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Hiii alll , im very happy to start a new thread on this FF , this is all possible only because of you , this is dedicating to who cooparate to comeplte the
"first &second "threads ,as well as silent readers ,plz plz hit LIKE button make me happy , love you all hope you people like this update also ...eagerly waiting for your comments ...

im happy to present the update,enjoy reading it  ... plz everyone share with this success...
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                      Karthik you said you love me so much than why you didnt rang me up when papa was admitted in the hospital ...

                   Di wo midnight tha ,why to disturb you , i took him to hospital and we came back in the morning after his recovery ..

                    No dont lie to me, you got call from Ram than only you brought papa back from hospital hai na ???

Karthik swallowed a lump ..he dont know what to say now ...

Sooo sab janthe hai ,seeing the known faces of every one she cried bitterly ...

she undrstud somehow about his condition by seeing the reports ..

but she didnt undrstand why they were not heading for the surgery ...

For god sake someone tell me ..what's happening ...she yelled yet them..

                  Sudhir reached her ...Beta drink some water ,he made her to drink it ..He embraced her in his fatherly hug ...Took her to their balcony ,He made her sit on the swing ...She rested her head on his shoulder ..Still her sobs are continuing ..

                 Everyone knws that is their favourite place..Ram standing behind them seeing the lovely relationship ..

             Beta listen to me ..Dont cry i can't see you like this ..Plzz meri bath suno..He placed his hand on her cheek wiping away the tears..
             She touched his hand with hers ,kya Papa ,kya what i should listen from you Papa..
That you are in danger ,and nobody didnt cared to inform me,how come papa ...She broke down again ..


            Ram placed his hand on her shoulder patting her everything is gonna ok ..She joined her other hand with his..

Beta plzz listen to me sudhir pleaded her ..
she nodded her head as the tears were not allowed her to speak properly ..
Beta have you remebered we used to sit here after your school or whenever you felt bored or our most precious times..
Her lips slightly smiled remebring all this moments ..

"Priya you are my pride ,you are my love, you are my wish .."

                   I know i have 3 kids but you are special one, i adore you and i will accept that i love you a bit more than those two ,you have a very special place in my heart .
you always thought this family is yours ,in your each step your love shown on our family ,I love you beta planting a kiss on her forehead ..

                     And each time when i saw your upbring i felt proud ,sometimes i astonished how you got that patience and maturity .
                     You are my life Priya ,when you born to me i just felt im the king of this world and i want to give all the happiness to you ..
                      And i succeded to give you that  upto your tender age ,than the family responsibilities never allowd me to fulfill your wishes..
                        She placed her hand on his mouth Papa dont say that ,you fulfilled every my wish ..I love you  papa you never let me down .

                        Yes Priya thats what im trying to say to you ..Every person has to reach god one or other day but someone first rest others later ..

                            You cant re write our fate Priya ...Her tears unstoppable she hugged him tightly ..Both Ram & Sudhir looked at each other with moistend eyes..

                             Sudhir planting a soft kiss on her hairs ,Priya when im waiting outside of your labour room..All my memories with you came into my mind ..

                              I felt pain and its excruciating to my left hand ...still im holding just to listen wether you are safe or not ..
                                Than Ram took me to emergency ward and they treated there ,they did CAG[coronary angio gram]and it reveald multiple block in arteries ..
"Papa ..she cried ... patting her head "

                           As my BP is fluctuating ,sugar levels were uncontrolable and Iam not fit for surgery so they haven't taken the decision ...
So we are waiting for the right time to undergo for it ...

Than why yesterday ..her voice trailed off because of crying ..

                                       Priya im aged man ,not fit and perfect, having blocks im not supposed to think or overexite on anything ..

                                          Yesterday after the walk i climbed the stairs becoz lift is not working but that turned into my heart pain ,my body couldnt received it ..
And was admitted in hospital .The doctor treated asusaul so we no need to be there as before Ram said to me about monthly celebration of Peehu ,i want to come home as soon as possible 

                               When we are returning from the hospital we got call from Ramkapoor that you have panicked and coming to our home ..
I was lilttile apprehencive wether to tell you or not .I was just assuming for right time to share with you ..

