Arhi FF: Destiny Games (upd note on pg 1)(Page 90)

Posted: 6 years ago
waiting for ur update
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Posted: 6 years ago
plz update soon dearSmileSmileSmile
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Posted: 6 years ago
Dadi is being very rude
khushi and arnav both have feelings for each other
please continue soon
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Posted: 6 years ago
it was really nice but i feel its moving too slow... I still cant get where the story is going between arnav and khushi. they actually followed wedding rituals but how can thet ignore it...?
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Posted: 6 years ago
update?? please. . 
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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by jankisoni86

it was really nice but i feel its moving too slow... I still cant get where the story is going between arnav and khushi. they actually followed wedding rituals but how can thet ignore it...?

though m enjoying the story, a little bit of speed would be goodSmile
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Posted: 6 years ago
Amazing chapter
Anjali's commentary at the end was hilarious
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Posted: 6 years ago

From the Author's desk:

Hello People, No this is not an update... but rather a long note from the author's desk... I dont normally give explanations out of the story, for I believe when I do that, it is like the story has failed to speak for itself that it needs additional explanation... But off late, I keep getting comments which hint at exactly that... that somewhere I have missed convincing you all of a couple of things.

- One being the relationship between Sheetal and Arnav

- The other is the pace at which the story is moving.


So I thought since I slipped at my story telling skills somewhere, I owe you all an explanation atleast at this point.


Arnav for now is in a relationship with Sheetal and that doesnt make Arnav's capability to judge people any less. For all you know, just because Anjali and NK do not like Sheetal much and dadi adores her- doesn't make Sheetal a bad character. There might be factors in Sheetal which might have appealed for Arnav- Please note that only Anjali and NK do not approve of her. Akaash, as I remember respects her for her sophisticated behavior and Payal till now hasn't met her- and maintains a unbiased view towards her acceptance for Sheetal, for she knows that she trusts Arnav's choice, and she also knows that Anjali is little childish and NK is miffed and did not manage to make or have a good first impression with Sheetal. Nani is neutral to everyone and so is she to Sheetal too. Dadi is impressed and so are Mama and Mami.

Just because Sheetal fusses a lot with Arnav or demands attention from him doesn't make her a bad girl- but I agree that doesn't make us hate her any less- We are biased towards Arnav and Khushi and so in a way we are all prejudiced!

I am obliged to make a comparison of this situation to another story which is very close to my heart. If you have read Harry Potter series, Bill Weasley falls for Fleur Delacour and Ginny isn't too pleased, she would have accepted Nymphadora Tonks to be her sister in law rather' But that didn't make Fleur any bad.. did it? The family finally got to accept Fleur.

Now stop complaining too much, or I might be forced to make Sheetal a very nice girl, just to prove that Arnav's judgment is not wrong'LOL

Now coming to the second point' The pace at which the story moves..

Hmm.. what should I say? This story is not like Checkmate' it doesn't have a plot' It doesn't have much twists.. it doesn't even have a big dark cloud of the past hanging over their head'.or rather I should say- this is not a story at all- it is just a journey of two people towards their realization of love. The day I give you an update where Arnav and Khushi confess their love and lean in for a kiss is the day I would put "The End" for Destiny Games' it's more like a passenger express' and when Arnav and Khushi reach their destined fate- of being together, the curtains would close for us' May be the epilogue would tell us about their wedding' (That's how I have planned right now, so don't ask me if it changes later) So yeah, the idea is the story would move slow' If you want a fast story- you should read Jungle tales or Wedding Hues which are like fast expresses'  max 8 to 10 updates and the story would move super fast' DG is a slow coach' for I am trying hard and intend to make the journey itself beautiful' and I hope I don't lose the co-passengers in the process' Embarrassed

Having cleared these two points, I express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for all the support and feedback that you have showered me with all these days. If this note was in any way rude, My apologies, for it was not meant to be rude- I only wanted to set certain expectations right- So that it will be a more enjoyable journey for all of us. Smile

And coming to the most important point- DG update would come later today if I manage to find time. Right now I am a little tight and I am travelling for the next 4 days'there is lots of work to finish before I leave.. so I am planning for a short update... something is better than nothing isnt it? If I am not able to spare time... the update would not come... if not today, it will be on Monday. Big smile

Wishing you all lots of cheers and happiness
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