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My first OS for Rangrasiya. Comment if you like it.

"Stop," Paro whispered in Rudra's ear, "It's Mami-sa."

Rudra froze - his gun pointed towards the two people just beyond the broken remnants of the old haveli wall where he and Paro took refuge. His first instinct at any passing noise was to point and shoot and if Paro hadn't stopped him he would have done just that.

For the past 16 hours he has been running with Paro trying to save her from the goons sent to kill her by Thakur Tejawat. The hired goons spotted Rudra and Paro leaving the haveli when they left it in the morning to go to the BSD headquarters where Paro was to sign an affidavit confirming the story of how her wedding was arranged and set up by Thaku Tejawat and his people.

A lot has happened in the last 3 months. BSD had gathered more information on the smuggling ring and decided upon the fact that the brides from Birpur were in all cases unaware of their situations. They were hopeful brides going off to their husbands house when in fact they were just tools for a smuggling shipment across the border. Once across the border these women were sold to human traffickers.

To Rudra's great relief, Paro turned out to be a victim and not a perpetrator aiding the smugglers. To Rudra's great despair, Paro was now free to leave him. He knew she should tell her of the advances made in the case. He knew he should tell her that he could take her to the BSD HQ any day and make her sign some papers and set her free. He knew what he HAD to do but he also realized the it is something that he didn't WANT to do. He wanted to prolong the goodbye until it was absolutely necessary, i.e. until his senior office ordered him to bring Paro.

How it happened, when it happened, he had no clue, but Paro had slowly become a part of his regular life. He was used to seeing her first thing iin the morning with a cup of tea for him. He was used to seeing her after coming back from work. He was used to eating the food she cooked. He was used to the nice , orderly room that she maintained. He was used to the smell that emitted from her hair after her bath. He was used to the ringing of her beautiful laughter (often shared with Sunehri). And he was used to the deep breathes she took at night while she slept on the floor. Rudra felt lost at the prospect of Paro's departure from his life but hardened himself with his usual belief that women leave. Beautiful women always leave - selfish beautiful women always leave - they always leave.


The fight had started half way to the BSD headquarters. Aman, who had an uncanny feeling something might happen had sent some back up to escort Rudra and Paro back to the HQ. It was them who spotted the attack on Rudra and Paro and had to go into action. The fight escalated from a simple fist fight between 4 hired goons and one BSD office to a full fledged gunfight when more of the hired goons appeared in trucks and BSD officers were left with no choice but to fire back.

Rudra escaped with Paro. He was hurt and bleeding from his head, arm and face but his only focus was to keep Paro safe. Technically the BSD didn't need her anymore. With this outbreak of chaos any and every surviving captured goon can be taken into remand and interrogated to get the necessary confession. And yet Rudra ran with her. He couldn't risk putting her in any kind of peril. And he wasn't wrong.

Rudra took all the precautions he could to remove Paro from the scene but he soon realized that they were being followed by two men. He walked into a crowded bazaar, stole a large shawl and wrapped it around Paro. They slipped stealthily out of the bazaar and ran towards the next safest place he knew. An old broken down haveli at the edge of village near the highway. He figured that he could stop a bus after midnight and send Paro to Jaipur's BSD HQ.

They reached the haveli and finally breathed easy.

"You are bleeding." Paro meekly said.

"I know." Rudra replied between heave breaths.

"Are you seriously hurt? Can I help  you?"

"No, I am alright. Head wounds bleed more that any other. I am okay."

"How long are we going to be here?"

"I don't know. Till dark at least. I will put you in a bus to Jaipur and then I'll go back to the HQ to call them and tell them to pick you up."

"I am not leaving."

"What! Shut up. You will do exactly as I tell you to do."

"BSD doesn't need me anymore. Any of those gundey can tell them what happens."

Rudra looked at her and gave a mocking smile, "Arrey wah...your mind is working like a computer now. Well, you'll still leave because I am telling you to. Baas."

Paro sat in silence. She knew not to rattle his cage when he was this angry. He usually calmed down within half an hour and then he was his quiet brooding self.

Paro has got to know Rudra in the last 3 months. His facade was that of a hardened BSD officer who didn't care about the people around him but Paro saw glimmers of his human side through minute cracks in his facade. Paro noticed that Rudra was very fair. He was rough but fair. He never hurt the innocent or the elderly (IF he knew they were right). He never shouted at the sick or the poor. In fact his generosity towards the poor villagers were noteworthy. Paro had a hard time sticking to her belief that Rudra could kill any harmless person - and yet she saw him murder her husband. Over the weeks that followed her return to his haveli from the BSD tents, Paro heard bits and pieces of conversation between Rudra and Aman Bai-sa that told her the smuggling across the border was indeed a huge problem. And then came the explosive visit from Thakurain-sa.

