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thanks arabica for liking my update ... i m really glad for it...Embarrassed   Embarrassed

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Originally posted by eli01

 Just read the intro...and damn, RaYa and SanRaj in one story, it should be fun, hehe Smile
Will have to leave reading the story for later...

thanks eli for liking my update ... i m really glad for it...Embarrassed   Embarrassed

ur words appreciating me a lot... yes its my dream FF LOL will waiting for ur next comments soon...  next part will be up in some hours stay tune

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Hi guys just before u all read the update i just wanted to let u know my FF's text banner is got updated on 1 page which is exclusively made by Lipsha the my most dearest friend so i have updated on page 1 also i m updating here plz give her a round of applause...

 Now I m back with new part I know r waiting for next part so finally I m updating… this is a bit long so bare with it… if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in 4-5 days so till then enjoys this…

Part 4 - Bade aache lagte hain…

She takes her clip back & tied her hair again so they don't make her irritate more with deep breath & she get back to her work with concentration. Here Ram smiles seeing her & then moves back to his cabin with his thoughts & sweet smile on his lips.

(At background BALH tune is playing)

It was whole day passed out Ram is sitting in his room on his bad doing his office work on lappy… wearing payjama & kurta after completing his dinner with family suddenly something stroke in his mind while doing work then thinking abt that his lips automatically carved into smile… his eyes lighten up. Then all of sudden Priya's images come into front of his eyes. He just smiling remembering abt her lost just in her thought.

 Here at Priya's room she just came out from bathroom after having hot shower wearing her night suit rubbing her wet hair with towel… it s her daily routine… Suddenly the rain starts to fall so heavily… Ram's thoughts got disturbed with the rain noise & full swing winds he moves towards to his room balcony keeping his lappy a side…

Here Priya smiles & moves to her room large windows to enjoy & play with rain drops. She keeps her towel a side her hair is on her one shoulder. She takes her hand out from window & tries to hold some rain drops in her palm then just throws it in air with broad smile on her lips. Ram even enjoying the cool breeze coming to him in this full rainy night. He closed his eyes with his dreaming eyes & flaunting his cute smile.

Here Priya open her drawer of near window witting table…she took out one book from it… it was nothing else but her dairy which she daily write in that she writes abt her heart out… she writes abt her happiness… abt her sorrows… abt her dreams… abt her everything… she took out her pen & then writes something in it sitting on near chair…

Here Ram is enjoying his rain with his closed his eyes again Priya's images stroke to his mind… here at other way Priya is writing in her diary smiling… shying…

(At the background this BALH tune playing)

Kyun jane anjaane se lagte hai tere yeh saaye…

(Ram having all images of Priya one by one the way she looks at him with her killing eyes… her shouting on him… her getting irritate with his smile… their silly fights & anger filled faces… his eyes still closed with her memories enjoying rain)

Jane kyun dil ne tujhse milkar aise sapne sajaye…

(Here Priya is busy writing in her dairy with sweet smile on her lips… her cheeks r glowing pinkish… she then think abt something & again bites her lower lip but this time with lowering her eyes in shyness… her happiness clearly showing on her face…)

Kyun jane anjaane se lagte hai tere yeh saaye…

(Ram opens his eyes with smiles & takes a deep breath looking in rain with so much of love… he again had her images when she biting her lower lip… her face covered with her hair with blowing wind & she trying keep them correct… all this is mesmerizing for him)

Jane kyun dil ne tujhse milkar aise sapne sajaye…

(She completes her writing & then took out one picture from her dairy. It was her childhood picture in that there was one boy with her they were well dressed & dancing in couple dance at some school function both were smiling. Priya just took the picture near her & kissed it lightly on boy side then she hugs it tightly with tearful eyes.)

Magar aache lagte hain…

Yeh sapne… yeh bataain… yeh mulakatain…

Aur… aur tum… (With BALH tune)

(Ram still lost in Priya's images where Priya just staring at the picture with her glowing smile. The screen splits one side Ram & one side Priya both r lost in their world.)

Here Priya let the pic in her dairy back she smiles to pic & gazed it the close the dairy & put again into draw. She gets up & gets back to sleep. Here Ram is still in balcony he is still lost in his thought of morning abt Priya when his cell rings. He sees the name on screen & with huge smile he hangs up the call without wasting a second.

