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<font color="#990066" size="4">Thanks a ton to all of you , this is my second ff opening second thread,keep reading it , dedicating to all of you my lovely readers ..

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shipra noticed he was in priya's room,went to give him coffe ,staring at the scene...
oh god she is looking so cute in her sleep ...he removed his blazer,slipped in her comforter ,the warm touch made her turn to his side, he slid his arms around her waist , pulled her near to him , she snuggled closer to him, her petite body fitted perfectly in his strong arms...his leg entwined with hers ,her head on his chest,he kissed on her hairs ,murmuring a quick i love you , he solaced in her hug ..dozed off to sleep ..

after a long time , the clock strikes 8.30 pm ... shipra came to call them for dinner ...
[hehe you knw how shipra is (hyper mother) ]she knoked the door twice,no reply ,she slowly open the door shrugging off sudhir's tapping on her shoulder,she peeped in ,they were comfortable in each other arms, shipra called out "priya..priyaaa...utho na" priya stirred in her sleep ,he tugged her more closer to him...shipra lowers her gazeee by the sight...
NO where a small smile curved on priya's lips by his touch , she nestled to him more, kissing on his cheeks ,he embraced more tightly in his arms...his leg crossed on her waist .
Priya beta ...utho na... its very late ,dinner ready hai??
both startled and got up from their sleep , ma aap ,wo she wants to get up from his grip ,but her manglasutra tied up with his kurtha button,
again falls in his strong arms , mammiji aap jayiye door close karke hum log aatha hai?/thhek hai she closed the door and went outside...
priya gave a Hawww look at him..
he untangled her mangalsutra from his kurtha button, what happen to you priya why you are so tensed ...
ii.. woo .. oofff ,kya ram , sweeping of her sweat with his back of hand , kissed gently on her lips ...cool down honey ..
now tell me why you are so tensed up ,ha ram why dont you close the door when you are sleeping with me all cuddled and ...
<font color="#0000FF">ha and ..</font>.
priya blushed to the core ,kuch nahi getting up from the bed ..
what kuch nahi mam ??mai bolo gi ...all cuddled and showering kisses on you ..
rammm hittiing on his chest play fully , he embraced her again ,his warm breath facing on her neck ,trikling her more ..
priya i miss you , im in soo romantic mode you just left me there ,came here ...taking the pink note from his pocket ...
so what about this ..." Hey my cute sexy devil ,
im fine , dont worry , im at my fav place,find me ..."

hmm sexy devil ..sooo you called me sexy devil..she bites her lower lip
our nahi toh kya ??? you are not letting me down from the bed for 2 days ,im in so much pain ,she looked at him ,his intense gaze piercing her ,he is coming closer to her..his lips brushing on her cheeks what to do my dear , im not getting enough of you toh ...
these many years we were far from everything , our joys ,sarrows everything mingled with our family ...what about US mrs.priaya ram kapoor.his chin touching her shoulder,
she let out a sigh, resting her head on his chest , i love you my dear hubby , and so your joy is making love with me ,hiding her giggling in his kurtha ,
he pulled out from his grip , kya yaar i didnt even finishd it what im saying ...
she closed his mouth with her fingers ..plzz ram dont think anything about the bitter past and sweet memories ..<font color="#0000FF">now its our life , our journey </font>..

<font color="#FF0000">I love you</font> plz dont be sad in this happy moment , telling this she placed her lips on his , it turned out very passionate one..his hands searching for her smooth curves ..
she broke the kiss , with in a moment he tasted her lips again drowning in his love of life's sweet nector ,his hands reachd on her chest to caress them, she hold her senses back pushed him all her strength , her panting mingled with his laugh ...

<font color="#990000">Ram dont dare to do that .</font>..its my papa's home not KM,so plzzz
ohh common if its your papas home toh im i not your husband or im i your secret lover and i came to your home by climbing pipelines or something,
GOD im their son in law and your sweet sexy devil, i can do whatever i want ..hardly i have only one wifee..supressing his giggles on her hairs ..she can feel his swifting moments while gigling.

