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Hello there! Thanks for deciding to take a peek into my writing index. Hope you find a story here that touches you, either making you happy or a little sad!

Here you'll find stories on characters from the tv serials Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Rangrasiya and ChhanChhan.

My ChhanChhan Index |

 ChhanChhan index

Chanman OS (maybe SS in the future) * SPARKS FLY * 24/08 Story is up!!

My Rangrasiya Writing Index |

Short Story (where Myrah = Parvati) - Main Tu Hamesha

Random Shots (based on Paro's pregnancy)

RS: The chronicles of a pregnant Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat

My goodbye message to Parvati 

22 yards |


My posts of Arshi, Barun & Sanaya |

Sarita's ARSHI Posts

Iss Pyaar Episode 1 Caps :) 

My Arnav & Khushi Story Index |


Arshi's Saviour; Lavanya *on going*
Something occurs between Arnav and Khushi, thus resulting in Khushi leaving the house after the 6months contract. After nearly a year Lavanya shows up at Arnav's doorstep with a baby. What happens next and most importantly, whose baby is it??

Short Stories;

Arnav and Khushi kiss for Divali, what happens next!!! Read to find out. Wink

Moving on!!!... Or not?  *Prologue up so far*
Arnav and Khushi are best friends from childhood... (see more in the prologue)

Arnav is an army officer in this. The short but beautiful journey of Arnav and Khushi's lives in amidst of everything.

Two Shots;

The name says it all, Arnav being Khushi's personal trainer/husband.

NEW   OS l Broken Angel
This takes place a few days/weeks after Arnav finds out about Khushi testing Aarav's and his dna.. (Redemption Track)

NEW ArShi OS - Seeking Solace

New Beginnings *Losing a baby*   (Part 1)
Arnav and Khushi lost their angel due to a still birth. How does Arnav and Khushi cope with this loss, and is it time to move on? (Roughly based on a real life experience)

One Shot - {Hope and faith} (Part 2)
Arnav and Khushi's happiness after the storm.

{Two part} Sexy Shot Wink
 *Naughty Genre* 
Everyone claims its naughty... you see for yourself.

Arnav's Sexy Boxers

Need I give a description after the title...?? hehe


Arshi OS - Arnav's Sexy Towel!! :p
Do you really need a summary.. hehe, read it!!


The rain means different things to different people, but it is solely the rain that unites us all. So too is the story of Arnav and Khushi, united by the rain.

Inspired by a photograph, this is the sweet story of young lovers, Arnav and Khushi at the town's Carnvial.

One Shots;


The rise of an independent Khushi who sets out to follow her passion, her dream. 

I submitted this shot for the 4th ipkknd anniversary contest; A story of the first meet, how and when, the lasting effect it left on them both, from that moment, it was written in the stars. 

Soulmates, parents, life... everything is connected by a driving force. 

NEW  ArShi OS; O Saathiya
My version of what happened in the hut during the kidnapping track.

{OS - Cross Connections... distance makes the heart grow fonder. }
Arnav and Khushi make a bet because she wants to visit her Maayka. The bet falls through because one of them couldnt take the torture. See what happens next.

OS - Kyun Dard Hai Itna
A short shot on a bipolar Arnav, how he behaves with Khushi and what she does in turn. 

{One Shot - Sparks Fly}
Modern Gupta sisters meet the Raizada brothers at a night club. Sparks definitely flew between each couple.

Home Sweet Home
A pregnant Khushi with her hubby at Buaji's house. Wink

Arshi One Shot - If only...things were different!!
Sometimes you just wish for a second chance...

Arshi One Shot - Year 2056 , November 30th
This was for the one year anniversary since the show ended.

Arshi OS - Preschool Jitters
Arnav, Khushi and their daughter Sapna on her first day of preschool.

Arshi OS - Home alone with Raizada. :P
Arnav and Khushi both have been busy with work. The family decides to leave home to let them spend some quality time and privacy with each other.

