. tumhe isse koi scene yaad aaya? Wink*


When finally Mi-Mi & both d daddy cools ne ishu ko convince kiya .. Raman ke saath car mei aane ke lie... hayyy how happyyy he was! Big smileBig smileBig smile . ROFL chalo atleast gadi mei hi jungle mei mangal kar lenge WinkROFL

N d way he took mihir face in his hands n patted his cheek ROFLTongue khushi chupaye nhi chup rahi thi.. LOL

N then cm d BAAP of all..

Kabab mei haddi suna ha? Tumne toh haddio ka poora dher laga diya D'ohROFL aao ek-ek karke chabate hai! Big smileROFL


Hasi dekho ladke ki.. ooppsss.. KK ki Wink



Ye IshRa Kabab bana kab jo beech mei haddiya bhi aane lagi? Bolo RKB.. oopsss... KK bolo? WinkROFL


I guess I should end my bak-bak here.. LOL do pages ho gaye word ke ShockedLOL

Pata nhi kisi ko kuch samajh aayega bhi ki nahi.. Tongue


Once again.. awesome post nikki! Hug LOVED it! HeartHeart


P.S.: one question.. on a very serious note! Ye Raman ko suddenly hua kya hai? Shocked I mean achanak se uske hormones itna kyo uchal rahe hai Ishu ke saath akele jane ke lie? Wink LOL 

Edited by _Divya_ - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by _Divya_


before i read ur post.. n write my Rama(ya)n.. i want to say one thing..

Aaj bhot sare even from the back side views mile KK ko Embarrassed ROFLROFL

n i hv mentioned the same..LOLWink

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