RaYa OS: 20 years later

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Hello :)

I had written this before the leap aired on the show. Its my take on the first episode after the leap, when Peehu and the twins grow up.

Very old OS but sharing it anyways :)

Happy Reading!



RaYa after 20 Years!

Thank you so much Sir for your wishes, I sure will pass on your message to Peehu.' Ram thanked the Textile Minister who had called in to congratulate. ...Oh yes, they are very fine. But you know what sir, my daughter is an angel while both my boys are little rascals', Ram continued and guffawed. His eyes spotted Priya, the beautiful mother of his three children approaching him. While he continued to talk over the phone, he noticed she disappeared.

Both of you, no more soft drinks and I'm strictly warning neither of you are escaping from this party. I am going to keep an eye on you', Priya warned her 20 year old twin boys, Aarav and Arnav, in a crisp and curt tone.

Twenty years can change a lot in a person but somehow Priya had managed to hold time and never let it fly. It seemed like 20 years were just added to her age as a number but did not manage to steal her off her divine beauty. Her eyes still sparkling, her lips still curling into a mesmerizing smile and her heart still beating hard at the sight of her grey haired extremely cuddly husband!

But Mom...', both cried together.

Priya glared at them, they still had not learnt that convincing Priya' was something that even their father, Ram hadn't mastered yet.  A quick, No arguments!' from Priya caused the two to keep quiet.

Wassup boys? Why are you sulking?', Ram's husky voice came from behind. He sipped the very exclusive Highland Scotch whiskey slowly as he walked towards this almost quiet group of his family members.  

The Punjabi man had managed to lose some pounds of weight thanks to his junior hitler Peehu who would scream the house down if Ram was late for his morning walks and exercise sessions. Though he'd aged and aged for good, his eyes, now hidden behind a pair of Titanium framed spectacles, still oozed love for his darling wife.  

He quickly glanced at Priya's scowl looks and ascertained that the boys had been given a piece of her mind again. Priya stared back at Ram and suddenly Arnav spoke up, Dad, your wife is after our lives again. Mind talking to her on our behalf?

Both Aarav and Ram burst out laughing infuriating Priya further. Priya turned a little to face Ram. She threw her hands in air disgustedly and said, You are laughing Ram? I mean...hadd hai'...she sighed heavily.

Aarav composed himself and stopped laughing, he knew their father was in trouble too, Too bad', he mumbled and earned a hard slap on his back from Ram.

Both of you stop fooling around with your mom, she is right. This is not your college get together party but a corporate party. It's a big day for my Peehu so I don't want either of you creating problems', Ram said casually just raising his voice a little towards end to sound strict. He looked at Priya for approval, she kept looking at him for a minute and then leaned towards him and whispered sarcastically, and Didn't that get a little too much? Both look scared out of their wits!'

Ram looked away sheepishly causing both the boys burst out laughing loud again.

Boys, this is not done!', Ram said helplessly. It was hard for Ram to be a strict father as there was never a need to be strict with the boys because they were so well brought up but to pretend to be a strict father was even harder.

You both will be gone in 3 weeks to US to start off with your graduation program but have mercy on me guys, I have no option but to stay here with your mom and her mini version Peehu', Ram joked.

Very funny', Priya rolled her eyes and said.

Both Aarav and Arnav hugged Priya and said, Sorry mom! But you are just too cute when you get mad at us. We love you so much and are going to miss you a lot'.

Aww...I am going to miss you both too'. Priya's expression softened immediately and she hugged both her sons.

Ram smiled delightedly at the scene and commented, Mamma ke chamche, mujhe to kabhi itne pyaar se hug nahi kiya!'

Because Peehu is papa's princess and papa ki chamchi', Neha said as she joined her best buddy's family discussion. Vikram followed her closely and continued, Well! Ram you have to agree on this, Peehu is totally daddy's girl so Priya should enjoy having Mamma's boys' right Priya?

Bilkul', Priya answered and winked at Ram.

