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Where r u??
waiting waiting waiting

just next to u yaar will going to update in sometime... so stay tuned guys

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Hi guys I m back in town I know I m a bit late to update but finally I m updating… this is a bit long so bare with it… next will surly up in 3-4 days so till then enjoys this…

 Part 2Dinosaur v/s Chipkali

Here at Sharma house... Priya's parents having their breakfast sitting on dining table… having tasty food made by their lovely daughter & chatting abt after 2 days award function… Priya were in her room getting ready for going to office as usual she is late…

 She know now what is going to be happen with her in office but she less cared abt it… Here at down Mr. & Mrs. Sharma were talking when Priya comes down while talking of cell phone… she is wearing white shirt & black trouser with one scuff wrapped around her neck… she had her hair open she is looking so charming & gorgeous…

Priya:- haan… haan Sanju… apna khayal rakhna & call me before you check in the flight… ok bye love u take care… (She keeps the call standing near the dinner table & she were smiling seeing at her parents as she very happy)

Shipra:- beta Sanju ka call tha toh mujhe diya kyun nahi??? (She made sad face while complaining) & where is Sanju going??? (With question look)

Priya:- maa she was in hurry… use uski bahut sari cheezain peck jo karni thi that's why. (She said with brought smile sitting on chair then takes her milk & cornflakes in plate as she very health conscious)

Sudhir:- packing for what & she is going somewhere? (He asked while having his breakfast)

Priya:- she isn't it going anywhere papa guess what… (Both looks at her with question look) she is coming here… she coming to India…(she screamed a bit loudly with excitement)

Shipra:- what… is really Sanju is coming to India??? My baby doll is coming I m so happy Janu (Sudhir). (Looking at Sudhir with broad smile)

Priya:- ya maa that is also for 3 months… she will be here with us at house until her college vacations r there. (While eating her meal)

Sudhir:- but beta what abt Pradeep uncle & Nimmi aunty (Sanju's parents) is they r also coming?

Priya:- no papa Pradeep uncle have an important work there so he will join us after 2 months with aunty… right now just Sanju is coming with her one friend Ritz & they both going to stay here at our house. (All r having meal)

Sudhir:- chalo its really gud after all after so many years Sanju is coming back to India… did u remember Shipra she was just 5 years when she was came to India with Pradeep & Nimmi.

Shipra:- yes Janu how can I forgot ohh my little doll… after that I had just seen her on net… but now finally get time to come here after so long time I m going to see her face to face… (She is so exited while saying this she is so happy when Priya sees at watch & get shock)

Priya:- ohh no Maa I m again getting so late… if I got again late in office na that dinosaur will goanna eat me fully even without water I need to leave now… (She gets up scared having one apple in hand)

Sudhir:- Priya its bad manners u r still calling Ram as dinosaur I told you not to do that. (his father get angry on her over this)

Priya:- I m sorry papa par kya karun you know na… (She hold her one ear with sad look) how he is hamesha mujhse jagdne ka bahana dhunte hain… aur pata nahi kis baat ka gussa hamesha unki naak pe hamesha saza rehta hai… bilkul ek number k khados hai… pata nahi kis janam ki dusmani mikal rahe hain??? (She said with irritated look)

Shipra:- Priya yeh koi tarika hai Ram k bare main is tarha baat karne ka? (She even got angry on her)

Priya:- maa sorry is waqt late ho raha hai toh main raat ko aakar aap dono se baat karti hun… warana who dino… (She stop seeing Sudhir angry) mera matlab hai Ram mera bhurta bana denge plz… bye take care…

She leaves from there & sits in her car to drive faster as much as she can to reach at office. When here Ram already in office working on his file Vik is sitting in his cabin while thinking something… Ram is just too busy in his work…

Vik:- Ram what u think? (He looks at Ram with stein smile)

Ram:- abt what Vik? (He is still busy in doing his work…)

Vik:- abt what kya what…? abt Priya yaar? (He gets a bit annoyed)

Ram:- Priya? (He lost in thinking for a bit) Kyun ab use kya hua? (With plain expressions)

Vik:- use kuch nahi hua main toh tujhse yeh puch raha tha k kya lagta hai tujhe? Mera matlab hai Priya kaisi lagti hai tujhe…? (Nothing is happened to her I was just asking u how u feels… I mean how u feels abt Priya) (he just gives naughty smile to him)

Ram:- kaisi lagti hai matlab…? Jaisi hai waisi lagti hai ladki jaisi aur kya…? (What how she looks a like… she looks like how she is… like a girl) (Looks a bit to him & be busy again in file)