ramm she hits on his chest , ram everyone is waiting for us , shall we go ,
yah pointing at his lips..
abhi toh kiya na ... he embraced her in his hug , chodiye ...
he tightens his grip ...
plz chodiye muje...his lips nibling her creamy shoulder ,
chodiye plzzz her pleading tone slower down ...
he traced the wet kisses on her collarbone ,sliding the blouse a lil..
her breath became shallow ,her pleading became moan...when he licked her smooth skin to leave a red mark on her , she couldnt resisted turned to him ,hugged more tightly ,he hugged her back , her breaths normalised by now, plzz abhi nahi , wo log kya sochega hamare bare me? kya soche ga yaar ..
plzz ram i will come to you but not now and that too only for once not whole night , im very tired ..
only once ye kya baah hai ???ohhh so why you went to spa ...
instantly she gave the reply <font color="#000099">"to relive the pain which my sexy devil gave "...</font>
and they have done something tooo, <font color="#006633">"you looking magical dear"...</font>
hmmm gave stern look at him "rammm"'
priyaaa to relieve the pain you went .. and you back fine
so why i take the choice winking at her ..

ramm you are soo one track minded , today only once and nw im going for dinner , if you want to come... come otherwise byeee ..
he pulled her "ok if you will wear this tonight i will accept your wish "...
her eyebrows knotted with confusion ,hearing a knock on the door ..
she didnt look at what was in the pocket , she said<font color="#003399">" yes i will wear "</font> almost ran to open the door ...
she adjusted herself before opening the door , open the door with her usaul smile ..
Ma woh washroom pe hai , we will come ,they went for dinner..
all the dishes were raya favorite ones , ram delighted by seeing it , his eyes widened by seeing aloo parantha ,butter chiken rubbed his hands saying that was wonderful dishes, mammiji you are so sweet , shipra served him paranthas ,he is totally engorsed in his food ,when he placed his hand on 5th parantha , priya is restless by seeing him, she held his hand tightly , he gazed at her ,she signald him with her eyes enough , he made a puppy face telling this one is last one..
sudhir: what happen both of you , why you stopped is any dish wasnt good..
both startled :she freed his hand giving a very angry glare at him not to eat any more paranthas.
sudhir understud her daughters request ,he asked priya ...what happen priya ? papa wo ...she felt a warm touch on her thigh , bewilderd by his action , she said
kuch nai papa,kuch nai , trying to remove his hand from her thigh ,his grip tighter squeezing more , what if anyone notices , uncomfortable restless, she pleaded him saying sorry ,in a very low voice she asked him our parantha chahiye kya? with that she stood up to serve him ,he realized silently he withdraw his hand from hers, she dont want to take anymore risk on the dining table , telling mine is finishd i will go and get the desert , she briskly walked away from there giving a killing look at ram..
He passed a million dollar smile to her enjoying his dinner fully ...she came with the desert served to everyone , she unable to face ram ,sat on the sofa near the dining table , but it was quite opposite,so no one can see her ..

<font color="#FF0000" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3"><font color="#009900">She was lost in her past honeymoon days how she bacame priya sharma to priya ramkapoor the one made her fall in love with him , his antics made her go crazy sometimes, his love make her feel her special in the world ,his smile made her lips to curve smile, his worries make her even more sad than him , when he is raging bull no one can stop him but with one innocent look at him he will be calmdown himself , when he came from the office he will be welcoming her opened arms , all his work tensions lost in that lovely hug of her , she couldnt even count how many times he said "I LOVE YOU " to her not only in words , in each and every action of him , when she fell down from the stairs how badly he cried nevertheless he hasnt confessed his love to her thattime, still his actions speaks alot , may be he is not gud in expressive part , but the first official date made it clear how much he wants tell bout their relationship , invadadly he asked her about their first night ," R U OK with this " how secured he was , how concerned for me , how his kiss made me weeken in my knees , how his warm touch made her lost control , how his romantic demands made her feel blush all the time like a new bride, her cheeks turned to deep red ...
soon her thoughts were gone deep
when he hugged her telling his bitter past to her , all the 20 years of his burden flis off ,after that he held her arms tears brimming from his eyes same with priya's
priya i got a shoulder to cry , another pair of lips to smile , a pair of arms to encircle in her hug , a pair of legs always entwined with mine at the nights , a beautiful angelic face smiling at me when i got up from the bed morover who loves me only me not any of my money , pride ,prestage ,she couldnt see him in the state intently she placed her lips on his take him to another world , after so many days he slept very peacefully on her chest , she too not wanting to let him go ...
her thoughts disturbd by shipras creeping voice talking with someone on the phone , telling ha hamara damad ji " the RAMKAPOOR " came to our house.her bla
blabber continued .everyone dipersed to their respective rooms, priya sweetly smiled listening the convo of shipra ,ram who is observing all ,sat beside her , when she felt the cushon sinking she looked at the site found ram was sitting beside her ..</font>
<font color="#0000FF">
What happen my dear honey ,lost in our beautiful memories kya ????

