Happy Birthday Sandeep<3 our Sandy Baba ^.^

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Posted: 10 years ago
Velkommen til Sandeeps Bursdag
^ i hope i translated that right LOL
PS: turn up your volume ... we have the king of pop in the BG 



Some 9387362901172628109276251819765278037362899904372621 years ago on 31st March, a Baba descended on earth popularly known for his SaTi worshipping throughout the website India-Forums. You can't even imagine how famous his term "SaTi" is, that people keep on querying about this in other forums. He is the crazy ashiq/deewana/future husband(according to him) of Rati Pandey. He loves to make this world aware about his and Rati's lovestory, like a perfect lover, he'll show all signs of jealousy whenever he sees Rati with someone else. 

He is none other than 

*drum rolls*

Sandeep aka Sandy aka Baba aka indianfighter

Wishing you a very happy birthday Sandeep. On a serious note, he is a die-hard fan of Rati Pandey and Michael Jackson, the founder of famous clubs of india-forums which includes B.A.G(Bhatakti Aatma Gang)/Petrol Club/Poor Souls Club/Enigmatic Firangi Club/SMS Club and many more to come. He is popular for taking screen caps and ofcourse his non stop spamming when no one remains online.Today he is soul of this site for so many us.His sweet,helping,friendly nature,intelligence,his amazing writing abilities,plus his pure baba talks,his future planning of SaTi, his rivalry with all male costars of Rati especially Arjun,Sumit and Mrunal, makes him one of a kind. 
Okay enough of fun now.Something I really want to confess now.Sandeep, you are so special to all of us. Like a true friend and brother, you are always there to solve our problems, to help us in all possible ways. I never expected that I could find a true brother like you in an online website before I joined I-F. HD forum, our NRI group and ofcourse our hang out place that is CC would not be the same without you, it would be lifeless and boring. We just love the way you are! May God Bless you.

                                                                                     Intro Writeup-YuktiCool
                                                                                                                     Sandys Age-Avani ROFL

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Posted: 10 years ago



It was Saturday Night
Sandy sitting in his room,Night dreaming of SaTi full onLOL
At the other side,,NRIZHians planning a grand party for
Sandy's Birthday...Finally..Everyone arrived Oslo,Norway..Cool..NRIZHians meeting 1st time at Airport..EmbarrassedLOL
Everyones hugging each other..n chatar patar started as NRIZHians talk way too much!!!
Moona- we should gift him something special n grand..
Nancy- Yess..what abt calling Rati di to party!!
Avani-(in teasing mood),,my BP say this in hindi nahLOL
Radha n Yukti-smiling yes nancy say in Hindi..we want to listen How Firangis talk in Hindi!!
Nancy-(Blushingg aiwaien hi) Guys please spare me here,,we are plannin sandy's Birthday here.
Radhika-yeah lets focus on that,,,
Preethi-Nikhi can you help in calling Rati here..
Nikhi-i am not sure Guys,,Rati di is so busy these days..I'll try let see if she replies or not..
everyone preparing hard for party
Rinky-lets divide our work..
Pinky-i'll be preparing food
Moksha-I'll help you in that,,
Ankita-i m gonna click pictures,,
Sachin arranging Food.,Ishika arranging music..
Shilpa-whoz gonna take sandy here n how..??
Sachin-Dont worry about that,,,its my responsibility,,,He'll be here!!!
Everything is prepared ,Finally the Day Arrived!!