Vik:- are main waisi baat nahi kar raha yaar main toh yeh keh raha hun k Priya jaisi ladki kisi ki zindagi main aa jayegi toh uski toh life ban jayegi na yaar… I wish I was got a girl like her but… (yaar I m not telling that way I m just saying that if someone get a girl like Priya his life would be haven) (Trying to find his feelings for her by just staring at his face)

Ram:- shubha shubha tu kya bakwaas le k baitha hai yaar? Kam karna aur mujhe bhi karne de plz… (What the hell u r taking abt in morning I want to do work & let me do plz) (He gets annoyed & be busy in his work when Vik snatches the file from his hand n Ram gets angry)

Vik:- kamal hai yaar kuch zarori baat kar raha hun aur tu bakwaas keh raha hai use?(I m talking with u something important n u r saying it rubbish) U is busy with this stupid file???? (Ram gives first look to him then turns his eyes away being quite) (Then after a moment) Ab chup kyun baitha hai bol na? (He asked gently)

Ram:- kya janna chata hai tu? kya bataoun tujhe haan? (What u wants to hear? What u wants to know?) (He is a bit irritated) tu kya sunana chahta hai yaar??? Priya k bare me na toh sun dekh jis bhi ladke ki Priya k saath saadi hogi mere hisab se woh duniya ka sabse bada bad kismat hoga...  (U want to hear abt Priya from me right… then listen I feel who will ever marry to Priya he would be the most bad luck person on earth) (He just said it with plain expression)

Vik:- what...??? What r u saying Ram r u all right??? (He completely shocked with his comment)

Ram:- yaar sahi toh keh raha hun yaar tune kabhi uss chipkali ko dekha hai discipline naam ko toh koi cheez hi nahi usme... aur toh aur pata nahi khud ko kya samjhti hai aisa lagta hai k sab kuch sirf use hi pata hai baki sab toh beakaal hai yaha... bilkul ek number ki nakkchadi hai... aur sirf bolna aata hai use sunana ya kisi ki baat samjhna use aata hi nahi... now who can be happy with that kind of girl? (yaar have u ever seen that chipkali… there is no discipline in her…& I don't know what she thinks abt her self she feels like everything just she knows in life & others are fools… even she just knows how to babbling not to listing or understands to other…)

Vik:- yaar par teri batooin se toh lagta hai tu useki har chote se choti batoon ka khayal rakhta hai... (But yaar I feel with ur talks that u notices her as small as thing in ur life) (He gives naughty smile)

Ram:- haan yaar isliye kyunki uski yeh sari bataain mujhe bahut irritate karti hai is liye aur kuch nahi... (He took his file back from Vik's hand)

Vik:- agar yahi baat hai toh aaj breakfast k waqt uska naam sunke tu muskura kyun raha tha? (He completely confused now)

Ram :- b'coz I was thinking when she will finally see me taking award how will she feel she will goanna burn in jealousy & I will be gone enjoys it… (With smile but not with his heart)

Vik:- tu pagal hai Ram... chahe toh tu mujhse kuch bhi kahe par main janta hun sach kuch aur hai jo tu abhi batana nahi chahta... but I will wait jab tu khud aakar mujhse kahega... (u r mad Ram… what ever u say I know truth is something else & u r not ready to tell me it right now but I will wait for u until u came to me & tell by ur own) (With his sweet smile seeing truth in his eyes)

Ram:- waise aaj madam hain kaha 11 bajh gaye aayi nahi??? Aur yaha yeh papers mera sir kha rahe hai kuch samjah mahi aa raha... (Btw where r this madam today its been 11 yet she didn't came & here this papers r eating my head) (He just trying to change the topic)

Priya:- when ever u have did any work then only u can understands it…

Ram & Vik turns their face to door from where the voice over came where Priya were standing with anger on her face & then this both guys looks at each other while got shocked as they felt she heard everything abt their covey…

To be continuing…

Recap:- Priya & Ram's face off… while Dm (Raj) & Sanju's entry

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wow Leena just loved it Heart Precap is awesome too ..do post next part soonEmbarrassed waiting for entry of DM (Raj) & Sanju Big smile
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LOLawsm update...update soon...LOL
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Originally posted by ramonag

wow Leena just loved it Heart Precap is awesome too ..do post next part soonEmbarrassed waiting for entry of DM (Raj) & Sanju Big smile

hheheh thanks Ramo di for linking update... i m really glad for it...Embarrassed   Embarrassed

its just a start n story will unfold with passing time so stay tuned well SanRaj toh hum bhi besabri se kar rahe hai... Wink

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Originally posted by kritinayyar

LOLawsm update...update soon...LOL

hheheh thanks kritina for linking update... i m really glad for it...Embarrassed   Embarrassed

next will up soon   just wait n wach stay tuned guys
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luvd it leena...too gud yaarClap
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