Geet ff:LOVE OF MY LIFE pg:83 LASt part up - Page 74

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Posted: 9 years ago
the most awaited part for me...I loved every bit of it...

Everything is beautifully depicted in this part

aww...their sweet moment in the conf. room and Maan's drooling when his Geet entered the partyEmbarrassedWink

Sasha's taunting made her all sad sad, but loved the way Annie handled it and made Geet realize to not to be weak, be confident and stand up for herself...nicely written

omg...Maan's surprise was super cool...I loved the way he trusts, respects her and her abilities and the way he was handling all the issues regarding the 2 companies and dealing with Sasha leaving no room for her stupid trying...and of course shocking everyone by revealing the daughter of MH, The Geet HandaClap

Icing on the cake is Geet attacking like a sherni on Sasha...hayeee me loved it

please update the next sooonnn

Posted: 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
update plz
Posted: 9 years ago

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Thanks fr ur likes and comments.Big smileBig smile..Ignore typos..Wink Wink Wink

Well am quiting writing due to some issues and i dont wanna abandon my wrks so here am giving the Gist of the further stry..And am sry fr doing this..Forgive meCry Cry Cry 

Sasha went home from the party.geet was standing away from all people  Where as maan was seeing geet standing away from him..She suddenly felt she need some fresh air so she went towards the lawn of the party hall..As soon she was out all lights went off..She was scared and was about to return to the hall when she felt the presence of maan around her..

She turned to be collided with maan and he held her on position from falling down..Geet was nervous for some unknown reason..Maan held her and made her stand properly and proposed her directly..Well its been time to time he had made her realize that he is deeply and irrevorcably in lve with her but he was so direct that made her speechless.He questioned her through eyes..He knew from her act it was yes but he needed  her to say that.when she said her yes she was crushed by him in a bone hug and the sparks flew away illuminating the place..Geet was taken aback to see whats happening around her..There stood all people who was close to them..her bhai yash ,adi her bestie annie ,dadi and some other family friends witnessing their love..

She looked up to see the sky where the sky has the words Maaneet forever..She blushed to look at maan who was in his knees with a ring in his hands towards her..TThe spot light focusing on them maan spoke "geetu will u be my love foreve?Will u make the words in the sky true?will u be princess of my heart??"

Geet's throat clouded with emotions she just nodded a yes..Maan made her wear the ring and he took her by shoulder and showed her the brightest stars in the sky and said "I know geetu u never wanted something to happen without the blessings of our parents now see they are blessing us and smiling happily as stars.."

Geet just looked at the man beside her who was her strength all through her life,he made her strong and a different and independent woman..Dadi came behind them and hugged them giving them her blessings..Annie teased geet saying bhabhi repeatedly..Yash has happy tears seeing the best for his buddy and sister.>Adi had no word seeing the happiness I his chotti's eyes..

Soon they were surrounded by reporters..Since maan felt geet neded  rest from this sudden surprise he made her go home ith dadi and annie..

From the next day geet took the incharge of HI ,Maan and geet together made success in whatever they take up and reached the top business people in 3 months..Of course they had their  romancing session time to time..Maan would suddenly barge into her room and kiss her senseless and leave her as if nothing as happened.

Geet would be left blushing ..Geet found maan so naughty .she would be in a meeting and maan would wink at her and she will lose everything and stand still looking at him ..She would be back from mahi session only when maan smirks evily..She would son compose herself and  manage the meeting..

It was one such day geet was in maan room andthey were arguing on  a issue and geet was never agreeing to what maan said so he decided to make her agree on his way and started tickling her..She left his rom with tears in her eyes because eof the laugh she had due to his tickling..Hours later adi and yash barged into maan's room..

Maan greeted them with a smile but was shocked to see them give a glare..

"Do be careful Mr.khurana..It doesn't mean u can give tears to gudiya and don't thnk there will be no one to question u..Here are two brothers of her who would make u see black and blue if gudiya is ever found to be in tears because of you" yash said in a threatening tone..

Though adi feared maan he didn't want geet to be in tear because e of maan but when he found tears in geet;'s eyes when she came out of maan's cabin adi called yash to make warning to maan..