<font color="#FF00FF">Noo..nahi toh ...
Achha , tell na where are you ?

<font color="#FF00FF">Im here only </font>

What you doing?

<font color="#FF00FF">Having kheer ..</font>

Ohhh so why you haven't even touched a bit of it ?
<font color="#FF00FF">
She amused ,lodged a fullspoon of kheer in her mouth , asked ab kush meri jaan ...</font></font>

There is whiteline traced on her upperlip because of the kulfi ...

<font color="#9933CC">No one knows what happend ,how it went ,the next moment his lips were on her licking the whiteline ,inserted his tongue into hers ,they were so forgetten they were in sudhirs house sitting in sofa that ecxactly adjusted to the dining room , if anyone came they will surely see them but who cares , his hands tightly grasped her hair to taking full acces on her, pulling more closer to him ,thier salivas intermigling with eachother , her tongue is widely spreading on to his ,her hands want to grab him tight , but something was disturbing , when she realized that it was the kheer bowl in her hands , the jolt striken back to her , she was in papas home, she tried to place the kheer bowl properly to push him back,she failed to push him , he deepens his kiss more leaning on her , she wants to tell him , its outside but nothing can came out from her mouth except some wooble sounds ...

</font>Natasha barged on the side .. bhabhi im free now , tell me how was your honeymoon , she is perplexed by the site ,the next sec karthik followed her , ha didi and jiju show me your photos ... both closed their eyes turning to the other side .

Ram freed her , she is gasping for breath hardly she could able to breath , he stood up seeing them , woo .. mai .. im just removing dust particle from her eyes , you can turn this side ,by the time shipra ,sudhir too reached there , kya hua ...

<font color="#009900">natasha: kuch nayi , honeymoon is still going on ...giggling and showing a thumbsup sign to both ram & priya ..</font>
all questioned her " matlab "

ram was shhepishly smiliing looking down , priya bewildered still in shock , what just happend , actully i mean in real sence natasha karthik saw us ///mumbling oh shit ..
her fingers were turning in to a fist ...
when shipra asked , priya your lip is bleeding ...
i will just come insantly she ran from there with much embaressement ,
everyone laughed loudly ...ram sat there waiting for her , she washed her face wore some of her old nighty came to the room where everyone was there , ram and sudhir felt her uncomfortable , she sat beside ram ,after 10 mins sudhir told ram beta , you both were tired go and catch some sleep , rampriya thought he is such a saviour , they nod left from there before nuts start the teasing ...
He bolts the door turned instantly catch hold of her and wants to tell sorry , he was bumped into her ..
what ???
what you did ram ??
ii.. i know its wrong but i couldnt control myself to kiss you , i .. just forgot ,lost .you know i was terriblyy falen for you ..
im sorry , seeing his pleading eyes , she melted for his cute sorrys , ohgod how this man is making me go crazy ,
i love you , she brushed her lips on his cheek ...
another thunderous stuckd him , when he realized she was not angry on him , when the old nighty slips off from her , he even more shocked she actually weard what he has given the gift, he scooped her in his strong arms ...

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me first...after a looong time...phew !!

omg omg omg...that was an intense one HeartHeart

omg they kissed in front of nuts and karthik !!...unbelievable!!Embarrassed

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4 new thread
they kiss dinning roomram control karoWinkWink
what is ram gift priya
u Have no Idea How fast my heart races
When i see your updates

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neel that was awesome and nutkar saw raya kissing eachother Embarrassed ab next love making in sharma house Big smileWink me waiting for some more hot updates WinkEdited by shahzeen1 - 2012-08-11T13:21:22Z
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Posted: 2012-08-11T13:03:14Z


hottt and romantic
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Posted: 2012-08-11T13:06:14Z
ohh my...Shocked
HOTTT... SEXXXYYY...Blushing
Luved it...
plz plz continue soon...
eagerly waitin for ur next hottt sexxxy update...Wink
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Posted: 2012-08-11T13:19:55Z
Wow sooo romantic :D man how wildly they kiss ;)
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Posted: 2012-08-11T13:20:41Z
Congratulations neel for new thread neel.update is very romantic.nuts saw dem kissing ha ha.loved how priya was lost in memories.n shipra is shameless how can she even enter into da room wen she knew dat her daughter is not alone n da kiss on da sofa was so romantic. Now as she priya wore some thing vch ram gave vil u cont from here n plz ab gayab mat hona update regularly

p.s. awesome pic
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