Fountain Of Fantasy-2 PG 130 n 132 update

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Posted: 7 years ago

Welcome Partywith a big shout out to all you lovely pplz out there. We , the twin sisters Mac(VasusenaRadheya) n BF( our IF pen names)  , Maitreyee n Gargi ( our real names ), Presenting to you our brand new gallery. Big smile Yes, our second one.Dancing Let's start with a self interview ! ShockedBig smile( Right ! I know we two are maddies , what to do ?? Tongue)

Q. How Does it feel  to finish your very first gallery ?? Embarrassed

A. Well, it feels just great ! ( Grinning ) The journey had been incredible. Day Dreaming There'd been pretty much ups n downs in the ride. There'd been even times when we felt like just shutting close our gallery, as we're frustrated with our laziness, our net connection, real life bull dozing us... n all that resulting into long period of creative draught. We felt guilty towards our regular visitors, to whom we felt sort of duty bound to provide regular updates . There'd been times when we're confused as to whether our creations are being what being expected from us or not.. whether we're doing it right ?? Or, being really a disaster ?? Are we doing justice to ourselves even ??

Those were the lows.Ermm

But, it'd been incredible fun n childlike joy, making them, n uploading them, n organizing them for display in our gallery n sending friends pms n replying them n reading their replies. It had been altogether very theraupatic as well , as creation making is our passion n we're both crazy for it, n it really worked to destress us from our very much hectic n crazy n stressful college life.Cool

So, the Ups are much more. The journey was pretty much fulfilling.

Q. It took 7 months to complete the 1st gallery..Sleepy

A. We've kept our gallery as much spamproof as is possible. Our visitors are of course most welcome to spam our shop, but the same was never applicable for us, the shop keepers . Plus, there'd been long absence from the forum due to real life crashing into us, n our updates being pretty irregular n infrequent at times. We're sincerely sorry for it. This time we promise we'll try to be more regular.Embarrassed

But we learnt a huge lot n if we daresay , improved to a great extent since the time we started, not only did we learn new techniques of creation making, we progressed quite a lot in the already learned ones. It was really fun learning.SmileHug

Q. How you came to creation making ?? Big smile

A.Well, I've always been into creative art. Since childhood , I'm a sucker of drawing sketches to painting to hand craft. I just love playing with colors. So many happy hours we've spent together doing just that, me n Mac. 

So, it was but inevitable that eventually we'd be drawn to it and finally thrown into the thick of this form of artistic expression. Day Dreaming



Now, Most Important Thing-Big smile


The support n love we got from you guys is incredible n we're hungry for more n more from you guys in the future. Our shop exists because of you guys. Your love n appreciation are our ultimate achievement.

Now jump join in Big smileHug


Please Do Not Cut/ Copy/Paste our work or any part of it.

Please Do not reupload or hotlink any of our work.

Please Do not post our works any where outside of Indiaforums with out prior intimation n permission.  Use our works within Indiaforums only.

Please Do Not request unless we open our shop for request & when we open do please go by the rules of request.

Rules Of Request-

:Providing HD pictures or screencaps is a must, with out which no request will be entertained.

:We take requests for only non-animated signatures.

: Maximum two siggies at a time .

: Maximum 8 screencaps and minimum three.

: Pics must not have any kind of watermark in the body of the pic , corners mein fir vi chalega.

:Provide Text.

: Give some time to poor us for doing justice to your requests, once done pm will be send to you. (Patience is the greatest virtue )

Favorites-( May be faorite of one of us, or may be of both)


Actors- Aham Sharma, Shaheer Sheikh, Rohit Bhardwaj, Arpit Ranka, Arav Chaudhary, Mishal Raheja, Shivin Narang, Neil Bhatt, Mohit Raina, Gurumeet Chaudhary, Karan Patel, Vivian Dsena, Kunwar Amar Singh, Avinash Sachdev, Saurav Raj Jain .

Actresses- Paridhi Sharma, Pooja Sharma, Mahi Vij, Sonarika Bhadoria, Mouni Roy, Divyanka Tripathy, Pratyusha Banerjee 

These are among the current lot.

Booywood n Hollywood- Hritik Roshan, Shaheed Kapoor n Sonam Kapoor as constants.

Others mostly comes n goes.

Favorite couples- Kash, Sidyusha, Rohit-Pooja, Akdha, Ishra, Abhiya, Shiv-Sati, Shiv-Parvati, Draupadi-Yudisthir, HR- Ash, SRK- Kajol.

This is just a temporary list. New people makes regular entry. So, if interested to know, plz keep an eyes on the 1st page where we'll regularly update our preferences.