Sachin brough Sandeep in Party by right time!!
the place was full Dark..as he entr,,all the lights started
someone started singing Happy Birthday To you 
Happy birthday To you Sandeep
it was none othr then rati di,,n all NRIZHians joining her
Sandeep eyes opened
He s all jumping in Happiness as he was already excited n was somewhere sure that he'll be getting a biigg surpriseLOLbut wasnt aware his dream girl herself gonna wish her,,
Rati di-Happy birthday Sandeep..May god bless you,,
Sandeep--(in so much shyness)..thankyou Rati,,its realyy unbelievable you came here n wishing me,,i m jst so happyy..can i hug you once
Rati di-aww sure..as he was about to hug her
Mahesh arrivedROFL
Mahesh-areey chhote ruko,,pehle bhai se toh gale mil loLOL
Happy birthday chote,,khush raho,,aabad raho,,aur SaTi ke spane dekhna bhool jao
Sandeep-thanks MB..You're timing is so wrongD'oh
mahesh--nahi isko kehte hai perfect timing..Wink
Everyone wished Him a Happy Birthday..
Sandeep blows the candle..n Cut thje cake n feed evryone n then..RP feeding cake to sandy..hawwDay DreamingLOL
Party is in Now,,
ankita clicking pictures..
Kheya n khushi gave special performance on sandy birthday..everyone enjoyed..
It was time to click pictures wid rati di..mahesh n sandeep fighting over this now
Mahesh-chote aashirwad lo she is your bhabhi,,n get me pics clicked with her pehle
Sandeep-nahii she is my hone wali biwi,,mai pehle photo khichwaunga
Mahesh-Chotte,,Censoredaisi behki behki baatein nahi karte
Rati di-okay okay you guys dont fight here as its sandeep's birthday..
i'll click pictures wid him first..
Sandy ka dil garden garden ho gayaLOL,,
mahesh--chotte tujhe toh mai baad me dekh lunga!!
n after sandy,All the NRIZians got pics clicked with rati di..
After that di left,,as she has to go for shoot next day.
everone said Bye to her,,feeling lil sad...
Rati di-give me good bye wid a smiling face,,i'd hv loved to stay here but my shoots,,
ALL awweing at rati di's words n saying Good Bye to her wid happy n smiling faces..
then surbhi started the music..there were lots of fun n dance,,n masti continues till late night,

P.S-If i've missed anyone's name am extremely kaan pakad ke sorry..n sorry sandy baba i realyy wanted to write something much better then this but time ki tohD'ohn you know nah my brain functions very slowOuchLOL
so jaisa bhi hai tussi menu maaf kar denaLOLn ignore spelling mistakes etc etcLOL
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Posted: 10 years ago

Name: Moona/MD Embarrassed LOL

Message: Happy Birthday Sandeep. HugMany Many Many Many happy returns of the day, Wish you a great year ahead. Have a wonderful and mind blasting birthday. May Allah give us all the things which u want, and May Allah fulfill all your wishes. You are great friend and person Sandeep, it's always a pleasure to talk to you. Now we are Punjabi partners too. Cool LOLte bht bht mubarakan Twano SB, Allah Twano lambi Zindagi de. Hug Happy birthday again. Hug 

:Hot Seat Questions:

1.Your irritating habit according to u? LOL

2.Your fav food?

3.Your unforgettable moment?

4.Any phobia?

5.Any hidden desire which u never shared with anyone?



Message:Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Sandeep. Hope you have a rocking one and many more to come.
:Hot Seat Questions:
I want u to give me an instance of RaMa winning over SaTiEvil Smile(not a question to ask on ur birthday, but stillEmbarrassed)

Name:Shreyu aka Drug DealerCoolLOL

Message:wish you many many happy returns of the day Sandy broHugHugHug
May god bless you and gives you all the happiness in this world hope your SaTi dreams come true very soonWink(wich is ermmmErmmLOL)
you're one of very kind,honest,intelligent n nicest per
son in this forum n my  one of best friends hereEmbarrassed..its total entertainment whenever you are around..Your BababgiriD'oh and all of us mad chants in CCLOL,,i am so biigg phan of ur alone spamming,,inshallah keep spamming alone,keep replying post of one CC in next CCsROFLyou'll get rid of Ur sautan's colour very soonROFLwe met in HD forums ofcourse in GOTW ,,our S team wich is nowhere nowROFLi m glad Bro you came back here n we had lots of Fun n good time especially in CCCoolLOL ,,n hope this'll fun n madness continues foreverrrLOL
Happy birthday againHug,,Keep rockingCoolCoolCoolSaTi zindabadROFL
:Hot Seat Questions:
Just copy pastingLOLDo answer it yaarApproveLOL

Describe yourself in 3 sentences?

Describe ur Daily rotin?

What are some words or phrases you use most? 

What are your hobbies? 
What's the best advice you've given or been given? 
If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 
What would be the one thing you'd change about yourself? 
What is your deepest fear? 
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be? 
What is your favorite thing to wear? 
What's your favorite food? 
Who is your secret crush?
Best dressed?
Best couple?
Favorite friend?
Favorite Actor n actress(post one only)?
Favorite 2Songs two lines?
Hottest guy?ROFL
If you give another chance to live ur life..what will you do? 
If you are alone in Island and you have only one partner to choose..to whom you choose ,why?
what do you Dislike about meLOL

Your Romatic ideas/expectation about Love! 