                                        "Papa i love you ,i need you in my life time ...who will care for me ,who will give me salty tea ..who will pat my head lovingly when im feeling alone and sad.."

Priya i know you were in safe hands gazing at his beloved son in law ..

He will be there in every of your step , I can happily close my eyes ..
Papa she closed his mouth ..dont utter that word papa ,i cant imagine my life with out you papa ...Cry
Taking Ram's hand in hers ..Papa I love him soo much papa , he will be there in every of my step ..

"But papa i need you too papa ...
 Whenever we lost our road to show the right path we need you papa
whenevr we fight to solve our things we need you papa
Whenevr Peehu asks about the stories to tell her we need you papa
Whenevr we want some advice on imp factor we need you papa
I need you badly Papa ..PLzz papa dont take any stress .."

                         Peehu cry sound made all turn to her side ..Priya slowly left from there .Hugging peehu tightly love you baby ..Im sorry feeling hungry kya ??
she started to give feed her ,,,And called Ramm...

He sat beside her ..She leaned on him..Her tears trikcling down from her eyes ..
Ram "Is my papa gonna be ok "..

He dialed one number gave it to her ..
It's one of the famous cardiologist [ Heart specialist] in india who is looking after her father ..
Foctor :Priya if he undergoes for surgery everything will alright ,but we have to control his BP,sugar level for that and he is too sensitive to take the surgery right now so we are observing him very carefully ,Just give him sometime to control the levels ..when he is fit for surgery it will take hardly an hour or so to clear the blocks..

Priya:Doctor why he got the attack again ..

Doctor:Priya there is huge blockage ,when the blood is pumping it has to go by the very narrow route so when he is exited the rush of blood flow increses and he is getting the pain . That why we are trying our level best to do it quickly ...

Priya : How much  pos ... possibilities are there doctor ...[Ram hold her tightly ,she hardly supressing her cries inside to hear ]

Doctor :Its difficulty to say right now but if we give stent to those arteries 99% he will recover ,and with these blocks without procedure i cant give gaurantee because when he gets attack its impossible to tell ..Im sorry but hope for the best Priya kapoor ..Mobile slipped from her hands ...her sobs engulfed in his chest ..

Ram:Ok doctor thank you for sparing your precious time, i will call you later ..He disconnected the call
Plzz priya dont cry yaar .see we are trying our best to clear this out ..See Peehu is disturbing ..check on her ..

She adjusted Peehu in correct position ..
Sudhir came there ...

He gave collection of Priya's childhood pics some sweet memories with her given to Ram..

Now onwards this property belngs to you ..
Priya eyes moistened ...Priya i always thought of you will have a baby on first ..This is my first gift of her birthday ..
As she celebrated her monthly birthday ,i want to present this to her..
Ram took the gold chain from him , and he opend the locket ..There is Priya&Ram photos each side of the locket ..It was simply beautiful
Papa why all these ...
Beta rak lo na ..Its my gift to me grand daughter ..Taking peehu from priya .. he adorned the chain to her ...
She jumped her legs in air ..Every one smiled ...
Ram took peehu in his arms ... Sudhir hold priyas arms in his ,Priya everything will be going to be good only ..Don't worry ...
Sudhir &Priya ,Ram&Peehu in one frame [ superb father dughter bonding]natasha clicked the pic ..

Priya life has to move on ..I love you and remeber always wherever also My blessings will be with you and your family ..
She choked ..Papa can i stay here tonight ...
Sudhir looked at Ram ...
Ram hold Peehus hand in him asking in pleasing tone..
Papa can we stay here tonight plzz plzz pretty plzz..
All smiled at Rams antics..

sure beta why not ...She relaxed in his arms.. she talked manythings with him .Ram is supporting in all the while ..pulling her leg ..
They had the dinner ..Ram&Priya reachd their room ..
She made peehu to sleep proeprly ...Lost in her thoughts while patting Peehu ..
Ram observed it ...Priya ..Priya he called her out ..
Hmm kuch kaha aapne ..[coming out of trance]
Hmm ha kaha ko gayi aap??
woo kuch nahi by the way Ram thank you soo much ..
For what priya ??[confusingly ]
You are there with papa all the while ,I missed the imp part but you are there for him ,I completely undrstand your suffering to save my father's life ..
Thank you soo much for the concern and why do you love me so much Ram..
Crying again on his chest ..
Priya utho yaar much you will cry ..I can't see you my love cry ..
Plz stop it ..I promice you nothing is going to happen to your father ..we will try our best rest all god will see ..

