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awesome introduction...
loved it...HugHugHugHugHugHug
do update soon...k
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Originally posted by aditi

awesome introduction...
loved it...Hug
do update soon...k

thanks aditi for liking the story... just wait n watch will update soon... Tongue  

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Originally posted by ChitaRK

Awesome mannn

thanks chitra  for liking the story... just wait n watch will update soon... Tongue  

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after getting nice responses from u all i have decided to starts this FF finally so here i m gonna post First part of my FF let me know with ur comments & suggestion how is it?

Part 1… starting of journey... 

The scene starts with Ganesh ideal in the K mansion… there Niharika Kapoor doing Ganesha's aarti in her house temple. Just her elder son is standing behind her while doing puja… & then one after one her other both kids come in house temple for puja…

Now the screen transfers to Sharma's bungalow were Priya were also doing Ganeshji's puja were behind her… her family members her father Mr. Sudhir Sharma & mother Mrs. Shipra Sharma… they were smiling seeing their daughter & she starts singing. 

Gananayaka Ganadaivataya Ganadaksha Ya dhimahi… Guna shariraya Guna Manditaya Guneshanay Dhimahi… Gunaditaya Gunadhishaya Guna pravishtaya Dhimahai…
Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Gauri tanahaya yadhi mahi
Gajeshanaya Bhalchandraya shree ganeshaya dhimahi
Gaanachaturaya ganaapranaya gaanantaratmane gaanot sukhay… Gaanamattaya gannott sukha mana se…Guru pujitaya, Guru daivataya, Guru kulasthaine … Guru Vikramaya, Guiyya pravaraya Gurave guna gura ve… Gurudaitya kalakchetre, Guru dharma sada rakdhyaya… Guru putra paritratre Guru pakhand khand khaya… Geet saraya, Geet tatvaya Geet kotraya dhimahi… Gudha gulfaya, Gandha Mattaya Gojaya pradaya dhimahi… Gunaditaya Gunadhishaya Guna pravishtaya Dhimahai
Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Gauri tanahaya yadhi mahi
Gajeshanaya Bhalchandraya shree ganeshaya dhimahi

Here puja completes Priya smiles & turns to give aarti to her mother & father. Then touches there feet & takes their blessings. She hugs to her Papa & Shipra kisses her forehead then she moves to go kitchen for make ready for breakfast. Here screen transfers to K mansion Nik a.k.a Niharika turns to give to everyone standing around there…

She turns & first sees Sidhaant her younger son & very lazy boy to get up in the morning… he takes the aarti then Nik gives her Prasad & was abt to move out when Nik holds his ear & make him to look at her… he made face as it was paining him…

Nik:- Sid how many times I told u that in occasions & party its ok but at least comes in puja on time but u never listen me… (She folds his ear more hardly)

Sid:- maa oucha its paining bhai…(he scream for his beloved brother in pain)

Nik:- no Ram even won't say anything today nor even I m going to listen him at all… today u will get punished for this… (She is in very bad mood which were flashes on her face)

When the Ram Kapoor her eldest & dearest son comes there then he goes near Nik… & was abt to open his mouth to say something but before that Nik interrupts him then say…

Nik:- no Ram not today tum hamesha ise bacha lete ho (Every time u saves him) & every time he takes advantage of this… he just got out of all this mess so clearly but not this time… its not just abt one thing par yeh bahut bigad gaya hai aaj kal… (Ram senses she is in to much bad mood)

Ram:- maa leave na he is just kid I will tell him he won't do this again plz maa leave na….(Nik still hold tights grip Sid's ear …were Sid were making faces in pain)

Ram:-maa plz sirf aaj k liye… (Nik gives her angry stare) Choti tu bhi toh kuch bol na maa ko… (Choti u even says something to maa)

He said in painful voice seeing Sid in pain… Here in screen comes Natasha a.k.a Nuts… Nik's single daughter…& the dearest daughter of house…

Nuts:- what will I say bhai if Maa is not listening to u why will she listen to me… b'coz every one knows if Niharika Kapoor listens anyone he is just of Ram Kapoor… & what is Maa doing is right Sid should to be get punished bahut bigad gaya hai yeh… (She is enjoying this thing while teasing Sid)

Sid:- u shut up chuhiya I will see u later… (Giving angry look to her) Maa plz chodo na (Maa plz leave na) its paining… I promise I won't do this again sorry…. (He made puppy face)

Ram:- maa chod do na sorry keh raha hai plz… mere liye plz… (Maa leave him na he is saying sorry plz for me plz… he even made puppy face…)

She leaves Sid's ear with angry glance at him… she keeps aarti's thali on table.