But that doesn't mean we'll only make creations on the people in the above list. Nope, a lot of our favorites do exist outside of this list, n our creations themselves will tell you who n what're they.

What Can We Make ??

Siggies ( both animated and non- animated ) , Avis ( single n stacked ) , icons.

Our Copyrights-

:  Fountain Of Fantasy , Gargi , Maitreyee , Gargi Maitreyee, FOF(C)


I mostly use my own PSDs , but at times  also use PSDs from outsides.

Credit is given here- LINK


MJHT, Saher di , Sri di, Naureen, Nikki n many more lovely creation makers here in Indiaforums n tumblr. Many names are being left out... But our hearts contain those names firmly. 

Okay,that's pretty much all. LOL Now let's get this one rolling. Party

Link of our previous gallery- Fountain Of Fantasy

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Posted: 7 years ago

Page 78 & & 79- contains old siggies , that has been reuploaded after n due to Imgflash crashing.  
Updated page 81- Huge update.Embarrassed

Page 92 - DD , ETR2 , Ashok

Page 93- Ashoka/ Ashkara

Page 96- Shaheer Sheikh, Ashok , Naagin & Misc. Also Siya ke Ram 

Page 102- JA , Shaheer Sheikh ,CAS, Naagin, MISC.

Page 108 - DKDM / Sherlock / Tangled / GWEnChristie 

Page 113 - DKDM / Arshi / KaSh / Beyhadh

Page 118 DKDM / Arshi / Abhiya / Tangled / SRK- Kajol

Page 124 - Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3

 - Haasil / Ishqbaaaz / EDT / Padmavati trailer / Shravan Malhotra icons

 - Khilji / Devakshi / Shivanya / Prithvi Vallabh 

HIT LIKE here to get added to the pm list.. EmbarrassedBig smile
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Posted: 7 years ago

Aham Sharma

Shaheer Sheikh





Aham as Karna


Jodha Akbar


Tina Dutta

Sample creations from the previous gallery


Posted: 7 years ago
Avis- ( please give time to load , please Embarrassed )
Karna-Parsuram episode-
Karna is no doubt ever girl's dream man. Day Dreaming
Free to use
Small avis on Karn that I had made some time back . 

Vertically stacked -        

More small  Karn avis from the rangbhumi episode Big smile ('s my fav epi LOL ) 
Tried a different coloring . Embarrassed


Vertically stacked -  
Karn avis Day Dreaming



Stacked - 

Posted: 7 years ago
Ok , so , I'm finally unreserving my post . LOL

First of all thanks for doing all that is necessary for opening our 2nd creation gallery Gargi Hug My adorable bff , proud to be your sister Cool

Here's a shoutout for those confused visitors of our gallery , whom frequently asked in our previous gallery, that why pms are coming from my account when the gallery apparently belongs to Bamonforver ( Gargi ) Stern Smile
Folks , this is a JOINT gallery of ours ( Me & Gargi ) Approve So , maybe Gargi ( Bamonforever ) is doing most of the updates . BUT , still , her update will always contain creations that I've made . Cause that's how our gallery work . In every update you'll see creations that are made by both of us & we won't even mention who made what . Embarrassed
But, if you're a frequent visitor of our gallery, you can easily recognize our individual creations in every update. Cause me & my partner have absolutely different style & coloring choice when it comes to siggy making . Plus we have our different favs & we make creations on them exclusively Dancing
Plus , the avis ( gifs) you'll find posted here will be mostly made by me . Big smile 
So...yah...that's it for now...My rantings are over ROFL Thanks for having the patience to read ( that is , I hope you read Geek ) Love you ALL for visiting, commenting, liking, giving us precious feedbacks & ofcourse for adorning your signature boxes with our humble creations . Hug Hug Hug
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Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations on your 2nd Gallery! ClapClapClap

Goshh... I seen your creations in last gallery and they were fantastic...
loved the textures and fonts and everything...coloring and the way you blend pictures together. You got talents really...Clap

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Ishita-Raman SiggiesShocked Am a huge fan of YHM ahaha... especially KARAN PATEL <3

Am waiting for you to make Karan Patel i can use!!LOL

Keep it up <3 Love it all...

Do send me a PM when you update freebies!!

Posted: 7 years ago
congozz 4 d galleryParty
may u open moreee Clap
such fantastic creations u guyzz makeSmile
loveee tttStar
Edited by aishu3003 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Achava11

Gargi,one word..LOVELY!Cool and sooo beautiful...

Thanku so much Achava. Wink Tujhe to meri har cheese waise vi beautiful hi lagti hai. LOLBig smileHug

Originally posted by simplysappie

Just two words : too good ...

Thanku so much buddy, hope we keep making creations that you guys love. EmbarrassedBig smile

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