Ram its paining here showing her heart .. Some unknown fear not letting me cool down,My heart beats are raging in each passing second ,Im tired of crying
still sobbing on his chest ..I want my Papa back healthy ..Plzz plzzz im tired of crying ,im tired of thinking whats gonna happen ,,My muscles gave up
My body fumes with pains..
Do something ..Plz remove this pain from me ...Her knees wekens ,He hold her near to his heart ...
He lifted her up slipped from her clothes,He placed her in bath tub ,that filled with light hot water..
He massaged her body with the liquid soap ,trying to relieve her pain .After 10 mins he wrapped the towel around her ,dried up her hair ..made lie down on the bed ..
He wiped off the tears that coming from her eyes ..He changed his clothes slipped beside her..
Hold her tightly in his embrace ..started stroking her hairs ..telling everything is gonna okay ...You have to releive because Peehu needs your attention ..
slowly her eyes gave up..finally  she dozed off to sleep...He too laid after her ..

From the Writer : First of all a big hug to all of you ...Love you all , you people are so kind ,Im unable to believe we completed the Prediction FF journey 2nd thread too ,Isnt it amazing news guys ...Thank you soo much for your wonderful responce..When i heard from Neel im a bit emotional too ,Thank you soo much ..
Coming to the FF i know there was not much part of Raya in this , i just wanted to implit the Real sensitive issues thrw my FF ..I can't reveal how the story forwards but Trust me you like it when i updated [Hope so] ...Plzz if you have any doubts let me know will clarify it in next update ..

A message to jineejiggs from the writer :

I don't know your name so im calling you as my dear ..

Im so sorry to hear about your Hero[father],  I can  imagine how the bad phase you went thrw. I just want to give bear hug to you.

And with my update unknowingly i reminded those sad memories to you,Im extremly sorry my dear ..It is emotional to me to write because it happend infront of my eyes with my dearest friend ..
When i updated last time i got some Pms telling their fathers gone same phase and i penned it down very well ..but im just worried to bring their memories back ..

I just can say to you that your loving father is taking a peaceful nap right now ,but wherevr he is always his blessing will reach you in each of your step ,He will be alwasy by your side whenevr you feel alone ,All the best dear ..

Plz forgive me to remind the sad moments..God bless you with good life..

This update im dedicating to your father aswellas who is loving unconditionally their  daughters those were taking rest in peace right now ..

Dad always be first hero of their daughter and best friend tooo ..


Thank you very much for sapring your time to read this FF and make me feel happy with your commnets ... Thank you soo much ...

HugHeartHugHeartHugHeartHugHeartGod bless you all

Plzplz do leave your feed back and dont forgt to hit the LIKE button...

If anybody wants Pm add me to your buddy list ,will send you PM...


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awesome update loved the way sudhir and priya shared their emotions... what a bond they share... its the most special relationship... every daughter is her fathers princess... and here we have two (sudhir-priya ram-peehu)...  just loved it but i really dont want priya to cry any more... i had enough of pain... now make her haapy...Edited by taashu11 - 2012-10-28T10:39:24Z
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lovely...u r a great writer...u made me imagine the full scene...u r too good...LOLLOLLOLluved the father daughter bonding...i have one request want to c more ram nd peehu bonding nd over protected ram for peehu...update soon...v all r waiting...Wink
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Posted: 2012-10-28T11:22:17Z

thank you dear, by the way my name is Ujjaini...u don't have to be sorry, but yes u did remind me of my father, but I never forget my father, I can feel that he is always with me, always guiding and protecting me, indeed he is my hero, he is my idol, he was, is and always will be my inspiration and idol, I luv u baba
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Posted: 2012-10-28T11:31:22Z
Please update soon...
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Posted: 2012-10-28T11:59:04Z
  di that was beautiful
the way you showed us how life stole my heart through every line...
i was in tears once again as i was reading it...
words aren't enough to say thanku...but 
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Posted: 2012-10-28T12:05:11Z
Congrats di... n awesome update
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