Thakurain-sa has been in touch with Paro for some 3 weeks now. She found out Paro's whereabout and ambushed her in the bazaar one day. Paro has been going to the bazaar every Wednesday to buy subzi (albeit without Rudra's knowledge) and was surprised to see Thakurain-sa there, covered from head to toe in a huge shawl and not wearing her usual saree and jewelry.

"Thakurain-sa you? What are you doing here?" Paro asked, astonished.

"Shhh. Paro Bai-sa...I am so happy to see you. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Now listen. I have something very important to say to you. Listen to me carefully and tell everything to your BSD officer."

Thakurain-sa then proceeded to tell Paro all about Thakur's involvement in the smuggling of firearms and the wedding drama that he arranged every year. Thakurain-sa made Paro promise that she will never try to contact her again and that she will do whatever it takes to keep herself safe even if it meant staying with the BSD officer. Just like she appeared, Thakurain-sa vanished into thin air as soon Paro made her promise.

Paro returned from the market in disbelief of what she heard. Her faith in her short lived marriage and her short lived husband was shattered. She never loved Varun, didn't have the time to bond with him, but he was still her husband and she felt it was her duty to mourn his death and be loyal to him the rest of her life. But when she heard his role in this whole  wedding/smuggling set up the ounce of love and respect that still fired in her heart extinguished in a second. Before realizing what was happening another fire that was quietly burning in the back of her heart took over - a fire named Rudra. The truth of it all came crashing down on Paro - Rudra was right all this time about Varun and Thakur Tejawat. Her defiance and stubborn denial  about their involvement only made Rudra misunderstand her and her role in this whole operation even more.

That evening when Rudra came home, Paro didn't tell him anything. She just stared at him whole serving him roti and his favorite sabzi. Paro looked at him in a new light - a light or admiration, respect and love (?). Paro laughed alone just thinking about it. How could she love this jallad? The next 3 weeks days passed in a blissful haze. Paro sighed a breath of happiness every morning when she woke up and saw Rudra and she sighed a breath of happiness at night before bed. Even though there still hung a dagger of misunderstanding from his part, her misconception was cleared and she was just happy to be with Rudra. She knew she should tell Rudra about her meeting with Thakurain-sa but she wanted to see where destiny lead her.

Paro and Rudra were startled to reality by the sound of a vehicle braking.

"Hide behind me," Rudra pulled Paro behind him and winced silently.

A few minutes later several shadows started to lurk in the darkness. Most of them gathered somewhere beyond their line of vision but two shadowy figures were slowly walking towards them. it wasn't until they were almost a feet away from them that Rudra jumped out with his gun and through gritted teeth exclaimed, "Identify yourself if you want to live."

"Aaa...aaa..." came the scared reply.

"No screaming, just tell me who you are and I will decide if you live or die," Rudra said.

"My name is Rupali and this is Janki Masi. We are from Birpur..." replied an young lady.

"Birpur...! I know why you are here...am going to shoot you both. "

"Stop," Paro whispered in Rudra's ear, "It's Mami-sa."

Rudra stopped dead in this tracks. He thought for a second and ordered the girl to run for her lives and threatened her to never turn back or tell anyone about what happened her or she will he hunted down and her whole family killed. The girl, fortunately was too scared to retort and just shook her head violently before running away.

"Beta, let me go too. Why are you holding me?"

"Mami-sa?" Paro stepped out from behind Rudra and under the moonlit night Rudra saw the glistening eyes of both the ladies as they reunited.

"Paro Bai-sa. Please forgive me. Thakur Tejawat made the whole village promise that they should deny knowing you. He brainwashed all of us to hate the BSD. I have been lamenting your death ever since I heard about it and feeling guilty to the core for what I did to you when you came back to me. Thakurain-sa finally felt bad for me and told me that she met you and gave me your address. I was on my way to meet you beta. But the road is blocked. The bus driver said there is some sort of riot going on inside the village and all transportation in and out of the city is suspended. I thought I would never see you again. Oh beta..." Mami-sa broke down and hugged Paro.

"You met Thakurain-sa and you never told me about it?" Rudra asked angrily.

"No I didn't, " Paro replied after letting go of Mami-sa. " I didn't tell you that I met her and that she told me all about Thakur's involvement in the smuggling ring and the wedding drama. I knew for 3 weeks that you were right about Thakur-sa and and Varun. Why do you think I so readily agreed to signing the affidavit? If I hadn't known the truth I wouldn't have agreed."

"Huh..and here I was..a stupid..thinking you agreed because I was able to convince you about their roles and also clear your name at the BSD," Rudra spewed out these words and added, "I have known for weeks now that you were innocent and yet I tolerated you because I...I..."

"I what, I what? You knew for 3 weeks and you didn't tell me I was free to go...why did you do that?" Paro asked.

"You knew for 3 weeks too, you could have confessed and could have been free...why did you not tell me?" Rudra asked back.

"I...I..." Paro couldn't finish her sentence.

"Paro Bai-sa...let's go. If this BSD officer is telling you that you are innocent and free to go. Lets go. We won't return to Birpur, we will go somewhere else from here. Lets go beta..."

