*Fan Fiction Forum Rules & Regulations*

Posted: 7 years ago


1) Moderation

Currently the Fan Fiction Forum is being moderated by Angel-Jot, and Smileyface. So please direct all your queries to one of us!

2) Plagiarism/Copy/Inspiration

Any plagiarism OR coping of fan fiction from any sources are STRICTLY prohibited on India-forums.com. It highly violates the copyrights of the original work and could lead to legal issues. Plagiarism has become a big issue on India-Forums.com and it's a serious crime, that's why we have decided to give definitions so everyone is aware of the seriousness:

Inspiration is seeing a process or materials and applying it as an element in your own vision in a different environment.

Plagiarism - Trying to imitate another person's materials and taking credit for it by presenting it as your original work.

Partial copying occurs when the exact words or content from a source are inserted as part of your fan fiction without giving proper attribution.

Small change: If an entire thread is plagiarised, instead of a warning PM, the member will recieve an automatic warning level increase.

3) Adult content
Mature Content In FFs

4) Vulgar/Abusive Language

The use of swears words in any posts in ANY section of I-F are not tolerated. Let it be in an FF, or any post made to abuse someone. These swear words/inappropriate language includes (but isn't limited to):

The S Word

The A Word

The B Word

The F Word

The W Word

If you aren't sure by what I mean by these, PM the FF Dev Team and we'll help.

Some of you may already be aware of this, but not fully aware of what is acceptable and what is not. The word must starred out except for the first letter. [EX: f***] You may not keep more than ONE Letter in the word. You can star a word by pressing the shift and 8 key together. The word crap is allowed.


5) Chatting/Spamming

a) It has come to our attention that there is extensive chatting going on in the Fan Fiction threads. Please keep in mind that India-forums.com consists of a Chat Club section for members to chat, and the FF section is primarily to be used to share and discuss members creating skills and give feedback.

b) Sometimes we are very eager for writers to continue FF's. But we have to be considerate of the fact that the writers have lives outside of I-F too, and so sometimes they aren't able to continue. Posting replies that only contain something along the lines of, "please continue soon" "continue soon: etc., is considered spamming in an FF, which is another thing we don't want to do. If any such post is found, it will be trashed. (However, adding other words of encouragement with the continue soon' is permitted.)

If anyone is seen to engage in such activity following this reminder, the particular FF will be subjected to closure. Hence any sort of chatting beyond the fictions in order to cross 150 pages is considered as spamming and it may face temporarily closure for 3 days.

6) Advertising through PMs

It has come to our attention that members are getting PM from unknown members with a request to visit/comment on their Fan Fictions. Its understandable we want members to appreciate our work like them and give us feedback but kindly try to understand not everyone has time or interest to read fan fictions. So please respect their wish and do not spam members PM dabba without their permission. Send a PM and ask whether they want to be PMed for new updates and if they agree then send them a buddy request.

7) Writing in caps

The use of capital letters to write the entire sentence is forbidden! Please refrain from using all CAPITAL letters as it is considered to be the equivalent of shouting on the Internet! Having said this, we would like to add that you're allowed to capitalize a few words in a post, but NOT the entire post.

8) Multiple ID (MID)

India-forums.com Code of Conduct strictly prohibits members from having multiple IDs. Please refrain from making MIDs, especially to bash member, vote in contests to win etc. If ever convicted with having MIDs, all except the most active ID will be inactivated, followed by a raise in W/L to the active/original ID.

9) Page limit

Maximum number of pages allowed in any topic/FF is 150. After 150 pages, the topic starter should start another thread (if they wish to continue) and provide a link for that new thread in the older version. PM a dev Team member to close it or report your own thread and say it has crossed 150 pages, we will do the needful.

10) Report Button

Please refrain from engaging in any moral policing around the Fan Fiction forum. If you find anyone breaching rules or come across any issue on the forum that may require immediate attention, please use the REPORT button to report to the development team rather than trying to solve the matter yourself. The development team will look into the matter as soon as possible!

PS! The Report Button is used when a member is violating the rules of the forum. Unnecessary reporting will not be tolerated. If you want a member to update or don't understand why a particular thread is locked, the report button is NOT the way to go to get an answer! You do not need to worry about anyone finding out that you've reported their thread because only the DT can see the reports. They are not accessible to anyone else except for the forum DT. Any unnecessary reports will be ignored. 


11) Blog Links (in either siggy or topic)

It has been noticed that some members are posting adult content parts on their blogs and then posting the link to the blog on their FF thread in order to overcome the adult content rule. This is NOT allowed on IF. If you want to move on to a blog, you are more than welcome to do so BUT in no way, can you use IF to promote your blog.

This means that you cannot post your blog link on FF threads or in your signature. If you start your FF on IF then every part of that story must follow the rules of IF and you cannot post different parts in different sites and give links (For e.g. you cannot post parts 1 to 5 on IF and then post part 6 on your blog and give a link on IF and continue your story from part 7 on IF)

Blog Links

12) Art Requests

All FF Avi/Sig/Banner requests are to be made in the new sticky. Any old shops/new shops will be closed! Only the official graphicers make the graphics.

13) Racially Discriminatory/ Offensive Language

Anything that is and/or can be deemed offensive or discriminatory is prohibited in Fan Fictions! Especially racially discrimnatory language. You may not degrade a religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, or gender! Neither are you permitted to negatively speak about any sexual orientations whether it's hetrosexual, bisexual, homosexual or asexual. Please be aware that this rule does not just ONLY apply for the issues mentioned above. As stated earlier, anything that can/is offensive will not be tolerated!


Basic Questions and their Answers

What should I do if I find that a member is violating any of the above written rules or is threatening or using abusive language in his/her pms to me? Ouch

Well, firstly do not react or try to take charge but see if any of the FF Dev team member is online and pm the link to the topic to them(if it is a pm copy the pm and forward it).

If there is none of the FF dev team member online and the matter is urgent then, go to the main page and right at the bottom where there is a list of online members, and see if any of the Global Moderators or Admins are online and pm them.

However if the matter is not urgent then pm the FF Dev team and we will deal with it when we come online. BUT do not attempt to solve it as this may lead you in trouble and may accelerate the problem.


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Posted: 7 years ago
thanks Jot dear and DT...
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Posted: 7 years ago
I have a question; How can we make a post MEMBERS ONLY?
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Posted: 7 years ago
really helpful
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Posted: 7 years ago

Hi, this may be the wrong place to ask this question but I could not find anywhere else, why is that when I post a comment the "like" button does not appear on my post.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi wondering what happened to your wonderful index. 

Where are all beautiful one shots , SS, and FFs ? Is it some thing gone wrong that I cannot see or the links are removed for some reason?

If there is any blog you maintain please share the link.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hey Hi,
I didn't knew about spamming..And now my one story is onto spamming..What should I do.. It won't happen Again..
Help please.. Unhappy
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Posted: 7 years ago
thanks for the rules & regulations.
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