Big smile



Message:A very Happy wala birthday broHugWish you all the joy, Happiness and success  in your life. god bless you Big smilea song for youEmbarrassed
"Bar bar din ye aaye, bar bar dil ye gaye,
 tum jiyo hazaron saal ye meri hai aa
Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you
happy Birthday to Sandeep 
Bro, happy Birthday to you"LOLLOL
Hot seat questions:
Hmm... Questions Ermm i've asked you a lot beforeLOLbut as its your birthday today have some moreEmbarrassedLOL
1- Tell me about your best birthday or when was your bestest birthday so far?Embarrassed
2- Define life in Your own wordsEmbarrassed
ohk thats itEmbarrassed my mind isn't workingLOL will ask other questions later after all i can ask you questions anytime kyu?LOL

Big smile


Name:Nancy/BossCool EFC&BAG/Petrol club member Cool

Message:Baba!! Hug Wish you a very happy birthday Hughope you have a fun day today, especially since its your 2134523546163154561313498989 birthday nah Ermm Big smile LOL Enjoy this day to the fullest...Thanks for coming back to IF.. otherwise i would have never met you.. keep loving Rati and dreaming about SaTi ROFL also thanks for always being a good sport when it comes to Mayur Embarrassed il never forget when you praised their chemistry Blushing LOL ROFL and and thanks for all the caps you take Hug and i hope you like the thread ...and the colour theme especially LOL theres no pink in the thread Cool ROFL
:Hot Seat Questions:

Hmmm... good opportunity this is LOL

Who was your first friend on IF? LOL

Which Inshi scene is your fav? LOL

Why do you love most about RP? Day Dreaming

Which of RPs costar is your fav? LOL

Jhumpa or Meher? Embarrassed Cool ROFL

CC or AT? 

Forum or NRIZH? Embarrassed

Whose your fav in HD? 

Indira/Zara/Husna/Nupur- your fav?

Who do you want RP's next co star to be? (other then yourself LOL)

One thing you would want to change about me? Ouch LOL

Mayur drooling or Sid drooling LOL Which one do you prefer ROFL

Have you watched PBM yet? ROFL

Inshi or Mayur? LOL

What do you like most about Indira?

More questions later 



Happy Birthday to you Sandy. Wishing you all the happiness and success for your future. Hope all your dreams come true including your SaTi dreams cause I don't like Rati linked up with that DABH guy. I do believe Sandy Baba would keep Rati happy forever(incase he doesn't go in baba mode to pakaofy Rati)ROFL I really appreciate your hardwork you put daily in taking caps, trust me it helps me a lot in making siggies and all. You are truly helpful baba. Har samasya ka samadhaan hai baba ke paas. I remember how you were ready to tell me the illegal ways to keep PS permanently in my computerROFL and I was all scared to do thatLOL. One more thing, this baba made me win prize in intercollege fest with his blessings all and help. Thank you so much Baba.Embarrassed. Not only me, you always help even SANYASIS to guide them for their way to mandirsROFL. I love your love for RP, especially your SaTi daydreaming posts. And of course your spamming in CC. Sometimes, I really crack up laughing with your habit of spamming alone quoting posts from previous pages and writing long replies(I know I am going to get a long reply for this message too)ROFL 

:Hot Seat Questions:

What do you prefer more
Sandy or MJ?
Sandy or RP?
MJ's songs or Punjabi songs?
AT or CC?
What title of CC do you suggest for your birthday?
SidNa or SidNi?
Color of  Sizzlerz or Stunnerz?
Whom do you hate most: Arjun/Anas/Mrunal/Sumit?



hey sandyyy(toofaaanLOL)...wish u a very very happy bday...PartyPartyParty

may god bless u with health, wealth n succcess...n may ur Ratilicious dreams come true...(i knw MB n sachin bro will kill me 4 wishing dis 4 u...ConfusedLOL)
well its d phamous HD forum n esp RP AT dat we met...i remember u had gone 4 a long break in between...a true Rati fan...no one in NRIZH can 4get d famous SaTi vs RaMa fights...its so much fun 2 pull ur leg...Wink  well i dnt knw why u r called sandy baba...its aftr all nancy or avu who hv given u so many nick names...LOL
just wanna say dat u r a true Rati fan...i ve always found ur posts n analysis logical...Embarrassed(sandy baba has so much gyaan aftr all...LOL) u r a fun person 2 chat with...n thanx a lot 4 always providing screencaps aftr epiEmbarrassed...
stay as u r...hope ur dreams get fulfilled n u go on 2 become a gr8 doctor babaLOL always keep ur SaTi dreams alive...Big smile
happy bday once again...
:Hot Seat Questions:

1) if u r 2 play in a competition vs ur rivals MB n SB, 2 win over Rati, in which 1 do u think will u win?Tongue

a) arm wrestling b) dancing c) boxing d)singingLOL(sorry 4 such gross options...LOLLOL)
2) hw will u impress Rati on a date...?Wink
3)ur fav amongst Indira/Zara/Husna n why?
4)ur fav actresses other than Rati...tv/bolly/hollywood
5)ur choice of costar 4 Rati's nxt show...(i knw dis question will hurt u...bt u cant take ur name...Tongue)

6)ur fav MJ track?



