OMG!! Akhilendra Mishra in Chidiya Ghar!

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Posted: 10 years ago
Guess what, guys? If you've been keeping up with Chidiyaghar you probably know this already, but Akhilendra Mishra, our Lankapati Ravan of Ramayan, was seen in the special episode of Chidiyaghar on the 24th of June!Shocked
His dialogue delivery still reminds me of Ramayan, especially when he goes "hahahahaha!" I was half expecting him to go "SITTEEE!"ROFL
Posted: 10 years ago
No replies?!Cry I thought for sure this would at least interest Ramayan fans!
Posted: 10 years ago
Wow I didn't Get Time To see The Last 3 or 4 Episode of Chidiya Ghar but will absolutely see tomorrow...!!!
I think it will be interesting by the way thanks for sharing...!!!
Posted: 10 years ago
LOL I Burst into Laughter reading ur Intro here ROFL !!!
They surely have some fun moments befor and after the shoot when they must have cherished their old Memories of Hahahhahahhahaha and SITEY ROFL !!

Well It might be Surprising for U and U must have got a Pleasent Shock after seeing him in CG, But for me it is an old newsWink ...I already do know abt it though I havent watched this Episode !!
DO U know How ??
C here !!

Debina has already tweeted abt it when u were on ur Vacation... that SIta and Raavan are going to meet after a Long Time Wink !!! 

Thanku SO much for the Link. !! I m about to Search this Sunday Episode as I m very eager to c Debina and Akhilendra together after a Long Time !! It will Definitly give me Some Glimpse of my Ramayan Wink !!

Watching it Right Now !! And the Written Update will be Here Soon Thumbs Up !!
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Posted: 10 years ago
wowww excited to see dem together again...sita and ravan again..wers ramji??????lolzzz
Posted: 10 years ago
Ok So I m Finally here with the WU !! Janaki DI, as U asked me, I m Giving the WU Here FIrst Big smile !!!
It is really a Good Episode , And the Dialogue Dilevery of Akhilendra is very Much Similar to that of Raavan because he is an astrologer here !! So the words he used, his Expressions, His Horrendous Laugh (hahahhahhahahah ROFL) and Even his Tone was Exactly the Same !! It actually reminded me my Ramayan Days Day Dreaming !!
So here is the Written Update !!

So the Episode Starts with Babuji Dancing and Cherishing his old Youth Days  !! He is Giving message to Everyone to Live and Enjoy the Life Completely !!

Next Day Ghotak came with a News that He Invited an Astrologer in Chidiya Ghar whose Prophecy use to be Right always !! He also Gave some examples of his Predictions which came out True Later on !! Bauji Became angry hearing that as he didnt use to  believe in such things !!

So finally that astrologer who is Akhilendra Mishra...Our Raavan came at their Home WinkLOL !! Everyone one Showed their hands to him exculding Bauji !! He asked Bauji that Didnt he believes in astrology ?? and Bauji said a Direct NO that annoyed the astrologer !!
He saw everyone's hand and said something negative abt everyone of them including GP..LOL !!
Bauji again said Something against his Prophesy which made the Astrologer very Angry...He challenged Bauji that he will start believeing in Astrology if He will show his hand to him !! EVeryone Forced Bauji and Bauji finally Showed his hand to him !! When he saw his hand he became shocked and asked everyone to go inside !! Then he Said Bauji that his 60th Birthday will be the Last Day of His life...When 11 People will wish him on that Day and when he will eat the First Piece of his Cake will be the Last moment of his Life !!! and then He Left !!

Bauji actually got worried because his 60th birthday was after 2 Days !! He didnt told anything to anybody and Scolded Ghotak for Inviting such Stupid People at Home !! Everyone got surprised by this changed behaviour of Bauji and started making plans to make him happy !! SUddenly Kapi suggested everyone abt celebrating Bauji's 60th Birthday !! Everyone agreed !!

When they told their plan to Bauji, Bauji got worried more and told everyone that he will not cut the Cake !! The condition became even worse and Bauji started having Day and Night Dreams of that astrologer who always use to say that he is going to die  soon !!

On his Birthday Bauji Locked himself in a room with a Notice that Please dont wish me today!! Everyone knocked his room but he didnt opened it !! He shouted strictly to everyone to go back in their rooms and Dont Bother him !! Finally everyone went away !!
When Bauji got assured that no one is out, he opened his Gate and Started wondering abt what that astrologer Said...Gillu and Gaj were running and Playing at that Time...Bauji said again again not to run otherwise they will got hurt !! When they didnt Listened to him he Shouted at them !! 
At that Time Gillu Said " Dadaji, Because of the fear of falling should we stop playing or Running ???

Bauji remained there Like a Statue there, he kept wondering abt what Gillu said him, !! Suddenly he became so happy and called everyone there !1 He told them all what that astrologer said him and why he was Behaving Like dat !! EVeryone got worried !! But Bauji calmed everyone Down and said..."Gillu has opened my Eyes , So what if that astrologer was right or wrong, I dont wanna Die for every moment before I actually Die" !!

He asked everyone to have a Grand celebration on his 60th Birthday !! So finally they all celebrated Bauji birthday with lots of Fun !! They invited that astrologer too !! When He came, bauji said that he is celebrating his 60th birthday and is still alive ! The astrologer said, I told that exact thing which is written in ur Hand but ur Determination and Love for ur life and Family made U live more !! He asked " By the way, how many times U died after I predicted ur future till now ??"
Bauji accepted that he actualluy Got Worried and have died for every moment !! And he Finally gave a Message that "WE HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE, LIVE AND ENJOY IT COMPLETELY ".
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Posted: 10 years ago
Hope it Helps, as i m not a very Good Writer Embarrassed !!
Posted: 10 years ago
Its have help me allot Thanks Varnita...!!!Big smile
I just have imagine all this in my mind...!!!LOL

Akhilendra Mishra

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