 Vikram uncle, let's not forget Peehu di is laadli' of Kapoor Khandaan!', Aarav exaggerated mocking his badi dadi's voice. Oh yes, Peehudi  ne ye kiya, Peehudi ne wo kiya, Peehudi this...Peehudi that...I think we all live with her highness queen Victoria and not Peehu Kapoor!', Arnav continued and chuckled.

Ram was about to speak when a very feminine but a curt voice interrupted.

Enough!', Peehu said and paused. Her voice drew everyone's attention and she walked slowly and dramatically towards them. Ram's eyes studied Peehu's expression and thought them to be so similar to that of Priya when upset. With every step she took towards them he visualized how his tiny little girl gracefully grew up to be a beautiful young woman. She neared Ram and it took nearly a split second for Ram to reckon that this young lady standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, glowing like an angel with features exactly matching that of her mother was no one but his pride, his life, his beloved daughter Peehu.

Are you both done with your Hail Peehu Kapoor' slogans?, Peehu asked sarcastically and without waiting for them to answer stupidly she snubbed her twin brothers.

Congratulations!', Neha squealed in delight and hugged Peehu tenderly. My gorgeous girl, you have no idea how proud you've made us today!'

Thank you so much Neha aunty, it's all because of this man here', Peehu said and slipped her arm around Vikram's.

She looked up at Vikram and continued, Had it not been for my boyfriend I would have never stepped out to do such wonderful things and of course I am nothing without this handsome man right here, she said and slipped her another arm into Ram's and said, My hero!'

Ram and Vikram grinned in response.

Peehu, the delegates are here already',  Rushab called out.

Peehu turned around and quickly grabbed Vikram's hand and excused herself saying, We will go receive the guests.'

And Neha aunty your husband', pointing at Vikram,' my boyfriend is safe with me'. She said and winked.

Peehu walked away with Vikram to receive the guests leaving behind a bunch of admirers. Arnav broke the silence when he asked, I never really understood why Peehu di calls Vikram Uncle her boyfriend? I mean she is so against all this, boyfriend - girlfriend drama, always advising us to not have any girlfriends specially a blonde when we are gone to US.'

Ram and Priya laughed along with Neha surprising the twins. Priya tiptoed to Ram excitedly as she chanced upon another opportunity to tease her husband. Ram was very casual and free with his sons but when it came to Peehu, he was very possessive and over protective. He would often get paranoid with simplest of things to do with Peehu while he would be very relaxed and handle the boys easily.  This amazed Priya a lot as she had seen this overprotective behavior of Ram with Natasha too but with Peehu he would go overboard. Priya teased him often that he didn't trust his girl like he trusted his sons and Ram would just brush it off saying that he didn't trust the other boys.   

She slipped her slender arm around his heavy muscular arm and asked So husband, should I share this story or you want to?'

Ram laughed a little and said, No need, there is nothing to share anyways!'

Priya laughed and keenly looked at Ram and said, I still remember, you were clearly stumped when Peehu came running to you and said she wanted a boyfriend because all her friends had one and she didn't want to be left out.'

What?!' Aarav sounded surprised. He'd never imagined his Peehu di demand a boyfriend.

Yes, and poor Ram was helpless. He was too confused if to be worried that his daughter was just growing up so fast or to be angry with those people who he thought were spoiling his innocent daughter', Neha spoke.

And then came Vikram to my rescue as always', added Ram.


He began to recount the entire episode, That day when Peehu, all of twelve, came running to my study, Vikram and I were discussing business. Soon after Peehu spoke and the prolonged silence, Vikram signaled me to stay quiet and let him handle. He picked a rose from the vase kept on the coffee table and very animatedly went down on his knees in front of Peehu. He offered the rose to her and asked, am I your friend?' to which Peehu slowly nodded in agreement. And since I am a boy, can I be your boyfriend?' Peehu gleefully hugged Vikram and said, Yes!  You are the best!'

Priya laughed when Ram finished and said,' So since then Neha's dear husband is Peehu's boyfriend too'. And I don't mind sharing him with her', Neha chipped in.

Both the boys and Ram laughed heartily and turned to look at Peehu, who was graciously attending her guests. There was pride and admiration in each of their eyes.