Happy Birthday SandyCoolPartyParty
Many many happy returns of the day!HugMay god bless you always with success,prosperity,happiness and joys!Big smile
I think we first met at Rati's AT ..soon we became friends by discussing about the episodes everyday!Embarrassed
But the most enjoyable n hilarious is our regular  spamming at NRIZHians CC n F.b!LOLThe great sandy baba never leaves a chance to promote SatiLOLThe recent Sati v/s Rama war  has created HISTORYLOLClapLOLwhat more I hope one day Sapa lives  happily ever afterEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
:Hot Seat Questions:

I will ask later in the thread!SmileCool

Blushing..SPECIAL MESSAGE..Blushing

o mere shona, mere rasugulla, khusi janmadina (in bengali) 

PS: Sandy if you want to kill anyone for this...its Avani Approve ROFL


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Posted: 10 years ago


Your gift. Embarrassed




ermm how much i know,,these are ur favsConfusedforgive me if i am wrongGeekOuch

I'm so evil todayWink Think of urself in Mayank's placeEmbarrassed

Oh Sandeep bro i am not a siggie maker, i usually make siggies when i have to gift someone LOLso just tried out something to gift youEmbarrassed hope you like itConfused

The SaPa supporters Cool
hope you LOVE it ROFL
SaPa Day Dreaming LOL 
Hope you will like them!!Confused

Here gifting something which is really close to your heart

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Posted: 10 years ago
Food Time Cool LOL 



To start things off, we have our very own Rati Pandey Heart cooking Coolshe is having difficulty locating some ingredient , hence that confused wala expressionLOL

More Beverages Cool (off topic she looks so pretty here na Day Dreaming)
Cool We have MJ eating popcorn CoolHe's watching RaMa vs SaTi here ROFL

Sandy! look what RP bought you Day Dreaming
Your Birthday Cake <3


A more detailed view of  the cake made by RP Cool
gif credit - tumblr LOL

Here we have RP cutting your cake Embarrassed

And eating it aswell Cool LOL

Jokes apart .. this is the serious Wala cake cutting Cool We have the N.R.I.Z.Hians 
Nikhila,Avani,Yukti,Shreyu,Preethi Di,Radha,Radhika,Sachin Bhai,Mahesh Bhai,Arpita,Rinky,Hira,Surbhi,Ishika,Moona,Pinky,Moksha,Shilpa,Khushi,
Aisha,Hetu,Kheya and myself Nancy Cool and all the members of RP AT /Prachi/Shreya/Lavu
with Rati di and Michael JacksonCool
just imagine more hands in that picture LOL hope i didnt miss anyone out

One can never have enough food so the rest of the menu for tonight is

No idea what that is but i searched up Norway food and thats what i got Cool

Punjabi food Cool

more food to be added soon* LOL
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Posted: 10 years ago
Happy Happy Birthday Sandy Hug Were you expecting a thread? Cool 

Planning : Nancy.Yukti.Avani.Shreyu.Radha
Intro on Sandy Baba : Yukti 
Birthday wala OS : Shreyu 
Banners/Labels : Nancy

[FLASH WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50]http://www.freefileconvert.com/converted/515786ce34735/Michael_Jackson___Billie_Jean.swf[/FLASH]

ps: if i missed anyones message then please let me know i will add it :) 
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Posted: 10 years ago
Once again Happy Birthday Sandy! May god bless you. The thread is amazing Nancy...
Posted: 10 years ago
Happyyy 98726399937672926252990615432289903764290153792nd bday sandy baba Hug may u live for another 10000000009999999990000 years!! Im so sorry i couldn't write a long msg for u coz time did not permit me! There's no need of a special day to praise u baba lol. Keep rocking and dreaming LOL wish u a satilicious bday. Im not grilling u now coz there's no time but dont worry i'll not spare u once im free Embarrassed seriously sandy, nrizians would be incomplete without u Embarrassed may god bless u!

Awesome thread nancy..its so beautiful! Dhakku the OS is lovely and UK, the into is prefect Clap

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