a r e n a #8 -FM, BS, YJHD Pg: 135 REQLIST Pg: 145

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Posted: 9 years ago
Obviously you all know who did the Prettiest shit ever.. ^^ above.. YES! obviously -_- JhanuG, she is the BEST person anyone could ever know, sach Embarrassed
Anyways, Welcome to my 8th shop :]
Glad to have you all here, actually im still not ready with the stuff i wanted for #8, but due to continous pressure, imma have to open it up, without having something for each of you, though, i promise to have something or the other for each of you, in the updates that are to follow :]
hasnt been all that easy believe me, especially because im NOT regular at updating Ermm i know, i suck.
to be VERY honest... im a VERY LAZY person when it comes to updating, and NOT a very lazy person when it comes to making.. understand!? Ermm No?! Oh well, ur bad! :D I'd like to thank all my friends whove encouraged me on any sort of ugliness ive produced, and to all the others whove visited my gallery, took out time for me, ILY all Embarrassed
Saharrr [Oblivion.] will always remain my aving inspiration, and its not my fault it i ALWAYS fail to openly copy her! ROFL
Sigs main, i look upto alot of you Embarrassed, namely:
Sayraa [Chandani_C]
Rumbler [-Rummy-]
JhanuG [desigrl05]
Pari [Angelic_Pari]
unni [unnati72003]
monu [-monus-]
Sharu [shareen]
Sofuu [Sofia.]
and never to forget
Lishu [xAlishax]
im sure thats just NOT all, so i'll erm say when i update that what's inspired by whom :) works!? =D
i make banners, signatures, video avis, video sigs, labels and tags, icons, animations.
my Copyrights are REENO, REENO'S CREATIONS, RJ.
HERE or HERE or http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1776966"> HERE   for more (prev shops, i Lost the link for the ones before these ROFL)
Font: Choriieed from a Blog Jhanu told me about 456987456321 years ago =)
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Posted: 9 years ago
update index:

Originally posted by ZumSRK

Originally posted by ZumSrK

Reeno your index :P

PG 56
PG 76
PG 100

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Posted: 9 years ago

I guess its about time we update Cool anyways... I promise i'll have something for all of you in the next update, abhi, jdcbshdc

Anushka Sharma [esp for aishhh.]
dedicated to ALL MY FELLOW HUMSAFARS Hug my day, night and everything in the middle is completely incomplete without you all Embarrassed
special shout out, dedication too:
Asher Heart (fairy17), Zum, Noshu, shiz, tehru, Afsheen [Rabz], khoosat, meephs and EVERYONE else ive forgotten! :P
pak Cric
[esp dedicated to sofii, more coming soon :D]
Sonam [dedicated to JhanuG]
Snow and Charming [dedicated to lollyyy and aishu]
Mahira Khan [mera dil, jiggar, jaan, i loveee herrr]
Mataa e Jaan
Fawad Sanam:
for shilpu:


i swear i suck
next update will be better hopefully Embarrassed
Posted: 9 years ago
Resss :D


Congratz on ur 8th shop Reeno ji! Hug Inshallah, you will have a zillion moree! :D 

The update was amazing! U r epic n so are ur creationzz! Embarrassed Loved the Anushka siggy, work of true art! =) 

Goshhh...I LOVE UR HUMSAFAR AVIS AND SIGGIES! Hug How can sum1 be soo good? Seriously, u are amazing! 

Reeno...Angry U dnt suck! Dnt evr say that again! U r 1 of the most talented and epic siggy makers I have evr seen on I-F! U are a million times better than me! Big smile

PM me if u update! Love ya loadsss!

Nahi Heart

xxx Hug

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Posted: 9 years ago
HumsafarrDay DreamingDay Dreaming


congratsss reeno ji on ur 8th shopHugHug

starting of with the banner its lovely :$

I jus love anushka siggy its stunningDay DreamingDay DreamingAish would love it alot ofcourseEmbarrassed
Humsafar It has become a daily routine to talk to u allHugHugas u said the day is incompleteEmbarrassedThank you for having my nameEmbarrassedAfter a long time I have become such crazy abt a showDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingIam so so happy tat i came to know abt it :)or should i say its bcoz of ur humsafar siggies i got to know abt it ;) all the avizz are beautifuullDay Dreamingits hard to choose whichone  is my favEmbarrassedeach aviz aree so gorgeous wish I had sapce in my dabba to use allEmbarrassed http://i.minus.com/ibfx8375Hnarpy.png <333 every khisher siggy is fab ::) cric siggy is wonderful :) Arhi stuffs amazing u know I love love this siggy style http://i.minus.com/itZIXsRriSQV6.png <333 Mahira stuffs are jus khabsooratDay Dreamingshe is soo gorgeous mashahallah :) And all other stuufs looks amazinggg :) update soon next ;)

love youuHug
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Posted: 9 years ago


Finally here to take up the space Cool
So sabse pehle congo shongo..me is bery bery proud of my Reenz jaani..your gallery is 8 now! LOL Hug phoolo phalo..may you have 587394729 more to come Embarrassed
Awww the special dedication, I gotta tell you, made me really emotional, Khirad, my jaan, meri zindagi, mera sab kuch Embarrassed Sach mein no day is complete without fellow Humsafars :O the show has given me some great friends *ahm* you *ahm* and will always remain one of the best memories to cherish!
Coming to the updates..kya karti ho yaar...achi tarah rang charha hai ke do you leave your creations taake gehra color ajaye ;) just like mehndi... LOL your coloring is amazing <3 I'm your biggest pankhi around on IF and you NEED to know that because I'm sure yahan har koi tumhein yehi kehta hoga since you deserve it, but I'm one of those crazy ones about your treasures Embarrassed
The HS stuff rocks as always and I'm so in love with the zardey ki daig wale aviz ke I'm even using one right now and YES, I'm about to steal, oops use LOL a sig or two also ;) I hope you don't mind..karogi to bhi haq se I'll use LOL I'm your better half..Mujhe Haq Hai Blushing
Keep up the greattt work Reeno, and jaldi jaldi update kiya karo LOL
Love you! Hug
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