Nik:- aaj toh Ram k karan bach gaye (today u saved b'coz of Ram) but next time I won't leave u… (Sid is seeing at Nik while rubbing his ear)

Sid:- who din kabhi nahi aayega Mom b'coz I know bhai hamesha wahi rahenge mujhe bachane k liye… aur main janta hun bhai hamesha mere saath rahenge aise hi… hai na bhai (But I know mom that day won't ever come as I know bhai will always there to save me… & I know bhai will be always there for me just like now… right bhai)

He smiles to seeing at Ram & Ram calls him for hug showing his both open hand to him… Sid just runs into his arms running both gives warm hug to each other.

 Nik had tears seeing brother's love for each other. Ram just moves to Nik & even take her into their hug & Nik calls nuts too now all had cute group hug with brought smile on their faces… Just after that Nik gives everyone sweets as Prasad

Then after some time all moves to their room to get ready for breakfast in leaving room… after some time all back being ready. When Vik enters in house with big smile seeing them all sitting together & having breakfast Ram is in his favorite black sleeveless tailored jacket, tie & trousers with white shirt … were Nuts & Sid in their usual cloths like jeans & t-shirts. Nik is in dress & she was serving all the kids food.

Nik:- Ram how many times I told u not to eat aalo ka paratah with so much butter this all oily food is so harmful for u… think abt ur health sometimes beta…(she said being worried & with concern)

Ram:- maa aap hi ne toh kaha hai k khate waqt sochna nahi chaiye aur main is waqt kahana kah raha hun… (Maa u said only not to thought while eating & I m eating right now… he said while flaunting his cute smile having his favorite food)

Vik:- this same answer we also got aanty when ever we ask him to not to do that.. But as usual he never listen us… (He gives s hopeless reaction to Ram with teasing smile)

Ram:- chup Maa k chamche… (He gives angry stare to him while having paratha) maa don't listen to him he just do nonsense sometimes… by the way how is Neha??? (He asked very curiously)

Vik:- she is fine & sanded her best wishes for u for after 2 days award function. (He smiles to seeing at Ram)

Ram:- tell her thank you from my side & thanks for to remind me (Vik was like why? Then he got his answer). Maa when is bhai & uncle coming… (He sees at Nik)

Nik:- ohh I just forgot to tell u Ram in morning Raj (DM) has called up me & told me that bhaishahb got some work there so he is going to be here after one week. (She smiles to him & Ram shocked)

Ram:- what then bhai won't be there for award function mom? (He mad sad face)

Nik:- Ram aisa kabhi ho sakta hai k tumhara award function ho aur Raj yaha na ho???? (Ram is this can be possible that there is ur award function & Raj won't be there) (She raised her eyebrow with sweet smile)

Sid:- yes b'coz bhai & bade bhai's relation is like two body one heart they can't survive without each other. (He smiles seeing at Ram even he were smiling too)

Nut:- ye he is just like father for bhai same as bhai is for us. (She smiles)

Vik:- ya & specially when Ram is again going to win award. (With proud smile)

Nuts:- not in so hurry Vik bhai b'coz this time Priya is the also strongest candidate for this award too like bhai… mukabla taakker ka honewala hai... (She gives shining big smile looking at Ram & he just smile hiding from everyone)

Vik:- yes sabse bada award best leader of business personality award… who is ruling in national & international business market with their efficient work ability & great business tactics… (He smiles)

Sid:- and from last five year only bhai is wining this award & u will see chuhiya this year only bhai again will win this award again… (With proud smile)

Nuts:- don't be so much over confident Sid b'coz this year Priya is also in the court & she had fantabulous job this year she will can also win… (With attitude smile)

Sid:- we will see.. who is goanna win only time will tell only… (He said in challenging mood)

Nik:- we will see who will win at the function only now u all have ur food get back to ur work… (She said to stop the fight with smile)

Vikram sees the shine in Ram's eyes while he hears Priya's name… both share the glance at each other with smile & then back to their breakfast… Ram having his food with her flash back of Priya & his from childhood to now…

To be continuing…

Recap:- Priya & Ram's face off……

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nice start di...so seems Ram already has some feelings for Priya :D and ye kya mere sher ko kaha chor diya jaldi lao na use bhi want my DM asap huh :P
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Posted: 2012-07-12T09:33:12Z
Hey that was a great start...Big smileit was a cute family...Loved the description when Ram hears Priyas name...HeartAwesome...Plzz continue...
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Posted: 2012-07-12T09:34:12Z
nice start ClapClapClapClapClapClap i like it Big smile hope u son update nextBig smile
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luvd the strt leena...continue soonTongue
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