We'll make you just as proud dad', Arnav said and hugged Ram.

Nautanki!', Ram commented and hugged him back.

Just then an announcement interrupted this emotional moment. It was finally the moment when the Joint collaboration between Kapoor s and Chhabrias was to be announced.

After pursuing Business Degree, Peehu returned to India and joined Kapoor Industries. Ram was thrilled to have her as a part of Kapoor industries. And today, she was signing her first individually handled collaboration agreement with Chhabrias. With this Kapoor Industries was now expanding into telecommunication sector after Pharmacy, Textile and Constructions. Though Peehu handled the entire project individually, she did take Vikram's guidance when needed and Ram still remained the signing authority alongside Peehu.

Ram excused himself to join Peehu and Vikram as his presence was needed. Vikram was introducing Mr. Sushant Singh, MD of Chhabria Industries to various people from Kapoor Industries who would work with him in future and finally approached Ram who now stood with Peehu standing confidently.  

And this, the man needing no introduction, is Ram Kapoor himself', Vikram introduced Mr. Singh to Ram.

Chairman and Managing Director of Kapoor Industries and of course the extremely talented Peehu's father!', the gentleman said cheerfully.

Ram's heart had swollen with pride. He smiled at his daughter lovingly and gently shook hands with Mr. Singh and said, Yes, Peehu's father'.

Priya stood at distance teary eyed witnessing her husband's dream being realized to truth. 'Finally your dream to be recognized and known as Peehu's father and not Peehu being called Ram Kapoor's daughter comes true Ram.' Priya said to herself and smiled.

And as it would always happen, Ram turned to look at Priya like he'd heard her say that and smiled. He stretched his hand forward to call her and join him.

Priya went forward and slipped her hand into Ram's stretched hand. He brought her closer to him and introduced her to Mr. Singh, ...and this is Peehu's mother'.

Mr. Singh smiled and spoke politely, Pleasure meeting the Kapoors'.

They smiled for pictures clicked by press and media. The next day's headlines was about to be created and the papers would carry the proud parents picture too.

The entire crowd clapped joyously as soon as Peehu signed the papers.  And now the final signature of Ram as he was the chairman would seal the deal. Ram brought out his Montblanc Boheme Royal Pen from the breast pocket of his suit and turned the paper s to sign at places marked for authorised signatory. He paused before he signed besides Peehu's signature.

Suddenly Peehu's chirpy voice echoed in his ears, Papa, I stood first in my class... papa meri singing competition ka form sign kardo please...papa I want to go abroad and study...papa I want to join Kapoor industries...

Papa...', Peehu's voice broke Ram's reverie. 


What happened?', Peehu asked nervously.

Nothing...nothing at all!', Ram reassured her and signed the papers one after another evoking cheers and claps from the crowd.

He put his pen back into the pocket and held the papers for Peehu and said, All the best my princess!' and pulled her for a warm hug and pressed a soft kiss on her head.

While in background one could hear, Ms.Peehu Kapoor, the next big name in the corporate world,  Anshu Sharma reporting live for India news.'



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wow kaha chupake rakka tha yaar story ko...per very nice kaash serial mei pihu aisa hoti and I loved the sons of kapoors I really wanted a son for priya's side to be taken...but never mind inthe show khush hai...

you write very nicely...Smile
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Posted: 2014-02-21T02:54:20Z
ram priya are very good with their kids
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Posted: 2014-02-21T03:20:25Z
Good one.
I can see the glimpse of choti peehu here.

Wow the family shares a great bond nice family moments, loving mom-boy's and father-daughter.
it was so good Peehu's BF is vikram , that was classLOLLOLLOL
huh finally Neha has no problem with the girl , whose BF vikki is.
too goodLOL
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Posted: 2014-02-21T06:45:22Z

Another briliant piece of writing...
this pihu is far better tha n pihu of balh..
proud moment for both ram n priya..perfect os...

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Posted: 2014-02-21T08:50:13Z
Lovely OS Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2014-02-21T11:31:24Z
lovely story...
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