OS - Kuchh Tum Kaho.. Kuchh Hum Kahein

Posted: 2012-11-26T03:46:17Z

Hi guys,

I have penned down an OS, based on the current news in the air. Maybe a possible confrontation promo is being/ have been shot recently. So this hopefully good news triggered the writer in me (hahahaha.. you know, I am lying. Was getting bored like anything in the office... bakwaas monday! Dead) So, here is my version of THE confrontation. Just the dialogues, though. You all can imagine the setting to be whatever you want. I couldn't bother to think much about the scenario. (Well, it would help to imagine Ram minus the RB and Priya out of the shrieking shrek mode. Day Dreaming) I just wanted them to talk. So talk they did and here is the conversation. Enjoy!

PS - Its a free flowing convo. Not a well thought out one. So please pardon if all the questions are not answered. Wink

Kuchh Tum Kaho.. Kuchh Hum Kahein

Ram - Was it so simple to walk out of my life? Was it so simple to leave me and go? Did you not for even once care for me? For what I will do without you; for how will I survive? And I thought you love me. What a delusion! Well, serves me right for being a fool. Just the last question; did you ever love me? Even for a moment? Did your days feel as empty as mine? Were you as restless as I was throughout those days? Did you also spend sleepless nights as I; thinking about you; imagining you before me – tum hoti toh aisa hota, tum hoi toh waisa hota. Was your life as meaningless as mine, those years we were away from each other? Or were you busy building a new morrow for yourself while I struggled to breathe properly, without you, each and every second of that time?  Were you busy in leading a normal life, doing all the normal things; enjoying the small moments of bliss and happiness while I prayed to God to bestow me with death. So that I could breathe again; with you… only for you. Kyunki tumhare bina toh saans lena bhi jaise gunaah lagta tha. Were you seeking newer avenues, while I desperately searched for your face, in the crowd, praying feverishly for you to somehow, magically apparate before me? Can you even imagine how my days passed and my nights proceeded? Was it too difficult for you to even once inform me of your existence? But thank god you didn't. How would I have bear the fact that you were alive but away from me; that you walked away on your own because you didn't want to be with me? Thank goodness, you let me remain in the bubble of our love; however hollow it sounds now. Atleast I had happy memories to lead my life with. But look at me now; an empty shell devoid of all the feelings. Now that I know that you are alive, I feel so happy yet so hollow. I feel so worthless; a piece of trash which one discards out of her life on her whims. I feel so cheated; as if life slapped me on my face for loving you so much. You robbed me off all the beautiful memories I had treasured; keeping you live in my heartbeats. Sorry, I digressed; ranted a lot. And asked too many questions. You only need to answer one. Did you ever love me?


Priya - Yes I did. I still do. And I always will. Because it was only you for me; just you and no one else. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. For eternity. It'll always be you. And no one can change that. Yes, I walked out but I never stopped loving you. Yes, I went away and hid myself but couldn't hide my love; our love. It was always with me; she was always with me. You ask me why I didn't inform you; you think it was easy for me to live away from you? You atleast found solace in the thought that I was gone and waiting for you in some other world; that you'll see me when you leave this world. What did I have? Nothing; just the bitter truth that you are here and in a lot of pain but I can't do anything to take away that pain. Because it was me and your love for me, that had put you in such pain. I felt helpless. You were out there, in flesh and blood and I couldn't reach out to you; couldn't be in your arms, away from all the pain and hurt. For I had purposely chosen that life for myself.  Can you even think of the pain I went though? I always wanted you to move on in life. But at the back of my mind, I knew that I can never see you moving on with someone else. Do you think it was easy for me to make peace with the fact that some day, eventually, you'll forget me and be a part of someone else's life? Do you think it's easy for me to live with that knowledge? Do you think it's easy for me to accept that someone will come into your life and wipe each and every memory of mine away from your heart; that you'll be not mine? Every morning I woke upto the same nightmare – you beside a faceless woman in our room. Do you think it was easy for me to wake upto the same thing all the mornings of these 5 years? I know I put you through hell but believe me, life was not all roses for me.  But then, doesn't love always, always, come along with pain and hurt? There was love so there had to be pain too. It has always been like that. It will always be. Our love was no different.


Ram - Yes, it was different. Our love was different. For if it was not different, why would it still be there, despite the distance and the time gap; despite all the misunderstandings; despite all the hurt and all the pain? Why would I still love you despite the betrayal? Why would you still love me, despite my hatred?


Priya - Because I knew you never hated me. You can never hate me. It was just another side of your love. You loved me so much that you chose to display your love through your anger. You displayed your possessiveness through your anger. It was because you still thought me yours that you so naturally raged at me; practicing your right over me. You never could hate me. You never will hate me. Hatred is not the end of love; indifference is. And I know you can never be indifferent to me. Neither can I.


Ram - Then why are we still apart? Why are we not together? What's stopping us from uniting again?


Priya - The fact that I don't deserve you; that I can never make up to you for all the pain I made you go through.


Ram - Assumptions lead us nowhere. They just make us take a 'U' turn and go all the way back, wasting precious time in the prcess. And you are making that mistake again; of assuming things which are not true. Despite the fact that it was your decision which made us both suffer; truth is that only you are the cure to my pain and I to yours.  And we both know this. You think you don't deserve me. But you know that I don't want anyone apart from you. It's only you. It has always been you. And it'll always be you.


Priya – I love you.


Ram – I love you too.


Priya – I am sorry.


Ram – Let it go. I have done the same.


Priya – I want you back.


Ram – So do I.


Priya – Always.


Ram – Forever.


And they melt into an embrace.

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Posted: 2012-11-26T03:56:29Z
Wow this is Amazing Punya , perfect reunion scene. I just loved it . hope aisa hi ho, please didi ko tweet karo yeh OS.
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Posted: 2012-11-26T03:58:42Z
It's sooo touchy, so emotional, but absolutely not filmy, I luved it
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Posted: 2012-11-26T04:00:25Z
Aww! Noone can write these lines better than u.. These r the lines we r waiting in actual epi.. U rocked Punya.. Keep on writting many more OS 4 us.. I pray 4 many more boring office days 4 u so that we could get more OS like this #Greedy.. Edited by D4BALH - 2012-11-26T08:33:04Z
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Posted: 2012-11-26T04:02:39Z
what so emotional os love every bit of it
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Posted: 2012-11-26T04:39:35Z
No drama, no tears just pure emotions... I can't even think and U have written it so perfectly.. Hats off to u dear.. Marvelous,
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Posted: 2012-11-26T07:08:49Z

Very nice update yaar.. I had tears wen i read.. I wish raya reunite soon :-p
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Posted: 2012-11-26T07:47:18Z
Clap Awesome Punya...thanks a lot for the PM...loved it very much.. Embarrassed hats off to your writing...
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