Maan was confused on what they were talking about and adi also started giving lectures that's when geet interuptyed on hearing their convo and chided her brothers for scaring maan and said actually they were having fun and maan didn't do anything to her that's when the brothers became cool..maan felt happy to see his friends caring for geetu..

The next day maan and geet was out for a meeting when they saw yash and annie in a coffee shop..maan was about to join them when geet asked him to stop because she had a doubt that both were seeing each expected they both lied when geet made a call to them that they were in office working on some issue..maan was angry to see his lil sis n love but geet convincedthat her bro would take care of annie very well.

They both decided to tease annie and yash and called them to KC and said they have seen a perfect partner from them and the duo was left to sock..But when they saw the partner photo maaneet have selected for them they felt guilty for hidng this from their siblings because they hva eseen yash for annie..Soon Chopra's came to khurana's asking for annie..

Bth yash and annie made sure that they will get married only wen maaneet get married..So dadi and annie started preparations for Maaneet's marg..The news was revealed to them on the dinner table..

"maan we have deciede to get u both married..Pandit said next week have the best date for marg and we have finalized it..i ave confirmed it with Adi for ur meetings..Adi yash and annie is there to help me with marg preps.."

Maaneet were shocked to see dadi's eagerness and they kept mum because they were also looking frwd for those set of words made maan shocked..

"Maan bride and groom should be in separate house.So"

"Dadi no ways am letting geetu stay alone"

"Buddhu am gonna make u stay in out house..Have already asked nakul to shift ur luggages.." maan mouth opened in a perfect 'O'

He was pushed into out house by the three ladies of his life..The wedding turned out to be masti they all enjoyed and it was wedding day..Sam got permission from court to come from hosp fr two days..She was eagerly waiting for this day so that she was all qquiet.She knew geet would again break up on this day..So she was there on the wedding hall..Yash and adi noticed it and questioned her for which she cooly replied she came here to see geet breaking down..They were left to the confusion on whats gonna happen but not to create scene they were quiet..

And soon bride and groom came to altar..Adi n yash made sure they never noticed sam..The wedding preps started and pandit ji called bride's parents fr the rituals and that's when yash and adi realized this is what sam was talking about..But before anyone could react,before geet eyes started to well up,before sam could interrupt ,before dadi could say pandit,before maan could hold geet yash parents came forward and stood beside geet..

All were shocked and yash passed them a smile..Maan thanked them with eye and geet's eyes filled with happy tears..Soon marg finished sam left from there seeing her chance of defeating geet again failed..

It  was nyt on maaneet room..

"bhai gimme that car I have asked for or no entry into room"

"Ya sure annie ill getu but nw lemme enter my room"

"no ways"

he was arguing fr past hour but she is nt letting him in..Suddenly annie gotta msg and she made aan go inside he confusedly went inside and looked towards geet who was having mob in her hand maan questioned hre with his eyes..

"I just texted her saying ill do the same on her SR so she left u"

Maan chuckeled and advanced towards her..She didn't allow him but asked fr her wedding gift.Maan tok her to the room which was inside his and she left dumbfounded to see a small room which fully had their photos adorning the was from her childhood teenage ..she just smiled at him and hugged tightly..they both entered into a vblissful life..

Their marg life was going well when maan announced one day he has to be away from delhi  for a meet but he isn't gonna go...geet pressurized him to go and without option he went to Mumbai..On the way he was in whats app with her and both was enjoying..

While they were in chat  geet sent the voice recorded of man and hers when they were talking on phone while away for their wedding..maan was immersed in those thoughts and so much wanted to be with his geetu..

Geet got call from sam saying she has kidnapped annie and asked her to come to certain location..Geet hurridly went out maan who was coming back saw geet gong and followed her and also informed yash and adi as something is wrong since both geet and annie not picking up the call.As soon geet enterd the place sam showed gun towards annie since she has slapped her on KM..Geet stood in front of annie to save her gun is fired before the bullet pierces anyone maan pulled geet and annie was pulled by shyama nd police who came with adi arrested sam..


Sam was declared guity in court and was taken to prison maaneet and yash annie lived happily..

Posted: 9 years ago
Awesum ending
thanx for pm
Posted: 9 years ago
it superb will miss you hope you soon will be healthy

Posted: 9 years ago
Amazing update...
Happy end...

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