Ram:- hay bhai how r u? (His smiles get winder while talking to him)

Dm:- I m fine Golu How r u? (Here it was Raj back which was showing… near the water fall at outside)

Ram:- I m fine bhai but its not fair aap ko waha gaye kitne din ho gaye & u got tme just now to call me??? (He is angry on Raj)

Dm:- (Dm turns removing his sunglasses he is wearing black jacket with jeans & in side white t-shirt it's his usual dressing style he had light french cut bread on face .) golu tu janta hai na jab dad saath me hote hain toh its becomes so hard to talk some even to family too. U knows him na for him his business comes first & all other things later for him in his life there is no space for his own son. Now u says how would I talk to u? (Ram becomes sad he knows his uncle very well hence he isn't it added anything)

Dm understood his silence he just tried to change the topic.

Dm:- now just forgot abt all this thing tell me how r all at home... how is Priya & Vik? (He asked while flaunting his cute dimple)

Ram:- (He blushes hearing Priya's name) all r gud here bhai but u know what I have a gud news for u. Vik is got committed even soon his engagement going to be held. (With big smile)

Dm: ohh wow really when? Who is the girl? What's her name? (He too excited hearing this)

Ram:- just 2 weeks ago … its arranged marriage bhai… the girl name is Neha… Neha Rajat Singh. (With his cute smile)

Dm:- wow that's great news congratulate him from my side & ya I forgot to inform u I m coming to India tomorrow with the evening flight so arranged that meeting with delhi clients for next morning. (With normal smile)

Ram:- wow bhai great I will be there to pick u up from the airport. & now I don't want to hear "no golu there is no need I will be there by my self" ok I m not hearing anything from u I will be there to pick u so now no more discussions on this. (Ram acts as of his talking tone which makes Dm smiles from heart)

Dm:- ok fine (showing his dimples when his secretary comes from back & said his dad calling him with action) dad is calling me now will talk to u later ok take car of ur self & good night. (He smiles hangs up the call & move inside his office to meet his father with not much happiness)

Ram:- ok bhai bye… u too take care of yr self… (Smiles)

He hangs up the call & went for to sleep with his cute smile. Here it was next morning again Priya is late in the office. She entered in office & sees the office were getting cleaned & decorated. She been confused that what actually is happening here as today is not any party nor nay festival so why this all things. She went to Ram's cabin hand over him some files on which she wants Ram's signatures urgently.

Priya moves in to Ram's cabin but it was empty she wondered how could Ram can't reach at office until now he always in the office sharp at 9:00 then what happen today? She is wondering while moving to her cabin when she saw shelly Ram's secretary.

Priya:- shelly where is Ram sir I went to his cabin but he is not there. (She asked with question look)

Shelly:- ma'am u don't know today is Dm sir is coming after long one month so Ram sir is in his cabin to clean up everything even made office too clean & decorated for his welcome. (She were smiling saying all this)

Priya:- what Dm is coming this is amazing news I m so happy. (She said with wind smile)

Meanwhile someone calls shelly & she moves away from there. Here Priya is alone smiling windily thinking what abt shelly said she si so happy hear Dm is coming back. She Dm & Ram r the best buddies of childhood they had spends their most of time happiest time together even she is too emotionally very close to Dm like Ram.

 Here she moves to Dm's cabin. She opens the door & see is Ram arranging all the things alone in Dm's cabin. He just lost in his world Ram is staring at Dm & his big picture on wall with wind smile Priya sees at him then at picture & smiles windily. There is lot of big & small picture of Ram, Priya, Vik & their family's all around the office

Priya knows very well what Dm meant for Ram in his life. Priya know Ram was very small when his father died in an accident then after that his father & Niharika aunty has took care of their business after having mom like Niharika still sometimes Ram feels himself so alone misses his father badly that time as Ram was always there for Sid & nuts but no one was there for him but Dm is the one who took care of Ram as father.

Dm gives him love of not just of big bro but of father too as he knows the meaning of loneliness. He was even lost his mother in small age & his father was never there for him. He always busy in his work Dm knows the emptiness of father & he never wants that to happen with his younger brothers & sister. That's why Ram & Dm is very close to each other they can't see each other in any pain. She comes out from her thoughts & moves towards Ram. He is so lost in him that he even doesn't know when Priya came there.

To be continuing…

Recap:- Sanju & Ritz coming to India...

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

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3d smileys graphicsBadiya post hain Dear ... Continue ASAP 3d smileys graphics
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Winkawsm update...i think priya likes dm...chlo dekhte hain kya hota he  jaldiii krna update...Wink 
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awsome update dear.. me too thinks she likes Dm.. t i knw itz all about raya... k k letz wait n wat5ch.. continue asap...
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wonderful update...love it...ClapBig smile
Waiting for next update !!!
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I hope Priya will not fall for DM, that will not be tolerated, Priya cannot be with other, other than Ram, they are only meant for together 
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