**Adult contents and the mention of rape in FF**

Posted: 2013-01-02T17:00:27Z

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Posted: 2013-01-03T04:48:14Z

i have a serious doubt...

some writers here in IF are posting half of their stories here and asking the readers to pm them for the other half which ll be in their blog(a protected one)... or few chapters here and few in blog...
they demand for a comment and also they say they ll send only to their regular readers...(what will a new reader do???in such case????) at least they should put a warning before the start of the story that it s only meant for old readers... and new readers are restricted...!!!!!
and many readers literally beg them for their link... and even if v pm them asking for link.., no response... (i have pm'd 3 such ppl)
is this allowed..??? they r solely using IF to promote their blog...

i dunno whether im supposed to ask this or not... im sorry if i shdn't. i just felt sorry for those ppl who beg there for a link. thats y brought this to ur notice.
if this offends someone , my apology for them too... 


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Posted: 2013-01-03T09:56:38Z
Thanks for clarifying this. recently I have come across content that has crossed the boundaries interms of describing acts of a sexual nature. As a writer myself this will be a good starting point.
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Posted: 2013-01-03T10:05:15Z
@jjsof: Promoting blog links are not allowed, period. If they're posting their blog link in their FF thread, the DT needs to be notified. If they don't want you to read their FF, that's their call but they can't, i repeat, CAN'T promote their blog here. 
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Posted: 2013-01-03T12:56:33Z

Thanks for this post dii.. Hug

With all the reality going around.. it was very much needed! Approve

I hope with this IF will remain the same family-friend site.. Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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Posted: 2013-01-03T15:32:44Z
Really appreciate this thread DT Team. Thanks a lot. Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2013-01-03T21:32:42Z
thanks dear
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Posted: 2013-01-04T06:29:44Z
 I like to  read the fictions some writers, do like this they write half story here and half they post in the blog which is restricted to enter, if writers are not posting completely they should quote it in the beginning itself so the readers without wasting their time they will move on to the writers who can provide the whole happenings of their story and appreciate them. 

I agree the writers saying due to plagiarism (or to promote their blog) they dont want to provide the whole story here but please consider the valuable time of the readers and state it before starting,

unfortunately the writers do for the so called posting a part of the chapter for OS also.

Likes and comments are given on the basis of the interest of oneself, some writers they just force indirectly that likes and comments must be given for every chapters.

Another thing I noticed is some writers are not able to accept the constructive criticism. Criticism is good so one can better.

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