Arshi One Shot - Baby Bump :p
Arnav sees Khushi in a baby bump for Anjali and Shyam's anniversary play and he can't get enough of the bump. He makes her put it later that night.

Arshi OS - Happy 30th Birthday Khushi!
Dedicated to Sanaya on her 30th Birthday.

Jalebis, Babies & Bonding *sweet genre*Smile
Some cute and sweet moments between the sister in law and the brother in law; Payal & Arnav. It was clearly needed but wasn't shown.


Arshi OS - Shaadi, Nanheji AUR AMANJI :O 25/08 *funny genre* 

Khushi & her mind... She overhears NK telling Arnav that he's in love with Aman. Stay tuned for her reaction and what happens next.

Arshi OS - Being Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada!!! 

Arnav, Khushi and Shivam their little son attend the businessman awards, where Arnav is nominated for 'best businessman of the year 2013.'  Ms Lavanya Kashyup is always a little too close to Arnav, much to Arnav, Khushi and even their little son's dislike. See what happens.

Raksha Bandhan OS - Junior Chotte & Di
Arnav and Anjali share a special relationship, now they both have kids and they too share that unique relationship. Anjali+Arnav & their kids Aaruv+Ayani tie rakhis for each other.

Arnav stands up to Dadi for Khushi

Set soon after Dadi's arrival. Dadi insults Khushi and Arnav reacts to it, in all of his ASR glory.

Midnight Cravings

Khushi and her cravings basically Wink

Double Date with NK & his tareek

Arshi  on a double date with NK and his better half, Arnav and Khushi are in for a surprise when they see who is NK's date.

 Khushi is left with the memories of Arnav. Those who leave the world, apart from remembering them, you can't do anything else. Arnav left 'something precious' behind that Khushi will cherish forever.

Hum Tum in Sheesh Mahal
Arnav and Khushi visit Sheesh Mahal, nearly two years after they first met each other. The place where they met, the place where Arnav grew up, his past, everything surfaces, also Arshi making
some new memories there.  (Rain sequence included)

Getting that waist bigger
After Khushi wins the Mrs India competition, Arnav reminds her about what he wanted to do, "getting that waist bigger." Khushi has something to tell Arnav...
(My take on how Iss Pyaar ideally  should have ended)

Sanka Devi
Arnav visits Khushi the night before Dadi and everyone takes the Shagun to the Gupta house for the remarriage. He falls asleep right there. What happens next?! :p

Set the morning after Raksha Bandhan; Anjali comes to Arshi's room in the morning and teases Khushi about her missing 'dupatta.'

Well you can tell by the title what the one shot is about. When you read the story, you'll find out whether it was Arnav or else Khushi who said to the other that they wanted a baby.

Khushi's Special 2nd Holi
Its Khushi's 2nd holi since being married to Arnav. They made sure to make it memorable with their little one on the way.

A simple yet sweet interaction between the couple after a long day at work. Just relaxing with their partner and enjoying a stress free night.

Arshi's date to the derby  
Arnav had wanted to take Khushi to the derby but instead they went to the cinema, that too with the entire family. Now Arnav has his way and takes Khushi to the derby. They have an amazing time. (Lovely Ed Sheeran Song included)

Khushi's ASR Avatar
Khushi and Arnav are married and live at their own house.  They have a child and another baby on the way. During her pregnancy, Khushi gets a bit like ASR, see how Arnav and their son handle her.

Patni Vratha
Set after their remarriage and the Aarav-Sheetal track. Arnav was the perfect husband, taking care of his wife as she needed to be looked after. This definitely caught everyone else's attention in the Raizada Mansion.

Takes places after Shyam was thrown out of the house. Arnav made sure to take care of  Khushi's wounds.

Pasta Aur ASR Ka Gussa 
Arnav lashes out because of his food tasting badly. Arnav punished himself for lashing out, making Khushi's heart swell with love.

You can pm me or else reach me via my Twitter Account: 


Enjoy reading!Smile
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