Love is all you need (original fiction)

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello dear friends, smiley9

I've posted this story in the new fan-fiction section as well. Here's the link for it.

Just thought I'd try posting here to see if it gets more views/likes/comments smiley9



(Book cover credit: MsChanadlerBong)

INDEX:: (will be updated as I add chapters)

Summary and Author's Note

Synposis with story so far

List of characters with brief character sketch

Chapter 1- Nidhi's diary

Chapter 2 - Sara

Chapter 3 - Ryan

Chapter 4 - Sara

Chapter 5 - Ryan

Chapter 6 - Nidhi

Chapter 7 - Sara

Chapter 8 - Ryan

Chapter 9: Sara


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Ryan and Sara were instantly attracted to each other. But how could they act on their feelings, when Sara was committed to Ian, and she checked over half the boxes in Ryan's 'No Boinking' list?

A romance with original characters (OC), featuring  AshNi from Kuch toh log kahenge. 

This story has little to do with the show, and is more of an original fiction, so even if you have never watched KTLK you can still read it.

Also, fair warning, the story will have matured content with some descriptive scenes so if that kind of thing offends you, please skip!

Thank you, in advance, for reading, liking and your comments! As always, they’re what feed me as a writer!

Author's Note:

This story is a progression from my previous AshNi (Ashutosh and Nidhi from Kuch toh log kahenge) fics “Lovestruck” and “Lost in love”. 

Here's the link for them:

This story (like the previous ones) has a mix of Original characters and characters from the show, Kuch toh log kahenge. The story picks up a few weeks after Lost in Love. Ashu and Nidhi are engaged and are to be married very soon. Wedding preparations are in full swing. Though Ashu and Nidhi feature in this story a lot, it is primarily Ryan and Sara’s story. These are original characters and have nothing do with the show. I felt I had dwelt enough on Ashu and Nidhi, and had this idea to have them in the story, even telling some of it from their point of view (mainly Nidhi’s), but with the central story being someone else’s. This would give a fresh perspective, and allow me to write a love story with new characters.  

I have used the present-tense first-person narrative in both Lovestruck and Lost in Love. I will be changing that somewhat, sticking to a past-tense third-person narrative for this one. However, the chapters will be formatted the same way: alternating POVs between Ryan and Sara, with little chapter interludes in the form of excerpts from Nidhi’s diary or a first-person narrative by Nidhi. Just to make things interesting and break the monotony. :)


The characters from Kuch toh log kahenge are owned by SET and Director’s Kut productions, and the Original Characters are my creation and owned by me aka LizzieBennett. Needless to say, this is a work of fiction and is copyrighted,  which means no one is allowed to reproduce, share, copy, publish, plagiarize or reprint it without my permission. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any real-life person or event is purely coincidental.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Synopsis of Lovestruck and Lost in Love (Spoilers)

Contains spoilers so read only if you don’t intend to read either of these fics! smiley9

Ashutosh Mathur is a surgeon at Kotnis General Hospital (KGH) and Nidhi Varma is an intern there. They work with each other, and fall in love despite their age difference. Nidhi confesses her love at a medical convention in Goa, Ashutosh is hesitant at first because of their age-gap but she soon convinces him. They surmount other barriers like the obvious differences in their outlooks and personalities in addition to battling for parental approval. Nidhi arranges a party for Ashutosh where she invites people from his past he’s been out of touch with. He gets back in touch with his estranged friends: Sanju and Venky. And also his mother whom he had harboured bitterness towards thinking she had abandoned him. He finds out the truth: that she had been forced and false charges of adultery pressed on her due to which she could not claim custody of Ashutosh. He finally reconciles with her and learns that she has a new family: a husband, Shekhar and 2 children, Sara and Jai. The story also mentions Ashutosh’s colleagues, in particular Dr Robert Thomas, the head of the Pediatrics deparment at KGH, who’s also Nidhi’s mentor, his wife Anne and their son, Simon. This story is about their older son, Ryan and Ashutosh’s half-sister, Sara.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Will you continue it here as well? Look forward to it.

Posted: 2 years ago

chapter 1

We get an introduction to Sara here. She is coming soon.

Posted: 2 years ago

chapter 2

The first meeting between Ryan and Sara didn't go too well. He annoyed the hell out of her.

Posted: 2 years ago

chapter 2

He certainly made an impression on her. Enough to make her forget Ian.

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by coderlady

Will you continue it here as well? Look forward to it.

Yes I’m planning to post it here as well. Hoping to get more people to read it and comment! smiley9

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