"Jaipur...take her to Jaipur. Go and blend in and hide as long as needed. Don't return to Birpur if you don't have to." Rudra turned his back to the  ladies and ordered Mami-sa.

"I am not leaving," Paro replied determinedly. "I am not going anywhere."

"Leave...NOW." Rudra ordered and then marched away into the darkness leaving behind an astonished Paro.

Rudra walked through the ruins in a bitter haze. He was blinded by the tears that were easily raining down his eyes. He has left Paro behind, might never see her again in his entire life...just the thought of it made his heart ache. He has fallen in love with this dove of a girl. He was in love with Paro. Despite all the pain and the arguments, he has fallen in love with her and now he has left her before she can leave him...like his mother.

He walked the remaining distance to the village and was rushed to the hospital despite his refusal. He was released from the hospital at the wee hours of the morning and was dropped home by a BSD soldier.

The main doors were not locked so he pushed it open and limped inside. He felt tired..emotionally drained...empty...lost. What could have been was now a never would be story in his life and he himself was responsible for it. Paro knew she was free...didn't she and yet she stayed back...why? Why hadn't Rudra given her the chance to give an answer? What was he so afraid of? Not all woman were like his mother, may she would have stayed.

As he walked to his room and opened the door he smelled the familiar smell that was purely Paro's. She hadn't packed her things in the morning because they were supposed to come back from the BSD HQ and do it. Paro's smell lingered like a ghost from the past and Rudra breathed in a lung full of this beautiful fragrance before collapsing on his bed defeated.

"You want to change into fresh clothes? Do you want to take a bath? Want me to bring some hot water?" came a voice from somewhere?

Rudra's eyes flew open as he searched for the source of it and finally landed on the beautiful face of Paro who was quietly standing at the corner of the room. Her eyes were puffy from crying but she wasn't disheveled. It seemed she had bathed and changed her clothes and was now quietly waiting for him. Rudra couldn't believe his eyes.

"I...you...how?" Rudra mumbled.

Paro quietly walked to the bathroom and came back out with a wet rag and a towel. She quietly proceeded towards Rudra who was sitting up on the bed. He offered the rag to Rudra and said, "Your stitches may get wet, you shouldn't bathe. Just uses this rag to clean the dirt."

"I am fine." Rudra replied, "How did you..."

"I walked back to the barricades and Aman Bai-sa was there. He let me in." Paro said.

"Why did you come back?" Rudra asked.

"Why didn't you tell me you knew I was innocent and I could be free?" Paro asked.

"Why didn't you tell me you could give the proof of your innocence and leave?" Rudra retorted.

"Why are you such a jallad...?" Paro shot back.

"Why are you...you...here? Why did you come back?" Rudra stuttered and then calmly asked.

Paro took the wet rag and slowly dabbed a corner on his forehead. She silently cleaned the grime and caked up blood from the edges of his hairline and around his jaw. The entire time Rudra silently stared at her.

When his face was cleaned, Paro turned back and said, "I will go get the rag cleaned and bring it back."

Rudra grabbed her hand and spun her around.

"Why did you come back Parvati? Answer me" Rudra growled.

"No Rudra no. I will no longer follow your orders. I don't work under you and I am not your maid. If you want answers you have to answer my questions too: Why did you leave me, Rudra, why?" barked Paro.

"You know who I am, you know what I am. I am a broken human being incapable of love. I left you because I love you and I cannot hurt you anymore and if you stayed with me you would have had more grief than what I have already given you."

"You have hurt me the most today Rudra...by leaving me behind with my Mami-sa and never looking back. Do you know why I didn't call you? Because I needed to speak to my Mami-sa and convince her that you need me more than anyone else in this world. I complete you Rudra, whether you believe it or not. "

"Yes you do and that is why I am scared. Because if you leave me after promising to...to..." Rudra hesitated.

"..to love you and be your wife?" Paro completed his sentence.

"...yes, love me and be my real wife, I would be shattered Parvati." Rudra slumped his head and rested it on her hand held in his.

Paro gently caressed his hair and said, "Major-sa, I will never leave you. You didn't force your love on me, it grew from within my own heart. I have fallen in love with you gradually. I have seen your strong side and I have seen you weakness and despite all I have learned to love you and respect you. I love you.

For the first time in her life Paro saw Rudra smiling genuinely. She could tell it was a genuine smile because his eyes were smiling too. They were teary but happy. So Paro smiled with him.

Rudra got up on his feet and took a step towards Paro and engulfed her in the most loving and intimate hug any man could give his love.
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Ahhh loved it Embarrassed
Loved the confession Big smile
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That was so brilliant!!!! Clap
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Clap Beautiful! Loved the confession and your style of writing. Hoping to see more such stories from you :)
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Awesome up date
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Loved it..Heart
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Nice one! Ye confession show mein kab hoga??
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Simply mind blowing. Outstanding work of fiction. Loved it 
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